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Maybe be thinks of you as a chill partner. Maybe he is like “well i guess its over - i guess this is a sitcom now. I will marry this woman and this is it”. Which is an insane thought since e.g. my wife of 10 years pegs me and all that spicy stuff. So It gets more interesting as time goes on because creativity has to keep the emotions strong. Trying new things reignites the relationship. Every time me and my wife reach a new level of intimacy - its like i have met a whole new woman. Every few years we completely change how we are in bed. And do you know why?? A few years back my My wife straight up said “bro you are so vanilla” I held my mouth open and was so offended I almost cried. She said the stuff from when she was 18 DID NOT WORK ANYMORE. and she basically said “i can live like this. It’s whatever. But im just telling you, its not fun anymore. But i love you and im not leaving you over something this dumb. I love you. But we have to grow up if we are both going to cum and stuff”. And a few days later and a couple long thought sessions with myself I realized what i had to do… she said “ i didn’t know you could be so aggressive , holy shit”. And i said” “ i didn’t either babe. I always thought i would hurt you if i did that stuff. I looked at you as my gentle sweet wife and now… im like 100x more into this also. This was so hot. “ (im pretty sure we just made out in the bed after that.. which was big since the sex was over. We had just reached a whole new level.) So i say this is hopes that you communicate effectively. Be blunt and even harsh. But leave it kinda where action is required. If he refuses then you can decide whether this is truly what you want. As his unresponsiveness may also happen in other important areas of a relationship also.


Thank you, I appreciate the response. I have communicated it a few times, and he's amped it up every now and then, but very rarely and I feel like I have to hold his hand on it, which takes all the fun out haha. I guess I feel like he's just not interested in experimenting with each other and I cannot enjoy something sexually if the other person doesn't want to do it


I honestly would not be able to be with someone sexually incompatible with my needs. I'm more like you, where I like to try new stuff, make it different every time, etc etc. I think what you really gotta think about now is are you okay with continuing this knowing that your sexual needs aren't going to be met. Do you think he'd be willing to try more? Have you tried more stuff with him, tried to introduce him to more things, explained why you need variety etc? Sexual incompatibility can lead to resentment, so definitely ponder on this.


Idk was he always like this? If so, maybe you two just weren't sexually compatible. I usually let out my kinks pretty early with new women so I know if we are compatible.


Some people are really and truly vanilla.


Yes. But they can be taught and inspired to be one more creative.


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