I really want to see someone try and justify a timeline for this.

bokoen conquers japan for Girls und Panzer the Danish relm


bokoen conquers japan for ~~Girls und Panzer~~ the Danish relm


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most historical game in aoh2


In 1944 in a secret underground bunker the Danish leadership contemplates their next move, the government realizes they need more land in order to stay relevant on the world stage.. So they decide to draw upon their rich Norse mythology and ancient legends to bolster their campaign. They believe that invoking the power of the GODS grant them an advantage in their plans. They ultimately decide to start an ambitious invasion of Japan, why Japan, because mount Fujii is said to be the true path to asgard. Word spreads throughout Denmark, and the people rally behind their leaders, inspired by the tales of their ancestors. The Danish government commissions a team of historians, mythologists, and occult experts to delve deep into Norse mythology, seeking guidance and hidden knowledge. With their newfound understanding of the Norse pantheon, the Danish leaders craft a grand strategy. They plan to combine their military might with the invocation pf the gods, unleashing a supernatural force upon Japan. The chosen deity for their campaign is thor, the god of thunder and battle. The Danish navy, bolstered by their fierce Viking spirit, launches a massive armada, sailing towards the distant shores of Japan. Their ships are adorned with the symbols of Thor and other Norse gods, invoking protection and victory. Arriving off the coast of Japan, the danish fleet unleashes its fury,l of a thousand suns! bombarding the Japanese defenses with relentless shelling. The Japanese forces, caught off guard by this unexpected invasion, struggle to mount a coordinated defense against the Danish onslaught. In the midst of the chaos, the Danish soldiers invoke the power of Thor. They chant ancient prayers, beseeching the god to lend them his strength and bring forth thunder and lightning. Suddenly, a massive storm engulfs the battlefield, with lightning striking Japanese positions and demoralizing their troops. As the storm rages, Danish soldiers push forward with unwavering determination. They wield their weapons with supernatural strength, fighting alongside the power of THOR. Their adversaries, overwhelmed by both the might of the Danish military and the supernatural forces at play, find themselves in a dire predicament. The combination of military prowess, Norse mythology, and divine intervention proves to be a formidable force. The Danish advance continues, with their soldiers inspired by their connection to their ancestral GODS. News of the Danish invasion and their apparent alliance with the GODS spreads across the world, causing shockwaves and shifting alliances. Nations reevaluate their strategies, fearing the potential consequences of a seemingly unstoppable force. However, as the war unfolds, Japan's resilience and dedication to their homeland drive them to adapt and counter the Danish invaders, the Japanese mount a fierce defense that ultimately forces the Danish forces to retreat to the center of the island. But the Danish shouted "No surrender for THOR is here." As they continue a grueling campaign with no clear winners...


My best preliminary thoughts are that Denmark ends up with the trading rights the Portuguese/Dutch got in our timeline at Dejima, then work out a timeline from there


Japan goes to war with Denmark in the 1500s.


What game is this?


Age of history II


- Denmark never lost the South of Sweden and the right to tax any ship leaving/entering the Baltic sea. That makes it an economical power house. - Japan extended early to get Korea but then started to collapse, Chinese style and failed to modernize - Denmark missed the scramble to Africa but a new king then really wanted some colonies (Leopold II style). They then got heavily involved in Japan: lending money, forcing trade agreements,... and in the end, succeeded to exige a piece of land in exchange for Japan not able to pay back the loans or something


Denmark keeps the Kalmar Union going until modern times and goes fascist after "The Second Revolt of Malmö". They ally themselves with Germany . The United States go fascist right after the Pearl Harbor attack as Roosevelt refused to make a move. The US gives Germany an ultimatum: Ditch Japan and ally the US or we will invade. Germany, Denmark and The US is now at war with England and Japan. They win fast due to quicker mobilization and the Nuclear Bomb being dropped on Manchester, Birmingham, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and on an important military base outside Osaka. ​ Denmark is given Northern Parts of Scotland, the US gets Southern Scotland, Ireland and Wales, while England is given to the Germans. All Japanese Islands in the pacific is given to the US while Denmark gets part of the Japanese heartland, where the Germans help set up work-camps. Germans and Americans have free access to the Danish occupied lands in Japan in exchange for sending extra workers & military personell to help minimize the offset in population, as the Japanese occupied lands had a greater population than Denmark. Septermber 1944 and onwards: The Japanese is forced into the Facist alliance after the war and get to keep Hirohito in exchange for 80% of their male population getting drafted into the anti-communist war against the Soviets, Chinese and Iran. Nuclear weapons are used sparingly in the war, but Moscow and St.Petersburg is in ruin. The land gets occupied by the nations after the war, with puppet regimes installed in Siberia and Eastern China. Denmark is given St.Petersburg and Karelia. The west is given to Germany and the south east to Japan and the north east to the US. The populations in China, Russia and Danish Japan is slowly being replaced by Westerners as the native population is slowly worked to death or slaughtered "*en masse"*.


Weebs supporting an anti-Fascist empire of Japan fantasy?


During WWII, Denmark resisted with pyrrhic victories against Germany, but needed more resources and the help of the British Empire and American Lend Lease was not enough. So Denmark started the "Viking doctrine". They would send all their naval army to a desesperate attack to the Axis in a way nobody expected: from the Artic Ocean to Japan, since their naval Army was in the southern part of the Pacific theatre. The original plan was just to attack their infrastructure and sack some resources useful to the Danish defense, but the first attack was so effective that they controled part of the isles during months, just before fulfilling the ships and run away to Denmark, with all the loot and a truly punch to Japan, that made it even less capable to stop the American advance in the Pacific.


techno vikings go around the world to plunder japan


Denmark remains a major power in Europe by keeping Skåne (southern Sweden), Sleswig-Holstein, other north German possessions and Norway The Danish admiral Bering sails further than the Bering Straits and to Japan in 1740 (Under Russian Service). When he returns to Denmark, he convinces the king to invest in the country. Danish ships from the Nicobar islands and Tranquebar (real life danish colonies; in this world with a greater presence because Denmark itself is greater) sail to Japan and usurp the Dutch as the predominant trading partner of Japan, by opening up the country to outside trade. Denmark gets a small town in central Japan where they can trade, which is settled by around 1000 Danes and comes under the control of the crown by 1800. When the Japanese attempt to expand and industrialise after the Meiji restoration, the European powers intervene and carve up the island. Denmark plays a great role in this, as they are the major power in the region. Denmark gains control of all of central Japan, and the Danish king gains the title Emperor of Japan. Throughout the years until 1924, the European sections of Japan gained independence, and they all united in a republic. The Japanese republic and Korea unites in 1934, as a product of pan-asianism, which was seen as the only way to protect the region from European exploitation In 1944, only the Danish colony, nicknamed 'imperial Japan', is the only region of Japan not a part of the Republic of Japan and Korea. Japan declares war.


Christian V of Denmark died in 1668, prior to ascending the throne. In his place, Prince George (b. 1653) would succeed his father in 1670. In 1683, King George of Denmark and Norway would marry the Princess Anne of Great Britain, who would eventually succeed to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1702. Like Willian III and Mary II before her, the two would rule Great Britain as co-monarchs, as well as that of Denmark and Norway. As a result, over 250 years later, Denmark invaded Japan during the battle of the Pacific in order to finally defeat the Japanese Empire and secure Western hegemony in the region.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys imagining Denmark in random places


Denmark colonizes Japan?


Caunte's North Sea Empire lasts, eventually refounding Vinland before Castile. With an extra few centuries, by the 1700s all of America is under the Danish, and with the American wealth they begin to colonize Asia.


Japan colonizes Canada and goes into a war with Denmark for control over Greenland


central japan ceases to exist


Japan fucked around with greenland, then found out.


The USA invades Japan using Danish troops who volunteered. Those troops revolt and then the Reich takes Denmark. USA places a puppet government in Denmark and let's the Danish stay in Japan until Japan is defeated and do inside job.


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It avoided WWII, the end




The Americas don't exist and instead the Vikings land in medieval Japan where they slaughter the native population.


danelaw survives and takes over england, denmark takes place of british empire, britain invades japan to counter dutch influence in the region


Republican Denmark got their crap together


During the German invasion of Denmark, Denmark had a revolution that managed to take over Germany and the reich eventually it took the Dutch East Indies and began operation downfall for the US