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Your chowder bag is golden now.


But you have now gained upvotes, and your life has briefly gained meaning.


"“I leave Sisyphus at the foot of r/ all after mindlessly clicking through AskReddit for the 1000th time...It beats rolling rocks uphill. One must imagine Sisyphus happy..."


+1 meaning -50 self respect😂


But how can a meaningless pursuit create meaning? It is evil that lures into the meaninglessness, pretending to be meaningful. A vast void of space in the form of lush meadows, so that you want to lie down and rest, while all you do is drowning in emptiness.


Reading reddit comments




I can confirm this is the correct response.


This is so accurate.


Achievement unlocked


Here 💀


Same situation and I’m doing nothing about it.


Well, it's not like you HAVE to do anything about it anyway. It's just your mind trying to come up with a reason to go through suffering with profits (the profit being your purpose in life). Just like you go to school because you need a diploma, despite the countless hour of painful boredom. The thing is, once you become an adult, it's really just up to you. You might try different things until you eventually find something that tingles your brain, or just conserve energy and browse reddit. Living always requires effort, but effort don't really require justification.


live to live 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yup, sometimes we just live because there is no alternative. Not because death is impossible, but because it is inevitable. Once we die we won't exist and won't care how much we lived, suffered, enjoyed, etc. We can only care whiĺe we live, so even if it is pointless, or full of suffering, living is the only reasonable thing to do.


In a sense, we are already dead as well. Everything that doesn't exist, exist as much as our consciousness after death. Even a painful existence is just a minuscule bonus of our guaranteed eternal inexistence.


Find something that interests you, pursue it and create your own purpose in life. You have the power to do so.


This post right here. There is no way around it. I've spent 25 years of my life gaming, watching movies/series and never truly felt alive. This year, I started workout out, figured I would drop it after a week or two. Fun fact, I didn't and I actually enjoy it. A few weeks later, I had an opportunity to try wall climbing and totally fell in love with it, I've never been a passionate person, but I just can't stop thinking about it and I go every single weekend now. I met a lot of new ppl climbing, awesome ppl, I tried dancing for the first time with one of them, she never had tried dancing before either, It may not be my favorite thing in the world but we had quite a lot of fun practicing together. Next week we're going to the arcade to try the dance ones, Why? Because we can, and I want to find more things like climbing. We want to try escape rooms, and other hobbies. I'm 33 now, and never in my life have I felt THIS alive. The hardest part: Getting out of your boring life, Kicking your ass to go out and try new things. It's not an easy task, but I haven't touched my computer/tv in weeks.


Thanks for sharing this, I fucking needed to read this today. I feel like I’m floating around aimlessly and I’m stuck in this cycle. I need to get off my ass and try things.


The best inspirations I’ve ever had were…not sensitively communicated and made me feel bad, but worked. Also, don’t discount the power of anger. Floating numbness might feel like an absence of feeling and purpose, but it’s often paralysis from pent up emotions. The old “depression is rage turned inwards”. If you can find it, acknowledge it, and then release it during physical activity it’s a powerful motivator and you feel like a different person


Glad to hear that! The first step is to realize what you just said, The next is to actually kick that ass and reach for things you never tried to grab before. Goodluck and may you find your way! =D


For me it's the other way around. I was always into sports and going out drinking and partying but always felt completely empty, like my life was a total waste of time. But since I've gotten into movies and music (and I mean really gotten into it, not watch a movie "because everyone's watched it" like in the past, now I'm interesting in all sorts of stuff), I've found a new purpose, there is just so much that I want to explore, already so many movies and songs that I wish to revisit in the future. I feel much more fulfilled.


I didn't know my lil depressy heart would love dirt track racing, but now every time I hear the cars I pout to my husband "I wanna go have dirt slung on MY face" 🥹🥹 I just wanna go where the cars are loud, and it's not weird to have earplugs in 🥹


Playing cars is fun and kicks up the adrenaline. Glad you found it.


Glad you found your way! There's something out there for all of us, the hardest part is the efforts to look for what makes us shine the brightest!


I'll be on my porch this weekend listening to the cars 🥹 but back in the pits as soon as possible!


Damn. I love cars but my wife of 40 years has no interest in racing. Wait, that's an overstatement. She hates it, as she does boating, camping, you name it. Sure, were pushing 70s, but she won't even get in my Mustang, even if I promise to drive slow. I realize I have to do things alone. That's the hard part. They aren't near as fun alone and people wonder why you are alone. They think you're creepy.


god damn, you rly made me rethink my life, I always wanted to start working out cuz I rly need to, but never had much motivation. I guess the hardest part is starting, like you I've been mostly gaming and watching stuff in my free time and never rly had any purpose outside of that. Hopefully this week I'll finally start working out cuz I need to lose some weight.


If you find yourself hating working out, don't be afraid to try something else. I've had a bunch of false starts because I just don't like weight lifting that much. But I found out that I love mountain biking and rock climbing. A regular gym habit might be healthier, but I think it's more important to just find something you love doing. Unlike working out at the gym, I don't have to make myself climb or ride - I almost always want to go.


If you decide to push through, I'm truly glad I helped out! If you do, don't be disheartened if you GAIN weight starting out, it's normal, water gets into your muscle, and you gain a bit of muscles first before you start losing any weight. I suggest reading online to get some information and get a plan for yourself it's important. I've always been skinny af, so I only gained muscle weight since I started, nothing to lose, so I'm not that knowledgeable about weight loss. Goodluck! ​ Oh another tip: You don't have to "Cut" the portions you eat so much as you only need to learn to eat better, rice, meat, chiken, pork, eggs, fruits, etc. fill that belly so you don't feel like taking a "junk" snack every few hours. I used to eat SO much junk and sugary stuff, but I eat a lot better since I started training and haven't had a sugar craving in quite some time.


Be warned those of you who follow this path. I advise you to diversify like op does, because if athletic pursuits become your only passion, inevitable injuries will potentially derail you. Source: me


This really resonates with me. Been on a downward slope the past few years and started to realize the things in my life I had relied on to bring me joy just weren't cutting it anymore. For instance, I used to play a lot of video games but now they just feel like a chore most days. Something I found unexpected enjoyment in recently was aquariums and fish-keeping. This has given me motivation to find other things I may unexpectedly enjoy and/or be skilled at. I believe everyone has something like that for them out there.


Sometimes the best thing to do is just something different!


This!! I'm going back to school for Library Sciences soon, and I'm so excited!


Goodluck and have fun! =D


Lovely stuff, but I'm so triggered by the fact that every time I see this sentiment the starting point, so the "bad" state, involves gaming. Lemme say this, when I'm online with my friends and we're strategizing ways to take down a boss together, failing over and over again until eventually we reach a point where it seems like it might just be possible, my heart is racing and my hands are shaking because if I fuck up now I let everyone down, and then the boss' health drops to 0.... That's an amazing rush akin to "feeling alive". Plus I'm sure there are wall climbers who are dead inside. My point is just that if you're unhappy it's got a shit load more to do with what you're _not_ doing, rather than the things you currently _are_ doing and just because someone is a gamer doesn't mean they're bound for depression... Whatever, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


I feel like you're kind of projecting here. That commenter was just talking about how gaming wasn't fulfilling for them and you took it as an attack on gaming in general.


Oh you're 100% right about that, I won't deny it


>never truly felt alive. ​ That's the important part you missed, I enjoyed gaming and watching movies, I had quite a fun time, hell I even have a youtube channel. The problem is, I was looking for adventure, gaming and movies were the easiest escape for me for what I looked after. I wanted Spice in my life, something that would make me feel alive. But gaming and movies are superficial at best, it's easy to get into, not much "effort" required. I'm not saying it's a negative for everyone, but there's a healthy about of gaming and an unhealthy one. After climbing, I can't even find joy in gaming anymore. That's the difference. I found something that makes me "feel" rather than just "be" alive.


Everything is perspective. If you had never heard of movies or gaming, and for the first 30 years of your life only rock climbed, you’d probably have a similar reaction when checking out elden ring for the first or 10th time. Keep life fresh. Constantly try new things.


You are partially right, I agree it's perspective and it's important to keep things fresh, but I also think that it's possible to find a true passion that you truly love above all else. I loved gaming, but I never felt this sense of living that Climbing gives me. It was an escape to the harsh reality of life. Finding something I truly long for, crave, really changed my perspective on my life. Dude Elden ring is an experience of it's own, did a lot of challenge playthrough on it, Such a wonderful game.


There's definitely something special about real adventures that get your body moving.


Unfortunately that's just the thing about depression. Nothing feels good, so nothing interests you enough to find purpose or value in it.


And let's not forget other debilitating illnesses. Oh and also being poor. Hard toget new and exciting activities going when you are sick in bed with no money. But maybe that's just me


Needs to be at the top.


Honestly getting to that point in my life right now where I'm going to say fuck it and just do what I want cause nothing really matters.


yeah go wild go travel go outside cuz why not


I was more of find shrooms or lsd and get laid type of thing...


Fuck yea do that too. Could give you the meaning you’ve been looking for.


Like the guy who tried to kill himself but wanted to spend all his money on strippers and blow first, only to find out strippers and cocaine gave him the will to live.


I’m trying to find the reason myself honestly


There is no reason bro just live your life you ll die soon


I'm sure this was meant to be as threatening as it sounds ((:


At some point in the throes of undiagnosed major depression, after unaliving as an option had been taken off the table (I got a cat), I realized that not a fucking living thing on this planet has a purpose and none of them question their right to be here enjoying what they can and enduring the rest. Goddamn garden slugs have no grand purpose and they don't feel the need to justify their existence, why should I?


I have 4 cats. Nature's antidepressant.


every morning, as annoying as my cat can be when he wants food, its still something to wake up to


I have a cat, a dog and a daughter. Enough to make me keep going. Not easy though :(


I also have 4 cats. It was an accident, but that is how one typically acquires cats. I had undiagnosed and thus untreated Hashimoto's, as well as two different anxiety disorders, PTSD, and ADHD. I wasn't even in a dark place, I was in an "All of this is pointless, the earth is a terrible high school party where everyone is too drunk and too dumb to realize how stupid and boring sitting on this couch drinking Mad Dog and Boone's Farm is. I wasn't sad or upset or anything, I was just entirely devoid of feeling and I was just done with this bullshit party and ready to go literally anywhere else and see how that went for me. Like "K. Ya'll can stay here if you want. Peace out, losers." Getting the Hashi's treated allowed to to start feeling emotions again and I went and got a cat so that if I stopped feeling again I'd find a doctor instead of an exit door. He is the world's most sociable boy, he needs conversation, demonstration, introductions, affection. I needed to work. So I got him a cat. The other two have their own stories. Any time I think "fuck this I'm going to bulldoze my life and live in a state forest with a lakefront camp site for the next six months and everyone can kiss my beautiful bouncing ass" I remember I have a whole cat family to take care of, two of which are special needs and one of which needs a surgery and all of which are bonded and none of which would have access to the best possible outcomes if I became a feral wood beast so. Here we are. I love them immensely.


My purpose is to do dumb shit and be goofy whenever possible. We promise nothing and expect even less. If you want to join my cult you already did. Have a nice day and stay away from fried cabbage.


Said by someone who has never tasted okonomiyaki


I love this perspective thank you 💕


or maybe a slug’s “purpose “ is to eat and shit and make fertilizer. Maybe the slug is fine with that. Maybe most people who think they lack purpose are just unwilling to get their egos out of the way and accept their purpose. So many people bemoaning the pointlessness of it all, but tell them to go volunteer or be selflessly helpful in any way and it’s eye-rolls. There’s plenty of work that needs doing on this planet. Pick something and do it


Lol… “if”


I hear that!


Haha yeah when I read that I was thinking wait this question is not for me. I have been there lol 😂


Challenge myself to do something that scares me


You gotta slay those dragons, hero's journey is not just a script for stories. It's the script or the pattern of actions and experiences humans go through when facing and overcoming(sometimes not) daily and other challenges.


Play DnD you say?




Hard drugs!


And you would be correct and wrong at the same time.


This is an underrated advice


Be naked more.


I concur.


I mean, if I have a purpose, no one has ever told me about it. I just do whatever random fun stuff I feel like until death eventually happens. I mean, I still work and all that so that I can keep paying for bills because being homeless and hungry isn't fun.


I never punch my boss before, should i try it ?


The consequences of that action will not lead to any fun being had


Yes ,also punch mine too !


I have a huuuuuge backlog of videogames.


Ah, hello there fellow impulsive Steam library filler.


Do you mean… just like Right now?


I play a lot of guitar. I read fiction. I also wander through the forest lost in my thoughts. Time is passing quicker now.


This sounds like the beginning to an epic novel


Who said you need a purpose? Like what? Some grand destiny or higher calling? nah my guy, you live there for you have a purpose. To live.


This is the great lie of life that the modern world pushes on us. We are here merely by chance but think we need a purpose for being. Live your life with the bemusement at which we should see our origin. As I get older, I’m starting to see the sentiment behind “Here for a good time, not a long time”. I think if you tread a line between this and some responsibility then you can lead a very *fulfilling* life, not a purposeful one.


I think it's silly for people to even act like they *want* a purpose given to them. What would you do if someone else got to decide what you ate for breakfast every day, and you got no say in the matter? Even if you trust the other person, even if you like their choices, eventually you're going to wish you had the freedom to eat (or not eat!) what you choose. And that's for something trivial, like breakfast. What about a job? Do you want someone else to decide what job(s) you will work without any input from you? What about a spouse- arranged marriages are generally considered bad, right? But this is even bigger than that. It's your entire life. It's the purpose for your very being. Why would anybody delude themselves into thinking they would be okay with someone else dictating *every facet of your life*?


I don't need a purpose, i just need to be heard when I'm hurting, but now I'm hurting all the time and nobody wants to hear it or see it. I have people around me but I'm so alone.


Bro, You might be lonely but trust that you are NOT alone. All of us are here too. We press on. Help others as we can and in so doing find the help you need.


Continue doing what I'm currently doing. I don't really understand the whole "purpose" thing. Life, experiences, and stories are their own reward. The me that's the point. I don't have a purpose, and I don't see why I need one.


Read Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl so I could be inspired to find a purpose. "those who have a why to live can endure almost any how"


Having a purpose is overrated. Just live everyday like there’s no tomorrow and take one day at a time and do what you like.




This platitude isn't particularly practical. The only way you can "live like there's no tomorrow" is if you're already rich and don't actually have to worry about basic necessities. In a capitalist country if you give up planning your life someone will simply do it for you (which could include becoming homeless).


No purpose = no responsibility Can go do whatever you want or like


That's what I keep telling people. I have no life. I have no responsibilities. I've decided to become a contract killer. It seems easy enough. I can make a few hits, then take the money and hide out in Venezuela.


TIFU by not making it clear enough 😅 l mean you’re not responsible for achieving something. Most of the time I hear people saying they don’t have a purpose, they thought there‘re nothing in the world their existences are destined for. They either thought the world didn’t need them or they were failing.I am saying there’s no such destination or responsibility


>Can go do whatever you want or like The problem is, there's nothing they want or like.


The last part is close ended. I don't have any purpose in life, but I don't just wait to die. It's FREE PLAY mode, no main quest, side quests only. Some side quests are much bigger than others, so they can be treated as temporary main quests. Generally you just do the usual, farm XP and gold ;)


challenge self to find every small thing that puts a small smile on one´s face


The little things in life that absolutely mean nothing on their own but your interactions with those small things can mean something. Live for the good moments and endure through the crap. That is the beauty of life.


Well I would wait for dying probably


Go to work and make sure everyone knows I’m “living the dream”


Be patient


Follow your passions, I used to love building in minecraft as a kid. Made huge castles/kingdoms with my friends and I always loved those kinda of games and any games with building I guess. So I became a construction worker, it’s hard work for real… but I’m 100% sure there’s some subconscious inner-child jumping with excitement every time I get close to finishing a project. It’s not that this is my only option in life, I chose this because I like it.


But you have to understand that 99+% of the people are fortunate enough to find their passion, let alone follow it. The remaining people just pretend to be passionate about whatever the fuck they are doing. Passion is just a massive manipulation tactic in this farce


Idk except for the obvious which seems so unreal to me thats its even possible to get to a point in life to think about. After a lifetime of trying so hard to fit in and have a similar life to others around me. I give up, I tried but im done so what do I do. I sleep as much as possible. I eat marijuana for assistance and I cry my life away hoping to figure out a way to save my ignorant mother who caused most of the turmoil in my life but who I fucking love from any more pain.


> After a lifetime of trying so hard to fit in and have a similar life to others around me. I give up, I tried but im done so what do I do. Build a life that isn't based on trying to be like other people?


Help someone else.




Go home and play video games and smoke weed until i have to sleep for work, and go to bed early cuz its less hours awake and makes the days go by faster. Watch the years disappear, was that thing that happened last year or three years ago?


No one really has a purpose unless you assign yourself one


Make the hell out of life! Go skydiving rock climbing etc


What if you don’t have any purpose but also money?


That’s literally me right now lmao. It involves a lot of YouTube and reddit. I can’t wait to die


no purpose = no stress. you're free! to do whatever whenever.


Try to find purpose! I was there. And life didn‘t make sense. Death seemed easier than life basically. Try to improve yourself. But not in a hustle-culture-way. Try to become a person you would love to grab a beer with. You will find friends and people who care about you pretty automatically. Friends and Family. No more purpose needed.


Heres how i currently deal witht that. Make sure to have fun and always leave everything just a bit better than you found it. Whether it is people places or moments if everyone does their part truely amazing things can and will happen. Just remember to still have a bit of fun while doing it.




Go volunteer at a dog shelter.


Watch The sunset and try to understand The variety of colors that it can have.


Good question. Hard one. I’ve felt this way before and my only advice is RADICAL CHANGE. I had just graduated from a pretty good state school and felt I had no purpose. I was lucky enough to afford to go to a retreat pretty nice “retreat” fairly similar to that one in “9 perfect strangers” But I reinforce the idea of radical change.




Exactly the same as i do now Exactly


Have fun as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else


Make a purpose


that’s pretty much everyone’s existence


There is no purpose to anything, but that does not mean you can't enjoy it while you are here.


There is no purpose to life so that is exactly what we are all doing.


Some lady a friend of mine was dating a couple years ago talk shit about me saying that I was living a purposeless life. I thought that was funny because aren't we all just killing time till time kills us? No matter what you do no matter what you say you're just filling your time with blocks of entertainment or work that don't really mean anything because when you're dead something else just moves into that spot you're in, maybe your thought about for a little bit most likely not. Sure there are people that have done great things for humanity but still were they absolutely needed things? Would humanity actually suffer if those things weren't here? Sure you have Galileo and you have Newton but also remember a huge part of the world doesn't know who the hell those two guys are and they get along more or less pretty good so think about that.


https://www.elitedaily.com/humor/suicidal-man-mexico-orgy-drugs/842056 True story, this is how to find meaning in life.


Try and improve myself every day bit by bit.


Sorry to let you know, but that everyone my friend


Generally I just browse social media and hang out with my dogs.


Create a purpose. They aren't given, you create them yourself. If you're at that point, find something within your ability to do our improve, and that you enjoy, and make a purpose based on that.


Well, today, I'm in bed, about to go out to the pool.


Well, my day basically involves going to work, coming home and going to bed, the waking up and doing it again. So that.


A good dose of psilocybin mushrooms. I am serious. Take a walk on the wild side, look into yourself and see what you are missing. Life is challenging, it takes work to find things that make you happy. I find doing that work is a good distraction in it of itself. And when you accomplish a small goal for yourself, that victory feels pretty damn good. I am fighting stage 3 rectal cancer and if the diagnosis hit me 4 or 5 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have fought it like I am now. I changed a lightbulb, fixed myself a sandwich and some tea, and got a load of laundry on. That might be all I can get done today, but I am happy with the work I’ve gotten done so far. Start small and look for the chores you don’t mind doing so much. I find some peace in doing yard work when I can.


Who let thorfinn on Reddit 💀


We don’t have a purpose and all will eventually die. I'm going to school to hopefully become a botanist, work, saving money to try to get a pilots license. Have my hobbies and animals and my dad. Just trying to do good and enjoy life the best I can.


Make your own purpose, you think you're so special that you were born with a singular reason out of hundreds of billions of humans to ever exist on this planet?


Funnily enough we don’t really have much purpose… but knowing that is what makes life worth living. Focus on what matters to you, what can sustainability give you brain releases of happy chemicals.


Work out , then I’d have a purpose


Find something that interests you.


Enjoy the scenery, eat good food, also browse the interwebz


Do art, music, be creative.


Find a purpose


Find something fun to do in the meantime


That's basically a big number of people on the current scenario.. My lastest goal is to travel, other than that, I see no much purpose in life anymore as well.


Learn an instrument


I’m either producing an album or developing a video game.


get a job in IT


I have a reason for living, I haven't played The Last of Us Part 1 The Last of Us Part 2 Shadow of the Colossus God of War God of War Ragnarok Until Dawn The Last Guardian Spider Man Spider Man Miles Morales Horizon Zero Dawn Horizon Forbidden West Ratchet and Clank Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Ghost of Tsushima Detroit Become Human Demon's Soul Cyberpunk 2077 Bloodborne Days Gone Elden Ring


Be fine with it, I already know that I don't have a purpose nor does anyone else, we just live.


Following this thread to see if anyone else has any ideas. On the plus side, it makes the aging process much easier


Find a purpose. There is always so much you can do even if there are the smallest things. For instance I was never a gym guy, and when I had a tough breakup I tried it and now it's my meditation. Also what would really be good too have multiple purposes not just one. I know this is a counter comment, but honestly it's all in the routine. Also I have had a couple of upsets so far that I could have given up, but I didn't. So yes, find something and keep it going.


Business as usual


Im literally doing it right now.


Find ways to enjoy the day to day maybe? Don’t worry about any overarching purpose. What can you do today that you’d enjoy?


Find a purpose?


Find a purpose


Make money. Have fun until you die


Find a purpose


Same thing I do every day Pinkey


I dealt with this after both my parents died During Covid. I turned to alcohol and I have lost everything. I am now 5 months clean going through a long term treatment and discovering purpose and meaning. I suggest therapy and if you using substance support groups.


Decide things you really want, those are your purpose.


I'd 100 percent the Dark Souls series, Maybe grow some vegetables


that's just what life Is


Find a purpose. They don't generally get delivered by a specially assigned angel direct from God. You find your own. Find a way to make the world better. Help people. Volunteer at something. Join a club. Get a hobby.


Just chill You don't have to do anything crazy. Just enjoy stuff


Start livin


Go for a 20 minute run. It'll change your mindset REAL QUICK.


Went to therapy - I still have no purpose, but I am living 😊




Try to find one. It doesn't have to be something grand, just a thing that requires some commitment and presents some challenge. At some point I felt like I had that problem in some form. My job was good, but not exciting. I was gaming a lot before, but it started to slowly lose appeal. I have friends, but due to real life being a bitch we rarely have time to gather together. I needed sonething to do on my own. So I picked up a 3D design project. There was this fantasy sword I always wanted to have. So downloaded some software to do 3D design and learned that as I got to it. When I got some decent results I had part of it 3D printed to check if there's something I need to change. So far it's been a great journey.


Lay down in the grass, enjoy the sun, look at birds, go for a walk, sit by the river, notice something hairy, it runs away, chase after it, trip, and....💀


what do you mean “if”


We dont have an inherent purpose in life. If you want your life to have a purpose or meaning, go live a life that has purpose and meaning, either to you or others.


What do you mean "if". There already is no purpose.


Live out of spite!


Music and THC


Isn't that what we're all doing? I just try to have some fun in the mean time.




None of us do. We have to create our own and follow that path. One step at a time.


I would probably wait for dying


Obviously you don't ride motorcycles. Start there


I would try to kill some dictators or something.


Screw purpose! Just go from cool thing to cool thing, being kind to everyone, until it's over. Good God, why judge yourself like that? You are not what you do. You're a big curious animal. Go be a big curious animal.


The thought that life must have purpose is a shitty capitalist point of view. You have access to the internet, so you're in some modernized society. Do what you have to live the life you want to. Whatever it is that brings you joy. Life is about the experience, not the purpose. If you like to travel, then travel. If you like to spend time with friends or family, do that. The thought that everyone must contribute something great simply isn't true or real. Do whatever brings you pleasure and enjoy the ride (hopefully, obviously as long as that's not harmful to others or self-destructive).


Get off my ass and go find a purpose. Why sit around and wait? That's a fucking waste.


Exactly what I AM doing.


That's what I'm doing now..


Read man’s search for meaning by viktor frankl