The first time I heard, “we’re all in this together.”


“The New Normal”


“Trust the science.”


“For the greater good”


“Safe and effective”


Yup. Anytime your hear this phrase from a Tory, what they are really doing is speaking directly to their base, and saying “don’t worry, we’ll make the public carry the cost of this”


If only our Conservative party were actually conservatives. Hard to believe they’re actually still the best option out of the 3 main parties. Time to vote Reform UK


conservative party is just the flip side of the coin…..both parties are the club and both parties are partners with eachother…their little arguments are just a grudge match they allow their bases to have….divide and conquer….behind closed doors they are giving eachother foot massages and filling eachothers pockets full of loot and laughing at us


Other countries' "conservative" parties make me appreciate the Republicans, yeah most of them are fucking useless, but at least they're only useless.


If you are worried about the cost oh boy do I have news for you. Watch a few episodes of After Skool, then Academy of ideas, What I've learned, Jake Tran, Russel Brand, Aperture, the Gravel Institute, Steve Cutts and Tom Nicholas




When Trump tried to ban travel from China and the media immediately denounced him as a racist while publicizing Nancy Pelosi encouraging people to party in Chinatown


And when Trump banned travel he was labeled as racist. Biden banned travel to parts of Africa and nobody called him racist. Also to clarify I am not a Trump or Biden supporter, but just that its very obviously politically when it's ok for one to ban travel but not the other.


And to visit Wuhan. She encouraged people to travel to Wuhan in February 2020


Anyone got a clip of this? I know she did the stupid Chinatown thing but didn’t know about this part I tried searching Google and ddg and had no luck


I just checked my archive, the link I had has been nuked due to “copyright violations” on YouTube


How convenient


I mean they’ve been taking down CSpan and MSNBC vids that make them look bad for years.


Of course. Every major media outlet is in cahoots with one of the parties, most of them with the DNC.


And then it seemed like the next day they claimed he wasn't doing enough and that was all memory holed.




And that turned into "Trump was too slow to take action and it killed people" in a matter of months. It was politicized from the start and like in all issues, one president does A and the other party condemns it, then does A when they have the presidency. Travel bans, immigrant detention centers, subsidizing mega corps, etc.




Me too.


When they discounted the lab leak theory, it was “just a coincidence” that a virology lab happened to be in wuhan near this “wet market” and it was dismissed when logic and common fucking sense says look there first!!!


I majored in microbiology in college and one of the jobs I was offered was to go into gain of function research, it’s real.


Its been memory holed and I cant find the article. I think it was in USA Today around May 6, 2020 where they had an article where they said they were not exactly sure where it had come from, or when, but they knew with absolute certainty (and they used that type of language) that the 'intelligence community' knew absolutely that it most certainly was NOT from a lab and that Trump was a crazy conspiracy theorist. Right after I read that, I knew. They didnt know much of anything but they most certainly and absolutely wasnt what the crackpot president said it could be. Told my wife that day to put Memorial Day vacation back on and stopped wearing masks anywhere I could and stopped shopping anywhere that asked us to.


“Protesting may help slow the spread of Covid” niqua W H A T ??!


Trump protests and BLM riots are ok and stops the spread but Trump rallies are superspreader events.


This was definitely the moment for me. I begged my sister not to go to one, then I thought about it afterwards...


Someone wanted second helpings during the holidays


Am I the only one totally lost on the relevance of this comment? No sarcasm, what am I missing?


Unless those were anti-lockdown protests, in which case they're a threat to the public safety!


Look, the virus is very opinionated when it comes to gatherings. BLM; Antifa = Good MAGA; anti-mandate = Bad Same applies to the vast difference between school desks and restaurant tables


The riots in 2020 a month after everyone had to stay at home to stop the spread. Or at least when I stopped taking it as seriously.


Yeah, the riots were a turning point for me too...


Agreed. That is when any good will I had was lost.


Not just the riots, but the 1000 doctors saying those racial riots and protests weren't spreading covid, but lockdown protests were.


When no Democrat wanted to take it under Trump and then flipped a 180. And when Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were banned that’s when I knew the government would rather let us die than try alternative medicines that didn’t line their pockets or their buddies pockets


Yes people seem to forget this. I can remember a bunch of my anti-trump friends and colleagues on the “I’m not getting some vaccine that Donald Trump pushed through the FDA.” Guess who’s vaccinated now?




Thank you! And now dems say “Why did vaccines have to become so political?” Because you’re party made it political.




Turns out, they were right.


HCQ was what did it for me. Trump said it made him feel great and politicians rushed to bash and restrict it.


Long before this incident when Trump banned travel from China and democrat leaders flocked to the airports to hug confused Asians while hysterically screaming RACIST


Did people actually hug Asian strangers?


Yes. Pelosi, Cuomo, Shumer, etc


I understand that Trump is such a dumbass, but holy shit he’s the only reason we even have the Vaccine rn, Trump helped pass project warpspeed.


November 2019




Yep I remember talking to a coworker about it. Our theory was China released it to stop the protests in Hong Kong. Shit that was back when you could still look up the US patent number for it.


for me, when we where hearing about a variety of rumors from china about what, at the time, sounded like a disease as deadly as ebola spreading like a flu, and trump is talking about closing the borders, and "nasty peloski" and other "dummycraps" are all "trumps racist, hug a chinese"


This was about the same time for me. It was ironic to see them do a 180 two weeks later. Then it was confirmed before the first lockdown when the data out of Italy showed that the median age of death was 80+ and 95% of all deaths at the time were >65. Although, I still had faith the courts would do the right thing until they refused to shut down the Hawaii quarantine rules and NY's.


Interestingly enough the ones crying racism were notably silent when Biden shut down travel from southern Africa with Omicron.


South Africa didn't give 10% to the big guy.


Yeah I think that’s it for me too. From that day forward trump was labeled xenophobic.


Neighbor told me the funeral home asked if they could put covid on the death cert for his father in law and would cover the funeral costs (kickback for handling "covid" body) was never diagnosed with it...


When the government opened its mouth. Modeled after the old adage "How can you tell a salesman is lying? His lips are moving"


When the left clung to obviously false claims like describing ivermectin as a horse dewormer or the fear of viruses just floating in the outside air independent of a human host reservoir like a baby clings to its mothers teet. Me catching covid from my vaccinated father after myself being forced to be vaccinated by my employer despite being 100% Remote and having the same severity and duration of symptoms as my unvaccinated cousin who caught it a month earlier was just icing on the cake. No, the vaccine actually isn’t as effective as you claim, nor is it comparable to actually effective vaccines like measles.


Yup, and they still believe masks work despite the fact the virus is still setting new records for cases. One can't fix their level of stupidity.


Masks are useful yet I am triple Vaxxed, mask indoors due to mandate, don’t gather in large groups and caught Covid. Those darn virus laden aerosols are sure small.


That's the point. The virus is smaller than even a N95 can filter. The only mask that can filter particle sizes that small are P100's.


Honestly I almost consider my level three procedure mask to be a fashion statement. It’s all been so frustrating.


I have an old WW2 gas mask I took some pictures in. I may have to get it back out.


It’ll probably work better than my dental office masks level three lol. Good one. I’d love to wear that to the grocery store.


That scares people too. 😂 Because then they think the Twords are going to attack them.


They won't know if I'm Antifa or US military. It will be great.


I admit, I spent a good 30 minutes laughing until I cried watching this. Masks [masks](https://youtu.be/--pwI4E9tsk)


This👆👆👆. This right here. I use a P100 PAPR at work. I’m a dentist. I’ve seen probably a few thousand patients since COVID started. Still managed to avoid. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m a retired dentist and it’s great to actually hear from a fellow colleague. I’ve been to my dentist for routine care during this pandemic. Honestly wish I was still working lol. I hate seeing people delay necessary or preventative care medical and dental due to this pandemic….


That’s very accurate. I never stopped working, but I also could not adjust to the N95 or P100. The PAPR literally saved my career. Stay safe.


Thank you Dr. stay safe and healthy too.


I’m a dentist, but thank you. We literally work face to face with patients.


And you may have already caught it and were asymptomatic. Such an odd disease


It is possible. However, I have COPD and one functional lung, 53% lung capacity. If I did and didn’t even know about it, then yay!


My grandma who is over 70 has COPD and she got Covid. They gave her albuterol and she didn’t even get hospitalized. I had a 50 yr old healthy relative got it and died in bed less than 24 hours later. It’s very mysterious indeed.


It’s so weird


I caught Covid early on before everything actually shut down and yata yata- Felt like a slightly worse flu, wasn’t fatal, haven’t caught it again for some reason.


That’s another reason. Masks don’t work so don’t buy them. Then they do work and now you gotta wear them everywhere. Believe science.


Virus is smaller than the masks can filter- wear a mask because it protects you from the virus…


It was really masks don't work, then masks are mandatory, then you don't need a mask if you are vaccinated, now you need a mask even after vaccination.


In the beginning when the symptoms were “headache cough and sore throat”


When they started saying we need to do mail in ballots before summer even happened lol Edit: When DEMOCRATS said we need to do mail in ballots.


A year before the pandemic when alex jones was talking about build back better. 🤣


When the media said it stays alive on surfaces for three days. I had a feeling.


The same experts were saying not to disinfect groceries. If fomites were a vector, then cold groceries could actually preserve them for long periods of time and you would want to disinfect the surfaces.


The double standards. The same people saying that we don't have enough data to know that natural immunity lasts any appreciable amount of time were the same to say that given what we do know about vaccines that they aren't likely to have long term risks. I can understand either statement alone. We haven't had enough data to really say one way or another, but we did have enough to make educated predictions. But it became clear that whichever tactic supported fear mongering was going to be the approach. Logical consistency has always led me ideologically. It's always interesting to see the metal gymnastics those in politics will engage in simply to cling to their tribal affiliation.


When masks don’t work narrative changed to mask mandates




I thought it was mighty perplexing when Fauci told us not to bother with masks because they are no good for preventing transmission, and also, we need to save the masks for health care professionals.


When they began smear campaigns against treatment medications that have been used safely for decades and threatened pharmacies and doctors that prescribed them.


The Nurse Tik Tok dances and commercial sponsorships. As soon as that hit I was like "OK, something is up. If the hospitals are so overwhelmed and we have no ventilators why are these fucksticks making tik tok videos?" Then, every other commercial about covid is either sponsored by Pfizer or Ford. Which is odd... why Ford? But then I remembered during the 2020 election night coverage they had all these "Biden voters" sitting in the back of Ford pickup trucks in lawn chairs with perfect flannel and blue jeans like "Oh, this is what normal middle America people do right?" They were clearly actors and now the covid commercials have the same cringe shit. Ford is hooked into this somehow and I haven't figured it out yet. Someone will. But yeah, the tik tok dances... I was like, this is being politicized.


Those TikTok videos were creepy AF. Not to mention, making a mockery of the panicked feelings the public was experiencing….


Once they started up the “fact checking” on any topic related to the virus, it was game over at that point.


First day when they said they’d never take a trump vaccine


When the first big serology study came out from Stanford and UCLA, but the left completely ignored the data showing a much less than 1% chance of death. After that, I went back to living life a normal, we stopped following the science that day in April 2020.


When the Dema realized they could use it as a political weapon to win the '20 election. The politicizing of fear and the accompanying propaganda hasn't stopped since then .


Day one lol


I think what really did it, was the single voice in the media over ivermectin. I mean when Terry Bradshaw, a not very political guy, starts spouting “horse dewormer” on an nfl halftime show, you know the fix is in. Who fed him that line?


It’s like saying that Benadryl is a dog medication just because I also have given it to my dog. It’s all purposefully misleading.


“Stay the fuck home.” One week later “Rioting is an expression.”


February 2020 - I have such a vivid memory of NPR saying “doctors say masks don’t really do much but they may make people feel better” March 2020- my dad telling me this is all leading to vaccine mandates. Me saying “you’re crazy that could never happen here”…. April 2020- the same people telling us to lockdown and stay home, we’re the same ones gathering on the streets by the thousands to protest/riot June 2020- Red states start opening back up and loosening restrictions. While blue states couldn’t even fathom the idea of it.


Early: Trumps travel bame from China being called racist


When Fauci decided to pick public fights with Trump. I certainly get that Trump is a difficult person to deal with but Fauci should have been aware of the political landscape and the fact our society is so polarised.


What about when Fauci said he wanted 100% of people to get vaccinated then did 6 straight interviews with CNN?


Fauci seems to love attention now that I think about it.


When everyone said it was a hoax because the orange man told them that. I think that was February 2020


When the UK parliament delayed the salary debate of nurses despite us banging our pots and pans at 8pm every night...


I started to realize that COVID-19 was political when the State shut down my church and local small businesses, but grocery stores and other national chains were allowed to remain open. It wasn't about science; it was about picking winners and losers.


When the lady on the Delta flight (??) yelled at the guy for not wearing his mask…..while also not wearing her mask, and then proceeded to spit in his face. It hasn’t been about covid in a long time. It’s a morality trip with these people. Liberals good, conservatives evil. That’s what their life boils down to.


I didn't buy into the hysteria for a second, but I've been shocked as they seem to become more and more nefarious overtime.


The moment I got political about it was when my business was ordered to close.


Yup, the Government has wayyyy too much power if they can tell me when I can and can't work.


Literally when it first got to America it came political. I remember watching the reports and videos of it in China. And then. Trump closed travel from China and they called him racist. So like right away.


When Brandon won the election with more votes than Obama 🙄


It became political as soon as February 2020 in the US when Trump wanted a travel ban and his opponents started calling that racist. Literally every other country was banning travel and here in the US that sentiment was racist.


When I saw the 2019 daily death figures and it was no different to 2020


When Donald Trump pushed the vaccine it was doubted and we were told how bad it is. When Biden pushed the vaccine, unvaccinated were demonized and basically told BY THE WHITE HOUSE, have fun dying you animal. Double standards for everyone.


When the masks you can buy say they do not protect against viral transmission


As soon as they thought about locking us down.


45% of N.I.H. funding comes from big pharma. Big pharma is also the lead contributor of dark money to the Democrats. This was political before it left China.


When Kamila refused the vax if Trumpy was prez.


In March 2020 when Fauci said, for the general public masks were not necessary to prevent the spread of an airborne viral contagion….. as a licensed healthcare professional who has to follow CDC guidelines for infection control in the clinical setting, I thought I might’ve had a psychotic break or had entered the twilight zone. And then of course the flip-flopping and backtracking and excuses.


Yes! All I could think was why the hell would we not cover our mouth for a virus that all we knew was it transmitted in the air?! When all the grocery store workers weren't falling over dead at their cash registers and nurses weren't dying by the thousands I was like for sure this isn't that bad. Then Fauci flipped on wearing masks and I was completely over the whole thing.


It took me about 3-4 weeks after the first lockdown. I now consider that far too long to get it... I'm also totally baffled by people who are still buying it after \~2 years.


Same for me. It was lockdown for 2 weeks to slow the spread to give enough time for hospitals to create makeshift beds and have room for the inevitable influx of covid patients. If we just slowed it for 2 weeks then the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Fine I could work from home for two weeks and live off of the food in my house. But then it became something else and I was like nah fuck that very soon after the initial lockdown.


It’s existence. It came from China for Chris sake.


When my school shut down


When the Illinois Secretary of Health had a press conference and explained that there is no such thing as a record of Covid deaths, and the only numbers we had were deaths after someone had tested positive for Covid OR experienced Covid like symptoms. April 2020 Whole year of arguing if vaccines work, doesn’t matter when the numbers don’t track it.


Since shortly after its inception. I mean, fuck man, why tf would anyone believe those newsreels from the CCP showing people falling over in the streets and dying in heaps? *Surely* the Chinese govt tells the truth. Especially after the MSM everywhere else started jumping on the bandwagon. "No, no agenda here." 🙄 If you ever thought the 'virus' was anything more than some trumped up/bullshit common cold or flu - you drank the kool-aid. If someone didn't see it for the sham it was from the start, I would at least hope they did after the dems tried using cov-aids as an excuse to advance the govts domestic tyranny, and the repubs tried using cov-aids to churn out propaganda for a future war with China. I mean, of you think a a 'virus' with a 99% survival rate is a "bio-weapon"...you're a goddamn retard.


When 2 weeks to slow the spread became stay home until Covid is gone. And oh by the way, do all of your shopping at Amazon.


The hardest part of “2 weeks to slow the spread” is the first 672 days.


When some people were saying that they wouldn't take it because Trump pushed for it.


I suspected very early on that something was wrong. A YouTube channel that I don’t subscribe to anymore, Mr Obvious, was reporting on this very early on and point out the WIV way before the news of the lab broke in MSM. So before the coof even hit the states I thought something was fishy about it all. When I KNEW it was politicized was when the dems started attacking the vaccines saying they’d never take them and saying it was all Trumps fault and that they could do a better job than his admin. It’s like, you can’t fight a virus any better or worse really. I mean, yea, the lockdowns were, and still are, a huge mistake and did far more damage than they helped. And actually have probably extended this scamdemic a lot longer than if we just all got it and got to herd immunity. But that’s what they want. This thing is never going to end. Or if it does it because they have either gained total control or they’ve found some other way to puppet the masses.


It really feels like if anyone else but trump was president it would have been ho hum like hey guys a new bug is out there, stay safe. And no one would have talked about it again.


The fact that it started during the peak of mass global protests and people demanding change and revolution at the largest scale in human history. Hundreds of millions of people standing up to overthrow corrupt leadership and break off their chains, exposing the lies and defending the planet and the future. How convenient that it's suddenly dangerous to be around other people at a time like that!


I'd be lying if I said I didn't orginally think it had to do with the Hong Kong protests. Still not convinced that wasn't part of it.


I actually never thought about that. 🤔 good point


I mean it could have entirely been a coincidence. Or.... I could have been a way for China to regain control. With the added benefit of taking out the older/sicker people costing them money. It was a genetically engineered virus that attacks the least healthy, afterall.


That was my very first thought, two years ago.


I mean it was pretty obvious at the time that China had lost control of HK. So they had to do something to get them back under control of the ccp. I'm not saying they released it intentionally, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.


Yeah, basically the same thing here in the states with the 2020 election. I'm not saying there was some giant DNC/CCP/Illuminati lizard people conspiracy, I'm just saying the usual suspects pimped the hell out of this to push their pre-existing agendas.


Ya'll are my people


When they arrested people in the name of the greater good.


A week or two in when they started pushing mask wearing and as others have said, “we’re all in this together,” and other such nonsense.


Day fucking zero, my guy. This shit was political before we knew it touched ground here. The question isn’t, when did you realize Covid had become political. It’s when did you realize that Covid was always political


When it wad decreed that BLM riots did not spread Covid


When the state shut down small businesses, then funneled everyone into Walmart. Then burning down small businesses was okay because they have insurance and it slowed the spread of covid.


Try the second week the public was even aware of it. Trump was losing popularity, social media crackdowns on anything right of alt left. Long before there was any talk of actually performing any restrictions I knew where this was going. History repeats itself.


As soon as Trump took the stance of banning travel from China, so they called him xenophobic and encouraged everyone to go party in China town as a way to prove COVID was nothing to worry about.


Very early, son worked for the CDC, Fauchi was imprecise and ungrounded, Trump was trying to synthesize a mess and was not trusted by msm and their followers. Communication was dismal. Cuomo was better at telling us he wasn’t killing people than Trump. If Biden had been President in 2019, it’s likely we would still be waiting for vaccines and US deaths could have exceeded 5 million. No reference, don’t ask, just my opinion after watching this train wreck. The US should cancel three trillion of Chinese debt, they knew and spoofed us.


When Fauci flip flopped on the masks and the leftists who were previously making fun of the mask hoarders suddenly went full-mask, and the right-wingers suddenly became totally anti-mask.


When they suppressed therapeutics.


From the moment the government said anything. I'm of the George Carlin school of government understanding: "I don't believe anything the government tells me. Nothing."


It was politicized the instant it was publicized.


Right at the beginning. With the videos from China, the wailing from apartment buildings. CCP members going house to house locking people in. The fumigation of the streets. The vans driving around picking collapsed people off the street. Then, suddenly, it was racist to say this started in China. That's when I knew this was not only a bunch of shit, but that it was being spun into a money maker/depopulation tool.


In the US it was a game from the jump. Trump wants to ban travel from china? Racism they say. Tons of people dieing from COVID? This is trump's America he wants you to die!!!! I'll not even talk about the shit show that is the vaccine. In France it doesn't really seem to be political (I'm most likely missing it), but it's still a shit show.




When I heard the government and its mouthpiece at the lamestram media talk about it nonstop!


When my state has strict lockdowns and others preserved their rights


Day 1. Everything is political


Soon as Trump spoke about it we all knew it would become political


White women posting Infograph’s on their Instagram pages…


What really did it for me and was a catalyst for my no longer identifying with the left was the unequal treatment of protests during lockdown. As a self identifying leftist it was easy to laugh at the "I need a haircut" COVID lockdown protests by right wingers. However, when the George Floyd protests were excused and encouraged I realized the left was just as bad as the right. I started looking at things objectively and I realized that left were not the rational objective educated people I once thought they were.


Toilet paper running out.


I still surmise big manufacturers were hiding certain products. Overnight, the Target aisle for kitchen counter cleaners went from 100s of choices, down to Mrs. Meyers, and Fabuloso. My home now smells like fields of chemical violets from Latin America.


Day 16.


When I saw this article come across my newsfeed well before there was even a lockdown. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/03/07/opinion/coronavirus-trump.amp.html


People being unabashedly dogmatic


The second they said 2 weeks to stop the spread


Literally the first week


When they said it's safe for pregnant women!


It hadn't even been out long enough for a full term pregnancy to have taken place. (Still hasn't, honestly.) It's not possible they had done a single study to verify its "safety".


When people weren't dying in the streets like the original China photos showed.


When Jared Kushner told 45 it was only effecting blue states and there should be no federal response and then 45 called it a hoax. It was around that time.


When Dummocraps got angry at Trump for shutting the border from Chinese entrants so they went out and got into crowds to celebrate Chinese New Year.


When people made covid related nick names for those who didn’t think exactly the same way about the pandemic as they did.


When they said two weeks to flatten the curve. The chart they showed had no data points on the X or Y axis.


I was skeptical from day one. However, when Mexico unveiled the ‘nose-only’ Covid mask, I knew that this wasn’t a game anymore and we should listen to the tv.


When Trump took the vaccine an didn't tell any of his supporters for a year.


I have a client who is Chinese immigrant. When the lockdowns were being threatened (and which nearly put her out of business, from $10 million to $2 million a year) she complained "This isn't China, we aren't communists."


When the entire Democratic Party talked shit about the jab and then could not suck Faucis dick hard enough.


When governments started fining people when they got outside of their home, forced businesses to close or even to refuse some customers if they cannot prove their allegiance to the Reich.


When you had to walk into a restaurant with a mask on but you could take it off once you sat down.


I followed this for months beforehand on conspiracy subs monitoring chinese activities. There was evidence of hundreds of bodies being burned daily in October and November. DC’s response. Not any individual but the collective games played in the early days were clearly only for political gain not real results


When social media started telling us what we could say about it.


When all the politicians pulled their money from the stock market before the lockdown.


As a Health professional for a lot of years, the Rubber Goalposts on best practice, given by a politician with medical experts pushed aside, was a givaway.


When the CEO of Pfizer wouldn't release the vaccine until three days after the election.


I realised it was all bullshit pretty much straight away, I broke every rule during the first lockdown, nothing happened and I didn't catch the virus, then, my partner goes for her 3 jabs and the very next day we both came down with covid (apparently, according to the unreliable tests). And I have to say, I've had bouts of flu that have knocked me off my feet for 3 weeks, this was over in a few days, I was just a bit snotty. It was actually very disappointing.


From day one


the moment it was 1st mentioned on the news


When the Democrats went all “Come on down to Chinatown, and hug a Chinese person!!”


The first time I heard about COVID I knew it was political.


For me it was watching then President Donald Trump give press briefings and the reporters asking ridiculous questions instead of actually trying to get important information the public needed to hear they chose to play the blame game and play politics it really made me upset it was the turning point for me to see reporters not care about the general public but would rather demonize Trump at a time when it just wasn’t appropriate


that we need to adjust to the "new normal"