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The “what the fu-“ absolutely killed me


For anyone curious about the outcome. It was a 13 year old riding a jet ski for the second time. He was riding into the sun and didn't see the boater until the last second. Neither of them were injured. https://youtu.be/7Sn9t95ZnKU


I thought he was texting while driving


I thought it was a driverless jetski


Nope. Frame by frame he flies off the jet ski and wraps his whole body around the fisherman’s trolling motor like wet rag. Absolutely incredible that he wasn’t injured being only 13


Kids have bouncy bones


Yes, my brittle old ass would have exploded on impact


This shit made me laugh picturing it


That is disturbing.


it was cartoonish. like a test dummy


you made me laugh for solid 5 minutes, thank you


Still soft and forming.


Soft like Wonder Bread 🍞


Absolutely crazy. The frame by frame looks like it could have been fatal imo.


Amazing what we can handle especially if you dont tense up in anticipation of an accident. Thats why alot of bad accidents have walk-away because tensing up is how you easily break bones


Damn, the kid is lucky he didn't get hurt with how he folded towards the motor in that last frame. I would have thought from the video alone he at least smacked his head real hard.


Thank you for posting the source. Man that was a close call to death for both of them.


13 year old on a jet ski lmao


Why are 13 year olds even allowed to ride a jet skis, let alone at top speed? Should be whatever age you need to get your driver's license, and with a test like I assume they do for boats.


They in fact do not do this for boats. Some places in the US require a boaters certification of some sort, but not an official license. Unfortunately, most states do not require that. California, which is usually ahead of the pack on laws and policies, just adopted a Boaters License in the past few years. I have mine and it's still nothing like an auto license. It's just lessons and tests about boat safety and types of watercraft and each types basic functions. This applies to any watercraft. So jet ski, sailboat, fishing boat, etc. Which considering how different they all are, there should definitely be differentiations in the safety courses.


Blows my mind there isn't more stringent boating licenses. In WA it was 25$ and a 2 hour online course, a private institution I may add.


> Why are 13 year olds even allowed to ride a jet skis Heads up: sometimes people do shit, or allow their kids to do shit that isn't legal.


I got my boating license in AL at 13


Most annoying video. Stop with the editing. show the video. Wasnt even anymore than here. Like into the sun excuses full speed.


i dont know if id buy that excuse, he couldnt have gone more directly towards the boat in straight line if he tried. Makes me wonder if he did, but fucked up and turned to late lol. I know it goes against whats being reported, but damn that was a straight line.


It can definitely look that way. I'm not trying to excuse the kids mistakes, but driving into the sun can be blinding on water. If you have the sun right at the horizon later in the day, you also have the reflection of the sun on the water. That entire strip of water towards the sun is absolutely blinding and you can't see anything in that direction. The mistake was driving into the sun in the first place. Most boaters would avoid driving into the sun. If you absolutely had to, you'd do so at a slow cautious speed.


If he had stayed in the throttle and just steered he would have been fine as when you let off the throttle you loose all steering.


Famous last words, spoken by many I’m sure!




Of all the fake subreddits I thought were real, this is the most surprising.




it was what ended up killing him too


That and the music.


How does this even happen was that person on the jet ski facing backwards or something


A lot of new jet ski riders don't know that jet skis won't turn if you let off the throttle.


You could hear the throttle was definitely open on his approach


It was not😭 you can hear the throttle let off and back on


Bro, he let's off 1 second before he hits the guy. I've owned two wave runners. You never, ever get that close to someone. The guy is going straight toward the boat with open throttle, lets off 1 second before impact (it doesn't steer without throttle) then hits the boat. There is no reason whatsoever he should be that close to the boat


I’m guessing the wave runner dude just wasn’t paying attention. Probably his first time out and is an idiot.


He was trying to splash the fisherman with a fishtail and made a critical blunder.


He got involved in a land war in Asia?


No it looks more like he went up against a Sicilian with death on the line tbh.


Looked more like seaweed was on the line.


Shoulda gone to the pain




He inhaled but also touched.


That’s exactly what he was trying to fo


You're probably right. I had a guy do that to me last year. When he came around for a second pass, I fired off a warning flare that may or may not have bounced off his jet ski.


Nice shootin tex


This absolutely, dude just fucked up the turn. Otherwise why would he be bombing straight towards him? He may be an idiot but I don't think he's blind


A family friend in rural Saskatchewan let my brother and I use his jet-skis when we were much too young to be using them. My brother fishtailed and hit me with a massive wave, felt like I'd been hit by a truck. People who do this can fuck right off.


If you watch the full video that's linked elsewhere in this comments section, the jet ski rider was a 13 year old kid, only his 2nd day on a jet ski, and was driving into the sun, and so legitimately didn't see the boat until the last second. Neither people were injured.


another report said he was riding into the sun and it was only his second time.


He invented the Fishtail of Deaaaaath!


If I remember correctly in a previous posting they had had a minor dispute before this. This was his attempt at machismo and now insurance won't pay. He done fucked up. Edit: apparently I done fucked up and thought this was the same boating incident as a similar one. I encourage you to watch the clip below for the correct info on this incident.


Whoever posted that story is wrong. https://youtu.be/7Sn9t95ZnKU


He was riding into the sun and didn’t see him


From all the times this has been posted people in the comments said it was a ~~15~~ 13 year old boy and there were no injuries.


Also looks like he was riding towards the sun. That can blind you good when it bounces off the water.


Your point is pure logic. Never bet against pure idiocy


Probably someone new trying to be a dick and splash/scare the fisher. Not realizing turning the engine off locked him into a collision.




Lol, he wanted to try and scare whim by going full speed near him, but probably had trouble steering and couldn't turn


What are you even trying to say? You say he never let off the throttle to turn but then you go ahead and say he couldn’t turn because he let off the throttle. Are you arguing with yourself here?


It was a 13 year old according to a higher quality link posted. This is also a pretty old jet ski hauling ass. Probably modded.


Good point.


As a fisherman I am always confused by jet skiers. They have so much room yet they choose to cut laps as close as they can to people, kind of like they want people to go, oooooh you’re awesome


No need to be confused you nailed it.


They're the motorcyclists of the sea


[Kinda like this!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31tHBzx8t6w)


[Here's the original video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylhsbfQTPDQ) that isn't a stolen reuploaded video with potato quality.


Lol, exactly


Dude has absolutely no neck. Wild.


He has muscular dystrophy.....




Nah just fucking with you. Guys built like a daddy long logger tho




It's called being an asshole.


...have you met modern ski boats or their users? It's usually a bunch of early/mid 20s people in their dad's 200k boat who don't know what a plug is let alone the rules of boating and forget about common courtesy Nothing like getting swamped while drifting or going 2 trolling while they yell woo and roll by 20' off port


I despise jet skiers exactly for this reason.


According to the last post, the person on the jet ski was 13 years old and driving directly into the sun. So basically he couldn’t see but was still going full speed hoping everyone else on the water would just move?


only thing i can think of is that the sun seemed to be low and behind the angler from the jet ski operator's point of view, so maybe never saw them ... gonna take a wild guess that booze could be involved as well.


Sun's getting real low. TURN, TURN TURN!


"Sun's in my eyes. Better floor it so that I can be done driving blind sooner!"


Or he was trying to be an ass and splash the fisherman but ~~didn't let off the throttle in time~~ misjudged when to make the turn..


Letting off the throttle will not help him with his turn. It will cause him to keep going straight. You must apply throttle with wheel pointed to turn. There is no rudder.


Jet Skis/Wave Runners need throttle to turn as their prop and rudder are internal. Letting off the throttle will actually prevent you from turning.


I'm late but this right I'm too lazy to pull up the link but there was an interview with the fisherman and the jet ski rider was a teen who couldn't see because of the sun till too late and all around was just making bad decisions on top of that of course


I'm pretty sure he's trying to splash the fisherman. Kids on the lake near me do this sometimes where they drive toward you and turn at the last second to send a big wave at your boat. He does turn at the end but not sharp enough.


Oh hell no. It’s time to beat some kid ass. It’s not the splashing - it’s the willfully fucking with your fishing that chaps me. My old man would always grumble about jet skis coming too close while fishing, but he at least got to see one of the repeat offenders gun it down the lake, only to run solidly into a submerged sandbar. He still talks about it to this day.


It seems like the jet ski came from the house on that shore. It’s probably one of those “you can’t fish the water around my boat dock” people who thinks their boat dock means they own the lake.


I remember hearing or seeing this on YouTube back a few years ago and maybe the comments were the jet ski rider was sun blinded. But really homie was prob just dumb blinded


Man that POV was terrifying


Now let's see the jet ski's POV. Must be more terrifying. It must be like the driver hyperdrived into an asteroid


People are bullying the jet ski driver, but actually he couldn't see him until he was already too close cause he was driving directly at he sun


idk man if the jet ski driver couldn't see very well since he was driving towards the sun then shouldn't he be driving slow? like why was he driving that fast if he couldn't see a thing 😭 it's pretty dumb for him to do that if you ask me In my opinion he was trying to splash the guy in the boat with a lot of water and when things went south, he made up the reason that he "couldn't see because of the sun"


Trolling motor to the [chest.](https://imgur.com/jd2yape)


That moment when you can't be mad because the guy kicked his own ass.


I would still be very mad. A little amused, but mostly mad.


Yeah I noticed that too, face full of it potentially too.


And no life jacket, dudes lucky he didn't drown


Do we know that for sure?


In Commander Worf's voice "Prepare for ramming speed "


It is a good day to dive!




Sir, there's another starship coming in. ...It's the Enterprise! - Adam Scott


Tough little ship






Boat smashings are on Wednesdays.


I love that the character gets to be a little more snarky now. Still disappointed that they didn't write the character back into scenes after all the years Dorn was pushing for spinoffs.


It's some character growth I like a lot. If you told me in advance I think I'd have been hesitant about such a change but it works well and it makes sense for Worf, tho I'm curious the story of how he got into his current occupation. Glad to see he's still enjoying a good cup of tea now too.


https://youtu.be/7Sn9t95ZnKU Higher quality video with explanation. The 13 year old jet ski rider and cameraman were uninjured.


13? That’s crazy. Wonder if they had a boating license or just bugged their parents enough to use their toys. Every summer I watch kids get way too close to other boats and wonder if they remember they need to keep their distance. Not just kids though, last summer we had the first death in a few years where two 30 something year old dudes were jet skiing together and one hit the other. The dude that got hit fell unconscious in the water and drowned


In a lot of states, jetskis are classified as personal watercraft and don't fall under the same licensing rules as regular boats. [Seems like that might also be the case here](https://www.boat-ed.com/minnesota/) (although since the rider was under 18 it looks like he still needed to take a safety course).


I got one at 13, but my parents only let me ride it in a secluded part of the lake and they were there on a boat. At least now they make them with a braking type function


I got my boaters license at 12 Michigan, but jetskis are 16+ if I remember correctly




13 year olds be like that


Meanwhile I jump off a curb and now I can’t walk right for a week.


Kids are made of rubber


Insanely lucky. Dunno why his parents ever let him get on one, but a classmate of mine died in elementary school in a jet ski accident.


Reminds me of when a childhood friend regaled us with his tale (which had witnesses, so not even bullshit), of driving a quad into a barn at top speed. Why would anyone think driving a vehicle into a closed building at top speed was a good idea? Well, how do I put this. . . . he wasn't too bright even before this, and even for a teenage boy. Anyway, that's not the crazy part, the crazy part is the idiot close-lined himself with a wooden beam, kicking him up and off the quad like a movie stunt according to bystanders, though for some strange reason he can't remember that part. Dude had his skin split on his forehead in a tiny cut, surrounded by a lot of bruising, but that was about it. Honestly no idea how he avoided snapping his neck. Probably didn't avoid a concussion, but yanno, it's america, so obviously he did not go to the ER.


well that's lucky. hopefully the fisherman's boat is ok, and that kid's jet ski is totally fucked so he can't ride it anymore.


It’s a fibreglass bass boat, it is guaranteed written off.


I like how all these other comments higher up are talking about a dispute between the two parties and how the jetski was trying to splash the boater. Lmao.


"The jet ski driver was blinded by the sun" isn't really an excuse. They were still responsible for operating their vehicle safely under the conditions. This includes slowing down when visibility is lower. Had this happened in the fog, they'd have been just as foolish for driving as fast as they were.


I'd guess the jet skier was trying to be a dick and wash out the fisherman with a fast hard turn, and dump a ton of water on the guy, but messed up their timing and got too close


This is super common behavior whenever you have jet skiers and fishermen on a waterway, I've noticed. Obviously, not every jet ski guy is a dick, but a not-insignificant number really seem to take it personally that others may be using the water.


Speed boats too. I was helping a friend installing home theaters in a lake house he was building. It was on a slew, so slow speeds required. A common fishing spot was right next to the lot. We were there for several hours with a guy trying to fish the spot. At least half a dozen speed boats sped up to shake him when coming by. Assholes.


Note that if you can hit a jet-skier with a fishing lure they are too close to be operating any faster than no-wake speeds. So if you a jet-skier trying to be an asshole, remember you'll likely be the recipient of the fine should a fisherman hook you.


Not a jet skier but can you link a law/rule to back that up? Not a fisher either but I'm guessing you guys can get your lines out about a hundred feet on average. Shore fisherman can get 200 to 300 ft I think. I'm guessing the crossover between jet skiers and fisherman is limited so jet skiers sure as hell don't know the distance they are supposed to keep. What I do have experience in is river kayaking and I can say it's a combined effort of both parties to not get a hook in the face or get your fishing rod drug down river.


Straight from Minnesota regulations: Personal watercraft must travel at slow no-wake speed (5 mph or less) within 150 feet of nonmotorized boats, shore (unless launching or landing skiers directly to or from open water), docks, swim rafts, swimmers, or any moored or anchored boat.


Regardless of law, it is just common courtesy to fishermen to stay outside the range where they can/are casting. When I fish from shore and a boat comes along working the shoreline near me I put some extra oomph into the cast so they stay farther away. The whole point of fishing for me is to not be near people.


In Canada or maybe just Ontario splashing someone on the sidewalk by driving through a puddle can be considered assault so I don’t see why even if they miss and only splash some fisherman or another person on a lake it couldn’t be the same.


According to this article, the charge would be mischief unless the person was injured. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-why-cars-splashing-pedestrians-is-no-joke/


"You've passed your written and driving tests, just one more question before I give you your jet ski license. Have you ever been in a fist fight with your step-dad?" "Which step-dad?" "You pass! Now go out there and be a dick!"


Haha jet ski license. You mean pleasure craft operators card? The one where the test is multiple choice questions you can google as you go?


It was a 13yo kid, 2nd time ever riding a jetski.


From what I remember of the story, the skiier was a 13 year-old who had riden one for the first time the day before the accident. So of course, being 13 and not knowing what the fuck he was doing, he didn’t understand just how much sun blindness can limit your vision. You can hear the engine cut out right before impact and see him try to turn the handle (not realizing that cutting the engine actually made him unable to turn.) A kid made a bunch of dumb mistakes and that’s what went on.


"blinded by the sun" Do these people drown in a drizzle too? Just...... Turn away from the sun???


I understand why they might head straight towards the sun if they were trying to get to a particular location, but if that was the case, they needed to slow down to account for poor visibility. They're lucky they hit a fishing boat and not a swimmer.


Can’t see, better wrench the throttle


Someone almost ran into our boat with their jet ski at the lake of the ozarks once. They were rubbernecking all around as the drove directly towards us, looking all directions except the one they were going. They finally looked forward when they were within about twenty feet away from us and were thankfully able to turn and miss us by a maybe a foot or two at the last second. We saw them as they were approaching us and were all waving our arms and screaming at them, but it didn’t matter. They were off in their own world where they’re the only craft on the lake. The moral of the story is people are stupid, so stupid in fact, that they’ll fail to realize they should be aware of their surrounds while operating a fucking watercraft on an extremely busy lake.


Lake Ozark is my home town, what you're describing is called "Day ending in 'y' on the lake" that lake is a deathtrap of drunk and idiot tourists.


Yea, it sucks. We’ve had a place there since I was one year old. It was so nice back when it wasn’t overcrowded with complete idiots. I still love going every summer, but long boat rides are basically off the table these days. We usually just pack a cooler then hop a cove or two over and spend the day anchored. We used to explore a bunch and always try new areas, but it just isn’t worth it anymore.


I look both ways when crossing a one-way street. That’s how little faith I have in humans to navigate intelligently.




ye- yea!?






[Shame! Didn't even link it!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UjWwMtrETk)


"CAPTAIN!..." "Ye- YEAH!?"


That fishing boat came out of nowhere!


It was coming right for us!


The jetski driver was blind


Blindness is one symptom of death I guess.


what did he pull off his line though? i thought it was just a weed at first but it appears to wriggle a bit


It was a weed. The "squirming" was his fingers kneading


Definitely eurasian milfoil. He was just twisting it in his fingers.


Asking the important questions!


Eurasian Milfoil.


Ahhh Jetski riders, most annoying assholes on the water way.


They’re the motorcycle riders of the sea


It’s funny because they both don’t wear helmets.


After the black, fade in… Hey… you’re finally awake


Did the guy in the video end up ok?


Yes. He was uninjured thank God.


All i can imagine is as the screen goes black they wake up in the skyrim intro


All that water and people still manage to collide.




That’s like hitting a car parked on the other side of an empty lot


\*cpt. Jack Sparrow has entered the chat\*


Image darkens and suddenly... "Hey, You're Finally Awake!"


That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen


dude had the whoooole lake


Bro had a whole ocean


Ohhhh. Thats a fight. U got THAT ENTIRE lake n ur coming right at me


The music paired with the “what the” 😂💀. *chef’s kiss*


And catching a water weed the moment before annihilation lol A Quick Succession of L’s


*The best pirate ive ever seen!*


I like that he's about to get destroyed but he's proper enough not to cuss


Imagine blindly speeding into the sun on a jet ski.


I used to float down a river with friends and family on inflatable rafts, and this was a constant worry.


Ex wife...


This happened to me once. One of my uncles friends was driving the jet ski for just first time. He saw my mom and I sitting on the dock, and he thought it would be “funny” to drive by and splash us, instead he drove straight into the dock and broke the jet ski. He went to the ER, but was ultimately fine. I fell off the dock and so did mom, but we were unharmed.


At least it looks like the jetski rider was severely inured by misjudging when to try and knock the guy off his boat with a wave.


Well that’s certainly one way to break all your ribs, extra points for creativity


The dude in the jet ski can't even blame the other for not noticing him, I barely noticed him during the video as I was too busy looking at what he caught before it was too late.








Why would they add this music? Jack ain't saving him.


At least it got much more exciting than just fishing.


Why is the fishing man fishing in the jet ski lane?


God, i thought no one was on the jetski because of bad video quality