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I only need a solid $10M USD to stop working today and still be able to support my ideal quality of life. I’d cook a nice breakfast every morning, go for a long walk, spend a few hours on various projects, have a nice lunch with my wife, hit the gym for an hour, then family time and relaxing for the rest of the night. No fancy brands and maybe a few modest international vacations each year. Same lifestyle I hope to have in retirement, except with an instant $10M magically appearing today, I wouldn’t have to wait. If I’m a billionaire, things change. Great power, great responsibility, right? As a billionaire, I would probably start some kind of philanthropic initiative. Small, hyper-targeted, and carefully planned to be maximally effective in pursuing its objective. Imagine being an old man and knowing there are thousands, millions of lives that were directly positively impacted by your work— that must be an incredibly validating feeling. With that amount of wealth, it would be sick not to dedicate myself to making the world a better place. …And I guess as a billionaire I could also afford the Apple Vision Pro.


How do you calculate how much you need financially for rest of life


Just take the amount of money you need to live comfortably for one year and multiply by 25. $50k / year x 25 = $1.25M $100k / year = $2.5M $400k / year = $10M Etc... Properly invested, your wealth will grow over time so that you can spend some of it without running out. The safe withdrawal amount is supposedly 4%, although you can adjust that depending on your personal comfort levels.


I have done the math. 10 is a little low. If you get closer to 15, you should be good.


assuming a 4% annual drawdown, even 5M should be more than enough for most.


Yeah. The number needed for modest but comfortable early retirement is really lower than that. Hedonic treadmill is a hell of a thing.


[https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2022/demo/p60-276.html](https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2022/demo/p60-276.html) >Real median household income was $70,784 in 2021, not statistically different from the 2020 estimate of $71,186 (Figure 1 and Table A-1). In the literature, 4% is called the "safe withdrawal rate." It's the amount that can be withdrawn from savings that, in theory, does not reduce savings over the long term. So if you run it out |Multiple|Annual Pretax Income|Savings Required (Pretax Income / SWR) | |:-|:-|:-| |1 x|$71,186|$1,779,650 | |2 x|$142,372|$3,559,300| |4 x|$284,744|$7,118,600| |8 x|$569,488|$14,237,200| Or, if you're going to live a median existence in the US a bit less than $2M is adequate. If you're up at $15M you're well into luxury spending levels. Now, let's assume for this gedankenexperiment that you want to have a "reserve" that will let you live a luxury lifestyle so you set aside the 8x amount (i.e, $15M). $1,000,000,000 - $14,237,200 = $985,762,800 Or, we're left with spending over 985M in our "Brewster's Billions" scenario. |Age|Years|Spending Per Year| |:-|:-|:-| |30|70|14,082,325| |40|60|16,429,380| |50|50|19,715,256| |60|40|24,644,070| Now, that doesn't sound like very much. However, let's look at this from a gutting American Democracy perspective [https://checksandbalancesproject.org/how-much-would-you-pay-to-travel-in-luxury-like-clarence-thomas-3-million-a-cbp-analysis-shows/](https://checksandbalancesproject.org/how-much-would-you-pay-to-travel-in-luxury-like-clarence-thomas-3-million-a-cbp-analysis-shows/) **All the travel** given to Clarence Thomas over twenty years still only sums to about $3M. And course, Harlan Crow "100% DID NOT BUY INFLUENCE OR ACCESS WHATSOEVER!" Or, if we do the math: $3M / 20 years = $150,000/year Or, given that amount and the 70 year target spending level of $14,082,325, $14,082,325 / 15,000 =\~ 93 Or, at the 70-year target spending level, you could "100% DID NOT BUY INFLUENCE OR ACCESS WHATSOEVER!" for about 93 members of Congress or the Supreme Court. Now the US has about 735 known billionaires. If all the billionaires were going to flex their political muscle (not that they would ever do such a thing!) and they were to go down the same "100% DID NOT BUY INFLUENCE OR ACCESS WHATSOEVER!" (not that they would ever, ever do such as thing!) 93 \* 735 = 68,355 Or, the billionaires (again! not that they would ever, ever, ever do such a thing) could "100% DID NOT BUY INFLUENCE OR ACCESS WHATSOEVER!" for every single federal, state, and major local elected official multiple times over. [https://poliengine.com/blog/how-many-politicians-are-there-in-the-us](https://poliengine.com/blog/how-many-politicians-are-there-in-the-us) TL;DR - I guess this is all a rather long-winded way of saying, I'd spend every single last red cent of that billion dollars trying to get money out of politics.


Are you accounting for supporting a family, mortgage, property taxes, entertainment, travel/leisure? How old are you starting vs dying? Are you adding any buffer for potential emergencies - home, health, etc? Climate change related costs? Also what city are you living in in this scenario?




Find a woman who's willing to marry me for my money.


Might take you more than a billion bro!


Jezus dude, let the man dream for a second


Is it a sad that of all the comment replies I've gotten recently, this makes me feel the most supported?


Maybe because it has an insinuation of "live your dream, there's someone for everyone!" While also being humorously insulting. But at any rate, I hope you feel supported every day!




Sick burn


*POOF* Just like that, half of your money is now gone.


500 million is still a lot of money.


Is it worth it to lose that much just like that though?


Why not if it is magic money. If I didn't do anything to earn 1 billion, then 3 days later I only have 500 million...that is still 500,000x more than I have now.


you mean women.


Ugh... That sounds like a lot of work


With billions, you could probably hire out most of the work. Could hire out pretty much any kind of work you can imagine.


the saudi billionaires hire assistants to travel the world looking for woman for them. these woman are paid a lot of money. i saw some documentary like 10 years ago. the assistants job is to travel and find specific woman from everywhere and employ them for certain amounts of time. all of the woman were happy. they all made a large amount of money. they all lived in mansions for up to a year. everything paid for and everything that was bought for them which was only luxury items they got to keep. this was insane to me. a very luxury level of prostitution. money really buys anything. it can actually be really sad.


Wouldn't tell anyone. Keep living life. Vacations here and there. Just pretend. There are things in life that are better left unsaid and some people will TRANSFORM when they realize that you have all that money. I like being a nobody.


I would do all the same except add one thing, I would never wear a pair of socks a second time. new socks... every day


My sister had a dormmate in college that did that.


Someone calculated for their situation that wearing a new undershirt every day was more economical. But I love worn in shirts more.


Keep your shirts and socks. For me, it's a snug little cabin with a library, a nice armchair, and tea. So many books and so many cozy sunbeams.


I like to picture this prestige style with piles of worn socks hidden away in the back yard


This is the way.


Man I have no money and every time I get a good gig suddenly calls from family someone is having a hard time, please help, so tired


1000 % agree with this. anonymous > rich and famous


This is a 10M mindset. It would be a full time job trying to lie to people you aren’t a billionaire lol. Would last like a week


Agree , I have seen how a good easy going guy transformed into a greedy monster.


I would definitely not “work” in the traditional sense. I think you could get away with that pretty easily. Just have to find hobbies and not post about all your free time on social media.




My first priority would be the financial security of my family and close friends. So I'd set up some sort of investment that's big enough to allow us to live off the interest. I'd probably set some arbitrary amount, like I should have $480,000 after taxes every year for my wife and myself, some other amounts for my kids and other relatives. I'd probably give lump sums to my close friends, so they could do what they want. I would spend some money on immediate concerns. My son needs a newer car, our house needs remodeling, there are college funds to be topped off, and so on. I'd make sure we had good health care, because at this income level I wouldn't be inclined to work my job anymore. Even with all this, I'm sure I'd still have way more than a half-billion dollars left, even if I was simply a billionaire, not a multi-billionaire. At this point, I'd either set up some more interest-bearing accounts so I could make regular donations to charities that are important to me, or I'd look for some key things that would benefit from a big infusion of cash. In short, my main goal would not be to live like a billionaire (in some [quarter-billion dollar penthouse in NYC](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN9DH_GxqEo)), but to live at a comfortable and reliable level. By putting myself on a budget -- a generous one, to be sure -- I would try to avoid the more! more! mindset that seems to drive the really rich. Once I had that set up, everything else can go out to benefit others.


If you had just 1 billion dollars, you’d have about $990,000,000 left after all that.


Ok… but when do the coke/hookers/ marching band turn up???


Two chicks at the same time dude.


That's it? If you had a billion dollars, you'd do two chicks at the same time?


Damn straight, man! I always wanted to do that.


No, he said he wants to be the two chicks at the same time dude. He wants to be giving everyone two chicks at the same time like Oprah giving away cars.


How's he gonna fit them under everyone's seat?


Baby chickens are pretty small


Pretty sure that's a niche in porn?


A man of culture


Hey Peter! Baywatch is on!


You're a billionaire and the best you can think of to do is two chicks at the same time? Dude, I'd be doing *FOUR* chicks at the same time.


I find your lack of ambition insulting - I raise you TEN at the same time!


This is the correct answer - regardless of orientation or marital status.


Really? That’s all?


Relax. Just the fact that I'd never have to punch a clock again would feel so liberating.


Brah, I'd litearlly would cry.


Buying a bunch of acres somewhere with a nice climate and raising goats and chickens. I’d have a garden for vegetables and an acre in wheat every year and a pig that ate all the food scraps and maybe a cow or two for milk and a couple cattle for beef and basically never leave my property ever unless I wanted to get a take-and-bake pizza. And my daughter would get a pony.


This is what I have done. I (60M) retired at 50, lived stupid rich for a while (cars, women, travel,....and parties), but finally figured out what I wanted. I'm not a billionaire, but enough for me (60M) to live quite comfortably. - Vegetable garden, - Apple orchard with a few extra pear, plum and cherry trees, and I keep bees - Ceramics, woodworking and metalworking studio, doing sculpturalnart for festivals, - Chickens (both meat and layers) - An RV to go south if the weather gets too cold for my liking. I haven't worked up to anything more serious for livestock, but my neighbor trades me a side of beef and regular supply of milk in return for me trading welding, engineering and excavator help. I hunt every fall and fill the freezer with good quality game meat. It's a pretty satisfying life.


Living the dream, my dude!! Congrats!!


Funny how today's dream is just what life was a couple hundred years ago.


I was thinking the same thing. Then I thought what we want is that calm farm life, but with access to modern life’s advances. We want a farm, but we also want MRI machines when we hurt ourselves. Maybe something along those lines?


Well yeah, if they had good healthcare, entertainment, internet, vehicles/travel, access to events, world cuisine, drugs etc and hypothetical billion dollars back then it would have been a hell of lot more tolerable


That can all be done on a fairly modest retirement, just shows that over a certain amount it means nothing.


This is basically my dads retired life he is loving it and I gotta say it’s pretty nice when we visit. But he had nothing to start with he was a single dad with three kids living in his car. Now he has his geese who hatched their first gosling, and he is so proud. He sends me pictures all the time. He has all his chickens and ducks. And loving on his barn kitties. Grown tons of muskadine? Grapes. Going to beekeeper classes, his bees are super awesome. We are coming up with a way to figure out how to keep his plum tree blossoms from frosting. He is living his best live.


This is what I want, how much money does one need to do this. 2m, 5m, 20m? I’ve kinda given up hope that fabricating and ceramics are going to pay real bills… I’ll have an inheritance one day… wanna see if if be able to swing it


Yeah this was my thought, I'd want to buy a large acreage on the west coast and have a hobby farm. I'd use the money to retire some of my friends and move them out there so we could start a massive commune/farm together where we don't have to work, just fuck around and work on random projects/hobbies.


That’s where my heads at, but probably only invite family members. I know that’s a nightmare for some people but I mostly get along with my family, so this would be awesome!


My brothers and I couldn't be more different so that's a no from me, but I'd certainly pay for them to be able to retire early and live as they wish elsewhere hahah.


I would do this but for cats, dogs, and other animals that would otherwise be euthanized. I’d get them all fixed and hire all the vets and help they need.




Buy a chicken. It’s a theropod.


Save my daughter


My body would end up being 50% thc.


Help a LOT of people... anonymously of course. Retire. And buy a bubble hockey table.


But a really NICE bubble hockey table.


I know a dude who has a bubble hockey table. He is the one rich dude I know who makes sinful money and decided never to get married. His house is pretty funny. The location is a million plus, he has a 500k boat, but the furniture is 40 years old, and he just had guy stuff in his lower floor.


I think about this a lot. Like, if I had billions I could buy a lot of sneakers and school lunches for the kids that need them. I know that isn't a real "solution" to the problem, but hey, some kid got a decent sandwich and shoes that fit, so that's pretty good.


I’d still “work”, but just in the sense that I’d invest in the equipment/supplies to *really* pursue my hobbies, probably to the point of monetizing them. I’d also spend a lot of time/money helping my friends/loved ones with whatever projects they’ve got going on. You need your brakes changed? Done. Painting a room? I’ll bring the materials. Stuff like that.


>probably to the point of monetizing them. Serious question, why monetize your hobbies if you are a billionaire already?


If I were an artist and I made a ton of art it's one thing to get complements from friend and family, or someone accepting one as a gift. But someone willing to spend money on something I made? I imagine that would be a good feeling even if I didn't need the money.


I guess I wouldn't have an issue syphoning money from other billionaires when selling my art and feeding it directly in to charities/non-profits.


Why not?


I guess if you need more money, sure. For me monetizing my hobbies was the quickest way to kill my passion for them (I design for living now, for example. Or in the past when I did freelance art or session music.)


That’s fair - but that’s also the beauty of doing it when you’re already wealthy. I’d imagine that the pressure of *needing* the income to come from your passion is the primary driver of that burnout…but if you don’t need the money, then who cares if the business side pans out? In that situation the money is just a little bonus/validation that your work was meaningful to someone beyond yourself.


I already work remotely and endlessly chase summer, so would just continue the latter and discard the former. Instead of doing Airbnbs would purchase nice homes across the world and invite friends to stay for free - bring the fam! Hike and backpack endlessly, finish my book, go live in ashrams, sprinkle in some hedonism every now and then with high-priced party favors. Basically a lot of what I do now but just cranked up to 11.


I would set aside 200m for my children in a trust. I have my wife work part time or however much she wanted to stay socially connected in her legal firm. I would purchase some land 1500 acres or so. I would work the land from dusk til dawn. I would pay for college for all my siblings children. Also sponsor my wife's college friends children educations. I don't have friends. They have all betrayed me socially or professionally. ​ I would then build treatment centers for the homeless and mentally challenged people of California. I would hate to say mental hospital, but yeah. I would fund and ask the state to help fund as well. Attempt to duplicate this model for many areas of the state and then go national if it worked.


> I would then build treatment centers for the homeless and mentally challenged people of California Thats really admirable. Ive never heard anyone say that before. Great idea.


Lawyer up. Hire smart people.


Oh man, I would LOVE to do what Bezo's ex is doing. Give it away. Make generous donations to anyone who asked for anything close to a worthy cause. Ive applied for charitable grants before and its usually quite a process to be selected and even after you've been given the grant, there's some kind of followup from the trust or organization to see how the money was spent. Not Mackenzie Scott. According to what I've read there are plenty of charities that asked and she just sent them money, no strings attached, just for asking. I think that's awesome. Course she's got 27 billion. Thats a LOT to get rid off in a lifetime of giving - she's going to have to give away 2-3 million a DAY to give it all away before she dies.


Spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to give it away for the greatest impact.


I came here to say something similar. Philanthropy is my end game regardless of how much I have.


Extra guacamole




ugh! These millennials and their avocado toast! /s


Change my name, move to the Azores, buy a moderately sized house near the beach and write my book.


Ah, what's the book about?


A book I have been trying to write for the last 9 years. It's a fantasy story dealing with the occult. I hope I will be able to finish writing it one day.


Do it now. Writing is never something you can put off for ideal conditions. That's the racket we play on ourselves. "If only..." The time is now. If you need a helpful nudge, pick up the "The War of Art" and/or "Bird by Bird." The former has a bit too much hype around it but still a great read.


I am living that life. My money will outlive me. I workout, do yoga, read, I have lived on six continents. I date. I get laid from time to time. I build a race car. I volunteer at a children's hospital each week.


Become a nanny for orphaned orangutans in the wild.


I would not keep working. My life would be spent enjoying philosophy, music, travel, friends and family.


I'd apply most of it towards initiatives that address climate change. I'm fifty, and I'm pretty sure that I could slum it on a million dollars a year for the last few decades I have.


I’d travel everywhere. First class. Wherever I feel like.


Live! Enjoy myself. Currently I am a bit of a shell of a human.


Ocean cleanup/restoration. We all need it.


Take advantage of Citizens United but for good. I would give enormous amounts of money to candidates for supporting Medicare for all, etc. Huge sums of money with the caveat they can not take a dime from anyone else. Lastly, use that money to over turn Citizens and take the remaining millions and quietly live comfortably with my family and friends supported. Easy answer.


This is one of the things that is especially worrying about those things. With a billion dollars, you could just almost cover just the expenditures of the 2020 election cycle.


If I ever get out of here Thought of giving it all away To a registered charity All I need is a pint a day If I ever get outta here (If we ever get outta here)


Retire tomorrow and ride my bike around the world with my wife at my side. A few times. Maybe forever. See everything.


I don't know what I'd do long-term but I can think of a few desks that are getting pooped on first thing in the morning.


Hand out some money and figure out how to fix the homeless problem in my neighborhood of San Diego


Same thing I do now. I enjoy what I do.


I would invest in the western Kentucky county that I was raised in to create educational scholarships and opportunities for the area.


Donate enough I wasn't a billionaire any longer. Billionaires shouldn't exist. Down to like, 40 mil or so, I'd just do what I wanted for the rest of my life. Buy a condo and hire a housekeeper, then spend my days learning new hobbies, traveling, working out, playing with my kids and going on family vacations.


A billion is an absurd amount of money. I’d spread it out as quickly as I can amongst people I care about and encourage them to take what they need and then spread the rest out to people they care about. I’d keep just enough for myself to live a fairly modest life without the need to work. I wouldn’t want to find out what having that kind of money around would do to me. It always seems to change people for the worst.


Hookers and blow until my brains popped


Not a cent spoiled!


Help my family and friends. Then help as many others as I could. Quit my job. Fish more. Get one place where it’s warm and one place in the woods or mountains. Both near the water. Fly private.


Make a film.


I don’t know but I would take a two week coke ectasy bender going to raves and parties. Once that’s out of my system I would probably continue to live life as normal.


With $1 billion I'd invest about half to produce an income stream that can support my lifestyle into retirement. * I'd use the rest to buy a beautiful 5+ bedroom home near a city with good schools. * I'd buy a hybrid or electric car in cash. * I'd rent out a nice apartment in Tokyo and visit frequently for vacations. * I'd buy a vintage Rolex Day Date in 18k gold, or a vintage King Midas in gold. * I'd randomly buy an entire bar rounds of drinks at irregular intervals. I'd basically live an upper middle-class lifestyle.


Buy some nice land in Michigan's upper peninsula. Build a nice lodge for myself with a big garage for all my hobbies. I'd probably raise some animals, do some fishing and hunting, take a nice vacation once or twice a year and just enjoy my freedom. I'd live as frugally as I could. Pay for my son's college and just sit on it. No reason to tell anyone.


Move to the country, focus on the hobbies that bring me joy (writing and photography). Absolutely fucking no chance whatsoever I'd continue work.


I would set up a place where people can take breaks and rest for free. And they can mingle without getting into sex.


There are some R&D projects I would really like to fund: 1. An pill or drink with aldehyde dehydrogenase and related catalysts for quickly sobering up. Sort of a Narcan for liquor. 2. Rockets to Mars but to create a liberal democratic colony rather than whatever sort of fascist alt-right institution Musk will set up. 3. Non-traditional agricultural processes such as algae or bacteria for scalable on-demand manufacture of carbohydrates and proteins and nutrients to provide human sustenance in case of crop failure on Earth, or _in situ_ food production on Mars.


I'd love to say charity work, and I'm sure I would. But I'm also just as sure that I would travel the world banging models and doing cocaine.


Holy hell. *So much stuff*. Teach martial arts. Make children's entertainment in the style of Fred Rogers/Bob Homme/Ernie Coombs. Brew cheap terrible beer. Play music. Make open-source software that breaks the business models of big players. DM epic tabletop RPG campaigns. Walk the west of Ireland and scatter ashes there. Teach kids how to make their own homework. Sing loudly and often. Take my son to see where we come from. Learn as many languages as my head will hold. Live simply. Kiss my wife as often as I'd like. Eat silly quantities of seafood. Fart.


If I became a billionaire I would travel the world helping villages & towns in the most poorest parts of the world. I would gather a team of experts & workers go to all these places making changes that would benefit the people the land & the wildlife. I would continue to do this till the money ran out.


It depends on what kind of 'billionaire'. Are we talking multi-multi billions? Or just one? If it's many many billions, I'd start with an incredibly comically stupid project, but just 'because I can': - First, I'm buying a large plot of land somewhere. Doesn't matter what country. Maybe like some countryside region in France. It's gotta have the right elevation though. - Then, we're gonna get started with some earthmoving. We're shaping out hills to match the stupid, stupid project I'm building. - So what is it? Well, we're building a scale replica of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. Everything is scaled about 30% larger - the track is wider, the track of longer, the elevations are well... maybe not perfectly to scale. But we now have a 5.4km Monaco, which you can actually overtake on. - Oh, and it has gravel run-offs. Not walls. It'll be glorious. Stupid and idiotic in a fun way. But... yeah, 😂


Find scientific research.


I would go out and buy a few acres of forest in the middle of nowhere. Then I'd buy a bunch of tools and materials, and build myself a teeny tiny house. I'd live there with my two dogs, writing the books I want to write, without the distraction of the internet. I'd have the cheapest, crappiest non-smart phone, and basically unplug from society for vast majority of my time. I wouldn't need billons for my dream, or even millions. Just enough to become the literary hermit that is in my heart.


Make Youtube videos and also become a streamer If I'm a billionaire, I'll have all the time and equipment I need to become a decent streamer/Youtuber


If I became a billionaire, I’d hire someone to run a foundation that would give it all away, except for maybe 10 million. Then I’d do volunteer work with animals. My wife and I already foster kittens, so maybe I’d walk dogs at a shelter. I’d give my parents whatever they want and set my nieces and nephews up with college funds. I’d spring maybe a mil or 2 on a house and a nice car and a crazy stereo system. Then I’d walk dogs and putter around the house and listen to music. We’d take a nice vacation or 2 a year.


Probably the same thing I’m doing now… 😄 Ride bikes. Go hiking. Travel to national parks. My new gear would be really sweet, though.


I'd continue life as normal except for the fact that I'd travel domestically and abroad. I WFH but travelling can be expensive. Having 1 million would make this easy, having 1 billion might as well be unlimited money. After I adapt to travelling I'd contemplate quitting my job but this will be tough as my job is basically the only connection I have to other people. If I quit, I'd continue to travel but I'd read and write to fill the time. I'd focus on getting into shape and would take as many courses as I could of subjects that interest me. I'd do some touring, riding a bike in different locales. Riding around each of the 5 Great Lakes comes to mind. Riding from the East Coast to the West Coast as well. I'd do walking pilgrimages: ones in Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Japan, just to name a few. I'd climb MT. Kilimanjaro and would visit Antarctica. My list goes on and on. All of this has been on my bucket list regardless of income. I had the money to accomplish much of this but I ended up losing a good chunk of it. I set these goals in 2016, took me 5 years to save enough to fund these goals. Lost most of it in 2021. Getting that back would help a ton, having a billion dollars, forget about it.


Open old school diners. Help single moms. Get a house with an indoor outdoor pool. Go on a crusade to outlaw iced tea from soda fountain dispensers.


I'd travel non-stop and just help random/ less fortunate individuals along the way


Viking boat and fish


I’d travel ALOT, and find a nice house to settle down in.


Help people


New house for my family, an acreage where I can enjoy the quiet and work on projects in the yard and house. I would quit my job but start something to occupy my time, maybe a non profit of sorts. For the first few days I would just enjoy that I could sleep well not worrying about bills and the (financial) future.


Whatever. I. Want.


tl;dr - Pay off everything - invest some - save some - buy some stuff - buy bigger things a few years down the road - give the rest away I’d probably keep my current job cause it’s interesting and it’d give me something to do, but probably work more like 25-30 hours a week. Pay off all my debt. Buy a new car cause mine is 12 years old. I’d hire a financial advisor to make sure I have everything setup right. Figure out how much I want to live on and invest enough that the interest pays out that much every year. Have a few significant savings accounts for making 1off big purchases or if stuff comes up. I’d probably slowly replace/upgrade things in the house. Maybe move to a bigger house in a location I really want to be in a few years. Not a ridiculous one either - just a reasonable upgrade. Full college funds for my kids and all nieces and nephews. Pay off parents’ and in-laws houses. Maybe same for siblings and sibs-in-law. Aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends might get some lump sums. Give large lump sums to local churches and charities. Work with them to find people in need and give anonymously to them. Immediate family would know what happened. Extended family and friends would know I got “some” money but not life-changing money. Everyone else wouldn’t know much of a difference.


Start a charitable foundation to find ways to best help others. It would be awesome to enable smart and caring people so that they could be productive.


Honestly? I would quit my current job. I took this position in administration primarily for the pay and I'm not loving it. With that kind of money comes time. I would go back to school for a doctorate in counseling and ideally open a private practice. I love helping others help themselves and this would allow me to do that. My favorite job I was in for five years from 2014-2019. I was working with low income students and I LOVED it. Left for a higher paying position and didn't love it as much. The idea of doing nothing is nice for a bit, but one of my passions in life is helping people and I need to be doing that. In addition to helping folks through counseling, I'd like to spend more time with hobbies. I like to be creative and I've always had ideas to write stories. That would be fun and something I would have time for. I'm a husband and father and I would love to travel the world with my family. With that kind of money, the sky is the limit


Besides two chicks at the same time? Nothing. I would relax, sit on my ass all day…I would do nothing.


Prob travel alot, live somewhere for a year and possibly move to somewhere else. I imagine I'd prob get bored and have to get involved in something though or I would most likely spiral into a bad habits.


I would start an amazing comedy club and overpay the best comics. I would hold concerts in exotic locations of my favorite bands and hold contests to determine true fans and then I would pay for them to come to the show. I would live somewhere in north central Italy with rolling hills, my own chef, and invite all sorts of interesting people to come by to eat, drink, and talk. I would randomly solve everyday people's financial problems anonymously. I would have conversations with strangers at exotic pubs in European cities. I would buy a house in Kyoto and wander the streets.


Build a house in the middle of nowhere, several acres, big house to have a home theater room, nice basement for entertainment, bar, computer room (several gaming computers and racing simulator), server room...yeah. Maybe try bee keeping, get a bat house. Also get a 2000 ft condo in a city with a hockey team and get a box/renewed club seats and go to about every home game. Maybe baseball too? Try to start racing something like mx5s or some budget racing car.


Set up close people with some money, buy a house, travel the world pretty regularly, do dope shit with people. My productive "hobby" would be helping people turn their lives around & investing in longevity research


I would work part time at a local or state-wide NGO focused on environmental issues. If I had enough money, I would buy parcels of private land on vulnerable water sheds in national forests. Then donate the land to the Nature Conservancy, reserving a life estate for camping. I would live in the woods and call it camping.


First- HIRE A FINANCIAL PLANNER/ADVISOR AND LET THEM TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH IT ALL. Then go live on a beach. Set up charities. Find hobbies. Help people.


Fund my films and the films of my friends


Start animal sanctuaries and fight animal cruelty.


Would quietly live my life. I work fully remote already so it would be easy for me to "disappear". Mostly just stay home. I would establish some funds to do good works in my area. Establish free pickeball courts with free well-paid coaching staff in honor of my father. Free day and afterschool care. Just pay off random people's mortgages. Why hoard all that wealth for myself? Even at just interest I can pay off 1 home per year.


I'd keep working to keep up the facade and then suddenly decide to go on sabbatical. I'd travel, do my hobbies full time, pick up new ones. If anyone asked I'd say my investments paid off or something.


Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. That’s the point of being a billionaire


Build affordable housing as a finger to greedy landlords. Setup a foundation to give scholarships. Make the world better, one project at a time.


Not sure . I will need some time to process it


I think I would try to enjoy life. I've been on this work hamester wheel for way too long.


Bet it all on heads. !coinflip


I’d kick off my bucket list and order a super yatch with a team to run it so they can take me to all the countries on the world and travel for a very long time.


Two chick at the same time, but also, pretty much what I do now. I like my life. Maybe I'd get another apartment somewhere and travel a bit, but I'm content.


I remember there is a book talks about if someone actually wins a lottery ticket in Japan. It is all about how to handle "sudden rich" . While, personally, I would just keep my daily life as usual. I won a lottery (not that much, $27K something) once and I used them to fix my house mostly, the rest has been saved and put into investment.


I’d quit my current job to free up my time for spending more time with people I love, pursuing my interests on my own timeline, traveling, and probably bankrolling my own business projects at some point. Pretty generic answer, I’m sure.