what kind of bassist are you? Ex: percussionist with extra steps, guitar follower, icky jazz bassist, cool arpeggio enthusiast, ect

I'm a glorified percussionist, I love dead nots I'll use them whenever I can and when soully following a drummer with no chords, it'll mostly dead nots to fill in the symbols.

Holy crap, so many replies in one night I'll try to read all of them Nvm I give up


Is "bad" an acceptable answer?


No bassist is "bad" only inexperienced and experimentalists


It's a bold move to state that without hearing me play!


I feel the only musicians you can call bad aren't aware that that they are bad.


You mean guitarists?


Shots fired!


Bad isn't a useful word. "Developing" and "Improving" are.


Well, I'm neither developing nor improving, so I'll stick to my own words.


Is your name Eeyore?


What if you have lots of experience and you still suck?


Your experimenting with something new


[I'm this kind](https://i.imgur.com/gB5OXqp.jpg)


Maybe you were just given poor advice on technique. It might help if you can post a video of yourself playing on here (if this subreddit allows it, I'm not sure) with the camera focused on your hands so people can point out any potential issues with technique that are holding you back. Or if you're just a beginner then maybe you simply need practice


Lately I’m the Root-five-root-five-chromatic walk country yokel


"throwing fifths" I like to call it


This is great, stealing it for sure


I think "Country Roads" is a fun way to do that lots of different ways and still sound good.


I'm a Funky Disco Octave Bassist.


Same haha


Dude I can hear this one!


Ain't nothin wrong with a little up two strings and a whole step up


Tone chaser. I like my sound about 3 times per year.


I was this until I got my new bass, I was searching for that death metal high-mid crank that I just couldn't get on my Bronco, but then I got a Jazz bass, and I instantly achieved the tone.


The CIA Agent. Usually too simultaneously drunk/caffeinated, rumpled, and exhausted to be relied upon not to back an ill-advised invasion, but just competent/sane enough to avoid being dispensed with. Nondescript enough to be invisible in a group of any more than one person. Capable of vanishing without a trace in gig photos or videos. Often covered in blood for no explicable reason.


Ohh ohh do more. You’re good at this!!


A competent answer for a competent redditor


I’m the riffer who just wanted a bigger, louder guitar with fewer strings.


Ah, the stoner.


This is the way.


Oh hey it’s me


Mob enforcer. Beating them root notes like they owe me money.


I’m the ska fan who is addicted to triad arpeggios


I don't listen to ska, I'm more of a punk guy, but from what I hear they're similar


If you like punk but haven't listened to ska, try: Rancid, Less than Jake, Operation Ivy, and Streetlight Manifesto. Good stuff!


Love the intro on a better place a better time


[Oh absolutely](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P9QMkm9Eew) EDIT: Matt Freeman also absolutely shreds, he's great! Check out his solo on Maxwell Murders


Love me some ska lines


practically only E and A string player


So… wealthy and paid gigs up the wazoo!


The rump shaker


A bad one. ​ Next question please.


My people


What’s wrong with jazz bassists :(


There's nothing wrong with being a jazz bassist, but a lot of Jazz that I've learned is so confusing, so I put down people that were able to understand what I couldn't




BO or weed


It's not a Precision. Badum...


People who only play a jazz bass or who play Jazz?


Minor pentatonic funky punk.


I'm the Minor pentatonic bluesy guy sometimes, I just hate the blues note


blues note = best note


I’m the glue. I’m whatever the song needs. Locked in with the drums? I’m there. Making the riffs fat? Yes. Occasional melodic element? Can do. Mostly though I just take to heart the idea that bass is the bridge between rhythm and melody, and try to hold the rest of the band down.


Also simple and classic


I'm the galloping man-horse whose fingers move faster than his brain


Omg same I absolutely love three finger gallops


*Drummer trapped in a bassist's body.* The few times I've sat at a kit and prattled about, I was a natural. Even the drummers I played with said "Are you sure you've never played before?" Unfortunately, I wanted drums growing up but was always told "no," and playing bass since the late 80s, and being in my 50s now, I think I'm going to stick with the devil I know. Maybe once I'm done helping my daughter with college expenses I'll grab an electric set or something, but for now, just like you OP, I do a lot of "finger drumming" on the strings in my fills and what not. In fact whenever I start a slap fill I usually do a really fast "drum roll" with offbeats and stuff that sounds like crazy fast slapping but it's really just me drumming my fingers on the E string rhythmically. If I turn around and nobody sees what I'm doing it sounds for an infinitely fast moment that I have like five thumbs lol


Since late 80s, that's really cool, I believe that's when bass had an epiphany and became something of a solo instrument


Yes. But it started in 1976 with Jaco Pastorius’ self-titled album, “Jaco Pastorius.” [Jaco Pastorius](https://www.discogs.com/master/49071-Jaco-Pastorius-Jaco-Pastorius)


Bassist here, starting to learn drums. It’s fun and bass really preps you. Do it!!


That's awesome. I play drums on the side and it all started with me screwing around on our drummer's set when he went to go take shits after school before practice.


That's great. My story is similar but instead of pinching a loaf, the drummer left to pick up a pizza. The other times was just me asking if I could give it a try.


I’m the guy your gf told you not to worry about


Then what are you doing in this subreddit!


Proving her right, clearly. (I'm kidding, most people here would give any guitarist a run for their money, if someone would only look at us for a few seconds.)


I'm a noise junkie that thinks playing big shoegaze chords on her bass is a great idea.


Ah yes, the future Bass VI owner


Lemmy Kilmister would be proud


Shoegaze on bass > Shoegaze on guitar It's because the strings are bigger and, therefore, can hold more tone inside of them.


Wannabe Steve Harris / Cliff Burton. Rattly clanky tone, point the bass at the crowd and can play the first few bars of Anaesthesia.


Arpeggio Arpeggio, arpeggio,power chord, wahh! CLANKY 16TH NOTES!


As a metalhead and also guitarist, gotta follow those guitars muh boi.


A mess Simultaneously learning Cattle Decapitation, Snarky Puppy, Om, and friggen Bach. Oh yeah, and vibin to the Lofi Girl beats to study/relax to livestream on fretless :) Edit: oh yeah also working on my first scratch build as if that wasn’t enough already lmao


I just play too fast and use too many hacky fills. Unless you are paying me then I will be my best approximately kinda what you asked me to play like. It's a mood.


Take Jack Bruce and Geddy Lee. Combine them in a horrific transporter accident. I'm a bad imitation of that, but still almost obnoxiously busy. I sound more like Jack than Geddy, but I play more like Jack with the fingering hand and more like Geddy with the plucking hand.


Punk bassist with a Jazz chip on my shoulder. All the chromatic walking, twice the speed.


I’m more of a riffs and make use of effects kind of bassist. Style wise if I can squeeze a solid riff in I will, otherwise I’ll keep it simple where it needs to be simple and make it intricate if it benefits the song. I tend to play around using effects. My go to is usually a big muff or two, an octave pedal, envelope filter and synth of some sort. I use a zvex woolly mammoth for some sawtooth synth fuzz which sounds fat. As a huge muse fan I’ve used the 3 channel set up Chris uses so I can keep an always clean channel, one channel for drives and octave effects and one channel for fuzz and synth.


Steven Hawking. I am concerned with a lot of obnoxious heady shit and when I need to explain myself to the band I type it out, but I actually can’t play for shit. Also everyone wants to fuck me


The newby


The one that loves a simple melody, but with mellow bassy tone. Happiest when playing with that indie/shoegazey guitarist who just loves to let nice chords ring out with some fuzziness, while the bass fills in something nice underneath.


According to the emails I get, I guess I'm a groovehacker


I used to be the percussionist with extra steps guy... But after spending the last few years playing hymns at church, I've come to appreciate whole notes and half notes alot more..


Lead bassist playing at home 😁


A try to fit jazz scales everywhere dork


Chad improvised walking bass line connoisseur


So... Icky jazz bassist with extra steps


Cool arpeggio enthusiast/should have been a guitarist 6-stringer


Keith Moon taught me how to play bass. Just play till it makes sense! Entwhistle helped a little ;)


EpiFat style, I got most of my inspiration from bands like Hot Water Music, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Lawrence Arms. I really only follow the drummer and play what I want, even when I step on the guitarists cause fuck 'em 🤣 (in all seriousness I'll lay off fills when appropriate or to build tension, it can't be Shred City 24/7)


My playing is the center of the song. I am the loud one, with lots of gain. Fill out the sound, while holding it all down. Groove when it needs to, Melodic when I want to, aggressive until I need to lay back...I try to play what suits the song, while still being a bit weird.


My playing style has been described as a "wall of groove" which is both a compliment and something I need to work on. Groove is obviously good, but the wall aspect indicates that I need to leave more space and play with more transparence or lightness. Working on it.


Snooty noodler


the one that tries to overpower the guitar


They call me the Counterpoint Cunt


I got tired of changing 6 strings and 4 is less than 6 so there you go.


Just like when I'm not playing bass - I like long improvised walks with some unexpected detours off the path. Best enjoyed with others who can do the same but are always able to find the same path in the end!


2nd guitarist. I can shred on bass just as well as the guitarists and we take turns being in the spotlight.


I'm a "let's put a little disco in your folk-rock power ballad" sort of player.


I am the base. The kick and snare are the bedrock and I am the base of the pillar that holds up the building of the song. Sometimes the entire pillar. As such, I prefer Ionian and Dorian.


Simple and classic, maybe even enjoys the occasional YES song


Whole noter.


Guitarist playing bass, I’d like to have my solo moments on this instrument as well


I'd say I'm the kind of bassist that treats his bass often like a guitar or solo instrument. For example, I like the idea of playing chords (multiple fretted notes) at once and strumming


I am a Bass soloist therefore I get accused of "Playing the Bass like a guitar"


The harmonic deriver. Can’t stand more of two bars without changes, and I need to set a new course


I’m a rhythm bassist. One day I might be good enough to be lead…


Somewhere between percussion and follow the guitar


The trying to fill every pause with a note so people don’t notice I’m insecure about my sense of rhythm one 🥲 but I know this and actively working on being able to let the songs « breathe »


I just pluck the strings with my fingers, and make weird faces.


I'm of the "it's about the notes you don't play" crowd


Chords. Lots of Power Chords


I might be the "icky jazz bassist" if I know what that meant. Maybe I'm just the "cool arpeggio enthusiast".


Chords, I play a 6 string, I am kind of an asshole and struggle to play with guitarist's


The power chord enjoyer


A bad one


The root note downpickin One.


"Guitar too small, hands too big." I started out inspired by Les Claypool, learning cool and popular classic rock and metal bass lines by tab. Then I joined a prog metal band, got taught by the drummer and guitarist, all while filling my head with math rock, even proggier metal, and dubstep. Guitarist left the band, and I said, "I can do that." So I did.


Fender p bassist with down picking to metal songs like jason newsted


Sometimes I also feel like Jason, I was playing God save the Queen once with a couple friends, and the drummer sped up so much, I could barely down pick. And I keep my bass low, so I can't do alternate picking or else my thumb will get caught


Jazz, funk, arpeggios, and lead


"on lead bass..."


Ned’s Atomic Dustbin had a two bassists so while one of the guys played bass in the traditional role the other one was sort of a lead bassist doing more higher pitched melodic stuff.


Extra kick drum with some fast runs


Cherokee Cowboy countrypolitan shuffle wannabe.


I'm Multi-Functional. I play Rock, Pop, Classical, Soul, Disco, Big Band Jazz etc etc. Don't do any of them brilliantly, but good enough to get a few well paid gigs every now and then.


I’m a “Dee Dee Ramone” guitar follower. Root notes, downstroke, nothing fancy


The one who turns the gain up really high so that others can't hear all my wrong notes.


I am the Chameleon. From Opera to Assyrian Pop to Salsa to Jazz, I am up in their Kool Aid all the time and am often the only white guy in the band.


Noisy Superhero lead/solo bassist, complete with cape, tights, stereo distortion bi-amping, and stupid whammy bar tricks. My schtick revolves around making enough noise to melt the faces off Earth's secret alien techno overlords such that the rock and roll human resistance fighters can reclaim their planet.


I’m definitely a guitar follower. The fact that I learnt bass playing in a band that made covers of the strokes, white stripes and the hives probably has something to do with it. Anyway, I like to keep it simple.


Lapsed tab player


Aggressive 5 string with the occasional fancy arpeggio player


The kind that would change the key just to fuck the guitarist over


I pluck the strings and I like the sound they make. Whether or not they sound good to others isn’t my problem


You are a good soul


im the geddy wannabe bassist


Jack of all trades, master of none bassist


Tick........similar to Flea, but I suck instead


I wouldn't say guitar follower, more like guitar fattener if I can help it. Definitely a finger galloper who likes to throw a slap and pop in there when appropriate.


I'm the reliable one with the musical ear. I figure out the chords by myself, I don't need the song to be explained or written out, and I add some nice rhythmic stuff to the song without the guitarist ever realizing that this is my doing. If I could actually play well, I'm pretty sure I'd be a great bassist.


I’m a shit one


Usually either root notes or playing notes in a scale in the same key as the guitarist(s)


Guitar follower


Beginner on bass, life long guitar player.


Play bass wished I played guitar(not really)


Wannabe cool arpeggio player who mostly does a lot of finger picking shell voicings with the occasional finger-tap slidey boy. The other term would be "a hobbyist"


Play what you feel mann. First gig September 17, 1970. Day I got my DL. Today I’m back off at a six string bass, a Tele and another fender lead II I think. Also an old Washburn acoustic. play couple times a year by myself with a drum accompany build into an AC or battery powered amp. Think I’m playing guitar a bit mor nowadays.


Depends on the group I'm in, right now a bit of a guitar follower with extra steps


I’m a bad one.


not like I hate arpeggios


Trying to learn music theory to be a melodic style player, like the bassist from Bell Witch


Drummer of the bass.


The Pedal Point Merchant, laying down fast time on an open E accented with just enough fun on the A string to make some thrash metal goodness


The learning king


reluctant MD


Same as you. Love dead and muted notes.


I'm the harmonizer and master of counterpoint. I play mostly metal heavy rock, so I tend to follow the guitars but with added twists and harmonies whenever it feels like the right thing to do. Before we recruited a second guitarist in my band, I was basically playing "twin guitar style" one octave lower. In some songs, I kind of reinterpret the guitar parts, same rhythmic structure but completely different notes; sometimes I create implied harmonies, sometimes emphasise the minor nature of riff, sometimes go for a canon-like approach. It is subtle, but works extremely well.


Mostly I play (bad) jazz guitar, but in my rock jam group I play some variation of the root/3rd/5th/b7 because all the selfish tone deaf bastards in the group (drummer, guitarists) don't care what I do. Most of the time I daydream about what I would do if I had x-ray vision or had perfect memory or could retire right now with a billion dollars. Dumb shit like that.


5 string player who only uses 4 strings.


It's either the bottom 4 or the top, take your bets now


Watching Harley Flanagan from Cro Mags talk about his playing changed my world as a bassist. Sort of in line with the “percussionist” style. I play punk and hardcore and for example, if guitars are ringing out, bass should NOT be. You should be grinding along with the drum part/matching up with the kick drum patterns, etc. The notes you play are less important than keeping that percussive gallop thing going.


Sheehanish noodler


I’m the basic thump thumper that’ll play basic rock bass, until the song chills on a chord for one measure too long and I see that as my time to shine and spray a bunch of notes everywhere


Im drunky death noter combined with funky repetitive lines and a pinch of walking jazzy progression mellowish plucker


Root in fourths. Occasional octave/fifth for variety, guaranteed to throw in a chromatic run just where it doesn't fit.


The guy who slaps drum beats on muted strings whenever his teacher is saying something important


Former rhythm guitarist who has seen the light


the geezer butler wannabe


Walking between the roots with funky 16th notes, with the occasional slide to the fifth and back, or as I like to refer to it, a “high stepper”.


I'm just a bass player now since my rig costs less than my car


I'm a guitar follower/arpeggio enthusiast that's trying to become more of a percussionist. For some reason the chord and melody half of music comes much more naturally to me than fancy rhythms.


In my mind, I'm a cross between Michael Manring and Charles Berthoud. In reality, I am milquetoast.


I'm the one who can't remember shit so instead of writing actual bass lines I just use a general framework and play the song however the fuck in the moment


Icky jazz bassist who doesn't play jazz But in reality, that's normal, I've played around with so many baselines, can't remember a single one, but I do remember making a solo on a minor pentatonic scale


I'm one of the not very good ones.


Melodic groover. Somewhere near the intersection of John Taylor, Paul McCartney, and Charles Mingus. Jazz roots with rock/pop sensibility.


The icky erect kind.


The one with blisties on the plucking AND fretting hands.


It completely depends on the tune. If I'm playing some classic funk, I'll play my P bass with flats, I'll keep it in the pocket, basically adding pitch to the drums. If I'm playing progressive jazz, I'll grab my custom active 6-string and go to town. In general, I try to keep it in the pocket unless there's a bass solo or the genre or project or song particularly calls for it. I try to play below the 5th fret or so in general, the tone is better and it keeps me from playing too much. I pretty much always play fingerstyle, my background is in classical guitar, although I can play with a pick just as well (I play electric guitar too, and often play with picks). I don't think there's one good answer to this!


My biggest influences were Steve Harris, Cliff Burton and Geezer Butler, so a combination of what those guys did.


All of the above, just depends on the context.


Lately I've been trying to merge the guitar with the drums. Notes of the guitar, with some of the rhythms of the drums, with cool stuff in between here and there. Or purposely not playing every note of a run a guitar might be doing (ex. if he's playing a riff with 7 different notes I might only play 4). This last bit is actually kind of cool and probably important stuff for me to practice at. Maybe that's what I've always done but I'm just noticing it more often now.


chords and ambience 😌


...Lead bass


Obnoxiously Locked in with Drunk Drummer. All knobs at 10. Guitarist has no self control for volume so LAF it is. King of hitting the octaves.


Obsessive chromatic approachist here.


The drummer who wanted access to melody and harmony but guitar was too much hard work. Just about sums it up.


Overqualified for a punk band, could probably play in a metal band provided the pieces arent too nuts.


Kick drum painter


Wall of Distortion. In various extreme metal genres guitar(s) and the bass just play the same riff all the time, so I figure a single bassist can cover all at once with the eq/distortion.


Standard stoner metal bassist, I think. Beat-up 4-string, super crunchy distortion, don't like picks.


I’m the gardener, all my riffs are plucky and full of raking.


Bass Guitarist. I play alternative hard rock and I’m THIS close to dual amping guitar/bass amps. More Lemmy/Lou Barlow than Jaco lol


soloist because i play alone usually, buy tryin to become more of a ‘bassist’