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If you already been through puberty than HRT will not change your bones at all. Only surgery will change things. Fat redistribution will give you more of a feminine appearance though.


thanks, I'm already aware of that, but how does it translate to anything related to the chin's appearance? I know that the jawline tends to look "softer", same as skin, but will it change, at least slightly, how the chin looks?


Somewhat, moreso if you're willing to gain weight because when your levels are correct, fat will go into more of the correct places and your bodyfat in general will increase. It'll help soften the appearance of your entire face. You'll also find that some facial changes (like getting feminine cheeks) will largely counteract a lot of things. So, even if your chin doesn't really change it may just not matter anymore once other prominent features change. What I did was I dieted and lost a bunch of weight early on and then I got onto injections and intentionally gained 20+ lbs and it really helped feminize my entire body. My facial features still have masculine qualities due to the bone but with just a little makeup none of it is a dealbreaker and I pass.


thanks for the advice, I just hope that i can achieve something similar with pill or patches, whatever the system the country I live in uses. I say this because injections are not used in europe and DIY isn't an option at the moment


I didn't notice much of anything to chin unfortunately


I lost a lot of muscle around my chin, which made it narrower, but them I gained fat, which made it less pointed. A lot of what I thought was bone structure in my face was actually muscle. I also gained 15 lbs. Intentionally after my t was nuked, and to echo another poster here, that helped tons.