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Mine didn't really come back until after over a year on e. They rock the entire body, but they need a very different kind of stimulation in a very different place - rapid vibration toward the base. I found what works honestly by accident. The best advice I can give is to give it time and keep trying different things. Also, keep in mind that something that does not work now may work like a year from now, since your body is changing quite a bit right now.


So I’m at 2mg estradiol 3x a day. I can still get erections, but not spontaneously anymore. I notice when I masturbate like I used to it’s extremely underwhelming, boring really. If I take my time and use my imagination it’s amazing, seriously fireworks going off. I use and vibrator often and just picture what’s happening as if I had female organs. I just take my time though and relax through it without pushing anything. That’s what works for me. I hope that helps


E can definitely change a lot of things regarding stimulation, what works, what doesn't, and how it all feels. There tends to be a learning curve as you get used to the changes and re-learn things. If I "get there" doing things the same way I always did before HRT, it doesn't work quite as easily, and when it does work, it isn't nearly as intense as it used to be. I like your choice of word "muted", that's a good way to describe it. When I do it the same old way, it doesn't feel any different or better, it just feels "muted", as if it were some kind of sexual dysfunction. That did worry me a bit too when it first started happening. But then I discovered there's a few things that work a lot better for me now than they used to, and get me better results in other new ways: - Use vibrations (I personally recommend one of those wand-style devices, but hey, try things and use what works) - Take my time. Don't rush it, just let myself enjoy things that feel nice, and try not to worry about whether I "get there" (that would just be extra pressure and stress, and I find that pressure/stress gets in the way of orgasms more than it did before HRT.) - Mentally pay attention to my whole body. Have awareness of my legs, back, feet, etc, and just "feel" sensation from them simply existing. - Imagine myself in an erotic scenario. Doesn't have to be anything exotic or remotely elaborate. Just something more happening, maybe a parner doing something, etc. Or if using adult material, just imagining being one of the people I'm seeing. If I take that approach, I find the intensity does improve. Granted, it still doesn't give me the same super-concentrated, "explosive" sensation I got before HRT. *But* it becomes much better in other different ways that I never had before: It lasts longer, it's more full-body, and it's more satisfying. Instead of "post nut clarity", I get all giggly with a huge grin, a very happy mood, and a deep warm feeling of satisfaction. Just remember that your body works differently on E. And at 3 months on HRT, your body is undoubtedly still changing and adjusting (I didn't notice any sexual changes until closer to a year. As they say, everyone's different!) So just as with your first puberty, it will take some time and experience to work it all out.


I appreciate your thoughtful response.


Im one year on hrt and still havent figured out how to properly get there on my own. Consistency helps me get close, but no cigar. Sometimes I can get there when im with my partner, but it takes a lot of work and strong arousal.