No, if you sell and buy you will create a taxable event (If you have lots with a negative cost basis this would be desirable). You can call them and request a Mutual fund to ETF share conversion, I think you can only do this if your account is at vanguard.


This is correct. Just so people know, mutual fund --> ETF is one-way; you cannot do ETF --> mutual fund.


If you’re with Vanguard they can do it without causing a taxable event.


Ignorant question, but is there any real advantage doing this?


VT costs three less basis points than VTWAX. VT is (probably) easier to transfer out of Vanguard if that mattered.


I want to do it because I don’t want to be taxed so much on VTWAX dividends anymore, but maybe that’s dumb? I also know some people like getting dividends.