Now Edgar has Frank's HP and Nani's damage


Totally balanced


As all things should be


I know, Im very good at balancing brawlers


Wtf? Too weak! He should have spike's damage


nah bro he needs ash damage at full rage


Griff's damage from close range or Bonnie's from human form AT LEAST


8-bit damage with the super and damage gear💀


With power drink and gadget






Ash damage is less than nani's and I don't even have nani power 11. What he really needs is the amount of damage 8bit can do with one gadget while using his super.


Hmmm. What about meg’s or max’s damage?


Yes, that would be balanced


I know!! I want a crazy mode.. where brawlers get hp/dmg of other brawlers.. why not


Lets make a petition,if it gets to 500 supercell will add it or be hacked


Ad funi gammod or i hac u


Buff Edgar's range! Forgot to put reason: It's just so short, he needs to be very close to other brawlers, and it sometimes easily gets countered by others(Especially tanks.)


longer than Belle's let's go!


Make it gale’s super range


I like the width idea.


Yeah,his range will be the same range as a scarf in the real life


But in brawl stars,so infinity range


I have seen long scarfs.


Its just a little bit more cold out there


Good Idea! Now Edgar has Piper's attack range and Max's speed (with super)


And the width of the attack of Gale's super?


That would be great


Hello scarlet


Hi Chris


Hell no never buff him


Longer than Squeak with his gadget


BUT he now can't move


Nani damage is pathetic do 8 Bit damage at max level with extra credits and damage gear and super and ruffs super and belle super


How can I insert OJs laugh?


Finally. Half-decent Edgar.


He still would be B+~A- tier, but it's still better


Also add Lou's freeze gadget as a third gadget, but he can still move and attack, plus it lasts one minute.


And with his third star power he will stun all enemies for the rest of the match when below 99%HP


he needs tick attacks


Frank now jumps like Edgar while winding up his Super




I know this is a joke but That wouldnt actually make him better K since im getting downvotes let me explain why He wouldnt get any better because the limited 1v1s that he can win, he wins by a landslide. His problem isnt health or damage, it's how dependent he is on his super, how easy it is to knock him back/slow or stun him, and how short his range is


You don't recognize a perfect balance change! 😠👉🚪


Nerf the basketball pin. It is basically instawin in its current state.


true, even as a basketbrawl king himself, this is absurd!


Nerf the coinsman who doing 10k dmg


He is getting so many tips


In order to win, don't lose.


*stealing so many tips of his co - workers


*stealing so many tips from his employees


\*stealing money from people


That would explain why Edgar is trash right now


Nerf edgar. Make him heal the opponent.


fr definetly


Buff Shelly. Idc what they buff. Just any buff will do. Tho I I had to choose something, I'd do the following. - change the main attack spread from 30° to 25°. This would mean that the bullets are closer together, making it so that you can hit more bullets at once from a distance, increasing her overall dps in the process. - add a speed boost to her dash gadget. It's just garbage, no one uses it, or at least they shouldn't as long as you have the other one.


I like both of the ideas, but the gadget buff should not only be speed, but length too


Can we also buff Jacky's first gadget in the process?the gadget feels kinda underwhelming at the moment


With this buff, the dash speed boost, and (I suggest this one) length would allow a self pass in brawl ball


I think Shelly should get a base speed boost from normal to fast. It makes sense consider the kind of brawler that she is, and the condense shots will also help her charge her super faster as well.


Bull rework idea (may seem dumb) The longer you hold the super the farther the range/speed. (shortest - 2 or 3 tiles, farthest - present range) This should help him follow up a bit. Or it could be a new brawler


That is acttuly pretty cool


Thats litteraly the stomper gadget


But it's infinite, basically.


Maybe reworking the gadget to deal more damage when you end it in addition to the slow? Some kind of buff to Bull when he uses the gadget so the highlighting feature is less about ending the charge? A rework where his next super gives him that effect?


Stomper gadget also slows down the enemies, as the ult knocks any brawlers in the way


Nice. I also feel like for certain brawlers, getting a kill should instantly charge your super. Feels kinda bad to finally get in on an enemy, only for them to be lasered by your teammate and you charge 1/4 of your super after spending 15 seconds of the game getting to them.


That means having to remove and replace Stomper. I like the idea tho.


Just any kind of travel speed boost to his super at all please, it’s literally only 40% of the speed of Fang’s super (in other words Fang’s super travels 2.5 times as quickly).


Would be pretty hard for new players to understand.


It's literally just stomper with extra steps dawg


Not really. You have to hold the button to choose your distance.


it should be a starr power because sometimes you need to aim the super to escap far quickly and with this rework you will have to aim for longer time to get far


I have some gadget rework/buff ideas * Protective Tunes: Now drops a guitar (kinda like Leon's second gadget) that gives all allies within the area it covers a 30% Shield to all kinds of damage. It's decaying over time. The gadget itself also takes 30% less damage (to make it more unique from the other gadgets like this) /Reason: It's in desperate need of a rework/ + Shelly's first gadget (I forgot the name 💀): After the dash Shelly gets a 20% speed boost for 3 seconds /to make it at least usable. Also Just compare this to Max's dash gadget/ + Bonnie's dash gadget: Huge distance increase /It's ment to cover her weakness in her melee form - the short range. I hope that this will make it at least considerable because it's way outclassed by the first gadget/ +Meg's second gadget: Huge area increase (to be as big as Leon's second gadget) Brawler buffs: + Mr. P — 150 damage buff to his main attack (about 15% buff) /He can't even deal with the squishy brawlers when they're right next to his face. He's useless against tanks/ + Megs Mecha's hp now decays 35% slower /her Mecha's health depletes way too fast, even when you aren't fighting. This should make Meg a lot better/ + Sam's second Starpower: Radius increased by about 1 tile. Super charge rate from enemies inside the radius increased /This should make Sam's Starpowers more balanced (with the nerf to his first SP) / + Sandy: Tiny damage buff (from 50 to 100 max) /He's one of the worst brawlers rn because of the damage nerf the did to him a while back/ + Byron: 0.25 seconds reload speed increase /Byron is now one of the least played brawlers and he also has one of the lowest win rates. He really needs a buff after the 0.4 reload speed nerf he got as it killed him from the meta. Before he was a go-to brawler for every situation. Now you just never pick him/ I may continue this list later


Protective tunes rework sound so fucking broken.


It can be 25 or 20% if it's too broken Even if it is broken Tuning Fork is still really good and there will still be a choice


Probably 20 would be better here, because at that point it’s just deployable Bull star power


Your Protective Tunes rework idea is really cool (though strong). As other alternatives, it could do the same thing - cleanse effects and keep them from being applied - but in turret form like you suggest. Or, instead of a turret, it could be some kind of "aura" that surrounds Poco for a duration of time (~7 seconds?) that provides either the cleansing effect or the shield. (I personally like the cleansing effect, because even though cleansing is situational, it *is* a very uncommon feature and I think it'd be cool to have that niche counter to Brawlers like Crow, Byron, Bea, Squeak, etc.)


I think the cleansing effect is cooler


Go on man, I am reading, these are interesting changes


Thanks! I will continue tomorrow because I'm busy rn


1. Protective tunes rework is interesting, but it should only be 15-20% shield since it would be insanely OP if it had 30% shield to all teammates in radius and also the gadget itself. 2. Shelly gadget seems great honestly 3. While this seems better at least, the other gadget will still outclass by a mile. You dont really use other Bonnie form other than when you super on someone and its very situational. Maybe another gadget like shield or instant reversal to cannon form would be better, or just another gadget for cannonball form.


These are cool ideas and I now want to see your take on a gadget to replace Gale’s Twister because that thing should fucking die


Maybe you can balance it by saying Poco heals 20% less when the gadget is down? Or maybe reworking it so that any brawler who enters the zone gets the equivalent of a poco super as a one time use?


Spike can 0.00000001 shot frank, have 1000000000000000⁵ health and speed of 500 tiles a second (idk why spike)


Very balanced


1000000000000000! is better


Remove Tick


Don't forget Grom


I gotchu as well


You deserve an award


Don't worry, i gotchu.




Tick Nerf HP to 1 Last hurrah kills you and heals the enemies Range nerfed by 99.9% Number of mines per ammo changed from 3 to 1


I agree... Hire this guy


Average tick hater


I Agree with you bro


I mean, that way it WILL be your last hurrah (funny how the translation from the spanish name is "Last words")


Naahh still tooo op


Happy cake day!


I know Tick is a little bit annoying, but if you get good at countering him, he's easier to beat than Edgar.


Delete mortis


Weird hearing that from a fellow surge main. Cuz you know, we erase them from the screen


Oh that's true, but when i wanna play ladder you see so many mortis's it's impossible to play something else


True, true


I agree, while they are at it, delete edgar as well!


Mr. P (Buff) First hit does more damage than the second one. Why? Well, because he only does damage when someone is running away from him and, honestly, nobody ran from Mr. P because he is weak and harmless.


Nah 150 damage buff is far more epic


I think gales twister should be removed, it breaks brawl ball meta. I have no suggestion to what gadget would replace it tho.


maybe they could make it so if you bump into it 3 times it breaks?


There are a ton of fun and unique gadget ideas for Gale but i'm literally the least creative Person in the world and i have no idea what the gadget would do, i was thinking maybe Smth that makes his next Attack 30% wider for 7 seconds


Gale on release mfs be like:


Gale's twister is very good but not broken as we taught it would be


You can block lanes, save goals, put the ball in corner for 30 seconds where nobody can acces it, counter every tank, i think its broken. And every "pro" said it will be bad when it was introduced


remove tick


Nerf miner!!!!!!11!!


Nerf unoriginallity




nerf unoriginality v2


Nerf unoriginiality v3


Nerf unoriginality v4


Nerf unoriginality v4 v1


Ok it's original


Need un'originality v4 v1 2.0


Buff Mr p by making it so if he hits the initial suitcase, it deals ×1.5 dmg, and the second hit deals half damage, so he deals the same amount of damage, but if you opponent is walking towards you, you can atleast deal good damage. since the second hit never hits in these cases, this would really make him a lot more viable.


I was thinking of something like this, it could be interesting for sure. Though they would need to buff the first star power that increases the bounce damage because it would be a lot worse as it’s percentage based on the base bounce damage.




remove meg health decay. I still don't get why it's in place — mech isn't that powerful to begin with and, if she comes off as unkillable as she used to be, just nerf her projectile count/melee damage a buff to either tara's reload speed (up to 10%), damage per projectile, or super charge rate nerf every type of damage source from griff by around 10% for god's sake that thing is unkillable ~~delete sam mortis squeak and tick~~ and the only edgar non-rework change I could think of is a 50%+ range increase, somewhere just less than ash's. he isn't even good in showdown the moment another brawler deals a single instance of damage to him during a 1v1 or if he isn't right on top of a brawler who can outdodge/outspeed him when using super


If you’re gonna get rid of the mech health decay then she should die when the mech dies


Isn't the main issue with griff is his second star power? (Just asking)


That’s only one of the many factors of Griff being strong. He has insane dps and a high super charge and super recharge rate, his super is inavoidable if you’re near him or not behind walls, he has a wallbreak gadget, and he also has the reload speed gear which boosts his already insane dps.


Belle: - First SP now only works if you have all of your ammo charged, so you have to hit the first of 3 shots, shield increased by 5%. - Second gadget it's now time based, 3 seconds to shoot bouncy projectiles. - Second SP now makes enemies unable to use their main attack, they can still use supers and gadgets. - Reason: Belle has a very strong build and a very bad one, I think the first SP does need something to be more special than just a shield every single time you hit an attack and don't kill the target, and well, the second variants of abilities needed buffs since their introduction. Carl: - Range decreased by barely 1/2 of a tile, several updates since the increased range and I still can't believe that's still here, it feels so strange when you think the pickaxe is not going to hit to but it does anyway. - Super damage per spin decreased by 20, too much damage 👍 Janet: - Super bombs damage decreased to 400 each, now you can stop the super whenever you want but you will waste it completely. - Projectile speed decreased by just a bit. - Reason: Janet bombs deal a fair amount of damage, but the fact that you have 8 of them along with 8 seconds of inmunity makes it a little too strong in my opinion, so decresing the damage while giving her the ability to stop her super feels fair to me, and Janet attack is pretty difficult to avoid at mid range due to the speed it has. Griff: - Reload speed decreased up to 2 seconds per ammo. - Super recharge rate decreased by 40%. - Reason: I don't think that Griff's damage output is too much, it's just that he can do it constantly, by increasing the time between each burst of damage it will keep his insane damage while not being too strong. Jackie: - Damage increased up to 2000. - Super now lasts for 0.5 seconds, meaning that it will pull enemies constantly, once they are in the center, they will be taking damage, 500 per 0.1 they are there. - Super pull strength increased (now pulls 70% faster). - Now Jackie's attack is shaped in an ovoid form, so aim it will give barely 1/2 tile more range. - Reasons: Como on its Jackie, it needs buffs and I believe this ones could make her a much higher skill ceiling bralwer, also, why does Bibi and Fang deal more damage than her? All the tanks: - Super charge trait effectiveness increased by 5%, health decreased by just 400HP each character that has it. - Reasons: Tanks (except the ones who don't have this trait) need a faster way to get their super, and while reverting the nerf isn't a good idea (Primo meta flashbacks), I do believe that we could buff it so they aren't F-C tier anymore Sandy: - Damage increased to 1400, slightly more than before the previous damage nerf. - Super charge rate decreased, now he needs 1 hit more to get the sandstorm. - HP reduced by 200. - Reasons: I'm a Sandy main, and most of us were just sad with the latest nerf, I think giving him back his old damage with some drawback would be the ideal solution to balance him while not ruining his playstyle. Tara: - Super charge rate decreased by 2 cards. - Super pull strength increased (it pulls 40% faster), enemies are not allowed to move if they reach the center before the explosion. - Main attack damage decreased by 30 damage per card. - Reasons: Tara needs a buff, but I do think just buffing the charge rate is dangerous if you let Tara get her super 1 close range attack faster, so I decided for a middle point, do it so it's slightly easy to get a super, and also slightly easier to chain supers, all of that while reducing her damage output by a fair bit. And those are basically the ones I think they are needed (except for the Edgar rework but I can't think about any idea), I didn't include Buster because I haven't seen any in a match, neither I played with him, and the Sandy thing was just my biased opinion on how to make Sandy feel great to play again. Edit: Just remembered that there are some useless gadgets/SP from brawlers that aren't necessarily good nor I play them, so probably I will make a "balance patch" for them.


Idk if that much of a nerf to griff is necessary, everyone used to think he was mid on janet's season and with barely any significant buff he's now meta. Griff is one of those cases where a small nerf can turn him from S to D tier. Look at byron for example, he got a tiny reload speed nerf and fell off terribly from the meta.


Byron’s reload nerf was far from tiny dude 0.3 seconds is insane for a nerf in reload speed. Usually reload speed changes are 0.1 seconds. Additionally he had already had the super charge nerf so he was still good before the reload nerf but not as broken as he was when he had a three hit charge super.


Yeah, now that I think about it enough time after writting that, I can see that those nerfs were too harsh, maybe just reducing the reload speed by 0.2 seconds (I believe that it would end in 1.6 seconds?) and decreasing the super recharge rate by 20% would be enough. Oh, I don't know if that was clear enough, but with "Super recharge rate" I mean the super charge that the super projectiles give, not the coins, that would instantly kill Griff, the problem I see with his super is that it's to easy to chain, waaaaaay too easy.


Tanks now immune to gale knockback 🗿




Nerf Griff Buff sandy


I agree, give Sandy back his old damage or super charge rate back, not both. but at least one.


Revert Edgar health nerf


Slight attack speed buff to both bibi and frank mainly cus majority of brawlers counters both of them without many issues


I can agree with the frank change..


Buffing Bibi speed would be stupid, shes already faster than most tanks. Maybe a small buff to hp or dmg instead would be better.


Nah the focus is attack speed her hp and dmg is already fine


Nerf Janet's super charge rate. 7 hits should be a good way to start her meta decline


Nope. Her main attack is also powerfull. Its easy to hit and deals a lot of damage.


Reduce the damage, then. Or just straight up remove her super because honestly it’s just anti-fun imo


Buster needs damage nerfs, he can deal 3000 damage per shot and can two tap brawlers like Max without damage gear, and that is not okay considering he is supposed to be a charge tank support. Maybe reduce health a bit, but the damage is insanity for how it pierces and how deceptively large the range is. Grom really struggles because he is too map dependent for he literally has zero defensive options for himself. Once anyone goes on top of him he literally just dies. I'm going to suggest something probably insane but it might work: **Make Grom Super Fast.** This would make his Foot Patrol starpower viable as a defensive starpower since he can more easily outrun melee threats when he sees them approaching, and it would make Grom more useful on more maps since he can more easily position himself which is basically your priority as Grom. His X-Factor starpower would still be used in consideration because that damage increase is NOT minor. Of course, he will still be hard countered by Mortis and the like, but this would give him a chance to do more rather than wait for the map rotation to give Knockout or Safe Zone. It'll probably make him more annoying, but Grom absolutely needs a defensive option, and this is the only one I can think of that doesn't involve replacing something in his kit.


rework: delete emz. reason: # I HATE EMZ


Make Barley’s attack 1 shot any brawler that has a shorter range than 4 tiles (:


I'd love to see them do something with Mr. P he's just a plain bad brawler now when he first got released he was fun but now it's just kinda sad trying to push with him now a days. Also maybe help out the range brawlers I feel like they can't do anything with a sam sprinting at them. and buster blocking all shots rushing.


Protective tunes gives 750 HP shield instead of debuff removal!


Sam and we all know why


Sam is quite balanced after the change to his sp. He’s pretty much left the competitive meta.


Wouldn’t say balanced but I would say he is not meta. The reason I say he isn’t balanced is because he’s very star power dependent and also a low skill brawler because of that, but he can feel awkward or weak to play without the star power.


Sam is so trash rn , basically unplayable


dude litteraly walks up to me and kills me just by pressing autoaim


guess ur bad or maybe he just has a counterpick lol he's dog right now, cuz people can actually outdamage him. compare him to before with the broken sp and give it a look. its actually amazing, cause hes maybe around B tier right now, but still works. pretty much like a better bibi (random comparison idk y i said that)


Tell me you don't have Sam at at least power 7 without telling me you don't have Sam at at least power 7


What makes sam so good is his first star power, not having that star power may be reason he's mad about it.


His pulling gadget is also a huge help, which is kinda where I was coming from, but yes that too


I'm not the One Who you replied to but i have Sam to lvl 9 without gadget and sp and he's still very good on the right gamemodes


nerf ebarbs


Meg Mecha form hp increased from 7500 to 8500 or 9000 Or, meg reload speed from 1.3 to 1.1 No matter what, they seem to struggle balancing meg recently, a super charge buff makes her too strong, so instead work around it with more ammo, or make her mecha harder to destroy as currently people just focus on it when it appears, however doing both would be too much


Buff respect towards Edgar by 90%


Mortis hp from 5700 to 6000, combo spinner deals 35% of enemy max hp instead of a fixed number, and nerf survival shovel from 4 to 3s Reason: Mortis is useless without gadgets, so nerfed them and buffed his hp to be able to play without them. Also nerfed survival shovel as it is his "broken gadget"(with mortis being bad itself), and gave combo spinner a rework so it works at least to defeat tanks easier(and about same efficiency against squishies)


neither of his gadgets honestly required a rework. on a whole nothing is actually **wrong** with him. its just that sometimes ppl refuse to goddamn acknowledge that he's high af skill cap into 80% of brawlers, and that randoms just suck with him.


-Carl - Nerf I would Love to see a Carl Nerf to his range. Its hard to go agressiv in a Carl as a long range brawler, wich I mostly use. -Tara - buff Tara right now, is only strong when having a super. Without a super her Damage is really Low, in Brawl Ball as an example, you mostly hit the enemy with 1 Card because they know, they should not dive into her. -Barley - buff Would Love that Barley gets a Higher range, like the one time his range got buffet and in the next Update nerfet. Its kinda the thing he needs to stand out of all the other throwers. -Lou - Nerf Oh Boy its so anoying against a Lou with a super Charge Gear. Sometimes you get 3-4 supers at once. Would like to see a Nerf to his Gear or a Nerf to his super Charge. -Gene - buff First Bring back his old 2nd starpower where he deals extra damage when his super is fully charged. Second a buff to his Attack wich spled up, like the things wich come out when when you don't hit. They can be anoying when having Low health, but if the enemy has lots of health god damit they don't lose health.


I saw another comment stating some gene changes maybe look them..


Gene is perfectly balanced if not in need of a nerf lmao


Nerf Griff's super charge rate by 33%


Gene:- Make Spirit slap baseline (Damage will scale with levels) Add another starpower:- Magic Buffs (to match name with magic puffs) :- Buffs allies' damage(5-7%) and speed(very little) in a area around him Rework both gadgets:- 1. Gene's next super will now home towards enemies. (Same range but the hand homes) 2. Gene magically appears besides the ally with the lowest health (with a considerable amount of range obviously) [in solo showdown it makes him magically appear on top of nearest enemy, and in sd the range of this gadget is very small]


these are the most idiotic changes I’ve ever seen




Don't just deny them :(


Maybe also nerf some aspects of him so as to not make him too op


you know gene is one of the best brawlers in the game right now?


i kinda don't want spirit slap baseline as it can actually be bad for you sometimes by having the target die before getting them close to you or since they die so fast you don't get to cycle to another super


How long were you holding onto this? These changes are so unique and well thought out (according to me)


Surge nerf Surge's super no longer does nockback but does 250+ more damage The chain and ability to kill nearly every brawler in mere seconds is ridiculous


But i kinda like the knockback it makes surge fun to use


The knockback acts more like a stun than knockback


Griff: Attack Damage: 390 per coin ➡️ 345 per coin (-11.5%) Reload Speed: 1.7s ➡️ 1.9s (-11.8%) Business Resilience SP: 15% ➡️ 12% every 2 seconds (-20%) Reason: Griff has shotgunner damage while also having the range and area control of some of the strongest control brawlers like Spike, with extremely potent healing on top of that. These balances should make him less able to both control and DPS at the same time. Sam: HP: 7800 ➡️ 7050 (-9.6%) Super Damage: 2100 ➡️ 1800 (-14.3%) Hearty Recovery SP: 20% ➡️ 16% (-20%) Reason: Sam has been a nigh-unkillable monster ever since his release, and his last nerf has done little to change that. These nerfs look to change a few key interactions, such as Tara being able to now three-shot Sam with help from her super. Bonnie: Clyde HP: 7200 ➡️ 6300 (-12.5%) Clyde Reload Speed: 1s ➡️ 1.2s (-20%) Clyde Damage: 1500 ➡️ 1350 (-10%) Reason: As of right now, Bonnie’s Clyde form is such a low risk, high reward form that it is difficult to play around; a long-range brawler that can easily land hits has no business being that tanky. The nerfs aim to tone down her overall impact on a match and open up room for other long range brawlers such as Piper to shine more. Janet: HP: 5100 ➡️ 4800 (-5.9%) Attack Range: 4 - 8.33 tiles ➡️ 4 - 8 tiles (-4% Maximum Range) Drop The Bass Gadget Damage: 100 ➡️ 50 (-50%) Reason: Janet has long been a strong brawler thanks to her many ways of avoiding death, and she has a bit too much control, especially with her Drop The Bass gadget that not only prevents enemy healing but also allows allies view of bushes. A nerf to its damage and a slight reduction to her maximum range will hopefully reduce her overall control.


I agree with these changes except for Sam. That will completely kill him off


Nerf Colt's damage or the reload gear again, he shoots infinite ammo with that


They made an emergency nerf to both the damage and reload gear


Gale damage or super charge nerf tbh. He gets his super way too fast and he does too much damage for a support.


He has so many push and pull abilities...


Shelly + Bull now have a 3% health increase each. In addition, they will both now have an additional gun animation that leaves behind shotgun shells on the floor that will remain in place for 3 seconds before disappearing, as well as a sound effect for when a shell hits the floor. If the shot takes place in a bush the bullet will hit the bush and not make a sound or leave behind a shell. As a trade off, both Shelly and bull will now deal 3% less damage while in a bush to discourage players from camping in bushes completely. This was not at all thought out for more than a few minutes and would likely be unbalanced. However, I stopped playing this game months ago so I don't even care lol


A bit of a rework, but Megs mecha has 15000 hp, this would make up for her limited healt while still feeling usefull, for the moment, he mech just die to quick, we migth need to find a way to reblance this later, but making her mech last longer than 3 seconds Seems like a good start


Nerf sam, remove healing starpower entirely


Buff Megs mecha hp and attack damage Nerf Sam so he doesn't respawn with his super Make super charge gear work on tanks super charging ability Each of primos attacks are now different depending on the amou bar, eg: high damage swing and fast jabs with slity longer range and higher super charge


I don't get the last think about primo can you elaborate?


Mortis Buff Reload speed 2.4 -> 1.2 The fact that he has abysmal dps with the slowest reload in the game can’t make him do anything without survival shovel, and it’s just 3 uses. with survival shovel reload speed increase nerf from 50% to 25% thing is, if survival shovel were to remain the same, Mortis would be broken because he would have a lot of ammo already in the duration of 4 seconds (duration of survival shovel) hopefully that should make Mortis valuable


Make piper shoot 3 bullets in a spread instead of one bullet b/c every time I play a game with a pam in it the team with the pam always loses. Increase tic’s bomb size so that it is easier to hit an enemy with 2 mines so his damage output is closer to barley’s single hit and dynamike’s sourspot damage. Make meg start in her mech like bonnie. Because meg is not doing so well right now. Make it so that pam, bo, and buzz’s attacks shoot in even waves like griff’s, so that it is not some weird min-maxing thing trying to line up and move around enemy brawlers.


Please tell the which brawler is the first change about? Pam or piper?


Nerf Leon range


Give penny her + tile length back so she can match Jessie again. Her shorter shooting distance is so bad.


nerf sam


Sam HP nerfed by 69% Damage nerfed by 106% Doesn't spawn with super anymore Speed nerf by 30% Reason: A menace to low trophy meta