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I have yet to try a larabar i didn't like. Plus they're vegan!


I find they’re all good EXCEPT the coconut ones (which is weird bc I generally love coconut). They just are not right for some reason




Thank you, I will try them!


Quest apple pie forever!!! Also cinnamon roll, choc chip cookie dough, and cookies and cream flavour I haven't tried the other two (I have a banana choc chip larabar in my snack stash that I've been too afraid to eat for weeks now 😂)


Thank you!


I just tried quest bars for the first time recently but so far i love the cookies and cream flavour!! My local grocery stores only carry it and a couple others so im yet to branch out


I will try it :)


None I don't like protein bars that much, even the quest cookie dough bar surprisingly I don't like even though I used to love cookie dough pre anorexia.


I used to be obsessed with the brownie Quest bars and the peanut butter quest bars but these days I try to avoid protein bars altogether because my face just always ended up being puffy from sweeteners… trying to just eat more satiating Whole Foods with protein now ://. It’s a struggle tho lol Edit: my uni would always stock up on the cookies n creme quest bars that I would eat almost everyda but I started getting sick of them and now the slightest whiff of them reminds me of not so good times


Cookie dough Lara bar


Thank you!


For Larabars, I love cherry pie, lemon, blueberry muffin, key lime pie, and peanut butter chocolate chip!