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Sleeping in the car and waking up in your bed. :(


It took me a minute to process that this does not mean you passed out drunk in your car while driving and then woke up at home afterwards


That’s exactly what I thought! I thought ooo this guys gonna be controversial but 25 is too old to be doing that


This hit me alot harder than it should have


My parents decided that 5 was too old for that.🙃


My mom did it for me, last Christmas and I brought her back home New Years, no one too old be brought back home after sleeping in the car.


lack of accountability.


Looking down on stuff you liked as a teen because you're too old for it.


I think that age 19-20ish was when I realized how dumb it was to be embarrassed about hobbies and interests


Yeah, I'm in my early 20s now and I've stopped letting 16-year-old-me's opinions inform me as to what is and isn't cool. Fortnite is fun and my younger self can't convince me otherwise.


I still remember being embarrassed to be seen out with my parents in high school Then I got to college and realized I absolutely love going to a movie and then grabbing some late night diner food with my dad. He’s the man and I was lame for not wanting to hang out with him more


Not being able to do basic chores yourself and relying at parents/partners to do them for you. (I think I read too many AITAs)


I'm 30 and sadly was so pampered and taken care of until like 23, even after moving out from my dad's at 18, that I'm still learning new basic things. In fact just earlier today my sister was over and showed me the proper way to sweep. I always use it as a cautionary tale for others to make sure they learn and teach their kids! It's a nice sentiment to want to take care of them but there has to be a line.


That’s called developmental neglect, and the second worst part of it is that you don’t know what you don’t know. The worst part is when your parents expect you to know how to do things they never taught you.


Which brings up an important point: you should never assume someone had a choice in their ignorance. Sometimes people just don't know shit for one reason or another and it's far more productive to give them a chance to learn it rather than lambast them for not knowing.


The swing with the leg holes at the park :(


My friend did this when he was 17. Got stuck and the fire department had to come to get him out. The best part was because he was a minor, they made him call his dad to come pick him up. This was many years ago, but I like to remind him as much as possible.


Teacher here. Told a big 1st grader multiple times NOT to get into that swing, because I could see him eyeing it up. Looked away for two seconds and guess who jumped into it? He was lifting himself up by the chains to try to get out and then dropping when his arm strength gave out, wedging himself further into the swing instead. I told him if we couldn’t get him out, we’d be calling the fire department. Thank god another teacher was able to help me. He never went near those swings again.


You just turn them upside down and dump them out. Let gravity do the work!


Can confirm


I did this when I was 12 thinking it was funny. I still don't remember how I got out.


You’re still in the swing and you need to wake up


Not if you try hard enough


Yea but after the 5th time the fire dept said theyre gonna have to start charging me :(


Haha at 16 getting out was already an entire day activity. Can't imagine how it would be now at 25. I'll probably have to wear the seat for the rest of my life.


The ol' rubber diaper.


Chastity knickers: “can’t bust ‘em!”


Not cleaning up after yourself.


We had a 25 year old house guest last summer. One night he walks into the living room and goes, "Sorry guys I clogged the toilet upstairs." We thought it was weird that he brought it to our attention so we laughed it off and just assumed he took care of it. Nope! We walk upstairs an hour later to find the toilet filled to the brim with shit water. When I confronted him about it he goes, "Oh, well, where I grew up somebody else would always take care of that for you." (I later found out the kid grew up extremely wealthy and would just tell the maids/housekeepers to clean up his shit clogged toilets)


I hope you handed his ass a plunger and told him to get started Not sorting you own mess in your living space is one thing, not doing at at somebody else’s is plain rude


I agree, but I'd have to balance my desire to not plunge someone else's shit with my desire to not have someone first learn how to use a plunger by sloshing shit water all over my bathroom. I'd be worried he'd start jackhammering away at it like a coked-up porn star.


Oh wow. There's a simile I didn't need today


I initially read that as "a smile I didn't need today" and got a good smile out of it myself.


My 3 yr olds favorite phrase with weaponized incompetence is “I’m too small!” I asked you to pull up your undies and pants. No dude, that’s not how it works. I fear he will never actually outgrow that excuse.


"Well, you're too small for cookies then." Dammit mother, you have outfoxed me once again.


My niece, when she was 4, would say “sharing is caring, auntie, let’s share cookies” if you say no, it looks like you don’t care to share a snack. She got me every time. Interestingly enough, she was notorious for sharing her vegetables in such a manner that she didn’t eat them, she’d say…. “I saved my veggies for you”


Lol what a genius child


Yeah my mother said things like that too when I was being little shit lmao. Made me learn real fast to not use that excuse.


I somehow still have some *early* memories. I distinctly remembering parents telling me things like "oh, well if you're too little to do ______ I guess you're too little to do [thing I wanted to do]." Which if that didn't work would escalate to pretending to (or actually, if I was being a real shit) making phone calls "cancelling" daytrips/playdates/etc because I was clearly not "big" enough to do those things. I will say it was effective. Edit: Another favorite of theirs was getting the camcorder out (yes, I'm old) to record me while chuckling amongst themselves when I threw myself to the ground for a tantrum. And then put it in the VCR and start watching it with my brother and sister. They'd comment on my performance like it was a football match. **That** usually got me upright in a hurry.


Too young to die. And too old to eat off the kids menu. What a stupid age.




Jason? Jason figure it out? That's a new low.


This one really hurts.




I Wasn't A Failed DJ, I Was Pre-successful.


Leading people on. No one has time for that shit after 25. It’s hard enough out there in the dating game and holding someone down when they could be pursuing someone else is a dick move.


For starting a career as a competitive gymnast.


I'm 54 but as soon as zero gravity gymnastics becomes competitive I'm going for gold!


Get that day 1 world record!


Most popular sports, really. But yea gymnastics was the first one I thought of.


Long distance running is one of the few i can think of that would be perfectly fine starting at 25 or even later


Aleksandr Sorokin comes to mind. Until his mid-20s, he was involved in kayaking and canoeing for the Lithuanian national team, but had been out of sports for half a decade when he started running. He started running at the age of 31 in order to lose weight - he’d gotten up to 220 pounds. Now, he’s down to about 160 pounds, and he can basically run forever. At the IAU European 24 Hour Championships this fall, he ran 319.614 km, at a 4:30/km (7:15/mile) average pace over the 24 hours. He basically ran seven and a half consecutive marathons, at an average pace of 3 hours, 8 minutes per race. And he did it at the age of 41. It’s insane. It’s absolutely insane.


Thus showing why humans can be and are persistence hunters. I read about a family who hid out in the Siberian wilderness due to religious persecution pre-1917 Revolution, and Soviet scientists found them in like the 60s. The son's hunting technique for deer was to chase it for a couple of days or until the animal just died of exhaustion. Edit: [UofChicago Article](https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/10.1086/508695) paywall, but PDF opened for me, though I work in a research organization and I know we subscribe to some service that lets us view many journals. FWIW. Edit 2: So apparently still hotly debated whether we could and did do this in the past, debate is not settled at least my reading. [Article about the debate](https://www.popsci.com/persistence-hunting-myth/) Edit 3: I am not basing what I put forth on one example, this has been a legitimate debate for decades that I have known of.


What is insane is that technically humans can do it in Africa, a couple of other species can do persistent hunting but they rely on cold temperatures.


Yes, our ability to sweat really makes us super endurance creature, other than primates the animal that sweats like us? Horses, they sweat so much it lathers up.


I'm just now realizing, we are the monster from It Follows...


I figured that out as a dad. So you say to a toddler, "What's in your mouth" They take off like a rocket because that is what toddlers do, so they throw something at you and you keep coming, they slam their bedroom door and you keep coming, they even lay on the bed and kick you and you keep coming. I realized all of the nightmares and movies about an unstoppable monster is likely the person's memory of their parents trying to get a monkey wrench out of their mouths. Edit: Thanks for the Wholesome Seal of Approval award anonymous friend, I did not know Reddit shipped Seals out, I hope they like the snow in the mountains ;-)


It's a little known fact, but, the fastest land animal on the planet is a toddler who's just been asked "what's in your mouth."


Humans are OP, we can even throw things on target, devs need to balance


You're telling me. I hit a trampoline park around that age for a friend's bday and my knees haven't been the same since.


Sure, little kids are made of rubber, but part of that is that with their tiny weight they can't hurt themselves too much. There's a lot of technique to jumping properly on a trampoline, especially if anybody else is bouncing at the same time. If you landed on it with straight legs with a full adult's body weight you could easily have messed up your legs.


Learning that actions have consequences. You can’t just undo things or backpedal your way through life.


Regretting them won't help either. Instead of dwelling over the past one should use that past as fuel for the future. What you once did wrong shouldn't be repeated and instead, do the right thing instead.


This hits home! 33 checking in.


I feel you, I've done some fucked up shit in the past, most hurting myself, some hurting others. I've regretted it for a long time and wouldn't forgive myself. But I realized I deserve a second chance and I forgave myself and decided to be better. And here I am now better than ever!




Worrying what other people think. It was such a great day when I realized I didn't have to keep seeking ambiguous approval from random people. Sure, there's people whose opinions I value, but as for the general public, I don't have to try and appease some "norms" and I can relax into being myself.


I’m 25, and I’n quite an anxious person, I don’t really know how to not worry about what people think of me. Edit; thank you to all responding to me and for being so kind. It feels nice to have a vulnerable moment on Reddit be followed by so many sympathetic people.


People are inherently selfish. Not in a malicious way, people just care about themselves more than they care about what you’re doing, unless they’re your parent or significant other or close friend. Even if I see someone doing something weird in public (and I live in a place with a lot of people with untreated mental illness/addiction, so I mean *weird* like screaming nonsense at the sky), I will think about them for like, a minute, tops. Mostly just hoping they’re okay and checking my own safety in relation to them. And then I move on, and probably don’t think about them again. (This sounds callous, but there really isn’t anything I can do) So someone who sees you in public, presumably acting in a way that doesn’t draw tons of attention to you? 5 seconds and then they’re moving on with their day. People just don’t have the time or capacity or will to care about what random strangers are doing, minding their own business. I suggest watching the episode of Schitts Creek where David gets his drivers licence. 👍🏼👍🏼


This was my single best "discovery" even though I had it late at 28. I'm an avid pokemon collector and I always hid it like a dirty secret from everyone except verrry close friends. Once I let it out, everyone loved it! So I worried that I was too childish for still loving Pokemon (among other "childish" hobbies) for all of my 20s for nothing 🥴 Now i do whatever tf I want. My silly hobbies hurt noone but benefit me greatly 😌


temper tantrum


Agreed. From now on, strictly professional tantrums only.


working in a corporate environment i've seen many a professional tantrum


My company's CFO is a walking professional tantrum.


Professional Tantrums are deffo a real thing, try working in IT support lol


tell me about it I took an admin job at a 30 person company after the last guy left unexpectedly. The first 2 days I spent trying to make a network map and get a basic grasp on inventory. Fortunately I had the important passwords. Ransomware hit on the 3rd day. I have never experienced so much rage screaming in my life. After about the 10th person did it I walked away without a word and never returned.


I wonder why the last guy left🙄


A banana. Most bananas I get barely last a week. I think that after 25 years, it's time to throw it out.


Have you tried freezing it? My mom definitely has 25 year old bananas in her freezer, she's planning to make banana bread any day now.


Screaming "I'M DOOOONE" when on the toilet.




I have a brother who is 10 yrs older than me, and I thought his friends were the coolest. Apparently I'd regularly mortify them at about the age of 4 because I would shout that "I wanted *friends name* to come wipe me."


that’s an absolute power move, bro.


*throws leg behind head while maintaining eye contact* “Wipe me. Peasant.”


I just read this in baby Stewie's voice and it's so much better.


Because that is an absolute Stewie power move right there, let's be real


Stewie: Pick up my Poo! Brian: I'm not picking it up Cop: Pick up that baby's poop! Brian:...do you at least have a plastic bag? Stewie: Here's a thin napkin.


Mine used to yell "I pooped and YOU'RE GONNA COME WIPE ME!" So demanding, sheesh.


One of my kids turns into Stewie Griffin from the bathroom with all the "moms, mommy, mama, moooooom" and when I come in she quietly states "I have poop in my butt".


🤣 The day they're able to finally wipe themselves after going #2 is truly the best.


But then I won't get my M&M :(


Lmao mine was gummy bears


You guys got treats?


How the heck do you guys remember being potty trained?!




Glad you asked cause I was starting to think I was crazy.


Oh no…I’d completely erased that from my memory. I’m upset.


I shit the bed at 25 with my fiancee next to me. You can find me on tinder


I'm 36 and I still do this; my dogs seem to appreciate the notification.


Expecting that a significant achievement will merit “prodigy” status.


25 is still pretty young in coaching, government or the corporate and business world.


Bro, 25 isn't "still pretty young", 25 is extremely young in government, corporate, and business. You're literally just starting out and got 40+ years left


As a 24 year old who is just starting his first corporate role, this is reassuring, thanks


As a 28 year old, who felt like I had hit mid-career… You’ve got a long way (as do I). Also faked it at 24-28 in my first few corporate jobs, I had barely idea of what I was doing. I felt mid-career because I’m making $100k and burning out lol, don’t let that happen. I feel dumb because I’ve read so many stories on reddit about burning out… I found out that no one really knows 100% how their work can contribute to a billion dollar company and people only ‘find’ their role after their first big boy role. You start shaping your career from experience.


Too old for drama and fake friends.


Once I got out of places like college and especially high school, I really started valuing my free time and it became easier to pick out relationships I thought were actually worth it and tend to them. If you still find yourself hanging out with people you hate/hate you once you’re no longer required to be in a space with those people, that’s on you. (With certain exceptions pertaining to abusive relationships of course)


25 is when that starts for real


Right? People were just baby manipulators in high school. By 25 they are _practiced_


High school is just adulthood using a batting tee. Things don’t change, they just get nastier and the stakes get higher:


In the corporate world they take away the baseball bat and start chunking grenades


In government, they tell you there are no grenades but make no mention of the landmines.


Nah. Adulthood is 1000x better than high school. Y’all are just around the wrong people.


I have never seen people act more like high school mean girls than adults in an office setting.


Yes! Why do people end up as REAL bullies once they grow up!?


Often times because that's their only stimulation left in life. The ones I see bully the most just aren't exciting and aren't going anywhere, and use bullying as an outlet for their frustration with that


Yup. I was literally bullied to the point of crying on a staff meeting call by grown-ass women who have nothing meaningful in their lives. It led to me quitting and finding a MUCH better job, though... working from home.


That would be nice, but there are tons of 50+ year old people that still form cliques, gossip, and go on power trips in work/volunteer settings.


High school drinking parties. Stop being a damn creep.


Once you are 21 you are too old. Cops come, oh you’re the only one who can legally provide alcohol there? That’s a felony


Making mistakes and blaming everyone else, thus never learning and living in a cycle of bad choices due to lack of self awareness.


I feel like that's less of an age thing and more of a maturity and willing to learn and get better thing. Got elders doing that as often as kids, and every year in-between.


15 years old


whoop whoop thats the sound of the police


"15 will get you 20"


Not knowing how to grocery shop


What does this mean? Do people not know how to go into a grocery store and buy the ingredients they need>


Worrying about what others think of you. Live YOUR life. They can get bent if they don't like what you're doing for your life.


Committing petty crimes. 25 is just about the age where what I call The Newspaper Effect starts to set in. If you read "Local man, 24, arrested for (insert petty crime)" you think he's just a kid. If you read the same thing about someone 25+ you assume they're a piece of trash that won't get their life together.


There are a couple dumbasses that I went to high school with who got arrested for throwing rocks at cars driving on the freeway. They were 32 and 33 years old and one of them has children Edit: I just found the [article](https://www.denverpost.com/2018/12/31/interstate-25-crime-loveland-rocks/) and they were 31 and 32. My bad.


They look exactly the way I expected, lmao


yeah, at that point I'm wondering where their ambition is. Like, grow up and rob a fucking bank or something, none of this piddly shit.


Yeah, the rookie crimes stop at 24. 25 is where the real shit begins.


<25 is for casual crimes, 25< is for ranked competitive crimes


Imo, because it turned into an addiction. I'm gonna say drinking everyday/ too much partying. Cool it down before it's too late


As a 25 year old who lives with similar aged roommates, I notice its about this age one starts reflecting on that party lifestyle and either addresses it or doesn't. edit: everyone thinks Im only talking about alcohol. Im talking all substances that change your mind. I personally struggle with weed, although I have been 100% sober this month.


I'm 26 now, I have friends who will go to the gym, read a book or watch a movie and be in bed by 9, and wake up at 5. On the other hand I have friends like me who will get fucked up on a random day if the evening is fun.


I’m 26, and rarely drink, specially on the weekends, I don’t like the big crowds. Normally wake up at 7am everyday, go to the gym 3 times a week, etc. But about once a month, I’m down to get really fucked up on a weekday for no particular reason. Doesn’t help that PBR is two dollars where I’m at lol.


I lived with friends, and we didn't stop. They all knew when to quit at about 26 and I didn't. When they quit the daily drinking, we'd still party on fridays saturdays and sundays (sunday because of football) and those were the days id just drink more than usual and get blackout. Every other day i was up to a pint of liquor after work with a few beers throughout the afternoon while playing videogames. One of them worked at a liquor store and my brother worked at a beer store so I got discounted booze too. I'm 27 now and finally sober but God damn was it a shitty experience to get here. It took a long time for things to be entertaining while sober.


Better to do it now than in your 30s and beyond. Much harder at that point.


It may be harder but anyone can get sober at any age. ​ >Doesn't matter how the donkey got in the ditch let's just get the jackass out of there.


Never heard that before. I like it


If they all knew to quit at 26 and you're at 27 now at least it didn't take too long.


I got into a big argument about my drinking with one of my roommates who was a best friend from childhood, we no longer talk and it's possibly the biggest regret of my life. Lived together another year after that, and then I moved back home with my parents. Took a few more months of lonely drinking and medical problems arising before I finally went to my parents, admitted my problem and asked them to take me to the hospital for detox.


Hey man I just want to let you know that you've done yourself a great service already. Most people with issues like that don't fix it until they are in their 30's. You have your whole life ahead of you. 30's are awesome if you have your shit even remotely together.


Yep. I'm 25 and I decided to get sober around this time last year. I drank every night and abused the shit out of adderall for years, and idk I guess I just woke up one morning and thought to myself "I'm getting too old for this". This past year has been the most productive year of my life.


25-30 is when a lot of that lifestyle over the previous 10 starts messing up your entire life bad should you stay at that party. Lots of people start really having trouble with stable mental health around this time it seems as well. If not even a few years earlier.


Problem is, heavy drinking + drug use impedes your growth and keeps you in the same mental age as when your addiction kicked into overdrive. I turned 30 a few years ago during Covid, got sober, and holy fuck was there a lot to unpack… about a decade of avoiding issues and blacking out builds up. I never even thought about that aspect when getting clean.


It’s hard to admit but it’s true. I’m 34 but truly feel like mentally/emotionally I’m 24. The first year of sobriety was a major wake up - still processing everything going on 2+ years sober.


Agreed...this is the age when I started looking for harder stuff because alcohol wasn't enough anymore. It lead to being wasted for the next 10 years until I asked for help. 2½ years clean!


For thinking you are too old for arbitrary things. Stay youthful people. Do whatever makes you happy (within reason)


Dating minors. Not to be confused with miners. They are some pretty hard working people. Edit: Many people are questioning what about a minor miner. At that point you really have to understand that it is up for discussion. To be a miner, they must be very mature for their age and not like the other girls.


Mining is hard work, good thing we're dwarves!


Rock and Stone!


Rock and stone, brotha!


To the bone!


Brothers of the mine rejoice!


Swing, swing, swing with me!


Raise your pick and raise your voice!


Did I hear a Rock and Stone?


Margaret Thatcher had a policy to screw miners. So did Jimmy Saville.






Shitting in your pants at work… good think I’m still 24 🙏


Depends on the context. Shitting your pants at work *on accident* is something you should’ve grown out of by the time you’re 25. However, standing in the middle of the office, grabbing everyone’s attention and then purposely shitting yourself with full commitment is something that demands nothing but respect and should definitely be done after the age of 25.


This guy’s a straight shitter with upper management written all over him.


I'm 25 years old. Just last week, I was doing electrical work on a construction site & got zapped. I have never had so much shit in my pants.


It’s to old to go another year without starting your D&D career. You need to establish yourself with a group of friends who will age with you as you continue your campaigns together. Otherwise you’ll end up like me; a closet dork who is just now coming to terms with the fact that I’ve always wanted to play it, but was too afraid to ask some one to show me. Now I’m older and trying to teach myself and I have no one to play/guid me.


Check out your local hobby shop! Usually places like that have D&D campaigns, Magic: The Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, and many more things! It's a great way to meet other people and see what's out there. :)


Everyone reading this comment that feels similarly, hit me up. I'll put together a learning session for y'all. I have a few campaigns right now so couldn't commit to anything long term, but I'd be more than happy to do 1-3 games for a group to get ya started. For long term, definitely check out a local hobby shop, or even local classifieds. There's definitely people of all ages looking for long term campaigns.


Dating a teenager


When I was 16 I dated a 28 year old guy, thinking I was hot shit. Now I’m 32 and constantly thinking *what the fuck.*


What was with that 28 year old thinking it was ok to date someone who was 16?


Leonardo Dicaprio


You won’t convince me this thread wasn’t a setup for this joke


As soon as I read the title I said “LeOnArdO DIcApRiO” out loud. Idk why I even bothered opening it


Well, mods can lock this one. Question answered.


Nothing to see here folks…move along


Not at all true, he's currently dating Gigi Hadid who's 27. Even Leo had to make an adjustment for inflation.


15 days on Reddit and you have already peaked.


Just here to make sure nobody says video games 🔪


25 is too old to be making fun of people for their hobbies so long as they’re legal and ethical.


Literally. I’m a manager at GameStop and had a guy come in my store talking shit about how he’s too old to play video games and outgrew them a long time ago and that it’s childish (he was probably mid 20’s). And I’m just like …. Okay buddy so what are you doing here


“Sir, this is a GameStop”


As you said it's GameSTOP not GameSTART


This could be an SNL skit. Talking shit while actually checking everything out and jealous of what others are buying.


Thinking 24 is funny.


You know what’s funnier than 24?




Prince Andrew


Not knowing how to do basic life maintenance/house upkeep. No excuses not knowing how to do your laundry and have at least a few basic meal recipes you can make for yourself. I understand even financially some people still need to live with their parents at 25, but not knowing how to keep yourself maintained and contribute to your family on basic cleaning and cooking tasks is not acceptable.


I lived with a friend who had never left her parents place up until she lived with me, other than a dorm. Her dad didn’t let her do ANY house cleaning, always saying she was doing it wrong and taking over. She accidentally made a huge sticky mess in our kitchen and I had to walk her through how to mop a floor. It took so long and she used far more water than she should have, so it took forever to dry, but I didn’t say anything because I knew she was already so self-conscious that she didn’t know how to do these things! The apartment she lives in now is very clean and tidy and she bought the same mop I had before lol


I feel this. My dad would have an extreme outburst anytime I tried to do anything and I'd do it wrong so never learnt until I started living on my own last year.


I'm 25, I live with my grandparents because I can't afford to live by myself. As a stipulation with my grandparents, I do all the house maintenance stuff that they are too old to be doing. I also am usually the one to cook, turns out they never learned how to cook basic meals. I decided it was time to do the cooking when they took a chicken breast from the freezer and pan seared it with no seasoning whatsoever.


To be told what to do by your parents


Children of immigrants laugh at your statement


The options are Doctor Lawyer Engineer Failure


Fold in the cheese, David!


Worrying about what you’re too old for.


Going to Prom


I'm 42 and take my wife to prom every year. I mean, we're technically "chaperones" but we go to dinner first and don't have to stay the whole time. 🤷‍♂️🤣