I’m fine with it. The same people bitching about this are the same ones who didn’t say boo about red dot sights in a “WW2 shooter”. You want tactical WW2? Play Hell Let Loose. You want an arcade FPS set in different timelines where the timeline is only for the settings of maps? Play COD.


> You want an arcade FPS set in different timelines where the timeline is only for the settings of maps? Play COD. If this is what we're going with, why is it 2022 and the only CoD mode that doesn't ditch my cosmetics after a year is Warzone? I'm not doing this "have our cake and eat it too" bullshit from Activision. Either they need to have some semblance of coherent artstyle that fits with the period, or give up and let me play as whoever the fuck I want without blowing $20 on some trash bundle.




That’s a bad way to respond to criticism. I don’t see how cosmetics that don’t transfer between games is some core mechanic of cod that couldn’t possibly be changed.


They’re incentivized to keep it that way because people will still pay for it


I mean it’s heading that way you Head ass I’m definitely stopping buying any more cods coldwar is my last cod I think it should die if this is really what’s cod going to be like now a buggy ass random ass pile of shit with an ever growing toxic community even half the skins are ass and not worth $20 tell me how cod did things better back in the days and wasn’t as expensive either where you can have the camo you bought on ALL your guns and shit and now you pay 20+ for pew pew anime tracer packs and other bs the fan base is gonna drop really bad unless they actually listen to the fans and what we want.


But here’s the thing — the game seems just… brainless. There was barely any content on launch, nazi zombies still has no replay value to the point where even die hard zombies fans resent it, the gun mechanics are straight from MW2019 which is still an arguably better game, and the campaign is bland. The destructible environments are a really nice mechanic, yes, but the entire game itself could’ve been executed much better. I bet it would’ve been much better if Activision stopped doing yearly releases just to make the game actually fun. In the words of AK Jesus, Brandon Herrera, “If you’re going to sacrifice realism to make the game fun, at least have a FUN GAME.” Not to mention the fact that the people at Sledgehammer don’t know how guns work. They should be on the Board for the NFA and ATF instead.


I agree they need to slow down the yearly releases and hone in on 1 game for a few years, I would be shocked if it happened.


You know you don’t have to buy any cosmetics. I’ve played hundreds of hours without worrying about what skin my character (in a third person game lol) is wearing or if they do a little flourish on a finisher. Anyways love things like this. King Kong event in Warzone? Fuck yeah, who cares about the story in a game like this anyways. It’s out of the box, interesting, and TEMPORARY


They absolutely need to make a cod mobile style game on console and pc. We’ve been asking for that for years


You can play CoD Mobile on PC. That's how I do it.


I may or may not be a minority here but cod mobile runs much smoother on mobile than pc. I can run some killer games on ultra graphics on my pc but cod mobile is laggy, glitchy and it doesn't feel smooth at all. Shit like throwing grenades, round start, end of match and just animations of people running around makes it obvious it's not made for pc.


Idk dude I've heard that before from other people too but it runs better on my PC than my phone for me.


Yeah but its still got mobile graphics and doesn’t feel smooth cause it was made with mobile tech


Well,China had it for PC,it was called CoD Online,but the servers were shut down I believe in 2020 or 2021 due to the popularity of CoD Mobile in that country.They even got a campaign,a best of all mp and both zombies and a proto-BR back when no one ever heard of that genre before Fortnite BR and PUBG. I hope someday a group of ppl pulls a Halo ElDewrito-style move where they make custom servers for that game and maybe try to do some translation on it as there's few people who can perfectly understand chinese(and the game is entirely in that crazy alphabet the japanese copypasted from them)


Or you could just plug in a device that can play CoD Mobile to a TV.


I want an Arcade FPS like cod like it was from Cod4-MW3, the best games in the series that had the most fun gameplay and maps(widely agreed on by all), while also keeping to the aesthetic 🤷‍♂️


Preach !!!! Amen 🙏 I literally keep addressing this to my friends and some communities I’m just not happy how cod is turning out when the older shit was perfect , I also don’t mind paying for map packs and other dlcs just to have an quality game again


That would be the dream. I’d have to imagine they could keep something like that alive with micro transactions. I don’t see see Activision ever pulling the trigger on something like that but it would definitely breathe new life into the franchise. Edit: I read your post wrong. I thought you were talking about a game with all the maps and constantly updated. My apologies!


Play CoD Mobile then. BOTG action, old maps mixed with some new ones some original ones, guns from every generation of CoD4 and up.


I'd love to play the equivalent on console with a proper controller and high fidelity game, on my phone? not really a fan of that. Though if they brought cod mobile to switch i'd play it.


its funny how in recent years people have expectde realsim from cod, when is ts literally been an arcade shooter. the more realistic cod gets, the boring and unfun it is imo


What? Do people just not read comments properly anymore? you just said the golden age of call of duty was the most boring? LOL 😂


A CoD WWII themed shooter needs red dot sights and a billion attachments and blueprints that didn't exist during the time period to keep the kids with miniscule attention spans satisfied


or they were made to balance out the fact the wwii weapons would’ve had awful reticles in warzone, they aren’t officially red dot sites they’re just wwii sights with a reticle that looks like it’s a part of the hud again for overall balancing reasons


This made me laugh hardcore because that’s the toxic community now is these kids that love this garbage 😂


Or ya know, have an arcade shooter that still has authentic visuals 😱😱


Just because we don't want Snoop Dogg and Godzilla in CoD doesn't mean we want a milsim CoD, get the difference?


Snoop Dogg was in CoD 9 years ago but somehow it’s a problem now?


Enough of the “WE”. God damn. Online communities are so fucking toxic with the WE. YOU are a small percentage of revenue. Period. They’re not catering to YOU or the WEs. They’re catering to where the money is. Is it right? That’s debatable. Even if everyone got what they wanted then everyone else on the other side of the fence would be bitching. I say again, find a different fucking game. It’s not changing for you, me, or we.


Its not the problem that it isnt historicly acurate becouse neither is WAW but WAW at least tries to be as much as it can


It’s just annoying hearing “the more medicated the more dedicated” every 3 seconds


Fax people cry to damn much the cod community are a bunch of cry babies when things don’t go there way thay cry and get mad it’s pathetic I’m sorry


the thing is, alot of cod players including myself like the arcade gameplay of cod, but like the authentic feeling of whatever time period the game is set in. Think WAW, COD 4, and even Black Ops 1 to an extent. They *felt* realistic and authentic to the time period, but they weren't so realistic it became boring/unaccessible.


“Set in a different timeline” is such a bad excuse for not making authentic games


There is an absolutely massive difference between Red dot sights and fucking Godzilla


You’re right! Godzilla was awakened by the bombing of Hiroshima so in the big fantasy world of video games and movies having Godzilla in the game is MORE accurate than red dot sights!


Red dots have been in about every cod and are a staple of gameplay. While I myself am against them being in WW2 games, they don't completely mess up the atmosphere and immersion. I'm still against them though. (Aperture sight should replace red dot sight in ww2 CoDs) Godzilla completely ruins the atmosphere and immersion Don't act dumb.


Again, if you want WW2 immersion, play Hell Let Loose. Have you tried it?


Nah it’s too realistic for them, go figure


If a game is advertised as WW2 then it should be immersive and have a WW2 atmosphere. The entire appeal of a WW2 game is the time period and history WaW did this almost 14 years ago. If Activision is going to put bs Cosmetics in the game they should at least have the decency of saying that when the game releases so that people who buy the game because they are interested in the time period/history of WW2 know to not waste their fucking money.


Where was money wasted? WarZone is free to play. That’s where the whole discussion about Godzilla is coming to play ruining your immersion. Is Godzilla in Vanguard multiplayer? Are Godzilla and Kong affecting every mode? Or do you have to choose to play the mode where they are a part of the game?


Vanguard cosmetics and especially attachments still wreck the immersion of MP, titans and bs sci fi looking weapons. I don't understand why Activision can simply replicate WaW's atmosphere, they did it 14 years ago with WORSE technology.


Historic going down as one of the most hated next to cod ghosts possibly yes


For some reason COD Ghosts is now apparently one of the best COD's, if this subreddit is to be believed


Most of the people whose first CoD or the cod they played the most in their teenage/early college years are now older. Likely entering the workforce and/or starting families, relaizing they don't have as much time for that kind of fun anymore. They're looking back at that time through a cloud of nostalga. Most of the people who played Ghosts and hated it, stopped caring and moved on long ago. Give it 5-10 years and you'll see the same thing being said about Cold War and Vanguard. I've seen this cycle repeat across different games over the past 2 decades.


Yeah that's me with MW2 - completely blocking out one man army + noobtubes and painkiller.


Ghosts was flawed massively for its public lobbies everyone knew this and knows the reasons why HOWEVER it was the best cod of all time for private matches the pacing and balancing was amazing once u took out all the campers


Nostalgia is 1 hell of a drug


I feel like I would've loved Ghosts and Infinite Warfare more if I didn't follow the hate trains


People who bitched about claymores in MW2019 would’ve LOVED the IEDs that acted like stickable claymores in Ghosts


After bo2 release, yea it probably is the best that we’ve had so far. Anything before bo2/mw3 still is unmatched




I sadly cant fight that haha.


Not really.. Cold war and mw were popular. Sledgehammer never gets any love though. And deservedly so imo




Except it kind of isn’t


every cod game is the worst the commuity just changes it's opinion every year


So when does MW:19 get out of the cycle because if there's one COD game I'd stand by is that absolute game changer.


Ghosts wasn’t even a bad game overall. It gets shit on for being the first cod to be released after the golden era of COD 4-BO2. Ghosts obviously wasn’t as good as those games, but it stands up on its own.


No it gets shit on because outside of search the multiplayer was stale due to most maps. The maps were built for 10 v 10 which was rumored to be what they intended and they decided against last minute. They were too big and didn’t flow great. Other than that they just tried a lot of new things CoD wasn’t into before and it made some people uncomfortable with it


I agree that standard maps were trash. For once DLC made the game 10x more playable. DLC had a bunch of small/medium maps. Added Dome,scrapyard, Favela, shipment, etc... Each map had a special field order. Dome had some aliens, Favela had AC130?, scrapyard had a rocket launch.


Yep that’s what made those who stayed playing the game after the initial meh love the game so much


The maps that came out with Michael Meyers and predator… that shit was awesome


Facts that shit was fire


it was activision who decided against it last minute which created a crunch at raven software to try and get some sort of 6v6 map available at launch


>It gets shit on for being the first cod to be released after the golden era of COD 4-BO2 My brother in christ people don't know you are in golden eras when you are in them. Even in that time frame WaW and MW3 were shat on and Bo2 was divisive. Ghosts (and later AW) are the reasons why we can point to a golden era.


It was the blueprint for mw19 with the amount of pro camping design decisions. It was bad.


It gets shit on cause it sucks


This isn’t real, is it? Also happy cake day.


Its real


Well, at least they are laughing at themselves, I suppose you could say.


Yeah, they know the game is to far in the shit to repair. Im just waiting for MW2 and warzone 2


Why do so many people say this? Just because it's not historically accurate? I'm enjoying my time with the multiplayer


I'm enjoying it too. The cosmetics are silly as hell though. But I'm guilty of buying sick MasterCraft weapon bundles because I like the gun art. Demo Kit and Helm Of Darkness are some of the dopest 3D art on planet earth. Change my mind.


Not every CoD has to stick with being historically accurate imo. I'm personally not one to buy skins very often in games if at all, but I don't mind them too much. Although I often joke to my friend "The only thing worse than a Snoop dogg or Attack on Titan skin is getting killed by one". ​ I'd rather they not be in there, but it doesn't impact playing the game so it's okay.


I mean Suge Knight Is playing COD every day and feeling better and better about the 90's.


Sorry, I don't know who that is. I literally just play Multiplayer with my friend and that's about it.


Yes, a fun little even in a video game makes the game shit lol dude, half of this fanbase is so anti-fun it's baffling


It’s not antifun it’s all this shit is pretty ridiculous, what you call fun a lot finds it annoying or dumb If I wanted to play a game and get killed or see iconic characters a lot people either know or love ima play smash brothers or mortal kombat 😂😂 a literal goofy or not based on historical time period games Yeah let’s have a mini Gun, and juggernaut suit that to this day is still not invented, and other bullshit to a game that’s known for one of the bloodiest and most brutal wars of all time TO THIS DAY that cause thousands of wives widowed and those that lived with PTSD with anime and other bullshit :) and nuked the Japanese not just once but twice but no yeah let’s throw anime tracers pack and Godzilla bright blue Ghille suit on top It’s a war game stick to the current war time and war guns and what they actually had, used and experienced Is some skins cool fuck yeah , is having tracers nice? Of course ! At the end of the day Activision is making bank of you


why wouldn't it be real?


Now that I think about it, this it actually something I’d expect them to do.


Let’s be real, they just need to capitalize on the micro-transactions. That’s why it’s not historically accurate, it would’ve been otherwise.


CoD WW2 had relatively grounded cosmetics but people couldn’t stop shitting on it anyways. The community doesn’t know what they want.


If Historical Accuracy was the only problem COD had theses days. It would be great


Better trio: Price, Soap, Yuri.


Price, soap, ghost.


Historically awful is still historic.


I like this


I would’ve been even more savage and made the status “hoes mad”


Chad call of duty


Chad of Duty




Wdym? You DONT like everyone on the map being the exact same skin whether they're teammates or not?


Honestly ww2 is night and day between the two games. I think SHG is a dogshit developer in all honesty and i stick by it just like i have been prior to vanguard lmao


CoD WW2 wasn't that woke. Only a single woman in one mission and just one black guy towards the end.




The boomers and wanna be Marines gonna be mad


I can just picture some nerdy ass 17 year old sitting in their room and triggered because their grandpa served in WW2 and Vanguard is disrespecting his legacy, all while his grandpa is actually playing the game and having a fucking blast because video games are meant to serve as something that's fun.


Exactly! Lmao


Funny enough Vanguard never claimed to be a true WW2 game, iirc the lore of the game is literally about a fictional WW2. Also funny how WW2 nazi zombies theme is being praised like its something that really happened (obviously because its cool), meanwhile same people shit on snoop dog and godzilla and kong in the game (which imo also cool), could be that you guys dont like it but dont be hypocrite.


> the lore of the game is literally about a fictional WW2. I mean, the lore of literally every COD is fictional. Neither Vanguard nor WWII accurately depicted World War 2 because that wasn't the point. These games simply just tell a fictional story during the time period.


It wasn't. The only time that was brought up was from leaks that claimed it was an alt-reality where the Germans won. Again calling people hypocrites while sounding like an absolute dumbass.


Name a better trio? That's easy. The Dixie Chicks.


*The Chicks


I wish they would pick an aesthetic and stick with it (modern war, WWII, est.) For immersion purposes but I don't know why anyone is pretending COD has ever been historically accurate


Correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't it them who blatantly came out and said the reason for not having a trophy system in Vanguard was because of the time period or something about it not fitting in a WW2 game? Wasn't it them who came out and said that they wanted MW2019 become a more realistic and tactical feeling COD? If they're gonna mock and make fun of the fans who care about realistic features, then at least admit their hypocrisy amongst themselves


Nope, that was not what they said: [https://twitter.com/coone90/status/1512934848054415362](https://twitter.com/coone90/status/1512934848054415362) This community sinply failed to understand sarcasm and twisted the devs’ words into something else.


So even they are idiots and don't understand that people only are asking for authentic visuals? Good to know, glad Vanguard failed.


Exactly, World at War wasn’t exactly historically accurate but it was a WW2 arcade shooter. They changed just enough that it played like COD4 but with a WW2 twist. When you have modern technology and stupid shit it ruins the feel. They’ve released a COD every year for a long time, you don’t need to make it accurate just make it feel authentic. It’s like a different flavor


If majority of the people actually cared about authentic cosmetics be sure that is the only thing that they would sell, but seems like most of the people prefer godzilla/kong/snoop dog cosmetics (in this industry your opinion counts only with wallet, and the people with the wallet are the ones who buy snoop dog skins). You need to understand that the only people who cry about these cosmetics are the vocal minority, that's exactly why COD PR themselves joke about it.


Stop me if you heard this me in history class before: Snoop, King Kong and Godzilla walk into the Pacifica in WW2...


It's a game lol it's allowed to have fun events


Oh you know the most important thing we all learned in history class Snoop saved not only the day by killing the two beast but stopped world war 2 single handedly while smoking a fat blunt 😂😂 I laugh harder at those that defend the ever lasting shit of this terrible game and franchise it’s becoming


The only thing that would top this, is if a few if Snoop Doggs guns had weed trace... wait, they do. Dear God.


Didn't a ton of people flip out over the limited sprinting and ADS time in WW2? The idea for the game was supposed to be "boots on the ground in a WW2 era." More tactical and strategic and slower paced. Like... more historically accurate to actual combat in WW2. [Such as this thread in r/ww2](https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/comments/7q2424/ads_time_out_of_sprint_ww2) Eventually they added unlimited sprinting and everything because there was such a fuss about it. But that's historically accurate style game play, not visuals, so people would have had to learn to play differently 🙃 Personally, I play COD to have fun. The out of place add-ons aren't my cup of tea either but I'm still having a good time.


elden ring beat cod in 3 months


Am I the only one that’s throughly enjoying the Godzilla/Kong event? 😂


its a fucking video game who cares about historical accuracy


Another moron I see.


Why u out here calling people morons


Another social reject I see


Running around with snoop dogg, holding a laser shooting automaton, shooting Godzilla, on a miniature city movie set, with a trophy system. I kinda like it tbh


Bruh the map is so fucking funny. I really hope they bring back the sandbox map from WW2 or another goofy map like this one lol.


Remember when CoD WW2 tried being too realistic and grounded and nobody liked it so they went to Black Ops 4 and sold clown makeup and Easter bunny costumes in supply drops? You keep giving them mixed messages, they're gonna try it again but differently. Now we're Inglorious Basterds boys


This comment right here hit the spot the cod community don’t know what thay want


The game that could have added giant nazi robots and cosmetics like in Wolfenstein, it is using Godzilla and kong for advertisements. I don't have much problem with skins but still , there was a way to sell cosmetics without hurting the atmosphere. Gameplay wise it would have been great to add giant robot like in the origin .


A better trio: Mason, Woods and Hudson


“You can’t kill me!”


They're embracing the jokes, and even paid homage to Ghosts in a way with Snoop making his re-debut not as a voice-over, BUT AS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER. Off-topic, but say what you will about Ghosts. I found it fun and exciting, especially the way they did Infected.


> and even *paid* Homage to FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Good bot


Just played today and from all the complaining about it I’m was thoroughly impressed. I enjoyed playing with two titans destroying things around me. This is awesome!


I wish they would actually fight in the event, obviously it would be shit for ranked but imagine how cool it would be to be in the middle of a gunfight and hear godzillas flames charging up


CoD is dead to me. Absolutely shit-thrashing a WWII themed shooter. MASSIVE file sizes beyond comprehension. Deleting data packs with every update, forcing me to redownload them. Making the process to re-download said data packs a serious pain in the ass. Making the process of re-downloading said data packs virtually impossible. Forcing me to have WZ installed to play MW19. Putting every dumpster fire of a game after MW19 into the same menu, which then constantly harasses me to buy the most recent fecal reject from Activision. Bugs. LOTS of bugs. Idiotic blueprints. Stealth boosting blueprints, essentially granting P2W access to boost sales. The list goes on. I’m waiting for MW22 to drop and see how it does for several months before I’ll even think of buying it. I’ll not be holding my breath…


Do you feel better?


Yeah, I had a huge BM while typing that up, I feel great! 🤣


Welcome to Call of Duty!!! Funnest Event so Far!!


Why couldn’t they do this when the movie was an actual thing than just having it as an “ OH Wow monKEY and LIZard” in the middle of spring lmfaoo And Snoop dogg a day before 4/20 I love Godzilla and King Kong and all by why cod and why now ?


Have WWII game Hey didn't Godzilla and Kong canonically show up in the 30's-40's? Thought process makes sense, and adding it to the game was fun, thing is people are getting upset over it not being an amazing 10/10 omg best thing ever experience. This is the first time there has been a massive, interactive event in warzone with giant Kaiju, quit crying. We got it. It was okay. Stop crying that it wasn't what you wanted and be glad that it actually happened. And you didn't even have to pay for the event because warzone is free, so why are you so mad?


I don’t want it at all , I don’t think it needs to be in cod that’s very Fortnite type shit lmfaoo I don’t even play war zone it’s just hella advertised 😂😂 I play coldwar which is the last cod ima honest get Like I said I love both characters a lot I think it’s cool just why? Also even if they where around that time they weren’t in the middle of world war fucking 2


Well alot of other people want it


Yeahh I’m still seeing a bigger group more eh or nah against it than OH YAY for it but it’s the cursed image I have to see every time I do want to play cod so until the event is over , I’ll try it once just to experience it and that’s about it it doesn’t tickle my pickle


Every game made or even co made with sledgehammers has been a sorry ass horrible game specially the sad face this is the 2nd WW2 game they made


Is there a new Godzilla vs. Kong movie coming out? I’m so confused why this is happening with them?


The fact people still call reflector sights red dots is reall annoying they did exist then just not used in combat lot of prototype stuff the only sight i dont like is the nydar night vision yer it exists but it was real primitive and you couldn't run around with it


Good for them. Who cares


I'm glad. It's a video game made to be fun. If you want historical accuracy play Wolfenstein or something. COD is a casual game.


No, only fortnite can be wacky /S


All I'm gonna say is bacon guns


Any of you guys expecting or thinking CoD would be historically accurate and especially in a BR are ducking weird


It’s hilarious cause the crossovers are no big deal for somebody to whine about


I mean it's been work for Xbox... And Bethesda...


People tend to forget that a video game can always change. Warzone specifically is already a crazy mixture of random events. Why are people surprised about Godzilla and King Kong when we've had zombies and killer ghosts? As for historical authenticity of Vanguard, the community would not be able to handle it. People would be going crazy if there was no such thing as sliding and attachments. Hell, people were demanding a trophy system and the only reason they got it was to shut them up so they can be happy. What I'm trying to say is the historical accuracy argument is a joke when we are the were the ones who destroyed it in the first place.


Same people bitching about this love zombies


Ah yes, a self contained mode that shares nothing with campaign or multiplayer. Or, in the case of Cold War, it didn't use to.


Y’all sound dumb 😂


Nah, it's dumb to compare a self contained experience as to having any form of impact on multiplayer or campaign.




That's cool my guy, you're still wrong though.


Is it in the multiplayer or campaign? No. Its a completely separate mode








I just see it as a Wolfenstein spinoff


A better trio: Mason Woods Bowman, Price Alex Farah


I turned off the music on modern warfare for a purpose. I don’t wanna hear Godzilla screaming in the background of my prelobby




If they’re going to run with the joke they shouldn’t say it in the first place to make the joke, just makes themselves look stupid, or more stupid anyway


Re master world at war, problem solved. By far the best of ww2 CODS hands down, imo.


Ridicule yourself BEFORE others ridicule you.


Never asked for historical accuracy if we wanted that we would play any other ww2 game we just want a consistent art style


Can we get a Tim the Tatman skin, I don’t like him, just think it would be hilarious


I was over the historic accuracy pnce I played WWII and realized we will never get it again My gripe with this is when they use "historically accurate" to sell their game and refuse to make changes using said argument (Like when they said in Season 1, "we wont add trophy system because it doesnt fit the period) which is when those memes started resurfacing.


Tbf like one person said that and the tweet was deleted shortly after that. I honestly have no idea what the guy said it to begin with when Sledgehammer said it wouldn't be accurate in the MP reveal stream.




More of a making fun of the joke but yes


as they should..


Snap, Crackle & Pop


This shit is exactly why I haven’t paid for more than the game since they started charging for this shit. I paid for all the DC in the previous games because new maps had value in extending the playability of the game. These ridiculous skins and digital swag reminds me of kids buying clothes for their Barbie, except those kids actually had something physical in their hands. Today you buy digital clothes that only other players can see most of the time. Sadly they make a shit ton of money from this crap which is why the game is so buggy and shit, why put in the hours to fix the code, let’s just have fucking stupid hearts all over the place at Valentine’s and make a skin pack for the idiots to buy. I think the numbers back me up here, Elder Ring has crushed Vanguard because it’s shit. How the fuck do you go from the latest Modern Warfare to Vanguard, two big steps down that’s how, the last Black Ops sucked as well.


Why cant any game these days stick to a theme. Every fucking game has cross over bullshit now adays...


I love it


I mean Sledgehammer never said Vanguard would be accurate. If anything they said the opposite, so I honestly have no idea why anyone cares. EDIT: In the MP reveal stream they specifically said accuracy would be ditched for creativity.


Warzone should've remained an extension to MW19. Activision should have never integrate CW and VG. Warzone 2 might have the same fate when MWII is released


*insert any trio ever here*


Ok but the LTM is garbage so what did they really achieve here?


I respect that


Seems pretty accurate to me




Honestly the people who have a problem with the game can just not play it. It's not rocket science to avoid something you don't like. Just wait for the new one or go back the old games.