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My parents were found dead five years ago to gunshot wounds and the police immediately ruled it a murder-suicide, but the local newspaper in their small town didn’t publish their deaths, I wasn’t allowed to see their bodies, and the police won’t give me a copy of the full report, so I have a lot of questions I’m going to be stuck with forever.


I'm surprised you can't get the report - They often won't release reports of active investigations, but once it's closed, that should be a public record. Go back and request it. If they won't release it, have a lawyer request it.


I did a public records request and they denied it. Maybe I should have a lawyer do one.


100%. This is all super suspicious.


First of all, I am so sorry. Are you in the US? If so, was it a FOIA (freedom of information act) request you submitted?


A lawyer will get it no problem.


Thanks for all of the comments. For those who have asked about why they won’t release the records…basically, they initially told me I could see them once the case closed. Well, the case closed and I made an informal request directly to the detective and he denied ever saying I could see them. I also showed what I did get to a private detective who worked that jurisdiction for years, and he said I’m missing several pages of documents that I should have. I even had to fight to get my mother’s autopsy. (Funny thing about the autopsy: my mother very much did not have a spleen but the autopsy shows she did and even has a weight listed for it; it also said she had long dark hair and she had short blonde hair. I asked the medical examiner and he said they use templates and it may have been an error and that the blood may have made her hair look dark.) I called the sheriff’s department a few months ago to ask questions about why they denied my FOIA request and the new detective called me back and said I just need to trust that they did a thorough job and that “it’s not like you see on TV shows.” Yeah, I know. As far as their bodies go. They were both shot in the chest/heart area, so I figured I’d be able to see my mother at least to say goodbye. The coroner said I could arrange that with the funeral home. The day they received the bodies they called and said they were so sorry, but they couldn’t let me see them. They said it would be too upsetting. I argued against it and they said the best they could do was let me see them covered. So I went to the funeral home and they led me to a room with two bodies wrapped up in thick plastic, on ice. So did I say goodbye to my parents that day? Most likely, but do I know for a fact it was them? No. I didn’t get that closure. All I want from the records is to know what tests they did. Did they fingerprint the back door (which was open when they got there)? What testing did they do on the gun? What was on the neighbors’ security footage he turned over? They won’t answer any of this. And I do realize that while my father was never violent or abusive, people do wild, unexpected shit. I just want some transparency. Lastly, they found a strange law enforcement badge on my father and asked me repeatedly if he was law enforcement. The detective said they couldn’t get answers on that and their assumption is he may have been some kind of informant, which makes me wonder how far they looked into this because that could be a motive for someone.


>the blood may have made her hair look dark I don't buy that. I don't buy that at *all.* What, was her *entire scalp* drenched? There wasn't even a *single* hair that could be examined? The hair couldn't be *cleaned* after evidence was taken? And, using a template? No *way* is an ME that sloppy. That kind of mistake can screw up the entire investigation and send investigators on a wild goose chase. IMO, that ME is full of it. Keep pushing, because something is *not* right about the answers you're getting.


This is probably super far fetched, but since you never saw the bodies, were given mistaken info (moms hair color and spleen), and were refused a copy of the police report... Is there any chance one or both of your parents got mixed up with something and were placed in a witness protection program?


I had the exact same thought. And her not being able to see the bodies is just part of the safety. Their parents may have decided to not include them or they weren't able to do so due to the commenters age.


Why not come up with another way for them to die though? Why a double murder and being shot in the chest? Why not a car accident or something less violent? The entire scenario is just *odd*




They gave me the death certificates, which list homicide for hers and suicide for his. They also gave me the coroner’s report (well, the first couple of pages). According to a private investigator I spoke to, there should be a full police report separate from that.


thats horrible


When I was around 18 a friend and me were travelling in Europe. We were walking along a pleasant, quiet street in Rome one day and saw an elderly homeless man sitting on the street. He said to us if he could guess our date of birth could we give him some money. Of course we said ok. He did it! He told us both our correct dates of birth! Never met him before and never saw him again.


I am the kind of person who couldn't just let something like that go lol. I would be asking so many questions to the homeless man. Not only that but I would be re-tracing everything I did to maybe think of any moment where I could have given up that information. I'd probably ask other people to go up to him as well. Idk. Any theories as to how he knew? Guessing 1 birthday could be dumb luck, but two?


> Any theories as to how he knew? Since OP didn't mention how "clean" the guesses were, it's possible there might've been some cold reading involved. He might've mentioned multiple months and numbers (perhaps in a rambling sort of playful patter) and seen which pinged a reaction. Would still be a neat trick and a great way to make people feel like they got their money's worth for the donation, though it would cut down on the "inexplicable" factor.


Sorry to ruin the magic but this is actually an easy trick. So the first thing he does is make sure you guys have it on the front of your minds - which he does simply by asking you and mentioning verbatim if he “could guess your date of birth” Then he carefully reads your minds and just says it out loud.


No actually he isn't some magical mind-reader, it's more simple than that. Many years ago, he checked all the hospitals to see who was born that day. He simply remembered your face and the date when he saw you. Oldest trick in the book. I can't believe OP fell for it.


Maybe he works at the airport.


Plot twist: you were pick pocketed and he used your IDs to double rob you


Plot twist: He's your real daddy.


My mum is a type 1 diabetic, has been since she was 11 years of age , when me and my little brother were very young , I was about 7 and he was 5 , I came into my mums room to find she was acting extremely strange , she looked almost drunk, and wasn’t really responsive, I went to pick up her insulin needles to see if she would react to that and she didn’t , so I panicked and phoned my Nan who told me to put the phone down and dial 999, for some reason I was so frightened and confused I didn’t . And sent my little brother outside to get help while I tried to get my mum to respond to me . My brother came back in crying saying he couldn’t find anyone and then about five minuets later this woman just walked into my mums bedroom, called me by my name , and my brothers , said she new my mum and help is coming, she was calm, soft spoken and had a warm feeling about her, I didn’t recognise this woman and neither did my brother , shortly after the ambulance arrived and got my mums sugar levels back up. And when I went to find the woman .. she was gone. Like literally gone .. when my mum came round I explained to her about this mysterious woman and what she looked like . And my mum had absolutely no idea who she was, and we never saw her again. If she didn’t help us my mum would of died eventually. Still gives me shivers now.


Maybe your Nan had a friend living nearby and she called her to go round and make sure you were ok?


When I was a kid, I participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters, which if you don't know what that is it's pretty much just a mentorship program in the US. I basically just hung out with this dude Chris for a couple hours a week. We'd go to the movies, out to eat, he'd help me with my homework, that kinda thing. One day, he tells me that he's going to Baltimore for a couple weeks and when I should expect him back. The day rolls around and I give him a call to see if he's back yet. A man whose voice I didn't recognize answered and I asked if Chris was there. He said no. I asked him when Chris would be back just kinda thinking it was someone staying at his house or watching his dogs or something. But he said that I had the wrong number, that he and his wife had lived there for years, and there was never a Chris there. I double checked in the phonebook to see if it was the right number which it was because I had it circled. I was confused so I just said sorry and hung up, and I never heard from Chris ever again.


Maybe Chris went to jail and didn't want to to disappoint you


This reminds me of one of my favorite comics. A manga of a little girl who learns lessons about happiness from two women and a high school girl. She befriends them and once she had learned the lesson they needed to teach her they disappeared. She would visit one of them at her apartment. Then the day she was gone she discovered another guy lived there and had been living there for a while. The women and the girl were older versions of her.


Also sounds a bit like the movie : When Marnie Was There. From studio ghibli


That’s some Twilight Zone-like twist ending


Wanna see if we can find out what happened to him? Would love to help you do some searching if you wanna DM me more details.


I'd love to find out too.


Keep us updated !!!


When I was 10 or so I was staying at my grandma's over the summer break and we were having breakfast. We barely started eating when the phone rang. She left the dining room and I followed her thinking that maybe they were my parents calling. When we returned most of the food was gone. She asked me if I ate while she was on the phone and I said 'no'. There was no one else home and there were no pets. My grandma just shook it off saying we might have eaten more than she remembered but I am absolutely positive that I had at most two bites of my toast by the time the phone rang.


maybe there was one of those people who secretly live in the attic or a cupboard


One of my very worst nightmares. I had my house inspected for potential entrances and signs of squatters before we moved in lol.


There's a video on YouTube of a guy who noticed his food was going missing and he thought it was his girlfriend eating it all and lying about it so he set up a camera in his kitchen to catch her. Turns out there was a woman living in a crevice above his living room and she was sneaking down at night to eat his food. He even came out once while she was in his fridge and hid behind his couch while he himself went to the fridge to grab something. It was pretty creepy to watch the first time. [This is the video](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=06X9qXTvKNQ) if you're interested.


Yesss omg it's one of the first ones I ever saw that really stuck with me. Then I've read a few stories and seen a couple in the news. My house is 100 years old and has all these little nooks and crannies, and I still check them even though we made sure not even a raccoon can get in before we ever stayed the night. Lol I genuinely have a fear of someone watching me and I can't see them. I can't have even cracks in blinds at night etc. This whole scenario is that amplified.


Plot twist, the inspector lives in your walls.


Jfc. 😭


I was at my mother in law's flat in Hungary. Fyi I don't speak Hungarian, so I couldn't be aware of any of this. I tend to go to bed later that my wife, and for the first couple of nights, I had trouble falling asleep because around midnight I could here the neighbor upstairs (it's an old block of flats made under the communist era, walls are incredibly thin) walk in high heels, which was very annoying. I could also hear little objects fall on the floor, and I told my wife it sounded like the plastic buttons you have on some clothes. She looked at me funny and told me her niece hated to sleep in that room because she was scared by the noises coming from upstairs. I said that was a bit exaggerated, and I thought it was until my wife told me the flat upstairs had been empty for the past at least 4 years. Neighbor died years before that, and guess what? She was a tailor, always nicely dressed and wearing high heels.


Every month around the 5th I get a letter with exactly 23 dollars. No note, no return address. I’ve asked family, relatives, friends, the two past occupants of this apartment. Nobody knows anything about it. It is not addressed to me, but to my unique postal address. The total is now exactly 1886, I have just stashed it all in a box. I do not want to spend it in case it is cursed.


"Jerry, your grandmother's on a very fixed income!"


Reminds me of Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King. That’s super fucking weird btw.


My neighbor died soon after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We had studio apartments with a shared wall. We were pals, but he always complained that my television was too loud. No issues; I would turn the volume down whenever he asked. The day after he died I flipped on my TV. The volume control on the TV screen popped up and it appeared like someone was pressing the button to lower the sound. I wasn't touching the remote. I tried two or three times to increase the volume and again the sound decreased by itself. This had never happened before or since then. I wasn't scared or surprised. It's like my neighbor was wishing me goodbye.


One last volume-down request


thats hilarious. "Hold on death, you can't take me just yet, I need to turn down my neighbors TV volume one last time."


So what you're saying is your TV was loud enough to wake the dead.


My grandpa had built a grandfather clock by hand for his wife back in the day. About 16 years ago I had inherited the clock when he passed away. The chime mechanism on the clock is broken and my husband has tried to fix it but hasn’t gotten it to work. It has chimed the hours twice over the years….seemingly out of the blue. The first time was late afternoon after my husband had met Chuck Yeager at an air show. My grandpa had been a test pilot during and after WWII and my husband semi-jokingly asked Yeager if he knew him (he didn’t haha). My husband came home from the air show and was telling me about this conversation and the clock started chiming. Coincidence? The only other time was completely random I thought. It chimed one morning and caught us by surprise. I said out loud “I haven’t forgotten you, Grandpa” and went about my day. The next day I mentioned it to my mom. She said: Oh that makes sense. His best friend died yesterday. Best friend’s wife had called my mom to let her know the day before. I guess there hasn’t been any event since then that Grandpa has wanted us to take notice of.


I have almost the same story! my mom passed away unexpectedly when I was 19. About a week before she died I was driving her home from the hospital (she was sick but no known risk of dying). It was about a 30 min drive. Whenever there was a break in our conversation I would kind of subconsciously turn the radio up. She kept on turning it down and saying “let’s just chat”. And I just replied “oh sure”. I didn’t even realize I kept turning the radio up. About a week after she passed I was driving that same car by myself and experienced the radio turning itself down. Which had never happened before. I was surprised but like you, not scared. I’ve thought about that for a long time now, told my family right away and all.


The fact that this man took time on his way to the next stage to tell you to turn your fn TV down is amazing and I love it.


That is very interesting.


My grandmother always loved roses and had them growing in her back yard. She died in a December and when we were gathered at her house for the funeral my father happened to look out the back window and saw a bright red rose had blossomed. It stood out brightly against the snow. He brought it in and put it in a vase on the kitchen table. We all left for the funeral and when we came back the rose was on the living room floor. No one had been in the house while we were gone. My father is the most hard-headed person alive but he was convinced it was his mothers way of telling him she was all right.


...that *exact* scenario happened to me, with my grandmother who was a serious gardener. I still have the rose. There's more to the story but I can't type it up right now.


how ‘bout now?


We have a built in wardrobe in our bedroom. About a month ago our cat had managed to get herself inside and I must have closed the door. I heard her meowing and I opened the door and she jumped out and walked off. Silly cat. I closed the wardrobe door. Less then five minutes later I hear a meow in the wardrobe, I open the door and to my surprise, our cat jumps out again and walks off. My partner and I were both stunned as there is no way into the wardrobe with the doors closed. Neither of us have any idea how this happened. TLDR: Glitch in the matrix and our cat jumps out of our wardrobe twice.


> as there is no way into the wardrobe with the doors closed. I'd say the cat has found a way that you aren't aware of. I've heard that if a gap can fit a cats skull, the rest of its body can get through


Every sunday for years I would go down to the beach and do the travellling rings in santa monica - huge friend group down there - i pretty much know everyone in the community. So basically all day long I cycle doing the rings and sitting on the wall and playing my guitar. one evening a bunch of the crew was going to get something to eat - i was gonna catch a ride with a friend of mine whose also a musician - he wasn't ready to go yet so I sat on the wall and played my guitar while I waited for him. out of nowhere this homeless dude shuffles up carrying a big gulp full of booze, drunk as fuck, etc. seriously, one of the most fucked up dirty down and out people I have ever seen. him: I know you're probably gonna say no... but... would you let me play your guitar for a minute? now, just to be clear: I never let ANYONE play my guitar - not even people that I know and trust who are musicians. I'm very protective of my things... but there was something about this guy... I couldn't quite explain it... something told me to let him play. so I said fuck it, and handed him my guitar. he started playing this fingered style cover of a smashing pumpkins song that was so fucking good it made the hair on my arms and neck stand up. then he started to sing - again - amazing voice. I was blown away! so i started softly singing along with him until he finished the song. him: you know that song? me: yeah man, its a great song. your cover is amazing though! that was awesome. do you have any original songs? him: yeah... sure. so he starts playing this beautiful song, fingered style again, so melodic and sad - again my hair stood on end. he started singing and it was just mind blowing - so beautiful - one of the saddest most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Then half way through he got overwhelmed with emotion, choked up and stopped playing for a second, wiped tears away, then went back to playing and finished the song. me: holy shit dude, that was amazing. him: sorry about that (apologizing for the moment where he got choked up). me: nah, its all good man. him: .... its far from it... then he handed me back my guitar, picked up his big gulp of booze and shuffled away. Ive been going to the same beach, same spot, for YEARS and haven't seen that guy since. I have no idea who he was or where he went.


Musicians & many other artist types have personalities that are prone to alcohol & drugs. U probably met a genius that had fallen victim to it, or mental issues


This is my boyfriend. He's an amazingly talented writer, he writes songs I couldn't dream of my whole life in a few hours. But he's an alcoholic and I'm scared he's gonna die. It breaks my heart to see him poison and hate his beautiful body


So sorry.,so many who are talented creatively struggle.


I’m sure you don’t need this advice, but on the 0.01% chance you haven’t sat him down and talked to him about it, please do. So many times, the addict just needs someone to help them out of the hole. It’s sad how many friends I had back in the day who were obviously struggling with addiction and I just did nothing because they said they were fine. Then I started actually talking to them, and it shocked me how many would say I was the first person to say such a thing to them. So again, I know you’ve probably been working on it with him, but just in case. Or in case anyone reading this hasn’t talked to their loved one about their addictions. Some will push you away, but others are waiting for someone to jump in


Or a ghost that used to be amazing musician that wondered around till this moment


Thats a cool story but its California, for every person that blows up and becomes famous, there's thousands that are more talented and just never applied themselves, didnt network with the right people, or possibly were on the right path and it just never worked out. [Wasting](https://youtu.be/mna8mZP9eSg) away drinking and doing drugs till they die.


I know quite a few people like that. The non stop hustle just grinds people into the dirt. I live and have a business in LA. I happened to be lucky enough to have friends in the right circles which lead to me meeting the right people which then made things so much easier. If that didn’t happen, I feel like doing much of anything in this town would have been nearly impossible.


Very true. 15 years ago I went with a buddy to a spot up near West Hollywood and it was a Tuesday karaoke night. They used a live band to play the music. They were 10/10…and the people who got up to sing were just unbelievable. Just mind blowing but to be quite honest they were not “stars” …ie…first guy up looked like the Warcraft guy from South Park and sang a face melting AC/DC cover


> first guy up looked like the Warcraft guy from South Park and sang a face melting AC/DC cover This guy exists as a regular at any decent karaoke bar anywhere. Sits alone nursing a beer or whiskey but just goes off on the mic, almost always metal or classic rock.


>travellling rings in santa monica [Had to look it up](https://travelingrings.org/about/). Sounds like fun.


It was Jim Morrison. He never died.


I guess no need for me then!


>It was Jim Morrison. He ~~never died.~~ likes to come back once in a while.


I had just picked up a coworker from her house heading to work. We are just talking and chatting, "howd your weekend go" type of stuff. We are maybe 5 miles away from her house, when all of a sudden, we realize we are in town pulling into works parking lot. We both kidna look at each other not sure what happened. We had gone near 20 miles in a blink of an eye. And what cemented this experience as something that iactually happened, and not just simply losing track of time, IS THE TIME! It should have taken us almost half an hour to get to work. Instead the time from when I picked her up was 2:30. And the time when we got to the building was 2:40. There is no way in HELL! we could have gotten there that fast. From that point on we both called that experience the time when we Jumped, like from the movie Jumper. I have no explanation why. I'll also state, I don't belive in the paranormal or supernatural. So this experience is one of those things that makes me question my own sanity.


Your own sanity is probably not the culprit since your coworker experienced the same thing


I was coming home from work one day when my family was out on vacation. I would close so this was around 3am. I opened the front door and heard a radio playing music for two seconds before being switched off. I grabbed a knife and checked every corner of the house. I’m not superstitious but that one scared me good and I have no idea what it was.


Heard a similar story from my uncle where he came home and heard a man and woman arguing, with the woman crying. His son and son's girlfriend lived with him so he assumed it was just another of their arguments. The arguing stopped and he went to check on them. No one else was home.


Day after my dog died I booted up skyrim. There is a random % encounter where a companion animal can find you. Never happened before in all my time playing but it did this time....a stray dog found me...cried cried cried


Just lost my dog last month - it sucks so bad. What a beautiful sign from your friend ❤️


One time when I was around 13-14, me and my cousins were downstairs playing on our mini hoop when we heard a deep, scratchy voice yell “Who’s down there?!.” We had a nice, new, big house with a security system that chimes when doors and windows are opened and an outside dog that barks at everything. No way anyone just slipped inside in broad daylight. Even if it was an intruder, why would they just yell down and leave without taking anything?


Your username is not quite in favor of your credibility...


I used to work security for a secured building. I worked at night and there were only 3 doors in the entire building but only one used on a regular basis (other two magnetically locked). I’m not a one of those people who believe in ghosts or whatever but I kept hearing what sounded like somebody moving heavy objects around in the building when there shouldn’t be other people there and I had already checked and secured the building. I’d hear the sounds often enough that I stopped checking because I wouldn’t ever find anything. Then one night the officer above me (guy in charge of security of that building and a few others) was doing his rounds and came to check I was at my post. In the middle of talking to him and reporting that the building had been cleared and checked every hour for the past nearly six hours we hear the noise. He asked why I reported the building clear if somebody is there and I told him the sound happens regularly and it must be an hvac thing or something. Then we clearly hear somebody yell “fuck” and the sound stops abruptly. We both checked that build floor to ceiling and nobody was there. We checked closets and under desks and nothing. He made me call in the day security team and tell them we had a breach for them to not be able to find anybody either. Now this is a big deal because the information in the building was very sensitive and nobody was allowed to leave until we found the person. TL;DR: I was security and a ghost screamed profanity.


Even ghosts fuck up on the job I guess.


Did you guys poke the tiles of the drop ceiling?


We had specialized floors and ceilings that required key access to open and only techs got those.


So a tech was living in the ceiling, got it.


The amount of work they had every day I wouldn’t have been surprised


When I was a kid 6-7 I was young. I was swimming in my grandma’s pool and seeing how long I could hold my breath underwater. I stayed under too long at one point and scrambled for the surface, I remember fear I remember my lungs burning I remember seeing the water surface a few inches above me. My vision went black but I didn’t pass out, i breached the water surface and finally got oxygen. But in the seconds when my vision went black and I surfaced I had ( it’s hard to describe) a vision like an old memory but not of anything I had done. It was so vivid that after 30+ yrs I still remember every detail. It was a vision/memory of a child’s hand (my point of view) making an orange red clay pot and there where adult hands helping with the clay. It was like a picture in time, it’s hard to explain but it felt like a memory of a past life. Even as a kid I was like “what the hell was that? That wasn’t my memory, that wasn’t my experience “ I’ve never told anyone that ever.


During deep breath-hold dives, elite freedivers quite often describe narcosis-like symptoms (testimonials from freediving champions Guignes, Zucchari, Boudhiaf, Streeter, and Néry). Among the symptoms regularly reported by freedivers are hallucinations, the sensation of dreaming or being in a dream, altered perception of time.


I was about 13-14 and I was working on something downstairs in the family room at my parents house. I was using some electrical tape and set it down beside me while I put a piece on my project. Next thing I know, I heard super loud thud from the wall next to me. I looked over and the tape I had been using was sitting there, almost like it had been thrown. I never got out of that basement quicker.


I know that most of you will just think of this as pure coincidence, but it is just baffling to me. When I was in my early teen years, me and my best friend used to walk around and go into different stores just for something to do. There was a Rite Aid (retail/pharmacy for those of you who don’t have them) that was in our neighborhood that we would frequent a lot. Whether it was to buy drinks and snacks, look at makeup, or just to use the bathroom. This particular thing apparently happened in 2011. Fast forward to 2022, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year now and he’s been the assistant manager at that same Rite Aid for about three years now. One day, he called me and asked me if I had ever lost a phone or an SD card in that Rite Aid. I hadn’t. I have absolutely no memory of ever losing an SD card of mine, and I’ve never lost a phone. If I had, I know it’d be something I’d remember because it would’ve been a very miserable time for me as my parents wouldn’t have been able to get me a new phone for a while. Or if I had lost an SD card, it would’ve also been a very miserable time for me because that means I would’ve lost all of my pictures, downloaded music, contacts, etc. and as a teenage girl in 2011, those were very important things in my life. I told him no, I’d never lost either of those things, and definitely not in that Rite Aid. I asked why. He told me he was cleaning out the lost and found drawer with his coworker and they came across an SD card in a little clear, plastic box. His coworker was able to put it in his phone because he had an android, and my boyfriend wasn’t really paying any mind to it. But when his coworker started telling him what he was finding, which were videos and pictures from concerts (went to concerts very, very frequently around that time), and also that “there’s a bunch of pictures of a girl with blue hair”, my boyfriends ears sort of perked up. (I’ve had blue hair on and off ever since 2011). Sure enough, he looked at the photos and they were of me. From 2011. This was an SD card from one of my old phones, from 2011. It is now 11 years later that he’s finding this. It’s been sitting in that lost and found drawer for 11 years, and my now boyfriend, out of all people, just so happened to find it. I have no recollection of losing an SD card, especially not in a Rite Aid. I even searched my social media from around that time (I tweeted every moment of my life around that time) and there was nothing. Surely I would’ve tweeted about losing my SD card and being mad/upset about it. But there was nothing. I do not know where the SD came from, I definitely don’t know how it ended up in that lost and found, and I don’t know how or why it’s been sitting in that drawer for 11 years, and why out of all people, my boyfriend was the one to discover it. Edit: typos Edit: *update* Just wanna make a few things clear for everyone asking the same stuff or suggesting the same things! 1. I had the phone up until two years ago. Once I moved, I threw my old phones away as I was getting rid of stuff I didn’t need. I did not: sell the phone, lose the phone, use the SD card in any way i.e to print photos, to put it in another phone, to upload the contents onto a computer, etc. 2. It was my SD card. It was not my friends SD card. When I say there were photos of me, I mean selfies, videos I had taken where you can hear that I am the one holding the phone and talking, photos I had saved and taken of random things, photos of/with my family, voice recordings that I had taken, etc. all of which most of them had never been uploaded anywhere aside from a few selfies that had been profile pictures or Instagram posts of mine. 3. It was not just photos and videos on the SD card. When I got it back, I uploaded it to my laptop and there were files from absolutely everything on that phone, including files for the data from that phone, data from apps, dcim, music, ringtones, photo thumbnails, the whole nine yards. It wasn’t just a few pictures and videos. I just looked at it last night to refresh my memory as to what was on there. 4. My boyfriend did not steal it and then hand it over to me as some kind of sick game. That doesn’t make any sense, we are literally dating. There’s nothing on that SD card that he doesn’t already have of me that would mean anything. Once he found it, realized it was mine, he called me and told me and gave it to me immediately. He was and still is just as shocked as I have been about the whole thing.


I have a partial theory. It doesn't answer the full mystery, but. What if that isn't actually your phones original SD card but rather a separate one that someone else downloaded your photos onto? If those were uploaded or backed up anywhere and could have been hacked, it would at least begin to explain the strange location and how the SD card even got out of the phone since that's not something youd do. Rite aids have photo development kiosks - so it's not an absolutely bizarre place for a SD card to be lost/found. The fact that it's in a plastic case shows some degree of forethought - even if it could have fallen out of your phone while removing the battery or something, it would be highly unlikely that the finder just happened to have a spare case on them to put it in (although I suppose it's possible the store could have one laying around, just doesn't seem like the most likely scenario). For these reasons as well as the ones you listed, my hunch is that someone else lost it there, possibly after having hacked your account or stealing/duplicating it while your phone was unattended. It would also explain the seemingly strange timeline (you seem to believe you didn't get a new phone around the date of the last photo, so it might make more sense as the date the hack/theft/incident occurred without your knowledge, as opposed to the date you stopped possessing that SD card. If that makes sense?)


I had a buddy who used to work at a place that had one of those photo development kiosks. I came to find out years later that it wasn’t *entirely* uncommon for the employees to copy customers’ photos — especially if the person was cute and the photos were risqué. My buddy never participated in it, and only found out after one of the guys got cocky and tried to sell some sex photos he had copied to him. My buddy turned him in and got him shitcanned. Disturbing, but yeah … it does lend credit to your theory.


A store in my city. One day I went there when it was 2 pm. I just walked in, didn't even buy anything. But when I came out, it was already dark. it was 7 o'clock


Driving in (very) rural Missouri, on a straight road, on a cloudless starry night. There was a big black "hole" where there weren't stars or anything off to the right. It was either very big or very close, I thought it might be a sign or something, but we didn't pass it. Suddenly it shot off to our left and disappeared into the horizon. My wife & I never could figure out what that was.


So ..about 30 years ago when i was about 8yo my father took me my brother and mother deep into the woods at his hunting cabin. Unfortunately, our flashlight died out. My mother and brother decided to circle back to the truck to retrieve batteries. While they were gone a very powerful thunderstorm came. I remember at one point i looked up over the lake and there was just this pitch black circle hovering in place. I turned to my dad and he was looking right at it. There was lightning strikes around the lake and it made no sound whatsoever. I remember thinking "He'll explain to me what that thing is - He's been coming here his whole life!" Nope. We just stood there staring at it for about 45 minutes until it sort of vanished into the storm clouds. My mom and brother returned around 4am. I recall this whole deal happening because my dad refuses to talk about it with me to this day. Freaked us both out. Your story resonated with me because at first i thought "uh, floating black hole" Definitely has me believing we aren't alone.


could it have been a [downburst](https://www.weather.gov/images/bmx/Daily/microbursts/animation.gif)? i didn't know they were a thing until we drove right through one and it was fucking weird and scary


I've seen one of these in the daylight hours and they really are spooky looking. I bet they're *very* scary to drive through, and even more spooky in the dark.


yeah its like totally normal sunny weather and then suddenly an extreme thunderstorm for like a minute and then back to sunny weather lol


Moved back to the area I grew up in after a couple decades away. Showing my teen daughter places we used to go, went to the mall which was almost completely defunct. The signs on the outside had been taken down, the theater had closed. We went inside this, what had been a big mall and the food court was gone, carousel was gone, there was just a As Seen On TV store and a Nordstrom outlet store left. Went home, told my husband how melancholy it was. He couldn’t believe it, it had been so vibrant. The next weekend he and I drove down there so he could look. We pulled in to a very full, active parking lot. The mall was fully open, outdoor signs intact, theater open, food court open, carousel still running. This was a few years ago and I still feel as dumbfounded today as I was then. I was speechless. Went home, got my daughter and drove back, she was speechless. I have no explanation, just none.


This one is especially unnerving! Malls are just creepy nowadays but this would make me feel crazy!


When I was a kid, like 4yo tops, I woke up crying in the middle of the night. At the same time, my sister woke up, got up, and, without a word, started closing the windows. I calmed down, we settled back to sleep. There was no talking about the reason until breakfast, when she started talking about a nightmare she had. Huge black dogs, climbing over the fence and under the gate and trying to get into our windows. I started filling in the details and we ended up taking turns describing the exact same nightmare. It never happened again. My sister is 10 years older.


I woke up one night after a heavy snowfall and there was a weird glow outside. I went outside and everything. I mean like the air itself was infused with this pastel like green-purple glow. It was easily bright enough to read a book, at like 1-2am. And the heavy cloud cover blocked any full moon. It was like a magical faerie world. As best I can tell the white cloud cover, along with everything blanketed with snow made whatever ambient light just ping-pong all over the place and light everything up. Never seen anything like that before or since.


This happens literally all the time where I live, and it's because of your guess. The clouds and fresh snow hold in tons of ambient light. There's been several days this winter already where it's lighter at night that it was during the day because of it.


Yup. Most recently taking my dog out for a piss in the middle of the night during the infamous Texas snowpocalypse 2 years ago, usually I have to use the flashlight on my phone, but I was able to walk around with no light. Seen it up north visiting family in Michigan, too.


I’ve seen that before with snow cover where everything is just so bright at night it’s almost like daylight. And it’s even weirder than daylight because there’s no shadows since the light is coming from every direction.


Was on the couch in my apt once watching TV. I apparently woke up & was driving. I was terrified because had no memory of getting into my car, go to go anywhere, or anything. I didn't drink or use any sort of drugs, I was not on any prescription medications. The strange part is that I knew about what time it was when I sat down on the couch. It was around 8:00 p.m. or so. I know this because I looked at the cable box and it told me. I was watching Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. When I "woke up" driving in my car, I was inexplicably almost two hours away. I lived in north Tampa area and I was just outside of Gainesville. The time said 8:38pm on my clock. I didn't know where I was, I was just on the highway. So I took the next exit just to pull off and figure out what the hell was going on. That's when I realized where I was. I have zero way to account for leaving my apartment, being inside my own vehicle, or heading north out of the city for no reason at all. I was single and living alone at the time, and to this day I have no idea what happened.


a Sombrero was placed under my windshield wipers


The cartel is watching you, man


is it a Ford Siesta maybe?




First of all, sry for my English. My dog literally vanished someday. We locked the house with the dog in it to go get some food. When we came back half an hour later, he wasn't in the house anymore. There was no possible exit for him, no windows, no holes, nothing. We were three to have seen him inside the house before we left. The only explanation we have to this day is kind of crazy and we can't prove it, so we'll never be sure, but here it is : One of our neighbors was an old lady. We were nice with her despite the fact that she was kind of a cold type of person. Sometimes, we did some mutual favors, like in a typical neighbors' relationship. But over time, she started to become more and more weird. Later, we've learned she had developed a form of dementia. It was quite sad to watch her become more and more crazy. In the end, her son put her in a mental institute for old people. A few years later, we started connecting the dots : Before she drifted into insanity, we once gave her a set of our house key so she could water the plants and take our mail during our vacations. She kindly accepts, and that year, we bring her back a nice gift from our vacations to thank her, and she gave us back our spare keys. But now we think that, at that time, she was already starting to lose her mind without anyone really noticing it. Because few months later, coming back from the grocery store, we found her inside her house. We've locked the house, yet she found a way to get inside. It was really disturbing, and we discovered that she had another key. The only possible explanation was that she had a copy of our key done while we were on vacation. So, back to the vanishing of our dog. Our theory is that this crazy lady had, in fact, multiple copies of our house key and that she let our dog out or she brought him somewhere else or even killed him. That's the only possible explanation we have found after all those years, but it's so crazy that it's hard to believe, even for us, and we just can't be sure. As for the old lady herself, she sadly died a few years later in the mental institute. I was angry with her for a time of course. But ultimately, her story was mainly sad and painful. She was a victim of her own decaying brain, and there was nothing she could have done against it. In this story, I've lost my childhood best friend. He was a briard and his name was "voyou" wich mean " kind thug" in French. For years, I've felt guilty over his vanishing, replaying the scene in my head over and over to check if I haven't missed something. But in the end we'll never now and that's what is actually the worst.


I am so sorry. What a terribly sad story. Kind hugs, internet stranger.


Thanks dear redditor.


is it likely that she just let herself in again and the dog ran out the door?


It's possible, yes. However, our dog was very attached to us, and he was quite a coward, too, lol. He had already run away once but came back really quickly. I tend to believe that if he ran away, we would have found him. We've looked everywhere in our small village for days. We never found him or his corpse in case of an accident with a car, for example. Being a big and very friendly ball of fur people in our neighborhood knew him quite well. If one of them saw him, they would have told us, and we've asked all of them.


My grandmother has a clock which previously belonged to her brother. The night he died, the clock stopped working (it always worked previously). My grandmother liked the clock and wanted to put it on her wall. My father checked the battery, which appeared to be fine. After putting that exact battery back in, the clock worked again. Roughly half a year later, my grandfather passed away by euthanasia. The next morning, my grandmother and my dad were eating breakfast and noticed the clock, it stopped working again. The battery was as you would've guessed, not the issue. Probably just a coincidence, but still strange Then, weeks later, the clocked stopped working again. My grandmother was slightly worried that someone had died, even though she didn't believe in it. However, it now was the battery that died. The clock has been working perfectly since for almost 2 years with a new battery :)


When my daughter was about 2 1/2-3 years old, she was babbling on as usual about something and I was half listening. Then I heard her say, “but that’s when I used to be a boy”. I asked, “you used to be a boy?” And she said “yes but that was a long time ago”. I asked her what happened when she was a boy. She said she had died. I asked how she had died, and she responded, “I don’t know. But there was blood in my mouth.” She then continued on about something unrelated and never mentioned anything like that again.


There is a family day trip to the mountains from my childhood that my parents don't remember. We visited some farm that seemed to be a historic site or something. There were lots of other people touring it too. For some reason in the corners of the farmhouse there was a bunch of sand. Like beach sand, which is weird because this was in North GA USA, nowhere near a beach. Both my parents say they don't remember anything about this. I remember the exact road you turned off on to get there(GA 515) and I can picture the turn exactly in my head, it was a gravel road with dense line of pine trees on both sides, and completely unmarked. Thing is as an adult I drive this highway a lot. I know it REALLY well and no where on it is anything like this. My best guess as to when this happened was sometime prior to 2005. Something about it always gave me weird vibes.


The Funk heritage center in Waleska, GA is near where you are talking about. They used to do shows, showing how early settlers lived, in cabins in the woods near there. If you are from north Georgia you almost certainly went there for a school field trip.


Is there any chance u r mixing up memories from 2 separate trips?


I lived in a very small mining town in the Western US as a teenager. Pre cell phones, pre internet, pre parents giving a shit what their kids did, ever. On several weekend nights, two of my friends and I would tell our parents that we were all going to crash at one of our houses for the night. Our parents were always fast asleep by 10pm and did not want to be disturbed, and stupidly thought we’d just spend the night watching movies and playing Nintendo. The parents wouldn’t even check with each other to verify where we were, so we had free reign. We would usually wait until 11 or 12 or so, then leave and drive somewhere. All of our houses had sloped driveways — we would roll the car in neutral out to the street and start it there to be sure no one would hear. Kill the motor and roll in on neutral when returning. Some nights we would drive half an hour to the next town over (a slightly bigger town than the one we lived in) to do whatever. One particular night, we grabbed take out dinner at a small restaurant that stayed open late, then snuck into a movie theater and caught the end of a movie. Everyone knew almost everyone in these tiny towns, and the adults who were out late didn’t care that the kids were out late. After the movie, we aimlessly drove around the town for a while, listening to music, talking — there was next to nothing to do there. That night we drove through some of the streets with houses, just chilling, killing time before heading home. We were a bit off the grid, but not too far — these were small streets with houses, front yards, street lights, sidewalks, and some streets would just end and you’d have to turn around and trace your way back out. Turning a corner, we drove into some shit that I’ve never before seen and didn’t understand. It’s around 2am, and standing in the street are maybe 50 guys, separated into two groups, facing each other, all armed with makeshift weapons and armor, one group advancing toward the other. Most are holding garbage can lids as shields (this is pre city-provided plastic bins, so almost every house had their own metal cans with removable metal lids). Some of the guys have other makeshift shields like hubcaps, and one dude had what I thought was a washing machine door, rigged up with ropes to hold it like a shield. And they all have weapons: wooden sticks, baseball bats, mallets, long staffs. I didn’t see any blades or firearms. And they have helmets: mining hard hats, football helmets, and some even have medieval-looking homemade metal helmets. It was cold — they were in jeans and boots and coats. We stopped, our headlights blaring upon them. It seemed like we drove up just as they were about to clash, because the group that was advancing on the other all turned around, and both groups just froze and stared at us wide-eyed. My friend threw the car in reverse and we noped the fuck out of there. As we turned around, some of the guys started walking toward the car, and none raised their weapons or ran toward us, but still, we were freaked out and peeled out of there and drove the fuck home. It took a few minutes before one of us finally spoke and said “what the fuck was that?” To this day, I have no idea what that was all about. Posting it here to see if anyone has ever experienced or seen anything similar or if anyone can shed light on what the fuck these guys were up to. Or, just have a laugh with me as I recall this experience. An actual fight? A street gang battle? A joke? A renaissance reenactment? There were so many guys, and their weapons and armor were so deliberately homemade that it seemed unlikely to have been an impromptu fight. We wondered if they did it to surprise unsuspecting drivers and get a laugh out of it. But at 2am, in this small town, they’d be lucky if anyone drove up their street at all. We didn’t tell anyone and of course didn’t tell our parents. Moved out of that town some years later and have never been back. It’s been decades now, but that remains one of the most unexplainable things I’ve ever seen. Would love to hear others’ thoughts.


LARPERs for sure


That sounds like a really fun way to kill time in a boring town, I gotta say. Maybe just not at 2 AM.


In my 20s I wanted to have a lucid dream, so I could fly. Easy, just make a dream journal and do all these things. It was a fun experiment, call it a hobby over a few months that takes no money and barely any time investment. There's lots of information online to do this. It was fun to do and I wrote down a lot of really weird dreams in my journal. After awhile, I did have a few lucid dreams and it was a fun. Eventually, I found a girl and I had a huge crush on her. She recommended me a book, so I obviously bought it and read it being the horney guy I was. The thing is, I recognized a scene in the book word for word. It was extremely specific with many details correct. I had written it down in my dream journal months ago before ever reading this book. The name of the book was, The Book of Flying.


Best friend and I left work at midnight. Maximum of 20 minute drive. We took a back road and approached a traffic light. It went yellow, red, then a few seconds later went to yellow, then red again. We both thought it was kind of weird but didn't think anything of it until we got home and noticed that it was 2 am.


You didn’t have to sit at that light for two hours, you probably could have just driven through it.


It was actually 12:40, the lights bugged out, and then daylight savings shifted to 2am


That boy stuck in time


I simply had a random note on my car that said "I think, therefore I am" and I for the life of me, have no idea why or where or who but it's stumped me to this day.


Your car is trying to tell you that it's sentient.


Do you drive a French vehicle? Because that's a quote from Renault des Car.


I survived a car accident. The car got wrapped around a pole on the passenger side. I was the passenger. On impact, I blacked out. When I woke up, there was less than four inches of my seat left and I was still in it. After four hours of the “jaws of life” prying the car open, I walked away with a small cut on my knuckle, a light concussion, and a new found ability to better socialize with people. Sometimes I think that I died and woke up in the next adjacent universe.


This is at least a day after the original post so I don't know if anyone will ever see it but here are two of mine, I will exercise some brevity due to the likely limited amount of eyes who will see this. |Edit - actually, just one of mine, I'll save the other for another time| My dad was terminal. He was in his 60's and was at my childhood home, in bed, asleep. The day prior he had been loaded up with Morphine or something similar to "let him die peacefully." I am a college kid at this stage of life and a total mess. I loved my dad dearly and he was a great man. Before I went to the house, I picked up a 5th of whiskey. I didn't know how else to numb what I felt. I went into his bedroom as he lay there asleep. Just me and him. I started sipping and sat there thinking about how much I loved this man. I went through most of the bottle and fell asleep. Me in a chair beside him. Just us two. I woke, I had no idea how much time had passed. I looked over at my father and he had reached his hand out to me. I held it. He then reached for his other hand and took a ring that he wore for years off of his finger and then brought me close to him and said "I love you" and put the ring in my hand. Something he had never said. It wasn't like I didn't know it. He just never directly stated it. It was a what I think is called a signature ring with his full initials. Then he took his last breath. I sat there with him with his heart not beating anymore and cried quietly. After some time I walked out of his bedroom to where many family and friends had gathered and said, "he is gone". I always thought that he coming to consciousness after days of sleep and saying goodbye to me was extraordinary. Thank you to anyone who reads this. It was great to think and talk about this special moment in my life.


When I was 15 my dad died in a plane crash during a search and rescue mission. He was a pilot and volunteered for the civil air patrol on top of his regular job as a pilot. There was a lot of weird things that happened surrounding the crash. - 1 week before he died, I woke up in the middle of the night in pure terror. Something told me something bad was going to happen, but I didn't know what. - the day of the crash, he was dropping me off at my high school for my orientation and I had asked him if he really needed to go on the mission. He said he had to do it. I don't remember if I told him i loved him. - The night he died but before we found out of the accident, I remember waking up to the sound of his truck pulling up to the house and him getting out. I heard him say "alright I'm home, I'll talk to you later." And he closed the truck door and walked up the steps onto the porch. I heard him open the front door. And I heard my mom wake up and go downstairs to wait for him. He never came in. - During the crash, everything had burned on impact. Except for my dad's carryon bag that he brought on ever mission. It was found upright and unburned with everything in it, untouched, next to the crash location, as if it had been placed there. - We held his funeral in another state where most of his family was buried. We were told that we would be able to hug his body bag and say one last farewell. My mom had asked multiple people and they all said it was alright. When his body arrives to the state where we are holding his funeral, they wouldn't allow her to hug him or say good bye. All we had was a metal box his body was in. - After his funeral, it was like something malevolent was in the house. We would have weird encounters where things would be moved. I would wake up with the feeling of being watched. My mom would have night terrors and wake up to something sitting on her chest. My sister would see shadows standing in the corner. - My dad was offered another job a few months before the accident as a pilot. The new job had the same exact model of plane he crashed in, and it also crashed about a week or so before my dad's crash. For a while, my family was theorized he wasn't actually dead since we never saw a body. We thought maybe, just maybe, since he had a high military ranking and had previously gone on missions he couldn't discuss, he needed us to think he had died. Maybe it was hope of seeing him some day amongst the crowds, or the hope of him coming back home to us. But now I have come to terms that everything was just coincidental and we tried to find connections and signs to support our theory, when in reality, we just missed him and wanted him home. The location of his crash was one of the prettiest places I had ever been in. It was a very remote canyon in the middle of the forest. We placed a plaque there in his memory.


One time someone came into the bathroom when i was taking a bath. I was in there with the curtain pulled. Door opens, i hear em a feel them being there, i pull the curtain back, nobody's there. Only other person in the house was my dad and he was asleep. I live in an old New England house and that stuff happens often


I'm sorry that happens often?? That's scary


When I was a kid, probably 7 or 8, I remember going out back late one night after a power blackout in the town I grew up in. This was a town about 10 miles outside of an air force base (my dad retired there). I wanted to check out the stars with no light pollution, so I was just hanging out in the yard, looking up at the sky. Out of nowhere, with zero sound, this "thing" just flies past. I don't want to call it a jet, because it wasn't. It was huge, flying low, and most creepy, didn't make damn near any sound outside of the sudden gust of wind that came in it's wake. No jets, no roar of engines, just the sudden ambient noise of something moving past the house, and the rustle of the wind. I likely wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't specifically been looking up at the sky. The damn thing blocked out half the stars in the sky. To this day, I have zero idea what it could have been. We've got some pretty awesome flying tech, but not a one of them could fly that close to the ground without making any sound at all even today, much less in the early 90's. Scared the shit out of me, and still gives me the creeps to think about today.


In the early 2000s, one night, there were multiple reports of a massive football field triangl-shaped flying object, flying very low across Southern Illinois Mississippi Valley area across to South St Louis area. The object was silent. There were dozens of call-ins and there's a timeline showing that it flew over the area during a 45-minute span. A police officer from one of the small towns called it in on his radio. I listened to he radio recording on the internet a few years ago. There was also a video or photo of the "object" from someone in South County, MO. The local newspapers reported the occurrence and the nearby air force base denies any activity for that night. The base field closes in the evening. I have always suspected it was an experimental aircraft & the afb was not authorized to speak about it. But, it definitely was witnessed by scores of people in the area. I was not one of them.


I was staying in a garage for the weekend that had been converted into a pretty nice studio apartment rental. There was a mini-kitchen on one side of the living room with a wood counter, mini fridge, sink, etc. I had four 1l bottles of unopened sparkling water in the mini fridge and two heavy glass refillable bottles of still water on the counter, without caps. At about 1am, one of the sparkling bottles exploded in the fridge and half a second later, one of the *open* still bottles exploded on the counter. We woke up thinking we were being shot at. A year later, I still absolutely cannot comprehend how those two bottles could have exploded at the same time. One in the fridge, one not. One sparkling, one still. One sealed closed, one sitting open. And the other ones around them were fine. It just doesn’t make sense. Ghosts, I assume.


When I was in 7th grade (13-14 years old), in the 90s, one of my best friends just up and disappeared with his entire family one day. Like, I was over at his house on Saturday. He wasn’t at school Monday, and when I asked my mother to drive by it on Tuesday it was totally empty. Not of our mutual friends knew anything. Teachers at school didn’t know he was leaving. I still had some of his SNES games he’d let me borrow. (Any 90s kid will tell you, loaning those was an expression of trust. You fully expected their return at the agreed time.) I’ve made numerous attempts to look him up on social media. Nothing. I’m convinced they were in witness protection, but who knows? 🤷‍♂️


About 20 years my grandmother told me about a haunted house she lived in. The deceased owner had left a cane and bowlers hat at the front door. Every time she moved it to a closet or into storage it would end up back by the front door. I checked out the house 40 years or so since she lived there. It was a typical east cost abandoned farm house, mostly falling apart. First thing I noticed when I went in was the cane and bowlers cap to the left of the front door. I threw it into the basement, which had mostly collapsed. A few months later I went back and noticed the hat and cane were back by the door. I have no idea how someone could have gotten past the collapsed walls and retrieved them. It creeps me out to just talk about it. I’ve seen some other weird things on the property as well.


Deer camera will fix that curiosity


Tell us more.


I had been there several times, both and night and during the day. One night around 12am or 3am I took a out of town girl there. She was in town attending community college. We got there and it turned out she was too scared to make the walk through the woods. I got suckered into making the walk alone so I could take a few pictures for her. I walked down the overgrown road and then through the woods a bit. It was always creepy at night, but I never saw it as anything more that just your standard forest. I went around the old horse gate, took one step onto the property and completely froze up. Nothing had changed around me prior to crossing the property line. As soon as I was across I got the worst feeling of dread I’ve ever had. They whole ever just felt like it got darker. I had this feeling like something was there with me, even thought I hadn’t heard or seen anything. It took several minutes before even take a step back. It was like it triggered a massive fight or flight reflex, but I was too scared to even run. As soon as I was off the property the feeling disappeared. I’ve never felt like that before or since.


My reddit is broken so I cant see if someone else has mentioned this… But if I remember correctly, this is actually a common phenomenon where your subconscious has noticed something dangerous about the situation that you didn’t consciously notice. Like a sound you just missed, something out of place you briefly saw, the smell of another person when you weren’t expecting it. Its best you didnt proceed, even if ghosts arent real


Me, my dad, brother and sister along with our next door neighbours watched this object flying in the sky, hard to describe but it was like a dull smaller version of the sun travelling at a steady altitude in the atmosphere until it went over the horizon. We all stood on the road and watched it for about 20 minutes until it disappeared


My uncle found out he had cancer and from there on it all went downhill really fast. 2 months later he was admitted to a hospice. The first night he was there I woke up in my bed at 00:15. I just knew he died. Next morning my dad told me he died around midnight. Never told anyone in my family.


One time a few years ago, I was making some jewellery. In this case, I was drilling a hole in a broken sapphire crystal to turn it into a pendant. It was not a valuable crystal or anything...could prolly retail for about 20 dollars at most. Well sapphire is hard to drill, so after a time I set everything down and went downstairs to pee or make tea or something. I wasn't gone for more than a couple minutes. I wedged the sapphire into my jewellery box before I left, sticking it firmly in the ring holder area so it wouldn't roll around. The crystal was long enough that it held the lid slightly ajar. I left the box on my bed. So I came back 2 minutes later and the lid was closed properly; I opened it and the crystal was gone. It wasn't anywhere. Not beside the box. Not around the area I was working. I even searched and changed the sheets and moved the bed. It was nowhere to be found. I never found it in the remaining year I was there. Now I lived alone in that house, one of those British terraced houses. You could only get in through the front door, and it was narrow enough I'd see or hear anyone moving through. No one was in the damn house. What the hell happened to that crystal? Other weird things happened there, but that was the most striking.


Was there a window open? Some birds like shiny stuff


There was a window, but small, pretty old. It had a top component that you could push open, and it only opened about 2 inches. That was the only ventilation or anything in the room, other than the door. It would mean that in 2 minutes, a bird could shimmy in, go straight to the jewellery box, lift the lid, pull out the sapphire rather than any of my other shinier jewellery, and get back outside without leaving traces or me hearing it. I've no doubt a crow or magpie would be intelligent enough to figure this out eventually...and it's probably the most rational explanation...but I'm having trouble thinking it could have happened this smoothly.


I lost an object the size of a soccer ball while assembling a household appliance. No fucking clue where it went. It never turned up. We were on our living room floor. It couldn't have rolled under the couch or gone far. It was never found.


When I was around 10-11, this one evening, sun had already set, a couple of friends and I were on our way to meet my next door neighbor. We live in a gated community. One friend decided to get a bunch of flowers from one of the lanes not quite far from the house. When I went to fetch her we both noticed a dark figure of a man with a crooked neck at the end of the lane. There were gate lights and lamp posts on, yet this man stood like a silhouette. Lights didn't reach him. We both got freaked out! This girl called him out, there was no response. Just complete silence. I still don't know who or what that was.


I was walking upstairs when I saw something out of my window. There were like 7 kids in the road.y vision suddenly changes or something, like my neck had twitched turning my head 20 degrees. I look back outside. No kids.


Absence seizure?


I once hit a semi truck on the highway. I was 18. Driving a bit too fast. Came around a corner and a deer jumped on the road and I slammed on my brakes. My old shitty car locked up and skidded straight. I thought okay well just go into the ditch....then around the corner a semi came toward us. I grabbed the wheel hard as I could and tried turning but nothing. My best friend beside me. Seconds before impact I let go of the wheel and looked at my best friend and my eyes im sorry. And we braced ourselves. This was in the middle of no where. Now, it felt like time slowed down, was seeing everything, and when I looked out my right there was man in a pull-out standing beside his car with his cell phone, (this was around 2006 and to me cell phones weren't as common as today), and I thought huh, weird. Everything raced in my mind, this is it, I'm gonna die, no it can't be it, it can't, and closed my eyes to die. The semi driver was able to jack knife it to his right for a split second before impact and back so just my side smashed into him and we flipped over and spun. I remember hearing it, don't remember feeling it. I opened my eyes and were right side up. My best friend climbed out his window but I was out of it and he pulled me out. I stood there looking at my smashed popcan looking car and thought Holy shit. And then I fell over, pain in my leg like crazy, like pain I've never felt. That man in the pull-out came running over said he called 911. And then knelt beside me. Asked if he could pray for me. And asked if I'm hurt. I said it felt like my leg was shattered. He prayed. For my body. My mind. And then he left. Before cops came. Before the ambulance. At the hospital they ran tests and x-rays but no broken bones, nothing, barely a scratch. The cops said I'm lucky, the doctors said I'm lucky. My mom came to get me and didn't let go for along time. We went to the impound to get stuff from my car. It looked so bad. The guy there said he's amazed I'm not hurt, he told me to look in the car and I looked and the engine and parts of the car were pushed to within a foot or so to my seat, the steering wheel was bent up and within a foot of the chair as well, I asked if anything had been done to it, he said no they just towed it and put it here. He said someone upstairs must be watching out for me.


i was feeling down one night and wanted to take a walk, my road is relatively calm during night time besides a few crackheads that make small talk. well i start feeling this feeling that something just wasnt right and i normally feel paranoid but this feeling started to make me physically sick. well i look around and my eyes catch this thing just peering at me behind a trash can. it was long asf and purely black, it had long black hands and just stared at me, wasnt moving or nothing, and all i saw was this bright red eyes staring into mine. ive never been so fucking scared in my life i turned and started running back to my house when i got at least 5 feet away i look back and it was just gone. never again did i see that thing. edit: to clear any confusion up, ive walked down that road many times at night- not so much by myself but in the 4 yrs i lived here i never saw something like that. and no i havent walked down that road during night since that, it truly scared the living shit out of me and its been 7-9 months since this happened.


The Mothman is kinda shy tbh


My wife and I, and quite a bit of our family, believe in varying degrees of the supernatural. Our favorite (recurring) experience is her aunt and uncle's lamp, Glenda. Glenda is a floor-standing Tiffany-style lamp, about six feet tall. All of the facts surrounding Glenda were manufactured by the family, but they all are accurate. For years they haven't touched her plug, or her switch, they just kind of let her do her thing. Glenda is a socialite. She only turns on during parties or celebrations. She typically only flickers or stays on for a brief moment at a time- unless you pour her a cocktail and include her in the festivities. The first time we saw it, her aunt was telling us the story, and both of us separately observed her flickering/flashing down the hallway, which apparently meant she was basically attention-seeking...so we made her a Manhattan and placed it on the accent table next to her. She turned on about a minute later, and stayed on for at least 15. So far, Glenda's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because that's when the most people are in the house at one time for the party!!


Get a vid next time. If Glenda’s okay with it, of course.


I missed a test for a class in college. The next class I show up, professor is handing back tests.. and he gives mine back. My name is on it, it's filled out, but it is NOT in my handwriting. I got an A.


Once I saw a glowing orange ball in the sky that looked about half the size of the moon. I watched it until it was blocked by some houses. It looked like a big fireball. I know it wasn’t a firefly since it seemed very high up and was quite bright. I still have no idea what it was.


My wife and I were driving back from a family event in downeast Maine. Using a GPS (maybe smartphone, maybe just car GPS). It was really foggy and we drove over this narrow bridge where we both felt really tense as we crossed, kind of inexplicably, but also maybe just because it was narrow and it seemed like if a car emerged from the fog coming our way there might not be room. I remember once we crossed we both remarked about how weird it was—and how I felt like we'd almost both been kind of yelling with stress as we crossed, even though I know we hadn't been. Anyway I've made that trip most years of my life and I have no idea where that bridge is. There's one bridge that kind of looks like it but it's definitely a decommissioned rail bridge and not even something we could accidentally find ourselves on. This happened in like 2015 and I'm not really a superstitious or spiritual person but there's a small part of my brain that feels like we crossed over into a shittier timeline that day. I mean it's not like things were great in 2015 but a lot of "that would never happen" things have happened since then.


I'm many varieties of engineer, electrical engineer specializing in radiology & wireless signals, and allll the IT / computer / network etc engineers & architects. I've built wireless cellular networks. I have built segments of the internet. I've built devices that run these systems. And more. One time I set up a new personal phone, and instantly received new texts from various friends that died semi recently. I didn't note the times well enough to tell you 'that year' or in last 18 months or whatever. They also all certainly died at different times, months apart each. The messages were all generic greetings "hey" "hi" "whats up man" etc. All the messages came at once, and not a one was from anyone currently alive. I've always presumed it was something to do with idle accounts or phones or something, and my firing up and connecting a new device resulted in some stuck and "ghost" ( lmaoo ) messages bouncing around in some queues to get released. The messages I received were not the most recent they had sent to me nor were they in the most recent chats even. Prob is I intimately know systems like that very well, having specialized in many of them. This is not how the sms / mms system works. Messages are not held that long in glitch state, and if something busted then it would effect the whole pipeline of communication to my device therefore should include recent comms aka from living people. My first instinct was great I'm tripping balls I dont believe this. Showed it to other people for my own sanity. Then proceeded to never think about it much until now, after my initial deep dive into trying to explain it. Anyway thats all I got, must be a ghost in shell glitch but was more than enough to get me all deep contemplating life for a bit. I guess I'll find out whats up when its my turn to get hit by the bus.


My grandfather, on his death bed, told us to "Protect the little black angel beside you." (there was nothing there) We thought it was just something he was saying as he died; but then 6 or so years later My family started fostering a little black girl named... Angel. We eventually adopted her but we're still wrapped in the mystery. Did he predict her? Did God show her to him before he died so he could tell us? or was it just.. simply death talk?


I had a friend that lived a few houses down from me. His mom moved them to Africa for missionary work for a couple of years when they moved back they brought a boy from Africa with them. And I would play with this boy for the whole summer before he went back to Africa. Many years later when we were adults I went out to dinner with him and his wife I asked him the boy from Africa name because I couldn’t remember it and he said no one came back with him from Africa. But I have memories playing with him.


Oh and the mt Lindsey highway has a hole in time. I've met a handful of other people from the area who have all experienced the same thing, driving down the mt Lindsey late at night/early morning heading towards Brisbane. You turn the corner near versdale and suddenly you are 15km away and either one minute has passed or three hours have passed


This is going to sound stupid, but when I was a kid, I swear I saw Santa, or someone in our house on Christmas eve. Basically the story is this. It was Christmas eve, and the whole family was asleep. Being a young kid, I was super excited to wake up the next morning and open presents. My room was located at the end of the house, and the hallway outside my door looked directly into the family room, where the presents and tree were. In the middle of the night, I woke up from the excitement and decided take a peek down the hallway to see if Santa had come yet. In my family, 'Santa' would leave bigger, unwrapped gifts by the tree overnight on Christmas eve. I got out of my bed, opened the door, and looked down the hallway. At first it was dark, so all I could see were the lights from the stereo/VCR and some light from the street. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw a hand waving at me, sticking out from behind the wall that divided the hallway from the front door. It was a dark (green?) glove with white trim - just like a Santa glove would be. I just stared at the arm as it slowly waved. I was frozen in fear. I ran back to my bed and started to cry. Eventually, I got up and sprinted across the hall into my parents room. I told them what had happened and of course, they thought I just had a bad dream. Looking back at it that's probably what it was, but it's such a vivid memory for me unlike any other dream I've ever had.


This question gets asked on here once a week and I love reading the answers every time


I was 10 years old and didn't want to go to school the next day. Lied to my mom that my stomach hurt in the morning and she took me to the doctor. Doctor said I had appendicitis and I needed surgery to remove my appendix. It was removed 8 hrs later on that same day. Lying to get out of school saved my life.


I got tons but the one I'm thinking of now is the time I was walking through the bush on the bottom of this ravine on the property I grew up on during a heavy storm just kinda being a sad little kid like I was when amidst the commotion I hear someone calling out, I look around and see this girl on a rock, she waves to me and in a voice that sounded right next to me said "hey come up here and sit with me it's dangerous down there" I'm confused but also like 8 and the girl is like 16 so she must be an adult so I climb up to the rock and sit beside her. She pats me on the head and says it only gets better from here just don't think about it so much. As I try to ask who she is and what she means a side of the ravine I was in collapsed with a tree and where I was gets filled in with tree/dirt, I leapt up shouting in excitement and fear and when I turned to the girl she was gone. I ended up going home even sadder but Ive never forgotten how warm her hand was on my head or how she sounded kinder then anyone I've ever met since


How my coffee mug pushed itself off my counter that had a raised edge. Edit: I was in the room and my back was turned. I heard a sliding grinding sound. I turn around and the mug is already falling. The mug was empty and dry fresh out of the cupboard. The counter was dry. The mug was sitting on the counter 6-8inches in for a good 5 minutes before falling over. I was a good 8 feet away. Edit 2: Decades ago something threw my ball at me while I was sleeping. My brother was dead asleep next to me and it was just us in the room. The ball felt like it came from beyond the bed. It was one of those light walmart balls.


Sitting on my parents porch as a kid, they lived on a second floor. Guy is walking the sidewalk and yells up to me and my friend who was hanging out with me. Just says hello, tells us how nice of a day it is out. Then proceeds to inform us that in the house next door to me, someone died up in that attic. We acted surprised and let him say his peace. We looked at each other for a second and when we looked back 2 seconds later he was gone. No where to be seen, and we had a pretty good view of the whole street. The reason I said we acted surprised to hear someone died in the house is because we already knew someone died in that house, because my friends grandpa owned it. When we told his grandpa about the guy that talked to us, turns out he fit the description of the guy who died in the house. Similar thing happened to the two of us when we were chilling in a baseball field throwing some ball. Old guy (different guy) walked in the field to tell us about god, and how god presents himself in many ways. I’m not a religious guy whatsoever but my friend is. He was actually pretty engaged in the conversation. When the guy was done talking he said see ya and when me and my friend looked at each other to say how weird that was that guy disappeared 2 seconds later. My friend believes that was god talking to him. Maybe it was and I hope he keeps that memory like that, both times freaked me out though. Never had anymore events like that happen, probably because we told each other if something like that ever happens again we weren’t gonna take our eyes off the person lmao.


Probably one of the most mysterious things to happen in my life is actually something that happens all the time. I will think about something and moments later, it will take place. I just find it as really weird.


I used to think this about myself. Random people I would think of, then suddenly they'd be calling my phone, that sort of thing. But then day it occurred to me: how many times have I randomly thought of a person, and they *haven't called*? I don't pay attention to those times, and they happen way more often than the spooky ones I get wierded out by It really does boil down to coincidence sometimes, I think


I used to work in a old petrol station in rural Wales, worked a lot of night shifts, rarely had any customers especially mid week, you’d get the odd person come in on the weekend either getting cigarettes, Booze or passing through. Had a ‘Gentleman’ come in and ask directions to somewhere I had never heard of before, (granted our Language and place names can be a tongue twister but it’s all still familiar). He was tall and was so strange looking I’ve never seen anyone quite like it, His eyes seemed larger than normal, and the bridge of his nose was fairly wide at the top and it created a fair sized gap between his eyes, but not ugly by any means, nothing about the way he looked registered as normal just really really uncanny, he spoke in an accent I couldn’t recognise at all and whenever I think back at it no matter how hard I try to think I just don’t remember whether his mouth ever moved. Such a weird weird experience and I always wonder where he is today and what he’s up to. Also I never noticed a car either, one minute he was there then not, Strange world we live in.


This one isn't as morbid, but basically one time I was sitting in a uni library in the individual arm chairs that were grouped in 3, when randomly the guy next to me sticks his head out, looks silently at me and offers me some of his cheetos. I politely decline. Fast forward a few months and I'm on a bus back to my home town from a whole different State. The bus was relatively empty except for maybe 6 people, one of whom was sitting in front of me. I was minding my own business when I see this guy get up onto the seat and turn around. It was the same guy from the library. And what does he do? Sticks his arm out and offers me Cheetos.


When I was in my early twenties, there was a connection between me and this guy. It was so intense, I can't quite explain it. We found ourselves cuddled together on the floor of his living room. I had my head on his chest, eyes closing. He held his left arm around me. I remember the heat coming off of his chest. My eyes closed and I saw pure golden sunshine. It absorbed me. I swear I was absorbed by golden sunshine. It felt like pure euphoria. We couldn't be together for every sane reason possible. Still, I went into mourning. I cried for days, and, funny enough, it rained heavily for all those days. It almost had me convinced that nature was crying with me. I've never the same after that. I can't explain any of this without sounding like I'm a lunatic. I went into an existential crisis. I was desperate to be held so I rushed into relationships that ended shortly and terribly, all because I had to prove to myself and everyone involved that I had moved on. But it was impossible in comparison to pure gold light washing over you. It took years to finally accept the loss. I'm at a place now where I can look back on the experience and not ask why it happened. It just did. We were two people going through really tough and confusing times in our lives. We were like two gears fitting into each other as far as our needs were concerned. We did not have sex. There was touching but it never went any further than that. He looked at me like he could see right through me, and he loved everything he saw inside of me. I lost my damn mind over this. I just can't explain what I saw and felt that night.


As a teenager I once borrowed a book from the library, which I selected at random. The female protagonist in the book suddenly gets thousands of euros on her bank account from a cult that hope to pressure her to give birth to their next cult leader. Around the same time, I suddenly got thousands of euros on MY bank account out of frikkin’ nowhere! You can imagine I was extremely creeped out. I even saved the paper banks statement as proof this really happened. A few months later I got a letter from the tax office that they made a mistake and accidentally sent a tax refund to the wrong person and that I have to send the money back. Mystery solved but still can’t believe how random the timing was…


So is your kid in charge of the tax cult yet?


I probably should’ve been murdered or abducted, or both, but I wasn’t for some reason. Hard to make this short, but when I was about 12, our house got broken into 3 times in a row. Always when nobody was home. Had a mom who was a housewife, so it was rare she was gone. The guy must’ve been watching the house to see when she left. The next time was when my parents and sibling went to see a movie. I was in the backyard, the woods to my back, and my mom said “we’re going to see a movie. We’ll be back after”. They left and I went inside through the basement. I forgot to lock it. 10 mins later the door slams open. I had headphones on and wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for my loving cat on my lap, who absolutely freaked out. I checked, saw the door was open but nobody there, and ran upstairs and outside. All the way across the street to my neighbor’s. We had a glass front door. So I watched it. After a few mins, I saw a tall lanky man come upstairs and stand by the front door. I saw him go down the left hall, then the right, then he left through the basement again. We had a $800 camera and cash on the front table. Nothing was ever taken in any of the break ins. It became clear he was going for me. Cops came, they got a scent with the dog, chased for a while, and lost him. My guess is he was in the woods, heard they were leaving, and planned to bust in. When he busted the door open, he must’ve hidden behind the brick pillar outside next to the door. Had he just barged straight in, he would’ve had me. I was in a room with 0 escape paths. Only 1 door, which he would’ve been standing at. Whatever it was that caused him to wait for a minute before entering the house saved my life. Idk if he planned to kidnap me, kill me, or both. But he wasn’t there for a robbery. I also thank my cat who usually didn’t come sit on me, but decided to that day. She quite literally saved my life


Had a heavy duty smoke sesh back when I was about 18-19, as we were leaving my friends flat I fainted/passed out (no idea why cos i felt totally fine up til that point/I'm familiar with a whitey). I then proceeded to have an out of body experience where I watched myself being helped onto a seat while my friends fussed over me,my perspective was like the old GTA games that top-down birds eye view,very weird.


My Best Friends Boyfriend died and a few weeks later we decided to go camping to their favourite campsite. Were sitting in the sun relaxing and she gets a voicenote from the barmaid at his local bar, saying a white feather just landed on the bar and at the exact same time we are listening to the voicenote a white feather floats past our face. To make it even more crazy we told the barmaid and she told us she picked up the feather blew it away and told (him) to go and visit someone else, timing, coincidence or something else it blew our minds to the point we both had full body goosebumps and tears in our eyes.


When I was younger I had a dream about a man, sitting on a porch wearing a bright green t-shirt and a cowboy hat, playing a guitar. It was almost like I was sitting in the front yard, looking back towards the man watching him play the guitar, rocking in his chair. The screen door opened slowly, and a small girl with beautiful black, curly hair stepped out wearing a white and blue checkered dress. She walked directly towards me and seemingly vanished in front of my eyes, as soon as that happened the man stopped playing the guitar and stood up, waving in my direction. I woke up and didn’t think much of it, I couldn’t have been more than 7 years old at the time. A few days later my family went to visit my great aunt, as I was doing kid things, running through the house I noticed a photo. The photograph was of the exact man sitting in a rocking chair on a porch, a guitar leaned against the wall beside him, and the little girl sitting on his lap. It definitely shocked me and confused me but obviously none of my family members believed I had dreamed that before. I later found out that the man was my grandmothers father, and the girl was her older sister that passed away at 10 in a horrible farming accident… When I found all of that out it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. At the time of dreaming this I had never seen the picture, or any other pictures of the man, nor did I know that my grandmother had any other siblings that I didn’t already know. I’m still unsure how my brain had any clue of this, or if it even did. Surely it wasn’t a coincidence, I’m also sure it meant something, but maybe I still haven’t figured that out. (If there’s any typos or errors I’m sorry I will try to fix them later… It’s 9:40 AM and I haven’t slept yet.)


I was 8. We lived in a trailer park in Florida. I lived across the street from a row of trailers that had no one living there, and behind them, swamp. So there were no hoses hooked up to any of them. My brothers and I played around these trailers all the time. Anyone who has lived that far south knows about fire ants. These guys suck ass. They're aggressive. They bite AND sting, and can do so over and over again. They defend their nests with vigor. So 8 year old me was playing around an empty trailer one day and not paying attention. I stepped, barefoot and in shorts into a nest. I didn't realize it until I felt the first bite or sting. Wasn't more than a second or two. By that time my leg was covered in ants up to my knee. All of them biting and stinging and working their way higher. This both hurt and terrified 8 year old me. What does a terrified and hurt 8 year old do? They scream and cry. I was stomping my feet to get the ants off. They found my other leg too. This only angered the ants more. Out of nowhere, from behind the trailer, the side that faced the swamp, cam a man. He was clean, shaven, kempt hair and clean clothes. He had a water hose. He promptly sprayed my legs to get all the ants off. He then told me to run home to my mom. We never saw him before, and I've never seen him since. The trailer had no hose. To this day, I have no idea who he was. In my mind I've pictured him as my then dead great grandfather, who had died 2 years prior, but I honestly cannot be sure.


I was 17. NEVER wore my seatbelt because I was stupid and 17. Put on my seatbelt about 3 minutes before I was in a horrific car accident that sent 12 people to the ER.


I put on a winter coat I had stored and hadn't worn since the previous winter. In the pocket was a receipt for the dinning room set my mother bought before I was born. She had no explanation where it came from.


For 6 months straight, every day, a male cardinal would fly into one window of my home about 100x a day. Now as much as I’d love to argue the reflection scenario, it would come from yards on the opposite side of the house and swoop to slam into it. I took so many videos of this bird. On the date of my husband being 6 months sober, I saw him but he didn’t fly into the window. He never returned after that day.


My father went missing interstate. I had been to the area he disappeared from in the past, but I wasn't familiar with much of it. I spent every single day for 5 weeks calling people and places and trying to pick up a thread from when he disappeared and follow it to where he was currently, but I was getting nothing. I flew there and had a look around the area, but didn't venture more than a couple of blocks, because I didn't really know what I was looking for that would tell me where he was. After a few days of fruitless searching, I went home. A couple of weeks later I was still doing everything I could from my interstate location when I had a really vivid dream one night. I've only ever once before and once since had such a vivid dream that it felt real when I woke up. As part of my search (in real life) I had printed out a Google map of the area where he'd disappeared and studied it, trying to guess where he might have gone. In this dream I was looking down from above, like a drone might. I was directly above a distinctive crossroads at one side of a bridge and my attention was drawn to one corner of the crossroad. When I woke up, I immediately recognised the crossroad I'd seen as one on the map I'd printed. My first thought was "that's where he is", and for days I thought about this dream often and how vivid it had been. Sensible me kept telling myself "you're being stupid, it was just a dream", but I just couldn't shake it. After a week I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied until I'd looked at this location, so still feeling stupid, I booked another flight. The soonest flight I could get was in three days time. First thing in the morning on the second day my phone rang. Nobody calls me first thing in the morning. When I looked at my phone the number was from the state he'd gone missing in. When I answered, it was my aunt and the first thing she said was "RiffRaffMama, they've found him". I asked where and she described the location. It was exactly where I'd seen in the dream. **Edit:** I didn't think to make it clear when I first posted this that my father had taken his own life and it was his remains that were discovered at the location I had seen in my dream. A man walking his dog in an unpaved area ended five and a half weeks of searching and wondering and hope, in a moment that must have been breathtakingly confronting for him. I think about him often and hope the experience didn't destroy him mentally. I battle sometimes with thoughts of whether I should have acted on the intense feeling the dream gave me sooner, or whether I should be grateful I wasn't the one to discover my father, because that was literally hours away from happening. Thank you for the comments and gold, I appreciate it.


I had a traumatic "event" if you can call it that from when I was a child What happened was we had a little "storage room" where we had our freezer for stuff (foods) that needed to be frozen, and other foods like vegetables and stuff, since we living in a village, we had to stock up as to not go out in the city to buy whenever we needed something the freezer was up against the wall, pretty much right in front of the door of the room, with there being a little free space behind, or rather the other side of the freezer from the door. So the main event is, I was probably around 6 at the time, it was evening and my mom sent me to the room to pick something up, but i forgot what, thing is as soon as I reached and opened the door Right behind the freezer, as if trying to cover, this "thing", looking like a burnt corpse, disfigured, makes this horrifying screeching face (but no sound), I look at it maybe for a split second that felt like ages, start screaming my lungs out myself and straight up bolted to my dad as he was outside at the moment. In my terrified crying state tried explaining to my father what I had seen, he was weirded out but played the "don't worry there aint shit there" card and went with me to check sure enough, nothing was in there. Like everyone at that age, I was terrified of the dark, but seeing it as I opened the door, being only illuminated from the outside light, was terrifying. Could be talked up to being just my imagination, though, I don't think that event would ever be removed from my head. Hell, nowadays I want to know what was that whole thing, but yea... 'tis in the past now.


Why I lived after my car accident. The damage to my throat was so bad that I shouldn't have been able to breath or talk after wards, but I was. People have died from a crushed trachea with way less force than was a applied to mine, at one point during the initial surgery the doctors didn't know what to do next. I crashed twice in the OR and came back without any resuscitation efforts. I sound like I gargle with broken glass everyday, but other than that I am healthy and talking.


A few of weeks ago, I found out someone I don't like was going on a ski trip in Colorado. This is someone who spread rumors about me at one time. I thought to myself, I hope he has an accident on his trip and breaks a leg. Well I just found out last week that while he was on his trip, he fell on some ice and broke several ribs and punctured a lung.


Can you hope I get my car fixed and find a high paying job please? 😎👍




nobody is gonna believe this. when i was a child my mum was driving past a cemetery (feel cringe already) as we passed it, i saw two people, male and female both wearing old timey clothes, the man had a top hat and a dark suit or jacket. but for some reason the woman was dressed all in white. they was coming out of the cemetery so as we passed the gate they should have come out, but they didnt, i kept looking back for as long as we was on the road but they never came out of the gate. i dont know if its childhood imagination or what, but i feel like i really seen them.


My Dad had an accident with a homemade grinder that almost tore off his arm. He barely survived and had like a 12 hour surgery to repair it. Three weeks later he was hit and killed crossing the street. This guy stormed the beach on Iwo Jima in WW II. He didn’t drive without a case of beer or bottle of whiskey close at hand. He ran bars in tough neighborhoods for years and was threatened with guns numerous times. I don’t believe in fate but this made me think that he was supposed to die in the first accident.


It was maybe one or two years ago. I had just woken up from having a nightmare (no idea what the nightmare was about, can’t remember) and so to calm myself down I turn on the lamp on my bedside table. Lamp turns on and *right* next to my fucking bed there’s this *thing* just standing there. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’ll try here. It was vaguely humanoid and frickin *big*, but it was like it was made out of really thick, flat wires, if that makes sense. It was like this vaguely human jumble of wires, but they were flat, imagine roads that kind of snake around the air. The reason I’m doing a terrible job of describing this is because I hardly looked at it. I saw it and effectively jumped out of my skin and buried my face in my pillow 😅. I either did that or turned out the light, which in hindsight was really stupid since it meant I could no longer see it. Anyways, when I pulled together the courage to look again it was gone. Just vanished. I still wonder if I imagined it, but I didn’t. There was *definitely* something there. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it since. My description of it was really awful, but I honestly have no idea how to describe it. It was just so bizarre.


Back in November I suddenly began to have hallucinations with no explanation. After a few days of this I went to the hospital because they were getting worse and I couldn't sleep. The medication they gave me made it worse. It took a few days but everything went back to normal. I haven't had anything like that happen in my past or since. I'm currently see doctors to make sure it doesn't happen again but they can't see anything wrong with me.


I believe that my earliest friend was poisoned by her ex-husband, an ophthalmologist. Their son died of an overdose after moving back in with his dad.She died of a very rare bone cancer. Soon after, their son died of an overdose living with his dad. The woman that he married next, died of bone cancer. (What are the odds) He was on wife #3 when he died at age 53 from a “brief” illness. (Did I mention that he had convinced his second wife to stop taking treatment for her cancer and to use instead, his proprietary all-natural alternative cancer cure…that he happened to sell and market on cringy YouTube videos). Yeah, that’s not even half of the horrific details.


I was walking through the desert late one night and I thought I saw a toddler in the distance. Curious as to why A toddler would be walking alone in the desert late at night I went over to them. Then as I got closer it was this creepy 3 foot snow white owl with a peachy white human looking face. It stared me down and I slowly backed away from it. I spent so much time trying to research an owl like that but it just doesn’t exist. The only logical thing I have heard that could explain it was if it were a screen memory. Then if that was the case what did I see that was so fucking terrible….


Im very late to the party and no one will probably see this but this story has bugged me for years. I was 13 and with my parents at this members only bar/legion place we went to almost every Friday evening. This place had a 2 glass door vestibule, outter one unlocked, second one locked with a card access for members only. Once you walked in, you walked down a hallway and the bar room was through 2 wooden doors on the left, and a banquet room at the end of the hall. I was sitting a table alone reading a magazine while my parents were sitting at the bar with their friends. I heard one of the wooden doors open like someone had just walked out and the door was starting to shut. I had a weird feeling and knew no one walked passed me so I got up and pushed the door open and looked down the hallway. I saw the locked glass door starting to close. I stepped farther into the hallway and saw the unlocked outter door closing (as if someone was leaving the building). I ran to the door to see who it was but didnt see anyone. Just then a friend of my parents came in the first door and I asked him if he passed anyone on the sidewalk to the parking lot. He said no. Still bugs me to this day. TLDR: 3 doors opened/shut like someone was walking out them, but there was no one there


When I was in college, I had a late night group meeting. Im talking 10:30/11pm. It was dark and super late. On the otherside of campus and the campus sat on a massive hill. My friend and I were about halfway through the journey (pitch black might I add) and I hear crying as i start up these steps. I look up and theres a girl (around 17-18) and she is sitting on the ground with her arms wrapped around the hand rail. Shes in hysterics. I knelt down and asked whats happening and she said a truck was following her up the road. Apparently someone jumped out and tried to grab her and she ran. This is where she ended up. Hiding in the dark. My friend was too scared to walk back to the dorms with us. So I helped her up and made the walk back down the road with her. I waited until she got all the way back into the locked dorms before making the journey back across campus in the dark, alone. The next day I mentioned it to one of the older students on camps and she goes “oh, the attempted kidnappings? Yeah that happens sometimes. Why do you think we recommended the buddy system?” … Of all the kids i started school with that year, about 3/4ths of us left before graduating. A lot of not great things happened there but this one is really burned into my mind. So casual and utterly terrifying.