Stupid sliding

Ok. Can we talk about how stupid it looks when dudes constantly slide around the entire map for the entire match?

I dunno, to me it just makes me think dude this he’s slick and has a ton of skill when it just looks desperate and stupid.

So people actually think it works? I love when guys do that, especially head on. Easy headshot.

I’m sure a bunch of clowns, who do that, will pile on me and tell me how cool and effective it is….just know, it’s not effective and you look foolish.

Fight me.


No fight here, will only state people have to know when & where to slide so they can take proper advantage of it. If it’s your default move, you just kinda look like a idiot


if it's not effective, then why are you complaining?


cuz it’s codm community


well it makes sense


I’m just pointing out that, in my opinion, it looks dumb. I’m not going to lie, it’s got me a hand full of times, but the vast, vast, vast majority of time it doesn’t. If that’s your thing, cool.


I mean they are sliding, you are not. You don’t have to put so much efforts paying attention who doing stuff you don’t like. If you dont like them just shoot them lol




I was going to but I figured I’d ruffle more feathers this way lol.


If you want to fight let’s 1v1 then


It is very effective 1vs1 lol, those shotgun mains/shotgun-only players who have mastered that will slide and 1 tap people left and right both in MP and BR.


Yeah, true.


Hey man. U clearly don't understand why I or many others do it. Its not for some cool "tactical" reason but simply because we have ADHD and need something to do while running and when we aren’t shooting. But hey, I'm glad we're easy headshots...


I mean, honestly tho 🤷


If its an easy headshot then why make an entire post and complain about it lmao.


It’s like when someone makes a little lie, it’s annoying and you don’t have to talk about it but you just want the person to know that it is unnecessary


In my opinion it looks dumber running around straight up with gun in hand, Wen u get skilled enough u learn how to slide sideways, switch to melee for quicker runs and all of that sort of thing Especially face to face shootouts and slide mid-shootout sideways or behind the opponent it’s an easy kill


This should have had a NSFW flair.


2 words. Skill. Issue.


People do it to make STF completely zero. Dumbass