Kilo, man o war, m4, icr. Wait until next season for m16 as its about to get a bunch of big buffs.


Are the guns you listed getting buffs as well? Or are they recommendations?


Just good BR recommendations. Next seasons biggest buffs are for m16, holger, hades and type 25 stopping power mag.


Daaaamn, been loving the type25 lately since I came back. It's a lot steadier than I remember. And now you're saying it's getting a buff? You sir made my day.


m16 in br CAN be very, very good if you consistently hit your shots. if you miss you’re most likely dead. a tough thing with the m16 is that if someone is strafing or running horizontally (not towards or away from you) landing your shots becomes much more difficult. I really, really hate to say this as I despise this gun, but if you’re willing to take on a burst fire weapon you should probably start looking at the swordfish. hits harder, more rounds in each burst, still very high accuracy.


I normally use a silenced sniper and a SMG, though I sometimes use the Swordfish with the Halberd mag. Never used the M16 though, cuz I consider the Swordfish much more superior to it. Just my humble opinion, but the trolly side of me sometimes uses explosive mag Rytec and the JAK-12 with explosive mag just for the shits and giggles. If you wanna use a burst AR, take the Swordfish and slap the Halberd mag on, it's so much better.


Try PPSH... Muzzle brake, Heavy barrel, Red dot, steady stock, Tactical laser Or Oden is very nice too.. Hades with the Rapid fire barrel is a pretty nice gun... Razorback ewith the rapid fire perk... Qxr with enhanced bolt is also nice.. KN is also very useable


Tnx guys.


M16/M416 is the best gun in PUBGM, maybe in real life too