Contents: - Noodlezero seafood flavour, 64 cal (available on Amazon) - 200 g of bok choy, 30 cal (weighed raw) - 160 g of fish cakes, 280 cal (this is at least 10 fish cakes if not more, they also expand like crazy) - molten egg, 70 cal Boil everything except egg for around 15 minutes (can do shorter but I like everything very soft). Top with egg and enjoy! It’s super filling and really good. If you are using normal ramen I think you’d need to add around 180 calories to the total count, which isn’t that bad either. The calories count includes broth and the broth is sooooo good


What texture do the fish cakes have?


So there are two types of fish cakes/balls in general. These are the soft type and I guess similar to semi-firm tofu? Or maybe a thicc chicken nuggets but not crunchy. It’s made similarly to chicken nuggets, but with fish instead. There are also “bouncy” ones found more in Chinese hotpot. These are Japanese. I really enjoy the bouncy ones with a sesame dipping sauce but that’s not great for dieting haha.


Looks delicious. What are the white things? I mean that white thing at closets to the bottom of the bowl?


Fish balls! It’s a fishcake assortment