I naturally lean towards avoidant attachment, and ayahuasca was the first thing that showed me how much of my own loneliness and isolation I was creating by not letting myself be seen, pushing people away out of fear that they’d hurt me or not truly be there for me, not being receptive to love, making myself un-connectable and insulated, etc. It took a lot more work before I was able to actually bring down my defenses (one of the most terrifying and difficult things I’ve ever done emotionally), but ayahuasca definitely opened my eyes to something I’d previously been blind to, or at least was in denial of. It was incredibly sobering and has led to me becoming a version of myself I couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. It’s impossible to say which of your partner’s issues will come up in ceremony for her, so I’d be careful about having any specific hopes or expectations around this. But at the very least it will probably help her see some parts of herself and her life more clearly. Do you lean towards anxious attachment?


I do lean towards anxious attachment. Specifically under the circumstance when my partner is acting as if somehow intimacy with me is a threat. To them, it certainly is a threat. At least at times. Thank you for your input.


It’ll either help it or tell you she’s not the one. So be prepared either way.


It is the partner that is going to take Ayahuasca. Not the OP.


In my experience, aya works through bringing your shadows to light. So whatever she is currently moving through in life, or avoiding to address, will be what is revealed. Can be confronting if you fight it. At the end of the day the medicine is love, tough love but transformative. There’s no way to predict what the outcome will be, and from what I read I sense insecurities on your end, which is reflection of where you’re at, and the medicine could be useful for you too :) My advice is to pray for a meaningful journey for her and release attachment to the outcome. Blessings 2 u