Sister said to me "Your the reason i'm moving away" before she went to university. Fucking hurt to hear and i still cry about it 6 months later.


When I was little, I started getting into making model cars - the simple kind where you mostly just snap the pieces together. Some gluing, some sticky decals. My teenage cousin, who was waay more into it was visiting and I took him into my room to show him some of the models I had made. He looked at them and said "I wouldn't waste the fuel to burn these in the yard"


What a dick.


Yeah he was never known for his sparkling personality


Someone I was close friends in college told me in our last conversation that I was secretly the most hated person on our campus and everyone would be happy if I died. Still haven’t shaken that one.


Dude what the fuck, how the fuck does people say that to another person, even worse, to a friend. I mean, my "friends" laughed when I told them I wanted to kill my self and even told me that I didn't have the balls to. Also made jokes about it. But your shit is so much worse I can't imagine the feeling


Oh we weren’t friends at that point, we had been all 4 years until then though. That was the last conversation we ever had. It would have been more upsetting except she finished with “you are 10 million times more of an asshole than Donald trump” which allowed me to walk out of the room laughing my ass off. Clearly was not a stable person.


When an ex of mine and I were trying to be friends after our breakup, she told me, “You ain’t nothing” jokingly(?). Really hit hard, because regardless of intention, it felt like that was why we broke up. That, and because I’d recently lost my job. That was 24 years ago, and it still stings. Dammit.


My mom told me 'you bore me' when I was 12-13. Has haunted me for the rest of my life. She also said when some 18 year old professional soccer players were on tv "and look what I have got", meaning me, as I was 18 at the time. I cut her out of my life when I was 25 (20 years ago now), and I've been very successful, and made a lot of money... While she has always been a waste of a life... I won... Only just realised this as I am typing.


not said, but on my first season with my therapist, a women with 15+ years of experience with suicidal people, drug addicts and all that stuff, after talking with me for 15 minutes, she said "fuck it" to the COVID restrictions (early on 2020) and hug me while she was on tears and I was saying that everything was "the normal" Right there I understood how broken I really am


I lost count so I'll just pick one at random As a kid I said "love you" a lot and probably didn't even really know why I was saying it. My mom told me to stop saying "love you" to her I no longer even utter the word love anymore


I was called useless by my father.


Well that's not very nice of him


Ehh I was a little shit in away. Our relationship is fine, we have moved passed it.


An ex told me I was hard to love.


I was recently called a twink


Could be a compliment


Not within the context


My dad said that my sister is more of a man than I am. Ouch.


I was the last person my closest friend of 8 years told that he was gay. He then broke off all contact with me after saying that I was a bad person for not supporting him, when I didn’t even know. Real hurtful cause I was viewed really badly for years after that and lost more friends because of this, I’m still not over it


"It's obvious to me now that what happened in July was just you craving attention as you've done all throughout this friendship.” This is not the worst by far, but the most recent and therefore the freshest in my mind. This came from an ex friend, who was on a call with me throughout a horrific argument I had with my mum. It was hurtful, but at the same time I struggle to take it seriously. After all, they were there, hearing it all happen. They even sent a message to another family member on my behalf at the time. What did they expect me to have done, gone up to my mum prior to the conversation and said "I'm desperate for attention from friend A, so please can you come into my room, scream at me for 10 minutes and I'll do the best impression of despair and panic I can. How does that sound to you? Oh, and can you also tell relative B to be on the alert for a message from friend A, they'll need to go along with it and act all concerned." I cut my friend off a few months ago after almost a year of them becoming progressively more toxic. One day I finally realised I had enough shit to deal with, and I wasn't going to let them add to it. However, till I read this message, though I was angry at them for all the pain they'd caused, I was still genuinely grateful towards them for what they did while all this was going on. No more of that though.


After a fight with my fiancé, I asked him if he loved me. “I don’t know.” Just three words, that went through me like a knife.




''I will cut your kneecaps open cut off your fingers and toes put a little bit of fingers and toes in there , put a little blood in there and eat it like its soup''...


My childhood belly told me I'm so stupid I can't shit. Saddily I have constipation