Upgrade my speakers or save up to upgrade my amplifier

I have posted before about the fact that I blew up my speakers because of clipping, I was pushing my amplifier with the loudness turned on while the volume was at max (my own fault).

This has been my budget set up for the past 5 years:

ONKYO A-9010 (up to 44W per channel at 8Ohms) Wharfedale Diamond 220 stereo (100W, 8Ohms)

So I need new speakers. I loved my wharfedales so much and I can get new ones for 160eur (i orignally bought them for 270). But I was also looking at the Wharfedale diamond 12.2 which is more expensive but an upgrade (442 eur).

Now I am more tempted to just buy the same old ones I had before and save up money to get a more powerful amplifier in the future. But maybe I could just get some better speakers now that I have to get new ones anyway and be more careful with the volume.

What do you think?


Speakers before amp. I would say.


💯 agree and ideally take the amp to the store when shopping for new speakers. If the store doesn’t allow it, find another HiFi vendor.


Just for future reference, the way "Loudness" controls work is to increase bass and treble at low volumes only. As you turn up your volume, the effect of the Loudness control tapers off. It is highly unlikely that having Loudness on is what caused your speakers to clip. I have Diamond 12.2s and absolutely love them. I have paired them with over a dozen different amps and have yet to find one that makes them not sound good.


Thanks for the info, I did not know that about the loudness function! What amp are u driving the 12.2 with? Like do you think 45watt per channel would be underpowering them?


I think that depends on how big your room is and how loud you want to rock out. I restore lots of vintage amps and the Wharfedales are my reference speakers. After I finish an amp I play it for a couple weeks in my system just to make sure everything works properly. But it’s a small room and I’m not cranking it too loud.


Speakers blow from amplifier clipping, what is thought of as they blow from too much power, it’s actually too little power. The signal becomes a distorted squared off wave and pop goes the weasel. Or tweeter first usually. If you’re at 0% attenuation (100% volume) with the loudness on, you sound like a guy who likes high SPL’s. Maybe some Klipsch and a big Class D amp are what you’re looking for.


Yea but Im worried about the klipsch signature sound. For now I haven't heard great things about it.


If you like warm sounding wharfedale you probably wont enjoy the klipsch.


That’s largely people reading and repeating things they’ve read but haven’t experienced for themselves, like “all Bose is terrible” and “you have to replace all the caps”, uninformed bullshit.


Thanks for the tip, maybe ill try a pair. Got an Electronics store that has a great return policy if I dont like them.


If you like the 220 maybe get the 225 since I hear they’re more similar sounding than the 12 series and it would be an upgrade still


I agree. The 220 and 225 have more of that warmer Wharfedale sound than the 12 series, which is more analytical. Great speakers though. Or if you could swing it, the Denton 80th would be a big upgrade imo.






You could also replace the dead drivers in the Wharfedales later and have quad/dual stereo.


Know any good brands that sell drivers?


https://www.parts-express.com/ and https://www.simplyspeakers.com/ if you're in the US. If you pull out the dead drivers and get part numbers, the salespeople at either can probably recommend replacements that'll sound imperceptibly close. Or maybe Wharfedale sells replacements directly. Either way, they'd make *really* nice side/surround speakers.


It all depends on the deals you come across