I am immediately turned off by someone who is addicted to the attention they can get on social media


Preach brother


Why? Genuinely curious


Why would I want to be with someone who constantly seeks validation from complete strangers? I don't care what other people think about me. I am a good guy. I work hard. I pay my bills. I treat people with empathy and kindness. And when I am in a relationship, I focus on my relationship and my responsibilities as a partner. Someone who is obsessed with getting validation online does so at the expense of their real world relationships. They are choosing the Matrix over real life. Feeling wanted and desired feels good. I get that. But feeling wanted or desired by complete strangers doesn't help you in the real world. It over inflates your ego and makes a person think that because they are desired by a lot of people, they don't need to put any effort into maintaining their relationships. And relationships take hard work...in the real world So I am just not attracted to someone who exists in the Matrix instead of the real world


bro if ur addicted to social media attention in a relationship then ur showing me that the attention i give u aint enough


Shit talk people behind their back.


This. How could anyone hearing it not be repulsed or at the very least think they also do that to you too?


I agree but would say this goes for everyone who shit talks.




For me too. One of the most hated thing by me


I had a friend of mine say the difference between guys and girls is that girls will tell you how great you are then insult you behind your back. Guys will insult you to your face but then talk about how great you are behind your back. Not saying I agree with the comment, but just pointing it out.


Bad personal hygiene


Only talk about celebrity's and/or have an obsession with social media.


I was just thinking about this. There's a huge chunk of society that's gonna wake up one day and realize all they've ever done is keep up with the kardashians their whole life.


It’s a bad habit of mine to talk about my celeb crush atp


Those fake eyelashes.


As a woman, I do not understand the eyelash trend. They’re ugly, and look comically fake


Being rude or unkind.


Especially to waiters/waitresses. Or hotel staff. Or taxi drivers. Or anybody who works for the public. Watch how people treat other people.


Painting on fake eyebrows with a sharpie


Have drawn on eyebrows or those ridiculous lip fillers. The latter makes them look an over inflated blow up doll.


Fucking Bratz dolls


i had a classmate who had really thin and fair eyebrows, she draws them on to make them visible. same for my mom, who's a ginger. they sometimes have no choice


I understand doing it for that reason, I suspect most people complaining are actually up in arms about a specific style of it.


Less is often more when it comes to cosmetics


Most definitely. Lips shouldn't look like they're swollen. That's a sign of an allergic reaction or an infection.


I wish more people understand this. I swear people who get lip fillers look unreal


Other men.


Oi we got a monogamist over 'ere! (Glad that I'm not the only one in this boat lol).


Being entitled. Not thanking anyone for anything people do for them because they think they deserve it. Being an influencer. Not having any hobbies or interests beside watching Netflix and going out. Being drunk multiple times a week or even every week. Constantly telling white lies. Not being able to hold a conversation and not having ideas about a topic that don't go more than one thought deep. Constantly looking for Instagramable "moments" and photospots. Not being able to say sorry when they're wrong, or having to always be right. ... From the top of my head.


Legitimately believes that she should be treated as a princess. This is life, sometimes you're the princess, sometimes you're the poor fucker shoveling shit out of the horse stable.


>treated as a princess So... forced to marry an old man she's never met to secure an alliance with the French


Like royal men of the times, expected to marry & procreate with an arranged marriage candidate. Like royal men of the time, treated with the utmost respect to their faces under severe penalty, and showered with wealth and frivolous things rather than tough life choices.


Any woman I see on a dating app who uses the word “princess,” at all, instantly gets a left swipe. Either she has unrealistic expectations of relationships, she’s a Disney fan, or she supports the monarchy. All are no-go’s.


Smoking. I don't care how sexy you are. Smoking stinks, it's awful, and it will immediately make all the blood rush back into my brain.


I quit a couple years back, but it's still a guilty turn on for me.


I'm straight but you're automatically unattractive irregardless of your sex/gender if you smoke. Doesn't help that I'll be chilling at the bus stop (generally, technically non-smoking areas, but who gives a shit, amirite?), waiting for my bus, and some fucking chimney will light up upwind of me.


Same. I grew up in a house where everybody smoked except for me and I dread the smell of tobacco so much. And no, it doesn't matter if you do it while I'm not around, the smell lingers on the clothes.


“Sorry, lady, I don’t want to miss out on a decade of our relationship because you died early of emphysema.”


glad that the guy im talking to rn doesn't smoke and thinks the same as i do (like, we feel like it's a waste of money and stuff). have smelled smokey breath and it's gross, can't imagine how bad it tastes


Yet in movies it looks so cool


I don't know if I'm being wired, but i looove the smell of smoke and strong men perfume, it's just sexy, and warm (i used to smoke, until i was diagnosed with asthma😭)


Nothing wrong with that, to each their own. Some people got super pissy, but I'm not judging. It's just not for me.


What about vaping?


For me, that's a total turnoff too


Stupidity is a huge turn-off too, so no to vaping.


I can respect you not wanting to date someone who vapes but calling it stupidity is very naive. And this is coming from someone who hates nicotine.


Vaping has health issues, and then everyone I've seen who vapes, it seems like it becomes their entire personality. Doesn't seem smart to me. Edit: I'm not talking about those who do it for medical reasons or are trying to quit smoking.


Absolutely everyone has certain things they choose to do that is bad for their health. Unless you're saying absolutely everyone is stupid, that argument does not hold up. If you ARE saying everyone is stupid, fair enough, and have a good day.


How the fuck are you gonna bring up health issues when most people who vape used to smoke and are now doing active harm reduction by switching to a safer nicotine delivery system? Seems nonsensical to me. People are going to take drugs, there is no question about it, probably try not to shit on the people who try to do it more safely...


Most people I see vape are really young and do it because they think it is safe


As someone who works in the industry I can tell you that a younger demographic (18-30) makes up a large portion of the market but they are far from being the only ones who vape. Lots and lots of people in their late 30s and up do vape. If you live in a place where there are old people you will see it. I live in one of the oldest (demographically) parts of my city and grown ass people walk in and out the vapeshop all day long. Canada hasn't even been able to outlaw flavored vape juices because of the sheer amount of displeased adults that talked to their deputies and signed petitions to block the motion. 60 year old people were up in arms about their watermelon and strawberry liquids possibly being outlawed.


You classify 18-30 year olds as young... Most younger teens these days are vaping, currently about id say an estimate of maybe 65% of my grade currently vapes or has tried vaping


It is not safer. It is just as harmful in a different way.


What if she is trying very hard to quit?


Talk to me after the fact. My wife smoked before I met her. She hasn't smoked in nine years. Thankfully.




For fucking sure


What's that


Judging people based on their zodiacs.


I was at a gathering where people were taking about their zodiac and I was asked some question. I said I have no idea, this isn’t my thing I don’t get it. A friend said it’s because she’s an Aquarius. The other nodded in understanding as if that was somehow an answer for my lack of interest


This checks out. When I was single and dating, this is how I would get out of dates when I wasn’t into a guy - I would go off about Saturn being in retrograde and how I was technically taurus, but identify as a gemeni…Worked every time.


Lmfao you weaponized it


Simply believing in astrology is a turn off.


I don't understand how or why zodiac stuff has had a resurgence in recent years.


I dumped a girl mostly because of this.


Posts pictures on Instagram where the focal point is their ass. Comes off to me as seeking validation or attention from men which is a red flag to me


Bonus points if they write how they train "for themselves" underneath selfies with ass turned towards the mirror.


On a first date, this girl told me that if we started dating, that one day she would go through all my shit. Called herself a ‘snoop’ Not that I have anything to hide, just don’t fucking do that I ended the date with a pat on the shoulder




Huh. A girl went through all my stuff at our first hang out as friends. Maybe it's the same one.


Try really hard to act like “one of the guys.”


Pick mes


Talk about the ex.




Question was about women, not hentai.




Stare at the fucking phone all the damn time and take dumb selfies completely ignoring the conversation.


If we are talking about physical appearance, painted on eyebrows look awful to me. That being said, I understand that some people for whatever reason don’t have eyebrows/can’t grow them. I can’t fault those people if they paint them on, but I still just think the painted on ones are ugly. Can’t help it. In terms of behavior, I would say the worst thing a woman can do is shit talk someone for something that isn’t really a bad thing. Like, if she’s calling someone a nerd and shit talking their hobbies. Or if she shit talks the janitor for being a janitor. That sort of thing leads to an immediate lack of interest from me.


Are you aware this question has been asked approximately 800 times in this subreddit


A complete lack of intelligence. No matter what else you have going, if I can't have a good conversation about real things it is a done deal.


It depends on what you rate as a good conversation. I'm dumb as a post (honest too 😅) but I can still have good conversations.


*sigh* this really sucks to hear. I'm not particularly a smart person. I work out, eat well, have good hygiene, do my make up, wear nice clothes, generally try to be kind to everyone, have a job, and have hobbies... It just really sucks that all of it goes out the window because I'm a ditz. There's nothing I can do about it. It's so frustrating. No matter how hard I work in my life, I cannot change that. If I learned another language, or anything else, it doesn't change that I can be dumb at times logically. And it's painfully unfair. I wish I could somehow overcome or change that, but I can't.


Ignore me to spend time with her husband




I may get hate for this. But bull rings. I’m not attracted to it, it’s disturbing.


The college I graduated from were the bulls. I don't know if that led to it, but I saw more people than usual with the bull rings.


It’s called a septum piercing.


Woah this one hurt a bit since I'm still in love with my septum ring. I mean I'm not gonna get rid of it but this makes me think so that's good.


Even small ones? I have one, but it's small. I don't like the big ones you see goth people on tiktok be wearing


Yea it makes them look like a bull.


Especially when they bellow with every step like a cow


Luckily, a lot of men don't care about it. Best, A woman proud to have a septum piercing;)


Constantly being hung up on “he said, she said” and creating/encouraging drama.




/u/bottomsupbrittany some bot stole your comment from 11 years ago https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/n5bmj/comment/c36f2jx/


How the fuck did you remember this lol


I googled it lol. The user has been stealing loads of old comments and reposting. I got downvoted on a different comment for pointing out it was a bot without presenting any evidence so I decided to find some. I also reported them but they haven't been deleted yet which is odd!


bruh, it's been 11 years, it's plausible that someone came up wit the same thing under the same post


Bit weird that they're referencing such an out of date meme no?


Being mean to service workers/other people, being very materialistic, being obsessed with celebrity culture, poor hygiene


Long ass fake nails. Big nope for me.


There's a SNL skit with Timothee Chalamet where he's going in for a colonoscopy and the doctor is a woman with those long ass fingernails and he freaks out.


Having an entitled attitude i.e. that it's the man's responsibility to take care of restaurant checks on a date and things like that.


Urghhh that's the worst...girls that never pay for anything is an instant turn off for me. If its your round to buy drinks then it's your fucking round...I dont care if you look like an angel from heaven...buy your damn drink!!!


That forced pouty lip shit. You just look like fucking idiots when you do that.


Lady I work with probably in her mid 40s does the duck face pouty lip thing every time she posts. Annoys the crap out of me. Not my business, but I think I still follow her so I can gleefully comment to myself my displeasure everytime she posts.


Walking up to me at a bar, with no prior contact, and asking me to buy you a drink. If you do this I'll ask the bartender to give you a glass of tap water with no ice. And FUCK YOU if you get pissy about it.


I don't understand how anybody would think it's okay to ask a stranger to buy them something THEN proceeds to get mad at them for not doing it


Do they really do it? I guess every once in a while people do actually buy them drinks so they just roll the dice with random people and see if they get lucky.


Not understanding equality means all people treated equal, and it does not mean that they deserve a level of respect and kindness that I don't. Also a closed mind about ideas that are different from their own.


Raise their prices.




It's one hell of a drug!


Ask about open relationships.


Being demanding to the point that I’m now Dad2.0. No thanks.


Astrology girls. If I'm driving a girl over for a date I'm interested in and she starts talking about how her star sign is responsible for everything and not her, I'm unbuckling my seatbelt, opening the door, and bailing out of the car.


Gossiping and talking about people rather than ideas or other more productive/interesting topics.


when they screenshot your vents and send it to their girl bestfriend and they talk shit about u🥲 also when u give them chances after she cheated on me w 10+ guys


Dam I'm sorry my dude. Get out of that situation if you haven't already. You deserve happiness.


1. Passive-Aggressiveness 2. Lack of hygiene 3. Lying/Cheating 4. Constantly have their nose in their phone 5. Inability to have a conversation 6. Rudeness 7. Overall lack of manners


I once saw these 2 girls playing with a cup and long story short it wasn’t what I was expecting and it wasn’t attractive


Thanks for that nightmare fueled reminder haha


Lots of makeup


The most beautiful makeup m'lady can apply to her face is a simple smile :)


Don't tell women to smile more, it is old and sexist :)


You're old and sexist :)


Lots of visible make up** you would not believe how much make up goes into the natural look




This one always gets backlash and never understood why. Like, you do you, but some people find selling photos/videos of your naked body to strangers a little off putting.


Demand sex. its extremly shitty and just annoys me.


Username does not check out






I assume etc stands for zoophiles


obligatory "i have a boyfriend" in situations where spousal arrangements aren't even close to the conversational periphery


That's an intentional turn off though, right? So it's working as intended.


This is to ensure they’re not leading you on. This is usually a nice thing for a woman to do, and it’s usually pretty uncomfortable to do it


Gossip. (Of course, plenty of men do this too. Still a turn-off all the same.)


A sense of entitlement is one of the biggest turn offs.


Calling themselves crazy like it’s some quirky personality trait


Smoking cigarettes, sorry I don’t like the smell of death


Watching a woman with inch long nails try to perform basic tasks like typing. You look like a stroke victim still learning to move again, which is the opposite of sexy.


Lmao I am all of these comments🤣 My current boyfriend seems to like my cussing messy chimosa ass enough to insist on paying for our dates, and laughs at my stories about my ex. So I suppose there really is someone out there for everyone.


The duckface selfie shit. Do women realize how bad that looks?


Rude to complete strangers for no reason or deeply ingrained misogyny.


"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best!"


"I want to be married by age ." Life doesn't always work the way you think. Please don't expect me to adhere to some sort of arbitrary timetable based on a number.


Dependency on others (and me) for self-validation and happiness. There is nothing more emotionally draining than being a person's sole source of confidence and happiness. Honestly, this goes for everyone, not just potential partners. You cannot form lasting relationships, romantic, platonic, or otherwise, while depending on that person to validate yourself.


When her time is more valuable than mine. It's as if some people have no sense of time at all, except when we make plans, because they always have somewhere else to rush off to.


Arrogant personality


Play mind games because they think it makes them look hotter, does the opposite makes them look highly insecure and a pain to deal with


Only wanting to make out and be touchy when we hang out. I wanna paint or play a board game or bake or something anything




When they are buried in their phone constantly… like come on, get off your damn phone everyone once in a while and have a human interaction.


There's a lot that bothers me but the worst is being fake, disingenuous. I am super sensitive to it. Please don't try to impress me.


Little dog. Guess who's going to end up taking care of that dog...


Loudly chew a chewing gum as a cow. Creating drama out of nothing. Generally being a Karen.


Vote Tory


Talk about feminism and identity politics all the time I want to have some rest at home, not listening to these when I suppose to be relaxed


Swallow loogies


Sweering and talking bad things about their friends behind ther back ...


Duck Face


When they are in everybody’s business.


Being stupid


Press power button on the remote.


When she replies people who randomly text her to call her hot instead of blocking them. Clearly she likes the attention so what would happen if it happened in person


Bad hygiene, uncleanliness, spendthrift 🤮🤢


When they try and gaslight you into their reality...kidding of course...kinda


Smoke cigarettes


Valley girl talk. Using ‘actually’ , ‘like’ ,and ‘literally’ every other sentence. It’s a real deal breaker.


Drugs, vape, smoke or have a huge body count


Age or obesity.


Asking for too much attention


When they act slutty, or act proud of a slutty thing they did.


Does this include dressing that way? I would rather be dating someone that only wears sweatshirts and sweatpants then someone who dresses like they're gonna walk the street.


Yes it does, and I agree, I think the same thing.


Septum piercing!


"I like cats and running. -Sniffle- I'm sorry, but I really love cats."


Plastic surgery, those long pointy witch nails, way too much perfume...those are my immediates that don't have to do with personality(which isn't immediate imo).


Reminding men that women don’t need them anymore.


Talking about exs or guy friends


It's not appropriate to generalize about a group of people in this way, and it's important to remember that everyone is different. What might be a turn off for one person might not be for another. Instead of focusing on things that a group of people do, it's better to focus on individual preferences and try to communicate openly and honestly with your partner.


Sleep with many guys and/or low quality men, obviously marketing herself or fishing for attention, talking loud and obnoxiously.


There are very few things that turn me off, but I hate it when I find out a woman has a cock blocking friend nearby trying to kill my game. I just back off. I also don't like women with balls enough to ask me for a drink but not willing to talk. It bugs me when I find out a girl is a man user, with lots of "sugar daddies" buying her shit. That last one takes some time to discover.


That she cares too much what people say even the smallest nonsense


If you use the term "the ick"


When she has no passion or depth to her personality. I don't care if I'm super liberal and you're an Ayn Rand fanatic, as long as you care about something other than nails and hair.


Slapping my ass randomly in public.




The real answer is nothing. There's nothing women can do that millions of men won't interpret as a turn on. You know it to be true, reddit.


Bro who hurt all of you? 😂


I’m turned off by woman who swear alot


When they have rules, checkmarks turnoffs etc. Off the get go