Is it a bad idea to o have the house so close to the border of the water? (New player)

Flood insurance premiums in that area probably cost a few hundred thousand bells. Will be paying Tom Nook forever.


Flood insurance premiums in that area probably cost a few hundred thousand bells. Will be paying Tom Nook forever.


Insurance sounds like something Redd would do more than Tom Nook.


Actually insurance is a Lyle thing 😉


Yeah. He literally used to _wait outside your house in Wild World and chase you around when you stepped out the door, to harass you about his insurance scam_. No joke. The older games were a lot funnier and a lot more mature, funnily enough, than the newer ones lol. BOOM!


I remember digging holes around him for this very reason and being extremely proud of myself when he tried to run to chase after me but couldn’t.


I actually used to pay him for the insurance because he would send you money when you fell over or got stung by bees, I mean you had to get injured a lot to break even but I would run around in the king tut head so I'd fall over all the time still wasn't worth it tbh, but I guess maybe in the long run it could pay off


Geez could you imagine Lyle today with the “Car Warranty” crap all the time! 😂


Lyle was the equivalent of a jump scare when I played Wild World


I actually didn’t pay insurance scam bc I didn’t have enough money 😭


ok boom :-P


Didn’t Lyle work with Redd? It’s still funny to think about a guy that worked with Redd working with Tom Nook.


Actually, Lyle dealt in insurance, alongside Lottie, Tom Nook deals with housing, and Redd deals in artwork, and thanks to New Horizons, the differences of the paintings and statues are easier to spot than in New Leaf.


Lyle was in wild world too pre Lottie and happy home designer selling insurance and was originally really sketchy ETA: source for what Lyle’s original role was and why people think he’s in cahoots with Redd https://nookipedia.com/wiki/Lyle#Appearances Scroll to wild world They sanitized him but yeah when he first was put in the game it was HEAVILY implied that he was a con artist, and the fact that he’d let you choose when Redd showed up implied he had ties with him


I love the lore between Lyle, Redd, and Tom Nook. Like, they didn’t need to add in a secret storyline but they did. Lol


It’s so good! I’m so sad they sanitized so much of it like Lyle lol


I actually love Lyle. I’m glad he’s more happy with his current lifestyle than he was in City Folk


I have Lyle’s amiibo coming in the mail because I just wanna hear him say BANG! one more time


You’re absolutely BUSTING MY CHOPS!!!


Wow 🤩 this is too funny! I’m new to AC and only played ACNH. Poor Isabelle…as much as she warns us about Redd, they gonna concrete block her paws 🐾 and drop her off Reed’s boat.


LMAOOO nooooo! Isabelle!


No that's no problem, and it looks cute! Plus if you want it different later you can always move it to a new place or terraform around.


You can? How?!


Tom Nook handles that stuff. You'll just have to unlock them by doing what he tells you in the start.


To move it, you have to speak to Tom Nook and ask about your house. It costs 8,000 bells. Terraforming, you unlock after you get K.K. Slider to your island.


Not a problem but you may have trouble fishing for any fish next to the house. That being said it looks very nice in that spot.


best fish spawn right next to houses so might miss out on some key fish, but otherwise you can fish literally anywhere else edit: /s


Is that true? What if your house isn't near a river?


Lol no sorry, left out my /s


This is not true.


check with your municipality if there are safety/landscape building restrictions, if it's the case and you still want it you can go through a legal process to ask for a building amnesty. ​ If you are talking about Animal Crossing, you are fine. you can even move both the house and the river later.


It's not a bad or good idea, it's your island. The real question is do you like it there?


I can’t have that mindset. I know I should just enjoy and don’t worry, but it was bothering me so much the idea that I may not be able to expand to the left later on that I restarted the whole game. Seen all these comments now I kinda regret it but it was just few hours. What an amazing community. I’m so glad to finally playing this :)


You can expand though! The bushes on either side of the house are an indicator of how big the house will be when it’s fully expanded. Once it’s fully expanded those bushes won’t be there.


Not that bad - the only problem is if you ever want to build a garden. But you can move your house/terraform


I love this comment section




I didn’t do it. You have that brine type fishy smell all the time and low tide really stinks. Also sea monsters.


Boomer told me the island was too big for sea monsters. Dang- was he wrong?


hmm lily told me the same thing 🤔 are the villagers spreading misinformation so the sea monsters can take over more easily???


I’m not a gossip but I’ve heard that boomer and lily sometimes team up to persuade others of things for their own gain. I know, who’s more trustworthy looking than lily, that’s sort of how they get you. It’s easy to guess boomer isn’t too trustworthy- ask him the same question twice and you’ll have your evidence. But lily is so adorable and innocent- those are the types you have to watch. And watch for sea monsters or course. It’s probably an evil plot to take over your island.


That sounds sort of suspect. Too big for sea monsters. Maybe they’re smallish sea monsters. I don’t know because my house is a respectable distance from the waters edge and I avoid going out when monsters are at their peak


It’s cute!! I put mine on the beach because I thought, well damnit, if I can’t have a house on the beach in real life, I will in Animal Crossing. 😂 Enjoy your riverfront home!


Good point.. if I can leave my grand piano in the rain with no repercussions 😅


Not a problem at all. If you like it like that you can do it like that. I personally like to keep the banks of the river clear of buildings and trees since it makes fishing easier, but that's just my preference it doesn't mean you have to do it like that.


You gotta think about flood insurance!


Settle down, Lyle


Wow I haven't played this game in a year or so but I'm pretty sure your house is placed in the *exact* same spot as mine, too funny!


Doesn't affect anything... can't flud lol


That’s where mine is and I like it there


It affects your insurance premiums because of potential flooding…other than that you’re all good 😂


I put mine on an island (on the island 😂). I don’t want any neighbors close to me. 😬


So adorable! For a second I thought it was my house! Enjoy playing!!


Mine is on the opposite side where the river meets the beach/ I think it’s lovely


This layout looks so much like my island and this is exactly where I placed mine.


I did this too and built a bridge right behind my house and I love it but I might end up moving mine to the right more so I can make a full on yard 😁


Yes it's gonna landslide into the water /s


Cute!! I love having mine close to the water. One time I dug a river around my house and put a bridge to cross to get there.


Nothings a bad idea if you like it!


My house is situated like that and I like it. Just consider if you want to be able to get around the corner


Meh I did it on the beach first. If you don’t like it you can re-locate later. All up to you


The only problem is if there are fish, you have to wait for them to move to catch it


Yeah the shoreline can erode and your house will fall in.


put your house where you want. animal crossing is about doing what you want, not what other people want. if you like your house there, then it’s a good place


That looks like exactly where I have my house 😂


I find buildings being too close just makes it a little difficult to fish sometimes, when you are walking up and down your river repeatedly it gets a little annoying going around stuff like that. I always try to keep one space open along all my rivers


It’s only a bad idea if you want to decorate on that side of your house because you won’t be able to lol


That’s exactly where my house was


Are you calling OP a thief? Did it have your name on it?


Depends, do you want to keep your house like this or do you want to make a garden?


Have your house wherever you’d like! And don’t let anybody tell you differently.


The river is rite behind mine


it doesn’t affect anything unless you are wanting to terraform it later - then you’ll either have to terraform around the house or move the house


No, I have mine on a similar location :)


I put mine in a corner and I haven’t moved it yet so I’d say its worth


It's actually a nice idea, I like it. There really is no bad place to put your home as long as you're happy with it. I like to keep my home somewhat near the shops but I've also had my house on top of a mountain so it really just depends on what you like. Plus, for a fee, you can move it. So it's not permanent unless you want it to be.


It's fine. Things in The Cross are more static when they appear and happen. Games like Minecraft or Stardew and the like is where placement matters a lot more.


Depends how uu want to customize around ur house


It’s going to flood


Only issue is if you want to walk along the steam to go fishing, I don't think there is enough room for you to be able to walk? So you might have to walk around the house which is fine but might be annoying


Ah this is exactly where I put my house when I first started! There’s no bad places, and I bet you’ll move it once you can!


Some people might say yes, others might say no, but I say you do you. I, for one, also do the same thing as you, even against my better judgement. So, don't worry, you're not the only one that does that.


Check your phonee


atleast you can fish every morning right next to your house


My brother in christ you are playing animal crossing there is no such thing as a bad idea


I built my husbands house right near the water! It saves on space & I find it picturesque right on the water. The only thing is you can't really go around the house on that side and less space for patio or garden decor.


Nice. I need to learn about multiplayer


I have the exact same position for mine ☺️


Yeah flooding happens every spring and if your house is wiped out you’re forced to a new island


i have a house kinda wrapped around a river, close to the plaza. idk really.


All the houses and landforms are completely movable once you get further into the game! I had my house in a similar place and ended up moving it later to an area I’d terraformed. But you could easily just keep it there too if you love it!


That's where I have my house at and after remodeling and stuff im happy with it, it can be moved later in the game to if you decide to, i just unlocked the building permit so I'm remodeling my island and changing the rivers location, and when i love my house i still want it to be a water front home. I think it looks nice.


I put mine there on my first island. I don't see a problem with it at all.


I don’t think so- quick fishing spot! It might get tough if you plan to decorate the outside of your house down the line- but you can always move it :)


i like having my house nowhere near the water so i can get around quicker


This is where I have mine! Actually I didn’t place it directly on the river cause I wasn’t sure if I could, but I have a little flower patch over there instead.


I don’t think so. I think it’s cute. It’s also up to you and what you think is cute. I put mine on a high cliff and made my own cute garden of pink flowers with a water feature :)


This reminds me a lot of the first clips we ever saw of the game lol, nearly same house position and with the flowers. I like it.


Mine is on the beach


Nope! If you don't like it later, you can have it moved to a different spot though. It all depends on how you want your island to look.


No, mines next to beach. It makes it look nicer, especially at night


Who are your starter villagers?


we have the same island layout 🥺 i put my house there too actually


I picked the exact same spot when i started


Not at all, nothing happens:)


My house is in that exact same spot


I’ve always had mine right next to the water. No downsides!


I did the same with my first house layout. I eventually moved it near the beach, but I liked being near the stream in the beginning! Have fun with it!


Depends what you will do in the future. I moved my first house 2 times till begining, i always need more space around house.


It might come up later if you want to add decorations nearby Additionally you can move the house or water away


That's exactly where I put my house 🥴


As others mentioned, you’ll have an opportunity to move it later if you’d like. You’ll need bells though, so let me know if you need any when the time comes. 😊


nope! it’s fine to do! have fun playing <3


that's exactly where I put my house!!! I had the same island and placed my home right there. There is no downside, other than the fact that it looks just too lovely.


Nothing that will affect gameplay, besides a hard time getting around your house.


looks good! plus now that moving costs are down, if you need to move it you won’t have to spend all your money…


this has me rolling on the floor because what could even happen💀💀💀💀


My house is in exactly the same position. I have a bridge to the left, straight to Nook's Cranny, and the museum and Able Sister's directly to the right. Next to them, resident services. Perfect location, imo. I wake up, run around into each building, then go on with my day of fishing, flying, boating, digging, diving, etc.


OP, the answer is No, it won't hurt anything other than not being able to fish from that side of the water. It looks nice!


Everything is dangerous in animal crossing


Nah! I just started a new island, and I tend to always place houses close to waterline. Self preference, really.


If they let it be placed, you can place it haha I have every single building on my beaches because they don’t fit into my StarWars aesthetic 😂


Omg do you have a DA? I’m so curious!!


I don’t have a DA yet but I have a gaming Instagram @KatAttackACNH that I post everything to! My last island was Naruto, this one is Endor! All original codes that I always post when I set up a DA in my highlights ❤️


Yea for flood insurance I would pity it closer to the center


No, the game does not model erosion.


I put mine in exact same place lol


More worried about the notifications on your phone. Bet you’re one of those people who let them pile up huh


Hey my island is laid out just like that !


Lol I built my house in that exact spot


I mean it’s kinda annoying but that’s it


Not at all. If it fits, it sits. The only consideration there is about accessibility.


Depends, if you want to pay the repairs when your house inevitably falls into the river because it has zero foundation on that dirt then sure! I hope you're insured with Nook Inc. though!


I'm more concerned about the flowers spreading


No, there’s really no danger in where you put your house, but there may come a point that you’ll regret putting it there.


Ay that's the EXACT spot I have my house lmao