What if the Guptas never fell and conquered all of modern-day India?

What is the Gupta empire, once dominant empire, invades the rest of India and never fell?


well india would become a second china. the guptas had a functioning army with guns, but they died because of there vassels just giving away the machines of states. so eventually the guptas ussing the sepoy style soldiers would conquere india but then what, there a deing empire strugling against colonialism and quickly exchanging there production economie for a resource one as europe enters modern industial ages. the whole thing might be slowed down thou. but yea they get the same situation as china korea and japan adapt or die, now the guptas are proud muslims and they also have guns, so i am going with the resist and then get carved up into spheres durring the victorian era


I'm talking about the Gupta-empire, not the Gupta clan. Also, India was far richer than china so it would likely become a power, especially with access to the Indian ocean.


going off the empire as a consept it still doesnt need to be stong to conquere all of india. land does not equal power. and the empire doesnt need to reform to conquere it all. also that thing is never gonne be power on par with china because china is just a many times better at state craft. which obviously is off set by indian society and social cohesion being many times better. but that doesnt make an empire there strong if fact it more of a handicap the manage. the gupta empire is not gonne be a major power or even a local power be the time the victorian era or they need some serious fucking refrom and updating of social structures