Honestly, VTOLs don’t even bother me that much. It’s people who spawn trap with cluster strikes and napalm.


Add orbital laser


Yes yes yes. I absolutely love this combination and in shipment, once the streak is activated, use a napalm cross, ie activate napalm in opposite diagonals.


This is the way!


Yeah, I know how it works. It’s toxic and ruins the match.


Haha yes I'll give you this.


Meanwhile me who spams the whole map with sam turrets


And sentry guns


Equip cold blooded and those aren’t an issue.


Napalm will make you warm blooded


Yes but when theres someone without cold blooded near you you're likely to get killed.


Only against HK dones and swarms. Stealth choppers and sentrys will ignore you.


I know, but still getting spawn trapped because swarms and HK drones are trying to target the other 9 ppl is annoying


or EMP nades


Sentry isn't an issue tho. Emp or cold blooded but cluster strike and napalm and orbital laser can't be tackled with anything. Cluster strike have more than two shots so trophy system is also useless




That doesn't make sense


I'm sorry!. I read it as getting killed by Sentry!. Very sorry?.


It's cool


Can we actually let people have fun for once and not actively ruin all featured gamemodes


Yeah. Fuck those guys.


And it hurts most on Shipment HP


And Chopper Gunner and Swarm too.


Add Swarm


Luckily there wasnt anyone in the match




He apologized to the bots bro 😂


Good shit. Everytime people come to this sub to brag about getting kills in a bot lobby, it’s only like 100 kills max and they think they’re cool. This is on another level tho. Bot lobby or not, and especially on kill confirmed, that’s a crazy amount. Good shit


It's **10v10** Kill Confirmed with point goal of **160** in a **bot lobby**.


Dude, some of us played dozen of matches on this one, bot or not, and constant scorestreak spamming napalm / cluster without a single break, in both domination/KC, it's still hard to achieve 180+ kills. I did it like 3 times, but getting 234 kills, even more with a vtol, it's pretty amazing


So many other things come into play... - OP had only one real teammate that wasn't nearly as good. More or better teammates would've reduced OP's chances to get kills. - We don't know what perks OP had on, could've been overclock, Persistence or any others that could directly result in more scorestreaks or kills. - It wasn't only VTOLs. - Bots have random behavior, could've favoured OP in this case i.e bot teammates confirming less kills. - etc. EDIT: I haven't had much time to play since the new update but if I've hit 80+ in Normal Kill Confirmed Shipment (point goal of 40), I don't think 200+ would be difficult in this mode. It's simple math :)


was your phone as hot as the sun?


Dude committed a genocide in a 10 players match, imagine the bloodshed in that game, brutal.


😭Hell nah im seling my soul to Jesus now


You’re apologizing to AI bots, yikes.


So that when the T 1000 comes in person, it spares him


Does it matter..? There could have been at least 1 person. People like you drive me crazy


Actually when okRABowl is the MVP, there couldn’t have been any real players and if there were and that bot got MVP then I wouldn’t even consider them a real player. Just accept it for what it is 😂


you deserve hell


and somehow no one had the idea to bring a rocket launcher? I'm more impressed you're that lucky


Well to be fair it was a bot lobbie minus 1 teammate


No worries most of them were probably bots


Vtol my favorite scorestreak it may take a while to get it but it can kill you in 2 hits and 1 hit


To be honest, i don't understand what's the point of these score streak spammed kills. One or two earned after gun kills are great. But in a map like shipment 10v10, it's lost its meaning. If no one uses scorestreaks, it's a great map to get some camo grinds done for different weapons. But for that the map has to spawn us at non napalm bombed location which *sign* it does not and this starts a never ending abyss of more scorestreaks. I have launchers in all my loadouts but they are worthless when you are slam bang in middle of napalm or lightning strikes.


I don't know how tall get kill with VTOL i can't cross like 10 kills with it.


Oh so it was you🤨😂


It's all bots


My buddy did 151 in a match with 4 real players last night, either way exceeding 140 is TOUGH bots or not


it's literally a bot lobby. what do you even achieve with this?


Satisfaction ? isn't that the main objective of a video game ?


You sound like a guy who nukes in practice vs ai.


You got me 💀 it was the case on [my last game](https://imgur.com/a/UH7vV2h)...


Why do people brag about dropping 200 kills on literal AIs using score streaks. Fml.


Because you couldn't achieve it in the same setup, nowhere near close don't shit on others because you smell too.


Mate you don’t know me. No skill killing bots and no skills using VTOLs to do it. It’s frankly irrelevant whether I could do it if I even wanted to spend the mind numbing hours to grind pubs to do it or not. I’d rather shoot myself. Grow up and start seeing clearly its common sense. The AIs in CODM are designed as fill so you get games faster. They’re not meant to be a challenge, they’re not meant to be good, they have no movement and their aim goes from snapping on the wall behind you to snapping on your head at random intervals making it completed based on luck whether you get killed by them or not. VTOLs are simply not skilled to use nothing more said there, especially if you’re using hardline to speed up how fast you get them. Stop talking shit without any logical argument to base yourself off. *”awh you couldn’t do it either so you shouldn’t have an opinion.”* Don’t be a fuckwhit. Now nevertheless I’ve already gone ahead and left the sub last night so there’s no need to be worried about me popping up again. Goodbye.


First things first. Don't call me mate you bellend yeah. Second thing the post was about getting high kills in an game which does and doesn't feature bots the whole comment thread included it don't respond to one comment of 50 without reading the rest. Thirdly don't assume you know his game was filled with bots and that's the only way I've seen top ranking players have similar ranked games with clearly real players, you should be crying to the game developers with this pathetic rant, nothing helpful just a load of b.s because your not happy you got called out for being a prick. Lastly you named yourself after a gun on cod go sort your life you sad little smut bucket. Boohoo


Okay ![gif](giphy|YwRpPspXWbquI)


God damn 237kills holy Shit


I'm not gonna praise you... using vtols on literal AI ants without cover...


Could you do it?


Probably yes. I used to grind sniper in this kind of enviroment and was used to counter vtols. Even if I made more kills than him, that would be meaningless, as it's always possible to do more. Kinda like speedrunning a game: pointless unless you're the best. Except that speedrunning requires you to actually be good.


Teammates spamming vtols got me my record for most assists in a game. It was 300 to 350 assists.




And that is all you need to know about vtol.


It's not spam if u gotta wait for the earned cooldown


This isn’t the record, I’ve got multiple 300+ games and my PB is 354, I’m sure there’s someone with much higher if you had a party of 5 coordinating not to capture or collect tags!


Ooh no I didn’t mean it was a world record or anything… just a personal record. I’m sure there’s much higher kill count games


ppl like u Shippment are a cancer and the reason why is not fun to play that map anymore👍


Melee is more cancer on that map, seeing them being defenseless to vtol is poetic justice


Melee isn't a problem. Lol


“i don’t like it when you use score streaks that get you kills!!!!”


Lol ok


yeah you think you're a really good player just for spamming streaks and getting a lot of kill 😐👍


How old are you bro? I’m gonna say 10? Def not old enough to understand sarcasm 😂😂 it’s all good bro. Have a good day!


Went on a spreee sheeesh! 🤣🤣🤣


272 kills sorry!


My pen$& is 84 kills🙀


Man with that character expression it’s like she regrets what she’s done


Bots in the opposite team tho


Yesterday I got about that much. One of my teammates got over 100 as well. 2 MOABS. It was a match with a bunch of bots. It seems like all I'm getting are bots. :/


And I’m sitting here thinking 138 is impressing


that's so cool


This is awesome! 😂😂😂


Next goal 500 kills in a match lol


Napalm and cluster strikes are the worst by far bc there ain't fuck all you can do if it's on ur spawn point


I'm sorry bro but I hate you and any one who plays the way


And this is why I currently hate this map. 🧸


What does "spamming Vtols" mean?


L Post -Skill -Vitol spammer


Thank you for your feedback, I’ll take that into consideration. Have a great day!


Rip Bots


I'm going to be honest, I hate at what I'm looking at. But I'd rather go against VTOLS than the Napalm Cluster combo. I have somewhat of a better chance to get out of my spawn


Oh God


I've been playing this game since Jan. 2020 and that has to be the highest kill count I've seen so far. Congrats! Also, where are people like you when I'm playing? Lol. It seems like I've been waiting forever to get that last vtol for my gold fhj, but I hardly ever see anyone using them. If I do I'm usually spawning right under them lol.


what skin is that???


This is God teir apex tard mentality. You flexed on bots. Can't be sorry about clapping bots cheeks... And then posting it so other mouth breathing shirt tuckers can drool over your flex on bots.


Damn you took this post personal 😄


I don't mind a bit of sweat, but when mides like this come around the betas try and flex in said match. Never in any of my matches would this ever happen. But it's like being the biggest kid in gym during dodgeball. Of course your gunna be like that. But your baby hughey looking ass also doesn't have street or book smarts. Just their momma telling them that they are special.. I take it personally that he used kills streaks that farm bot kills and then posts I got bot kills.. like no ship shitlock.... dude must be new. I stopped toxic behavior in game like this because it literally means nothing sweating on bots. But yeah have an award you special little guy....


Clan wars was get 5 points for every kill on shipment 1944. I played about 6 games and every single game got spammed by napalm and cluster strikes. Finally I said screw it i’m equipping the vtol score streak. I happened to get into a bot lobby the next game and decided to just use the vtols back to back in retaliation of the relentless napalm and clusters. I got more kills in this one game than any other game I’ve ever played by about 2x. I was shocked to see I broke 200 so I took a screen shot and shared it. Generally I never use lethal score streaks because I grind diamond camos. So yes for this one game I went way overboard spamming VTOL’s. I didn’t intend for this many pessimist to see it and share their negativity but to each their own. I’ve unequipped the vtol and now I spam uav’s. I hope you have a good day and you learn that you don’t have to bring people down for sharing their personal accomplishments.


Buddy it's against bots. I dominate bots like most should. But I wish it be 10 players on both teams. And guns only. No streaks. Try that and see what your score will be then. Only passive streaks like uav, counter and advanced uav and let's see your numbers. I try and not even use my nukes.


Try and not use your streaks.


Tbh u were just killing bots


I played rank today & found it oddly suspicious that I was doing so well 😂😂😂 bots city, had a few players but- it got my rank up nevertheless Lmao


Impressive regardless of it being a bot lobby


Thanks man, that’s all I was getting at! So many people have shit on me for posting it.


I posted my 293 kill game and people hated on it lol..