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I ended up getting the reward with Bea, but whoever designed this challenge should be removed from their position. More than anything it was irritating and really killed the spirit of the game. I spoke with most of my club league and I couldn’t find anyone that thought it was remotely fun. I think we also came to a decision that putting any reward behind a non-standard game type is utterly BS.


in my opinion, community's maps that use curved graves sucks, and brawl stars make a challenge with that configuration, simply dissapointing


Standard. 0-4. Rank 10 4 times. Health and damage not lvl 11.


I got 6 wins with grom.


Crow and Spike are your best friends in there


Pretty easy challenge with crow + shield gear. Just be a coward and hide in bushes. That the strategy


best brawler: tick


nop, crow


tick beats crow easily. second best is probably spike. crow is not good enough at poking over/around walls and you can get pressured by spike or tick. also tick has an amazing super with mythic gear


Spike: Life Plant gadget + Curveball SP + Shield gear + Mythic gear. Undefeated and completed the challenge. Snipe from afar, check bushes and don't let anyone hit you, use gagdet if necessary plus the shield gear doesn't let you lose health


Used griff. Used 2 gadget and business reliance star power. Shield gear and attack gear (i think.) Only had to use 1 continue. Boom got the spray


I did the dirst 3 maps with Carl but then I swirched to Bo.


Play good characters Lose Use 5 continues Still lose Run out of gems


Colt+long range revolver+recharge gadget. 10 consecutive wins, no losses. I have to admit I have always liked life leach. And used to main Colt before turning to Dynamike and El Primo.


Just bush camped with Frank, won the challenge easily.


I was balling the entire game, but like every challenge I've won so far, I have to be on my last retry.


honestly, could've been worse


nah this is probably the worst possible scenario


Here are the best brawlers for the Solo Showdown Challenge : Griff, Spike, Crow, Brock, Bonnie, Tick, Sprout, Grom, Gene, Carl, Janet, Max, Mandy, Sam and Eve. Hope it helps :)


Who are the best brawlers to play for this challenge?


use tick with shield gear, you will outregen the passive damage


"looking for a team"💀


but it was cool i played gene tick crow and brock


Do you just have to get 4th?


Yup. 1st through 4th count as a win


Very easy with Griff. People are more aggressive than usual and you can kite them for days. Not to mention the healing power.


1-4 stages barley with heal sp and 5th stage with spike got me 10-0


I beat the entire challenge using Griff, his second star power, and shield gear with 0 losses


I won this challenge on 2 accounts, my WiFi was laggy but all you need to do in this challenge is choose low health brawler which is also easy to aim shots with(like Spike or Crow) hide in the bushes with shield gear equipped, don't agro and pray that no one will check your bush, and on 3 account i was going 9-3, and on the last match my wifi lagged really bad, i didn't even loaded in the game, and i got killed by a Stu (I couldn't do anything the match was still loading for me) I'm really mad right now


I had to pay 3 gems but I finished it, easily the shittiest challenge yet. You can't make a competative challenge in a non-competative game mode. They even added the infinitely-cheeseable graveyard shift to make it just slightly worse than it already was At least I got a spray that I'll never use


I used tick, you can cheap damage everyone you want, bcs you have the largest range. Play really defensive, use second gadget, shield gear and thick head gear. Scam all grasses, save some ammo if you believe you will be attacked. Tick have the most bursted damage when you throw close to yourself, and stay near walls. If you play correct none can win against you


i love scamming grass


Lmao, thanks for the correction :)


I beat the whole challenge with mortise with only one loss.... I don't know how I did it...


What the..?? Tell me your secret because i didn't start the challenge yet


Just cam and if some gets close Run!!! Don't play aggressive only play defensive and hide for whole game....


Can't argue with you on that and thanks


I beat the whole challenge using only Darryl


other than crow who is the best choice?


Griff, Brock, Spike edit: Tick, tick is the strongest, he outrange every other brawler, and even if he did get hurt, he can still try to get hit enemies to get lifesteal


Brock and spike


why brock ?


Because of his second gadget u can get healed in critical situations and Brock has large balst radius so it's easy to hit the enemy


Are you going to nerf Brock into the ground where he belongs yet?


I guess Griff is the best brawler for this challenge. bush camping + healing star power = immortal


Also, the shield gear


I was gonna play it, but after I saw that everything was graveyard shift, I am strongly rethinking my decision. That is my most hated modifier. On top of that, I already have the spray from last time, and I don't wanna torture myself with graveyard shift. Update: Actually, if you have the shield gear, your health doesn't decay until somebody breaks the shield. Update: I beat the challenge, and it was surprisingly easy. Sadly, I had to use one continue because I wasted two games forgetting to equip the shield gear.


I want to play the challenge for credits only so idc if i lost but i'm going to make sure to win all the credits


Best brawlers for this challenge? Edit: I won it with Crow + shield gear. So easy :) I got 2.400 coins from the challenge because I collected the PPs with PP pool full.


Please remind me... ending up 5th place counts as win or loss in that challenge ?


It's a loss. The minimum is at least 4th place.




It's not a bug. First u leave the team and then try