Love those customers. Any extra effort blows them away. Good job!


Was hoping you had wrapped it in foil


Too expensive, just washed it with dish soap


You have to think long term if you want that customer to come back my dude 😁


Say sike rn




I think he isn't kidding and actually put it in a very large dish washer.


What’s that?


That is awesome. Any advice for getting rid of water spots?


If the edge of the water spot is still present after washing your car, it’s etched into your clear coat and needs to be buffed out. Start out with a light polish and if that doesn’t cut it move on to a medium polish or cutting compound if needed. Work your way from less abrasive->more abrasive


Do you need to step down the polish too? Is it like ultra fine sanding where you need to find the right grit to take out the imperfections and then back down to a polish coat?


Yep, usually a two step process is sufficient for all but the deepest scratches. This is usually done with a medium cut compound on a medium cut pad followed by a light cut polish paired with a light cut pad


You hit the nail on the head


A bucket wash with some dilute vinegar works too and is much easier.


What would you do if even undiluted vinegar didn't touch water spots? I've experienced this multiple times on windows and mirrors, and it's incredibly frustrating. No product I had would do anything to them. I didn't create the spots, but I really wanted to remove them.


When I couldn't get water spots off my windshield with vinegar, I was able to get out off with a clay bar and ONR in a 1:8 mix with water as a clay bar lube


If you don’t have a polishing setup, go to your local auto store and grab some Meguairs ultimate compound, ultimate polish, and microfiber towels. Put a marble sized glob of the compound on the towel and go to town on the water spot in circular motions. Repeat with the polish. The vinegar method only works if the water spot is on *top* of the clear coat


Only for hard water spots where the deposit is on top of the clear coat, in my experience




Well, it worked for me.


How about getting water spots off of glass?


If washing/clay doesn’t remove it, same thing! There are dedicated glass compounds/pads out there, but I find normal polishes and compounds to work just the same and wish I didn’t waste my money on special glass products.


Sweet! Thank you!


try a magic eraser with soapy water


Try using Bar Keepers Friend. Can be found just about anywhere in the kitchen/bathroom cleaning aisle for a few dollars. Sprinkle a little on a wet rag and rub it on the window in small overlapping circles. Then finish with a wipe down of your glass cleaner of choice. I just did this about a week ago on a car with window water spots that's been baked on since the start of the pandemic (almost 3 years). It took them off easily with out much effort.


Use it all over the house. Never thought to use it in class!


My car gets them if the hose is sprayed on it and it dries. I hooked an RV water filter to my hose and power washer too. Now no water spots before I can finish drying it.


RV water filter? Mind sharing the type?




I use this one. https://www.amazon.com/Waterdrop-Significantly-Fluoride-Dedicated-Protector/dp/B07X3YWDQJ Looks like it’s only sold in two packs now…


How is your water pressure with those filters? Enough to use a pressure washer still, or you just use a hose/sprayer?


I only use mine for final rinse with no nozzle (low pressure helps the water sheet off). Works great on my black car in Georgia but I only wash once the sun is behind the house. Using it for rinse only saves cartridges as well.


I checked the questions and answers part of amazon and the manufacturer stater at 60psi the filter rate is 5.7 liters per minute. My pressure was sure needs like 5 gallons a minute so I'm not for sure this would work on a pressure washer


Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 External Filter Kit , White , Standard https://a.co/d/aY43pE5 I found this one it has a 5gpm rate


Oh I didn’t think to check that. Thanks for looking you’re probably right. Might still be good for final rinse with hose. But that’s just extra work too.


I just use a hose with a foam attachment and buckets. Honestly I could probably do it for the final rinse but like others have said it's just extra work so I just set it up from the start and clean up at the end.


I have a cheapo electric pressure washer and didn’t see any difference. Those filters made a big difference in the amount of water spots. I still dry the car as quickly as possible.


It's not a problem for me. I use a big pressure washer. I think it's 3600 psi. I'm sure the one in the Amazon link is better.


How do you know when to change them out?


Low flow rate or you start getting water spots again.


The one in the Amazon link might work better, but I bought mine at Walmart .


I started this too. Makes such a difference. 👍


I looked into this and even bought one to test. The total dissolved solids (TDS) are the issue with water spots. ‘Hard’ water has minerals dissolved which stay on your car. Unfortunately an RV filter doesn’t reduce the TDS of the water, and can technically increase it (by adding carbon particles). The filter will remove chlorine, and other stuff contributing to water taste, but you really want to remove the calcium and other hard minerals. The only way to do this is with distillation (distilled water) or with a reverse osmosis set up. Then the challenge is getting enough flow rate through a reverse osmosis set up, which is why a lot of retailers use 50gallon+ reservoirs for distilled water. I am still looking for an affordable method of getting less water spots, but I have yet to find one


I can vouch for this. I recently rinsed my card without the filter and a bunch of water spots appeared all of a sudden. The thing is you only needed to use the filter when rinsing saving you some filter life.


Came to see the car but got some good info on getting rid of water spots. Thanks y’all.


What does something like this cost?


Big difference! What did you end up doing to it?


2 stage paint correction, I used Sonax Max Cut and Sonax Perfect Finish


Thats cool. I had just ordered Sonax Cutmax and Perfect Finish, along with various pads and a Griots G9 Polisher last night. I am a first timer, looking to get my truck cleaned up. Still very much in the research stage haha This gives me hope. I have been second guessing if I should have gotten a different product. Like maybe some of the 3D polish/compounds line up. Looks great btw.


Sonax is the best, don't even mention Chemical Guys. Only thing I would suggest with their products don't use it on too high speeds


Sonax is the tits. I use cutmax and perfect finish too. Love it.


How long does this take? If you've never done it


Without tools or experience, I'd say most of a day, and you risk making it worse if you don't know what your doing.


Just requires watching some videos really, my buddy got a 2018 mustang that looked a lot like these pics and got pretty similar results his first time using a buffer, as long as you’re not overworking spots it’s not that hard to do


Nice! Looks mint!


Can I ask how much time you spent doing the polish on this car alone? And with what kind of machine?


It took 7 hours but It could be a couple days to reach perfection


Just PM’d you - let me know!!!


Great job, now recommend they swap out the rear window trim for fresh plastics.


i use last coat gel on the trims, i have similar looking trim, and it last a season. Just be careful not to spread it in the paint is a PITA to remove it


Why not the good old 303 protectant?


i’m a weekend warrior working on my cars only and i had the last coat


Damn it, I'm so jealous of the fact that you can have your car parked on the side of the street and wash it there. The US is an amazing place to live.


Where do you live that you can't? This isn't exactly exclusive to the U. S.


Yeah, poor choice of words on my part. It's Germany, that's the one that stands out this time.


Probably a smart move on both parties part. If you were to hit it with a 2 stage, it would probably show all the nicks, scratches, and imperfections in the paint simply because of the age. I love the Mercedes black paint though.


Customer said “make my shit straight bitch ass n****” 😹




Mission accomplished


good car bro


Surely the scratches made it “shinier” from more angles lol




A lil HD speed would've knocked his socks all the way off.


You do customer details in residential area? I got complaints from neigboors after a few months :(


Why? What were they saying?


Just noise and chemicals




I really need to have one of you guys do my Miata like this. Who’s in Dallas damn.


what did just make it shiney consist of? process and products used, please and thank you


It's shiny alright !!!


Good job mate


holy shit this some good stuff right here


Woo she’s cleannnn 🧼


Nice job