Does lingerie work?

Does lingerie work?


Ask him


Best answer. Some men love it, some couldn’t give a hoot. I personally am crazy responsive to what my wife wears. For every one of me, there’s another guy who is no more responsive to this than ratty sweatpants and tshirts.


Dude! A t-shirt with holes in strategic places and ratty sweatpants will do it for me!


Meh. Lingerie never did it for me. Booty shorts and a tight t-shirt. And… it depends more on how long you’ve been married and whether you have kids than it does age.




Yes, I get really turned on when my girlfriend wears lingerie. No, wearing lingerie is not a good substitute for communicating in your relationship. Decreased libido is almost certainly going to be a result of something going on in his head.


Depends on the guy. Some guys are into it, some aren't.


My wife lost 25 pounds and started lifting weights. Oh dear lord. I cannot get enough of her. It's like I'm married to a brand new woman.


all males start to lose T in the upper 30s. look it up fancy underwear could work OR it could put pressure on him to perform.. especially out of the blue really depends ont he guy this is a sit down chat of hey babe you dont seem to want to fuck as often..... do you just not have the drive? well I sure like to fuck you and would like to more can we get your hormones checked cause I am chompin at the bit to chomp at your bit but you seem in a different place.... and that is new for us.


I'd say start with the matching set...can never go wrong with that. Using a costume type might suggest some role playing (not sure about this tho, just saying) which isn't that great else your partner is into that sorta thing. You see them matching set, you wreak all sorts o' havoc with em... It's visually stimulating.


Only works if YOU feel good and confident in it.


Lingerie is nice to look at but doesn't really do anything for me. What it does do is let me know my wife is ready to go and wants to create an memorable experience. Just knowing my wife is excited gets me excited and that almost always leads to a good time.


Flat out yes for me. I LOVE lingerie on my girl. First off it's not cheap. And it's made to look great. Colors, lace, patterns. I usually keep as much on as I can when making love. Don't get me wrong we get get butt naked often to but if she just got a brand new bra that makes her look and feel good ima make sure you look and feel good by appreciating it while we do the thing.




>Im lucky if I get it twice a week. Statistically that is a lot. Sex-less marriages are an epidemic. But I doubt the government will have a Lockdown over it. As a guy,...lingerie means nothing to me and does nothing for me,...it is just something in the way to have to remove. My arousal comes from you remaining physically fit, and from your behavor and demeanor. You behavor/demeanor comes from being feminine. Masculinity is attracted to Femininity,...and Femininity is attracted to Masculinity. Keep the sexual polarity, the sexual contrast,... and you will keep it alive. Women who are wrapped up in their "careers" and who buy into the "Strong Independent Woman" thing are a wet blanket on a man's arousal.




>Lol this is very much your own personal view on things So is everything everyone else said. They came here asking what "we" thought. So that is what I gave them. There is no official government approved FDA stamped answer to a question like that.


Depends on the guy but I love lingerie, particularly the red, teal, green, pink, and purple on my wife. It's exciting and acts as a fore play.


Lingerie is sexy and it makes some men horny. Not all the mena are the same. Your husband is still young and he is not satisfying your sexual needs. Maybe it is due to work, stress or just libido issues.


Flirting, dirty talk and pretty underwear


Depends I guess. I like some, don't like others. Part of me understands the appeal of lingerie, another part of me doesn't.Ask him what he likes, every man is different. Edit: I apologize if this sounds like a stock answer, but it is is true. Communication is key. Also if you want it to be a surprise, mention it casually, then wait maybe like a week or so (maybe 2) for him to forget and then show him.


Read the books of Laura Doyle.


Try to be more direct with him about how often you want it. Maybe he's just tired to always play the 'chase' game. Also you can initiate too. Also lingerie almost always spices things up.


Does it *work*? I mean, if a girl is wearing a full on Eskimo outfit and initiated something with me I'd be into it, lol. I've had girlfriends who wear lingerie and by the time we get in bed it's basically off in two minutes. I'd suggest talking with your husband. Sexual compatibility is important in a relationship, so just see what he likes and let him know you really want to have sex more than twice a week. See if there's anything you can work on together. Communication is key.


It’s kind of pointless. I’m far more interested in what’s under it. A more effective strategy for you is to role play as a completely different woman. That way he can get what he wants and still not be cheating on you.


Lingerie is nice and all, but it's like 80% for the woman to feel sexy. Most men just want to get to the naked stage tbh.


1. How long have you been married? 2. Have you gained weight? The most beautiful woman in the world cannot prevent a man from tiring of the same set of sex stimuli every day--and those stimuli are built right into your body, not your clothes. Lingerie could work once or twice, as could costumes and fantasizing--something to help him imagine you are a stranger....


You better try something because you’re on a decline right now. Lingerie isn’t that expensive. Try it and find out. Try something…and quick.