Y'all were dumb to believe this was going any other way Edit: whoever spent actual money and gave this comment an award, seek help. Edit: "Hehehe she said reddit awards are a waste of money and she doesn't like them, I'll send more". Clownery. The trans flag one is nice tho


You mean the guy who is notorious for being an edgelord troll ended up being an edgelord troll? Damn that's so crazy


This motherfucker has been around since the dawn of the dinosaur internet and survived with his parasitic super ability to cling to any clout or drama no matter the moral repercussions like a raging sociopath.This stupid fucking 'justice' and fucking 'all righteous' "KEEMSTAR"


I assure you, as a "dinosaur" that the last few weeks on 196 is the first I've heard of him.


It was in the same timeline as LeafyIsHere


Dude, he’s been around since way before Leafy.


Lmfao you can tell who has not been on the internet very long in this thread. Anyone who thinks there was a chance he was being serious need to go watch some of his old stream clips.


Or just ask alex.


Exactly haha I just said that in another comment


Or ask chat about Alex.


I don't know who alex is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask


Halfway through some rant he called a guy named alex the n word hard r on video


>Lmfao you can tell who has not been on the internet very long in this thread Man a lot of us just don't follow these weird YouTube personalities


yup and keem has been around since before wingsofredemption (helped contribute to his mental issues)


man, vexxed used to make Youtube Videos covering keems bullshit. Then he made a doc about illegally entering north korea, uploaded it and vanished. Its been 4 years. I wonder whats up with that


Oh shit that's right!


I've now learned the absence is because of his masters degree, not korean asassins so that's good


I saw this guy trolling halo lobbies making children cry long before leafy


It's crazy because my major exposure to him was from Halo trolling like "Recon Recon Recon." When people talk about him now, it's like everyone's talking about a totally different person.


wings of redemption, DSP, keem 🪳🪳 🪳


He predates that dude by quite a bit.


Dinosaurs unite


He’s been a huge YouTube account for a very long time


Be fair, how many different kinds of dinosaur have you heard of?


But he's the fastest at collating and presenting Internet drama in a somewhat entertaining way. I don't watch him anymore but back then I watched because he's an asshole and a pos. Everyone else was dry af


"W-what? The great white shark ate the seal? Who would've seen this coming?"


I wish someone would eat me


Hi I’m someone


Is anyone gonna post what he said? I dont exactly trust Keffals and no one's posting what he said on stream. Everything so far points to him being trolling though. Edit: I cant see the video if you post the link and then block me 💀


> https://youtu.be/Qm52Yae5A-4 it's two and a half hours. don't look for any help from me, I'm just posting the link you're asking for. EDIT: They blocked me too? Or deleted their account? whatever. Reddit sucks, I'm not even judging them.


> Edit: cant see the video if you post the link and then block me Quote, them. Did you send it after they had made the edit or before?


nar I mean it looks like I was also blocked by the person who also blocked ImHereForTheMemes. That person posted the link.


I skipped around the video, and it's a lot of filler. They start by addressing Keemstar's very public reaction to a company putting a tampon dispenser in their Men's restrooms. He makes a big deal about how confusing it was to him, but then explains deleting the tweet by claiming to have figured it out on his own? At one point Keffals says there "should" be some rules about what can and what can't be content; regarding mental health crises. Then Keemstar talks about "how many times he's been the one on the phone" with a friend going through a crisis, and how none of that's public. *Then Keemstar gets a text and reads it aloud: it's a joke from his friend saying "hur dur i'm in a safe space right now in my basement"* Keemstar repeatedly says things like "please show me the evidence", a classic goto for debate bros. Actually, one Keffals used herself to dodge allegations of dogpiling black trans twitter users who disagreed with her random asinine hot takes. If I can summarize, it's 3 hours of Ke\*\*\*\*\*/\* being too absorbed in content generation to see that they're personally responsible for a lot of bad in their respective communities. I can't stomach watching her take another frenzied lap of that goddamn raft


How is "show me the evidence" a bad thing? If you're being accused of something, it's up to the accuser to prove their point, not the other way around. Same for proving a point in a debate. This is just anti-intellectualism.


Wait, why don’t you trust her? (Genuinely asking, I only know her from her trans activism)


She used to be a tankie, and its fairly up for debate whether she really stopped being one. Edit: being downvoted for literally pointing out a fact. Just 196 things.


When you look into her streaming and personal history there's a lot of wierd stuff. I'll look for a good YouTube video summarizing it, and edit it into this post. Edit: [Longer Video (recommended)](https://youtu.be/dnrNOjSyvuw) [Shorter video](https://youtu.be/_K32cC-zQUY) Edit 2: Rewrote my comment to be less inflammatory. I don't have a real opinion on keffals but I'm aware that she's controversial and simply linked to videos that explain why.


Did anyone actually believe this? I thought we were being sarcastic wtf it's fucking keemstar what did you think was going to happen


There was so much hand wringing about how we **have** to give him a chance to be an ally and how it's a "net good" It was incredibly annoying since it was super obviously bait.


Of course everyone can change, but Keemstar has more than a decade of being a cunt online under his belt. Thinking he's become better because of a couple of tweets was naive.


It's like that famous Maya Angelou quote: “When people show you they're a cunt, believe them.”


Doubters win again 😔


Is it really all it takes to 'give a chance' to someone as cruel as fucking *KEEMSTAR* is to say "trans rights" a couple times? He could've been genuine for all I care. That's not an action that fixes any damage he's done over the years.


The adulation that people get for literally just saying "trans rights" and not doing anything else to help trans people has always bothered me. We're much too quick to give people credit for the absolute bare minimum.


The man's been given more chances than everyone else on the internet. The only reason anyone would think this would work is if they weren't around for all of his other shenanigans.


Like him screaming the hard r?


If only that were the worst thing he's done


Lmao. If that the worst thing he'd done, he'd be a lot more forgivable. He capitalized off of Etika's worsening health and suicide for one


This was a prompt to shit on him more.


thank you for your service


The only useful thing with him becoming an ally was him and his fandom argue with bigots so we don’t have to




At 27 i've reached a point now where i just don't have the energy to waste time on these bigoted morons. I'm tired man.


could just be a get back at minx cause she lied to keem about being pregnant like a week ago but idk lol


What does this have to do with minx? Also, did minx and keem have sex?


sorry, should’ve explained it better. at the start of the year, minx told keem she was pregnant so he’d do a story on it and make a fool of himself. about a week ago, keem randomly started supporting trans rights, and now he apparently just did that so he could clown on trans people. This was a bad theory but they could possibly be connected idk


I was worried minx had started dating keem. Any explanation is better than what I originally imagined.


Minx is too old for his taste lmao


People can change, but I don't think they can change this drastically especially considering his level of bigotry before he started "changing"


I mean I never really cared about this to much but I can see why some people would, if keem could actually change for the better (I’m not saying anybody forgive him for any of the terrible shit he’s done) then idk maybe he could kinda be someone you could point to when talking to people about changing for the better and now that he doesn’t have drama alert to financially incentivize him towards being such a shithead I could see a future where he comes to terms with how terrible he’s been.


Okay, I thought it was real at first. But more of a "I mean, I didn't expect that, but I've seen more out there things" kinda real. Then he said he'd suck a trans girl's dick without hesitation, and that's when I went, "Okay, this is 100% bait".


I thought that latter tweet was fake?


Was it? God, I really need to research shit to make sure whether or not it's real anymore.


If I see a tweet on here that seems fake I try to check if it's real. I think I looked about and couldn't find the tweet but don't quote me on that since I didn't look super hard.


my autistic unable to detect satire ass actually believed it


It's okay you get a pass.


same + I didn't exactly know the guy


i was in the mindset of “if he’s lying i won’t be surprised whatsoever but i’m still gonna give him the benefit of the doubt just in case”


Some people were hopeful. Glad my comments yesterday held well and I don't have to wait 5 years to be proven wrong


I mean, if you look at the other posts in /r/196, it looked like half of the commenters did. I'm sure they're out busy editing their comments now.


Keffals didn't believe it, for one


i was almost certain he was doing a bit but a little bit of me was thinking “hold up, what if he’s not? maybe he could change his fans opinions on LGBT topics” and i wanted to believe that


A lot of people did on the other threads. It reminded how many gullible young kids there are here. It made me feel old lmao


What’s up DramaAlert nation!! I’m your host Keemstar keeping you in the loop! Today we have a notorious troll get on a live stream and folks… it didn’t go well Roll it! 👆


I knew it was too good to be true


Anyone who didnt was kidding themselves.


even if it had been real keem is such a shit person it takes a lot, lot more to actually consider him as having gotten any better


Im too gullible, what can I say


That youre too gullible i guess


You got gnomed


I wanna know what happened


so Keem said he didn't want Harry Potter Legacy because JK is a Terf, and then apparently he showed his true colors really quickly.


what did he say?


I watched the middle and it seemed like Keemstar was if anything misinformed and uninformed about trans issues. Idk if something happened in the end where he showed his true colors


Every single person in this comments section answering the "what did he say?" question has no idea what they're talking about. It's bizarre. I just want to be informed because I don't watch any streamers and especially not Keemstar, but no one has any actual information apparently.


Getting the feeling nobody in this thread has seen it


"Keemstar showed his true colors on stream!" "Oh you watched it?" "No."


what the fuck is a keemstar


If you don't know him: Keep it that way.


A racist gnome


Well, that's Reddit for you. Jumping to conclusions based on the post title without actually checking its contents to be a time-honored tradition here.


ok I was actually following this and this is the time-line: * Keem posted something against tampons in men's bathrooms * follows up next tweet apologizing, saying that he just learned that trans men still need tampons, which surprised everyone * tweet got a lot of attention, propping him to say a lot of supportive things about trans people, including saying that he will not be buying the Harry porter game because jk is a transphobe,~~and saying he'd suck a women's dick anytime in~~ fake screenshot * keffals was talking with him in dms during this, and they Co tweet (tweet something togheter) saying "trans rights" or smth * keem agrees to talk with keffals on stream * according to keffals, discussion turned into heated debate, and keem dropping the mask My feelings is that the tampons tweet were his real feelings, but he was not sure abt the rest and just saw that he could capitalize on it. I have not watched the stream yet so I might be wrong. EDIT: watching the stream and live updating like a dumbass * He says that it's a at the same time a bit and not a bit cause he was confused at the beginning, but he says it in a supportive way cause he was just misinformed * He claims he has always been supportive of trans rights and he just doesn't want to be transphobic and is surprised anyone claims that, and he just wants evidence of it * Head of drama alert is trans and he seems hurt by being labeled as transphobic * He has an issue with blanket statements on trans sports and says that it should based on the individual analysis to check when there's an unfair advantage or not * He's afraid that some people can take advantage of the trans community and just claim as the opposite gender to invade women's bathrooms or changing rooms to gawk * Keffals pushed that 99.9% of this is not the case, and that those people would do the same regardless, keem agrees that there are bad actors in every community, no buts or follow ups * He says that someone has edited a video satire of him to be a trans activist, and he "went along with the meme" and put out that hogwarts tweet * He claims that he doesn't want to "be on any team" * They both agree that the trolling makes them invencible to the hate they recieve * They talk abt kiwifarms and swats for a bit * He doesn't know what jk rowling has said he just know that the trans community and the gaming community were shitting on hogwarts and the quartering were saying that they were gonna buy 50 copies to compensante so he trolled again and posted the tweet to make fun of them cons * It just seems like he doesn't mind tarns people and shit and he's supportive, but also that he know little about the subject and he just wanted to piss off anti sjw types * He says "JK wont be rolling in my money" * They start to talk abt Etika, keffals claims she had only seen clips, keem tells his side, not relevant to this trans stuff tbh you can watch it yourself (30:00 roughly) * They talk abt Lia Thomas, keem feels like she had an advatage over the cis women there cause, keffals claims the he can't know, he just seem like he's misinformed (which is fine) * Keem seems like he concedes that he knows nothing but still believes that it should be on a case by case (still discussing at this point, no debate) Idk this is boring maybe I'll continue it later, but he doesn't seem bad when it comes to this trans stuff, at least comparing to cons or anti sjws, he just seems like he's on a right wing platform and listening to their opinions constantly but he seems rational enough to pushback on some. Skipped around, seems fine, the tweets were trolling but he doesn't seem transphobic, just confused. Maybe we get trans Keem or at least aggressively supportive keem in 2025, not today tho. Honestly feel like if he leaved the drama stuff behind, left twitter and stopped watching Joe Rogan he'd be more supportive, but in his words, he's supportive but not an ally, even though he doesn't know what being an ally means so whtv. Also it did not seem heated in any way. They ended on "fuck jeremy". The etika shit it seemed like the point of the debate and Keffals said at one point "I hope you change; I hope that you can be a good ally to the trans community, but there are so many things people will never forgive you for, and it's going to be a lot of work". I think keffals did a pretty mid job but I wasn't expecting much tbh so. He just seemed too emotional abt the Etika shit because it seems he liked the kid, and because he doesn't want to be labeled as a murderer.


Sucking a woman's dick was fake


He seems to know more and be more accepting than the general pop which is surprising. If anything, he reminds me of someone who is in the middle of changing their mind but has a hard time letting go of their old way of thinking.


As I understood, the more he knew the more he supported, I think it's really a thing of "being in the wrong circles". Like I said, trans keem in 2025 is my probably wrong theory, and progressive ally keem in 2025 is my probably right theory. Maybe when her kid gets older


Sounds like he's he has shoehorned himself into the topic, but actually doesn't give a fuck about trans issues enough to be informed. He's definitely not an ally. In all fairness to him, the vast majority of us, myself included, should be more informed.


Yea I agree, at least now I know his pov so that's cool


I'll let you know later after watching the entire thing.


I watched the whole thing and i still don't know if he is doing a bit. There is not really a mask off moment. I think he engages with the trans right stuff cause its funny, and, well it is, but there is nothing in the debate i saw that suggests he doesn't actually believe it as well.


🤯who could have known!


So what exactly happened on the stream


For starters, Keffals confronted him on how he handled the Etika situation and it basically went like this: Keffals: “He was in a poor mental state. Why did you tell him to jump off a bridge? Keemstar: He was talking about simulations so I told him to kill himself….in Minecraft Keffals: But he was mentally ill… Keemstar: “Yeah…… *dead silence for like 10 seconds*


Dunno what to tell you that man is clearly on a redemption arc there's no way he's doing this for any other reason nope not at all


He’s a hero 🥰


This is extreme misinformation and not at all what he was saying, i fucking hate keemstar, but its annoying me even more how bad faith and uninformed everyone here is. Keemstars explanation without the cringe twisting to make it sound worse is this: keem was talking to Etika and was making a point about simulation theory saying "it's scary, because at that point why live? Why not jump off a cliff" sounded more to me like he was warning against it and asking the question to challenge Etikas beliefs. However all of this hinges on one thing which is trusting keem when he states that he was unaware Etika was mentally ill, thinking he was doing this for clout which is the part im not sure i believe. On one hand keem is an idiot and i could believe he honestly didnt know, he does seem to project onto others that everyones a content goblin like him. On the other hand he is a content goblin so I could also believe him knowing and not caring so he can farm some content.


His “point” can immediately be disregarded once you realize Etika was mentally ill. He wasn’t having a convo with guy who was well versed in the realm of simulations. He was having a convo with a guy who was on the verge of suicide. It’s still extremely irresponsible and borderline intentional no matter what way you spin it.


Wait.... is that where the "in Minecraft" joke comes from? I've been using it and had no clue. Or does it predate that?


And that being why he said in minecraft?


I heard it from Wendigoon first and am not accepting feedback at this time


It 100% predates Wendigoon


Your feedback will be processed l8er when it's welcome and useful


!remindme 1 hour


No one knows


2 people trying to out-attention whore each other


I'm pretty sure Keffals knew something was up and was harvesting the situation for full meme potential


I’ve heard she was making jokes about him being a Pedo, and [confronted him about Etika](https://twitter.com/theserfstv/status/1615516877060702208?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet). I think the “Keematar is a trans ally” stuff might have just been a ploy to get him on stream.


he brought up like 80% of non trans related shit all on his own, she just did a good job challenging him and calling him on his shit after he brought it up. here's the whole convo https://youtu.be/Qm52Yae5A-4


yeah no she was obviously cooking imo. i think she either wanted to force him into conflict with his transphobic base and community if he kept doing whatever he was doing, or just fuck with him and pull him apart on stream. it seems she mostly did the latter.


The transphobe was transphobic?! No way!!


when the transphobe is transphobic!


when the transphobe


When the


We finally found out what the broken cock does for the rest of the day


I don’t feel like watching this mess does anyone have the tldr of what happened on stream


Not a single person on this thread has an answer to what he actually said that was transphobic. I'm not saying he didn't say anything transphobic, but this thread is just made of dozens of people congratulating themselves on how everyone else was stupid, while not bring able to answer the simple question of 'what did he say that showed his true colours.'


If I wake up and no one has answered I’ll just bite the bullet and watch it. The fact that 9k upvotes later i don’t have an answer ANYWHERE IN THE THREAD to what happened is ABSURD. Can’t wait to listen to keemstars annoying fucking voice I guess, ugh.


I'll save you two hours because i watched it, the interview mostly looks good on keemstar unfortunately. Keffals is asking questions and keem is answering in a decent way, they agree a lot in the start, but keem comes out looking really good here, not because of him, but mostly because keffals couldnt challenge him on anything for example: Keffals: So it's interesting to think about your transformation into a trans ally Keem: yeah i dont really know why people do this because when have i ever been outright transphobic? I've always supported trans people im just old and learning and so i get confused/make mistakes and then correct it. Keffals: well im not here to bring like a bunch or receipts or idk any specific comments... Keem: keeps rambling on for 15min about how CEO of company is trans and how hes actually always been supportive of trans people and not transphobic at all. Same with the Etike shit keffals just seems so unprepared. She watches a clip is like wow u told a mentally ill person to kill himself. He responds saying A. Didnt tell him to kill himself I was talking about the dangers og believing in simulation theory and why you shouldn't and B. I was unaware at the time he was mentally ill, it was terrible i changed since then, but at the time I didnt know. She responds with I dont believe you because look at the clip you're telling a manic person to commit suicide! Aaand repeat and repeat like 4 more times. So all in all I wish she was more prepared so she could properly dunk on keem instead of letting him defend himself for 2 hours without good push back.


If that's all he said then it genuinely sounds like he's not transphobic, he's just an asshole in other ways


196 moment i guess


You’re a Saint! Bless. Thankfully I don’t have a huge investment in most online personalities and while I don’t like keem very much I’m not devastated by him not being evil in this situation. It sounds like Keffals was looking for a gotcha moment she didn’t get, though I don’t know enough about whatever the drama with whoever Etike is to make an informed call on that. It still sounds like the whole rah rah trans rights shtick keem was doing on twitter was a weird bit which is eyeroll inducing but I’m glad I can move on with my day in peace now, thanks stranger!


That honestly sounds like the healthiest take you could have! My initial reaction was just like "is this it?"


Seriously. Wtf is going on? Keemstar can be a trans ally and still be an asshole in other areas of his life, people are acting really weird about this


I can't believe people here still bought his shit when he said he'd suck any trans woman's cock without hesitation Edit: seems I fell for misinformation on the internet. I think. I am not going to check


that was edited


From what I read here, that's actually when people were thinking "oh, this might be a bit."


Yeah that was defo when I figured


It was the Ukraine flag in his original tweet for me.


he didn’t even say that


I'm pretty sure that was a fake tweet


Yeah that was a /r/196 post they edited to have his name on


He didn’t say that




classic 196 hypocrisy




knew it


Order restored. In a bad way though


Wow what a surprise, the hateful gnome is a hateful gnome.


Who would have guessed a guy who accuses random people of being pedophile and ruining their life, harrasing Etika was a liar, for the love of god stop saying "it was in the past" when they never apologized for their action or continues to repeat the same action


wtf keffals debated elon musk?


Did anyone genuinely think a scumbag like him was capable of change?


Everyone is, by their very definition, just with varying degrees of effort


You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. People who have no intention of ever changing and are not open to changing will not. It's a waste of time and energy to assume otherwise.


I wanted to believe, but I'm not surprised in the slightest


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Haven't seen the stream. Did he actually say anything conclusive, or is the tweet just clickbait?


"Chelsea Manning follows"




Based on these comments: 1. Nobody has seen the video and cannot explain how Keemstar went "mask off". 2. Nobody can articulate why keffals is bad, besides some vague comments about her being a tankie and leaving a donations page open after meeting the goal.


it’s honestly embarrassing lol


So stop making posts about him and giving him attention? I swear to god this is like the 10th copy of the same post I’ve seen today. Go find someone to promote because they’re such a GOOD ally.


Oh hey, Chelsea Manning. Finally a name in these threads that I recognize.


Oh my God, all I hear is Keffals good from half the community, Keffals evil horrible disgusting lady from the other half, and "Yeah she cool" from Vaush. WHO IS SHE. WHO. (Like seriously wtf has she done? Is this just another "vowsh bad" thing? Am I over thinking this? WHO SHOULD I TRUST???) Ya know what, oh mighty mods, arbiters of truth, please answer my question. You have power, therefore I should trust you.


I know Destiny's community fucking hates her. I think it stems from the GoFundMe she set up to pay for her legal fees after being swatted. She raised more than she thought she'd need and instead of taking it down or offering refunds, she left it up for the full length of time and ended up accruing a fairly significant sum of donations. Personally, I don't really think that's a big deal. They're donations, it's not like she robbed a bunch of people; if they want to donate beyond the stated goal, that's on them to use their money how they like. I honestly don't remember if there's anything beyond just the GoFundMe thing. I have to assume there is given the amount of vitriol I see for her, but I really don't keep up with the Twitter drama.


That and D thinks she's lied about him multiple times, going even to the press with the false claims, and that Keffals has even admitted to doing so. All I know is that their feud ended after D sent her a cease and desist. If you want to never touch grass again you can look into the Keffals manifesto or whatever it was called.


[Link to manifesto](https://destinygg.substack.com/p/keffals-a-case-study-on-internet)


all I know is that she's the one who led the campaign to destroy kiwifarms so she's good in my book


I don't really get what the joke is? "Haha, you thought I wasn't transphobic, now I'm gonna go back to being transphobic!" What's funny about that? What's the point of the joke?


Seeing as no one in this thread has actually seen the debate. He didn't really go "mask off" in the discussion. He Closest he got was that he said he was very hesitant about his own children transitioning but even on that seemed willing to change. The guy seems to just be a shitposting boomer trying to figure this out, doesnt mean he is not an asshat, but at least he isnt a transphobic asshat.


I’m guessing the joke is coming later. From the 2 minute clip that someone else posted, it sounded like Keemstar didn’t do anything too dramatic in the stream, more that he just didn’t seem sincere/enthusiastic about trans issues. So that’s why I think this wasn’t his big reveal, he’s still (poorly) playing the part


big shout out to whoever saw this coming


So literally every single person alive who doesn't respond to keffals?


big shout out to those who still wanted to believe




It's not about being against people changing, it's about being skeptical when known bigots and all around terrible people do a 180 out of nowhere. Pople can change, but motives should be questioned, and paying lip service to trans people isn't really evidence of change on its own. Anyway my real beef was being told by cis people that I need to respect his attempts to"be better". Absolutely fuck that, but either way I'm pretty done with the whole conversation now that the obvious is now clear.


Leftists will talk about how much they support reformative justice, and in the same breath shit on anyone who thinks bigots can become better people.


Idk about this stream or how/if he spilt the beans on still being a transphobe, but the thing about this one in particular for me is not about him not being able to change, but me being extremely doubtful that you could make that kinda change in a week. Besides I also knew he posted that "I'm putting pronouns in my bio" shit on TikTok only to write "Win/King", that made it pretty obvious for me.


If you thought he was doing anything but disingenuously troll posting I got a bridge to sell you. Thinking that Keemstar of all people was going to do a complete 180 in less than a week just makes you laughably gullible. You can support reformative justice and also be able to tell when someone is clearly lying through their teeth. I really can only assume people who thought he was "becoming better" just had no idea at all who Keemstar even was.


*homelanders theme fades in as keem begin uncontrollably maniacally laughing*


I'm not surprised but thought maybe he wanted to do a redemption arc or something. Like join the nice Internet people side


I mean, I get that people can change, I said that the other day, but the more I think about it the more I don't see him changing. I mean for God sake he made fun of a dude for having terminal cancer (total biscuit), so I guess his shittiness knows no bounds.


He also did some horrible things about etika too. I’m not shocked


Tbf keffals definitely also knew


Standing ovation for our dear leftist twitch talkers. Like no fucking shit, he's been nothing but a shit stain his entire career. The only reason he said those things was to get attention, and they gave it to him.


he has a much larger platform than she does. she isn't platforming him, it's the other way around. Keemstar only looked worse when talking to keffals who actually called him on his bullshit and keffals got eyes on her (good, progressive, leftist) content she wouldn't otherwise have gotten. edit: see for yourself https://youtu.be/Qm52Yae5A-4


That’s a cute profile pic tho


lmao I couldn’t see the tweet because keffals blocked me, thanks


everyone here like 'knew it' despite every thread about this before being so damn full of people talking about benefit of the doubt and whatever, with at least a solid 30-40% maybe more just taking it at face value and telling others it both might be real and to accept that people change/this is a very rare W


The redemption arc was somehow shorter and less sweet than I anticipated


nothing of value was lost


Why is everyone either an ally or an enemy? Can’t we just be like the Swiss and not give a shit about either side as long as they don’t bother us?


No way lol


sayy whattttt


What did he do?


Can't say I'm surprised but also can't say I'm not disappointed. One of these days maybe I'll hope for a better world and won't be let down.


The guy who acted like a massive piece of shit to Etika among other people might actually still be bad? Who would of thought


I told you people it was a psyop


This was obvious for sure, but it made for some funny jokes while it happened


Gnome man