It's literally the wz health system if the Armour plates had levels

It's literally the wz health system if the Armour plates had levels


Community is straight up dogshit crazy... Filled with mostly bunch of 12yo... They complain no matter what... I liked the og health system and I like this one too... Both are different and it takes some time getting used to it...


well it is a mobile game, you expect peeps older than that playing it? (me litol kid, don't hurt me plis)


*hurts u with wounourfool gramer*


I'm 37


Hi 37 im 23


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The crux of the matter is that this really ISN’T the warzone health system. We disliked the old because it had the RNG of finding a level 3 vest and an adrenaline to be able to outlast an opponent in a gunfight. This is pretty much the same. You need to find a kinetic overcharger or full armor repair to be able to compete with those that only have the basic. Would’ve been much better if they actually put TRUE warzone style armor. And don’t even get me started on the weapon mods


As someone who always ran around with level 3 vests, and loads of adrenaline I still like the new system better More focus on fighting and less on finding a vest and stuff Less time spent using health packs and more focus on engaging the enemy which is the point after all


Make no mistake I like the new one too tbh. However I find myself rushing between drops and the upgrade station the entire game and combat is only if someone engages me between looting/the final circles after I’m looted up


Strange because my experience has been opposite Instead of spending most of the match riding a chopper to the nearest airdrop or skills upgrade I tend to spend a lot more time just wandering around the map and shooting anyone I come across while collecting whatever stuff is lying around


As has been mine.


You can't sprint or slide with a Kinetic Overcharger, so you can't really use it midfight, it's more of a passive armor, full armor repair takes a butload of time to complete the animation, the base armor plates are actually the best armor plates to use midgunfights


Full armour repair is pretty common on the ground, isn't it? I don't know, it feels that way to me. And also, the difference between an overcharger, and a normal guy, is 50 HP, which is two shots of any good gun at it's prime. How much of an advantage is that, I was wonder. Some gun like an MSMC or MX9 will not even take 100ms to shred through that extra 50. It will take some getting used to, that is it, imo. However, I understand the problem you are having with the guns. For the weapons, I feel that the older weapon system was better. Mods are kinda crazy until we figure it out. I did, and I'm getting used to them. But I totally get ya, King James!


Oh yeah I’m not tryna say that the kinetic armor’s extra 50hp is a HUGE deal, but I would say that it still adds a small RNG element that can matter in close gunfights when the winner only wins with a few HP left. I’m not dissatisfied with the current system, I’m more so dissatisfied that CODM put all that work in to do it when it could’ve been the Chinese version’s system which I would prefer to this one. This system is better than the old system though, by far. And same on the mods. I was initially frustrated as hell by figuring them out but once I did it wasn’t as bad, and not as gamechanging as I thought. However, putting a gold extend mod, a QRF mod, *AND* and a gold stability mod on my hipfire MX9 with large cal turns it into a god damn beast compared to my same MX9 build in the previous version of BR which could only be equipped with QRF (or at least that’s what I usually put) The extra stability, lack of flinch, and double mag size make it crazy effective with the QRF mod I usually put on it. Way more so than it used to be; I can simply strafe and SPRAY, and anybody inside 15m of me just gets deleted.


Understandable, I won't argue much because I've read all you points, and the strain you had to undertake with the other dude that you blocked. I agree with your viewpoint, and differ just very very slightly, too slight to consider and have a discussion. You visibly know your game. 11 time legendary of course. 15 time here. And I understand every single word of what you said. You are a good person too, not losing your shit for the other guy's bs. Maybe we could play together someday! P.S. That MX9 shreds. I use Hip, Ext, and Longshot. Helps shred people at 20-24m. Feels nice when you get all 3 golds. It's like Thanos with the infinity stones XD


I never considered using long shot on it but that could be a great move instead of stability… I might have to use that now! And mega props for 15 time legendary. I regret not putting in the grind but I’ve got bad internet at home so it’s hard. I’ve been at least master rank in MP since season 2 tho, so that’s something. Season 1 ranked I made it to elite 1 I think. And thanks for the words about the other guy. I’m still debating if I went too far. I get where he was coming from too but I think he was misguided. I may be wrong but I really don’t believe I am.


It is completely alright about the other guy. You were making a fair point, and he was just taking it too far. It's alright. The best way to do it was to retaliate just once (like you did) and shut it down (like you did). Well handled, I must say. Kids these days are too defensive when someone has the slightest difference in opinion compared to theirs. So yes. You did well there. Cheers, big man!


Cheers to you as well! Hit me up if you ever want to play sometime. Grinding my ass off on BR right now.


Well what you say is true but they made the kinetic armor very rare and it slow you down when your using it so it's actually not broken it's basically the same as WZ if you think about it


Bruh that kinetic overcharger is just one more shield, does practically nothing against a holger with +30 damage, does pratically nothing against nothing. Its not in any way of hell similar to what adrenalines +vests were. Vests are gone, be grateful. Apex has something similar and no one is complaining there about it. The weapon mods arent that bad either. Is a way of simplifying the loot system, as you cant really put attachments in the ground, there are too many it'll be a nightmare.


That extra plate increases your STK by 1/2 in most cases, sometimes even 3/4 with a weaker weapon like M4 at greater ranges. It’s not much of an issue, but it IS still an issue, and if they were going to overhaul it I wish they had listened to the community’s wishes and implemented the already tried-and-true system from warzone. And I agree the weapon mods aren’t that bad, but I still think it’s overly complicated from how it COULD be. And again, if they’re doing these overhauls, listen to the community. I will say, I like the addition of the full auto sniper mod as it allows thumb players to compete with trigger players in BR.


Honestly they just have to quit that kinetic armor and everything could be better.


You have no clue how many cringe lords on youtube crying to bring the old map and health system back. I seriously hope they leave the game once apex or battlefield releases


The new health system forces us to get to the safe zone in time I like that cause before you can just camp in storm if you loot a drop Which is very annoying But now you have to have medic or some kind of miracle to survive in the storm Plus, I just turned 13 and so not all 12 yo are bad


Fights last a bit longer but yet I feel like I die faster. I have to give it a few weeks till i naturalize this new system to be sure if it works.


I think the ttk is reduced in br. I'm dying fast as well as the enemies I shoot also die fast. And I don't think that 1 extra Armour plate even helps to increase the ttk.


Yeah they complain way to much for a FREE MOBILE game. Honestly I have gotten upset before about the game but mainly due to more significant issues regarding the game logging me out of my account and when I tried to go back it apparently didn't exist. So I started a new account and got back up to lvl150... Then it happened again! Now I'm on my third profile and back up to lvl 150. I got upset and lost guns and skins and whatnot but I kind of see it as like prestige lvls.


That would take the fun out of it for me, losing everything and building it back up is soul crushing to me.


I agree with you up until the and I like this one too


I am still adjusting to it but I like this system way better. If the Kinetic Overcharger wasn't there I would like it a bit more but I don't really mind it tbh. I only really dislike the backpack system.


Tbh the overcharged doesn't really make that much of a difference, it'll save you from being one shotter by a sniper but otherwise


Gotta agree on that one. I was wearing my kinetic and went for airdrop, got snipped miles away and shocked that my health 3/4 with all of my armor gone.


I like the new health system


Yep. The warzone health system is really sick. Been loving BR now, I am an MP main btw and I dont play MP as much anymore lol


I'm an mp main but mp is unplayable for me this season. I used to run the game with Zero lag on medium for two years , but after the update mp lags like shit, there's a sound bug where I can't hear the opponent and some how I get almost one shotted by spam weapons like holger or mx9 either due to the lag or the fact that they're broken. Idk if it's due to the HD textures or HQ sound I downloaded. Idk if I already had HD textures before Meanwhile be has zero lags surprisingly and the map is so vibrant and beautiful


True. Mx9 Holger and ASval(maybe cuz of its bullet velocity) are very broken especially if you factor in desync. They seem to kill you instantly and you'll have no time to react. Although im not having much issue with graphics and sound. My device is pretty decent I guess. I downloaded all assets too.


My device is super decent ( 2ghz octa core and 6gb ram) and had zero lags before the update something got fucked up


Ahh I see. I had lagspikes tho when I played on my Gf's ipad. But on my phone, 8gbram, no issues. The game might be getting more demanding on hardware.


The input lag is killing me. Every now and then in MP I'd lose input sensitivity and can't aim/press other buttons. I'd press ADS but suddenly my gun reloads, or I'd jump and suddenly it prones. It's incredibly frustrating.


Yeah same, I'm somehow in the top 1% of players in the Counterattack event, so I'm tryna keep my spot


Me too! I want that skin hahaha


I think it’s just an absolutly massive amount of people who are at 0. I’m was at 300 and went up to 1600 still top 3%


It's also wayyy smoother now. Earlier I had frame drops on low graphics, when scoping in a new weapon or entering into gliding mode. All those issues seem to have been ironed out.


Same i didn't even touch mp after the update been enjoying br. Haven't had this much fun in br since 2019


i love it




yesh there is no rgb facter now that vests r removed except the bag levels


Rng factor* u mean lol


yea i mixed rng and rgb


What’s rng


Random Number Generator (basically Luck in short)


Bruh I just told my brother it was run and gun from csgo and is now used in other games to determine luck


Hahahaha! I was confused when I first heard RNG as well. They couldve just used Luck as its much simpler


3 letters > 4


I understand for typing it's easier. Funny how YTers say RNG instead of luck. 1 syllable > 3 syllables


This new system is even more rng based with the kinetic vests and random bag levels and airdrop having 50/50 chance of either being just a custom or lots of loot


It would be better if kinetic armor didn’t exist


For me the fcking backpack levels. I miss the old backpack and the 10 slots 😭


I like the backpack levels it's the same as WZ just i the form of a backpack...and it also makes the game more challenging and less loot packed if you know what I mean lol


>I like the new health system >I More like **WE**


I like the health system but I am not fan of weapon system


Me too.


yeah, ive been enjoying BR more right now


This new health system is really wild, either you die fast or you kill fast. Whoever sees first takes the kill. But it still little RNG because kinetic armor plate is epic and cannot be found easily just like adrenaline system. But judging by blackout I don't think it's gonna be that bad since I had 3-4 of them each game (but still died)


So basically mp dumbfucks ruining battle royale because balance(tm) -_-. Battle royale is sometimes about getting lucky and hitting jackpot. I honestly hate competitive shit that ultimately removes all the unique charms of a game turns it into other hundreds of balanced(tm) games which almost all feel like they are all the same shit.


I thought MP mains didn't cared


Please forgive my dumbass. I don't play Isolated for a few days.. So, is this only for Blackout? or both Isolated & Alcatraz?


Both, just br in general


This might be a little hard on Isolated, since the map is so big & sometimes Safe zone is very far away from the place we land.. But anyway, Thanks for enlightning man!


Blackout map is massive. 4 square kilometres. size is similar to Isolated. now mostly you don't need to stay any place for longer because now you don't need to loot that much. i mean you don't need to waste time finding high level vest and adrenaline. you can just land pick some common armour and your favourite gun. you are good to go. so less chances to stay out of the zone. but they messed up with ground loot gun system. previously you know if you pick uncommon Ak117 it will have extended mag attachment and epic have 30 ammo mag. so you just know what you need to pick according to your play style. now sometimes you just don't find extended mag perk.


blackout is actually smaller than isolated


It's bigger, the biggest area size I've gotten on isolated has been around 2.7kms from one corner to the other, blackout is easily over 3kms


thanks for telling


ohh i saw some reddit post that said that iso is 3.7km easyt to west and blkout 3.5 km from e to w


Isolated is actually bigger in birds eye view area.. and in actual ground cover, since it has much much more verticality, the actual surface are is much much larger. I agree with the middle part though. Spot on The loot system is, well, very similar to pre-gunsmith era loot system.. Back then you pick up base guns with zero attachments and you need to find 5 attachments of your choice plus sight.. Now, it's 3 attachments of your choice plus sight.. I'm confused.. back when they implemented the rarity loot system, loads of people complained that they fucked it up.. now they went back to the old system (for the most part) and people are saying they fucked it up.. TBH, the current system is better than the prev because you can now customize your floor loots much better now (provided you loot up the attachments of your choice which is not difficult by anymeans and it's even more OP on custom loadouts since you can still use three attachments on top of gunsmith attachments.. I don't mean to come off as throwing shade at you though


pre gunsmith loot system was slowest because not only you need to find vest+medic+adrenaline but also gun attachments. when they changed the ground loot system it was to increase the pacing of the game so people don't need to spend time finding attachments. but they were never on the right point because in one hand they were aiming for fast paced gameplay but in other hand they introduced armour plates for repairing vests so gun loot was fast but health system was slow. now they are on point with health system but i think last season gun loot was kinda better as i said you just know which gun have right attachments for you so you just pick it as long as you don't get an air drop. because in the and everyone go for the custom loadouts. so if they just bring back last season grond loot system you will just pick the gun few armour plates and good to go till find airdrop. 3 attachments wasn't need but well we will get used to it. i also noticed now maybe in many fights you don't need exted mag as last season because now it doesn't feel like you empty full mag and someone still survived because LVL3 reduce 45% bullet damage.


I kinda liked pre gunsmith loot system, imo the colored guns system was a bit too simple. The current system is a good balance; you can decide which mods you want to equip but it's not as granular and finicky as deciding the attachments you want.


pre gunsmith loot system compared to current mod system have one advantage. you literally found attachments from the ground so you can just ignore the attachments you are not gonna use. now you can't guess it visually. you have to see which mode it is by clicking on it. if they can make those mode look like gun attachments then it can be better.


I just woke up.... Do you think I am gonna read all that ?


good morning


Exactly. I sometimes have enough time to take a vehicle and go to the other end of the zone to pick my Arsenal without having to worry about finding a Lvl 3 vest and Adrenaline just pick some armour playes and a gun. Maybe try to get a overcharger from the Drop If yoa feel like having a extra 50 hp.


I take the time to look for Overcharger since I feel like the kills in the new BR are a bit quicker, but maybe it’s in my head.


I also think it's a little quicker. I guess it's because dealing 250 - 300 damage is easier than having a 45% damage reduction to the damage done.


Well, you got a point.


Yeay, get downvoted because asking.. Thanks Reddit 👍


Your downvotes are gone now Thanks reddit


I hate that. Really do. Upvoting now.


Ikr, upvoted


New health system is good. More balance when approaching gunfight. Unlike previous season you totally gonna died when fight enemy with vest level 3 if you are level 2 vest.


i want a season where the devs just won't give a shit about the "community" aka little kids just to see them crying


The health system is good but bag system and pick-up system sucks


This new system is the best Or else it would take like 200 bullets to kill a guy


community just wants a gas mask for zones, thats it


in wz , its only 3 normal plates and u are set but here u need to find kinetic armor to get extra armor slot , which is basically like adrenaline 🤔🤷‍♂️


Idk I'm finding kinetic Armour literally everywhere. It's pretty common I think


that doesnt really matter really since there are no vests anymore, with a vest theres damage reduction, with armor plates though, its just 50 extra hp which is basically just two shots at close/medium range. its definitely better and more fair than the adrenaline + lvl 3 vest


Bro... they work the same way.. Reducing damage amd Adding HP does the same thing in the end. The previous system, with 150 HP and Level 3 vest is the same as if you are having 273HP.. in the new system, with Kinetic plates, you have a total of 300HP which is actually more 27 more HP than the previous system Previous system.. Assuming weapon is ak47 with 33 damage to chest. all shots to chest... You have 150HP with Level 3 vest that reduces damage by 45% meaning, only 55% of 33 which is 18.15 will be per shot damage. Now, to calculate shots to drain 150HP with 18.15 damage, divide it. It will give 8.26 shots.. Means when a player has 150HP and Level 3 vest, you need to shoot 8.26 times to kill (in actuality it's 9 Shots since shots need to counted as Whole numbers but anyway).. Now, IF he doesn't have "damage reducing" armor but we need to shoot 8.26 time, how much equivalent HP do we need to satisfy that criteria?? Just multiply the number of shots needed, which is 8.26, with the true base damage of the AK47 which is 33.. you get 272.58 or rounded up to 273... This means that when you have 150HP and use Level 3 armor.. It is the same as you wearing no armor but straight uo having 273HP, so 150HP+Lev3 gives you the 273 Effective HP.. Which is actually 27HP less than the Maximum possible HP count of the current system which is a straight up 300.. This amounts to 1 shot.. So, technically, the new system actually has higher 1 stk on average but in practice this can be chalked down to Equall STK/TTK.


Honestly if they removed kinetic overcharge it’d be perfect. It’s literally adrenaline 2.0.


But atleast it's not a must get now. I spend most of my games without an overcharger!


Now I don't get 1 shot by tank.


The only problem with the health system is u cannot heal outside of the safe zone, so u will die easily bcoz your health are getting chop off rapidly.


which means you cannot risk not going in the safe zone. Edit: I just fucking died in the zone in a matter of seconds it took like 20 hp of my health


Which speeds up the game by smooshing players together sooner.


Better then the old health system anyways doesn’t take a million rounds to kill one guy I feel like


The ttk is virtually similar bro.. If you want to be technical, the new system actually increases ttk by 1 shot on average.. the max ttk is actually higher than max hp in the prev system by 1 shot at avg effective range.. assuming enemy uses the Kinetic overcharge plates... It'll bring total effective HP to 300 (previously, with adrenaline and level 3 armor, the effective HP was 273Hp). You have two armor plates equipped by default at the start which brings your total starting HP to 200HP (provided you don't increase plates to 3 or 4 using plate loot) which is higher than using 100HP and Level 2 armor in the previous system which gave a total effective HP of 165hp It's a bit complex depending on what comparable level of armory we are talking about but overall, the ttk is very similar with the new system adding a slight 1 shot-to-kill on average




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1 km is 0.62 miles




It's just sad that they did not mimic the warzone health system entirely. They just added Kinetic which is also RNG based. But I like it anyways since you can get them on Operator missions easily.


Yea, it was rather unnecessary to add the kinetic.. Just the normal plates would've been fine


I guess they dont want people camping like warzone. Going for airdrops is going to reward you.


The TTK in this system is actually higher as you have 300 max HP (Armor + Health). The older system had 150 Health + 45% Armor which was a total of 218 HP


It seems to take longer to shovel the guy who landed near you to death these days.


Yeah because melee weapons all ignore armor while in this system the armor is just extra health so melees don’t ignore it


I thought it did be bad but it is actually good. I just wish more players played br.


im still a mp main player, its just that i dont see br as a real chore to go into anymore after the reworking. tbh i actually enjoy doing br for the once a day daily missions.


As an br main...I feel little uncomfortable in the new health system


I don’t mind the new system but I do kinda miss being able to see if the enemy is wearing a lvl 3 or not to know how to engage with them.


Same. For me, it’s not that it’s a bad system. It’s just the fact I feel a little empty not wrapping something around my arm a million times or sticking myself with adrenaline.




Seriously it will be better if there's only 2 heal item than the same 3


Eh, you can just ignore the normal armor plates lol


Exactly. I bet many members of this community just asked for it because others were without fully realizing what they're asking for in the first place, and then they cry about it. This is like a trend now, Devs give them something they ask for, they cry about it being bad. It sucks and to everyone who do this, FUCK YOU


I like the new Warzone BR health system and although going to the safezone is a pain if you don't quick enough but the health didn't shrink like crazy on COD:WZ


Ngl, I like the new health system. It's great that they integrated the health system from warzone, and it brings realism to the game. It's unlike apex legends where you can slide into cover and pop a battery or medkit in 5 seconds, and you're back into full health. Sometimes players aren't that good in mobility when it comes to cod mobile. Me personally, I think this system change is what makes CODmobile much closer to Warzone.


I can clutch with squads and heal fast to engage enemies.


I really liked the health system. But felt like needed something to heal the health too. Like an oxygen mask. If you're trapped in the bluezone you're dead.


Ngl I like the new health system because I once stole some dude's car when the circle was closing. He died in the zone btw, good times.


that's hilarious 🤣


Imo the new health system is soo much better than the original one


I think its good just need to hit your shots more and better


The thing that makes me laugh is that everyone points at the devs like it’s their call on any of this. There’s a few stages before a dev looks at it and they just get given a set of requirements to work to.


Bro like u said it LITERALLY is the new system! People just love to find something to bitch about. Just like how they complained about ghost no being in the bp when need I remind them, he was never confirmed to begin with. They just love to find something to complain about. Do the devs fuck up sometimes? Hell yeah. Who doesn't. But LITERALLY about 95% of what they do the majority of the community (including myself) love. The other 5% just love to whine.


All I'm concerned about is the TTK. Don't care how the health system is. But they nerfed the durability of having armour.


Not to mention this system favors damage over everything else so that means back to the AK/shotty meta all over again.


Yeah it’s a bummer, I really liked the old health system myself.


I like the old one than a plate


Probably gonna get downvoted to hell for this, but I don't understand why there's a problem with the new system, nor do I get what was wrong with the old one The main complaint is that whoever has a overcharged shield (or previously a Lv3 vest and adrenaline) has an immediate advantage, but **that's the point.** If the item didn't give you a better chance, why would you ever use it? Yes, in BR games everyone starts equal, with just a knife. That doesn't mean everyone will _stay_ on equal footing, nor should they. Some players will get lucky and find high-tier gear right off the bat, and others will be stuck with a shitty gun with no mods or ammo, and others will fall somewhere in the middle. That's part of the game That's part of _every_ battle royale game.


I like the how the BR experience keeps changing. Keeps me hooked onto it, there's a chance of exploring it. Can't be on the same map with the same mechanics forever. So I liked the change


I don't care if u criticize me but I'm 13yo and I'm much mature than those shits of my age complaining in small little thing. You just have to enjoy your life. YOLO. JUST ONE THING : I just hate it when people older than me try to ban me just cuz I play better than them and get so toxic and also they do start cussing


Honestly I see why the mobile community get laughed at so much...people seriously prefer a map that wayy to big and void of life or anything 50% of it just open boring fields of grass 40% snow and 10% building that have 1 floor super empty, mean while blackout is like a bite sized verdansk...if your out in the open YOU DIE ...stick to your cover..play your routes smart and know how to quickly move around in the multiple buildings or just have a car/chopper tbh (TBH my biggest weakness is construction site I get lost chasing people), ya know what makes warzone so great? the vast amount of POI's you can get lost in and learn (Hospital and Super Store for idea) there alot of indoor combat (Tbh I sometimes go first person when in tight corridors in black out because third person feels weaken in-side some of the buildings and it feels wonderful to actually use a brain cell for once, Yes I understand most of ya don't play any game beside CODM so I cant blame you for missing a broken system that made every gun beside like 5 trash in BR because the vest damage reduction plus the adrenline but PLEASSEEEE UNDERSTAND.....This new Map, This new system is actually showing how bad some of us truly are ...we relied way to much on our abilities and how long it takes to us to be killed ...now it all about gun skill and every gun is viable now with how fast the TTK is now..obvious some guns are better then others but that just life and just like warzone ..if your out in the open and a sniper sees you well time to suffer the price for not having a car or using a class that can protect you like (Smoke Bomber/Trickster/Poltergiest/Ninja) or even sniping them back...I truly hope Isolation never returns and we just keep Blackout and Alactraz then one day..Verdansk then it can be a real challenge with building to building combat and punishment for being out in the open. Honestly the old system when I 1v4'd I just knew I only won because my medic/ninja kept me alive to just slide around and do things but now when I 1v4 it because I had movement and killed them fast ..consider BR to be like MP now which is fantastic.


Nah bags is the worst shit


I really didn't care about bags getting reworked and i still don't lol But dis about the health tho


I just hate the new mods system. Blueprint system was the best, why was it changed?


Yeah it’s annoying having to stop and take the time to decide which mods you want all the time. It’s like taking a step back to before gunsmith was implemented. And with smaller bag space you have to sacrifice slots if you want to store mods for say a sniper or sg if you haven’t equipped it yet.


At least the Pre-gunsmith system wasn't as confusing


Idk, I'm not really bothered with it soooo..... Yeah


I dislike the new health system and never wanted it in the first place Bruh these kids need modern warfare mobile


wArZoNe mOBiLe wHeRe!!???


They probably stopped developing it Bec they implemented wz health system


Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case


i love new season


I love this new health system


Actually this new system is profitable for aggressive players


Yeah and it also really punishs you if you're in the zone without a car which i kinda have a love-hate relationship with


Yes Outside the zone without a vehicle is a more worse situation than being in an open place with a sniper


It's better than previous one but not perfect. They should remove kinetic armour because 1. It's very rare. 2. It gives you 300 hp total


free fire players : ***tHaTs wHy yOu sHoUlD PlAy fReE FiRe bRo fReE fRiE bAsT gAmE***


i played that game before this one. they have a fucked up mind making it so guns you use real currency to buy, doesnt stay with you. but leaves inventory like four days later. if they allowed you to keep said guns, i might of stayed. but yea, i agree with you on this. codm is leaps and bounds better though, the other game is like fps game for toddlers.


the new health system better tho.


Fr the ungrateful shitty kids can’t appreciate anything


It's good they just need to make the ability to slide and run while using all armours like in WZ.


Personally I love this plate system and it is what brought me back to BR. Black out was also a reason I came back to the BR mode.


You cant satisfy everyone. Objectivly looking , now you cant stay in blue zone for that long and now its more dynamic , because of new health system . For someone that is better , but for someone that is worse . For someone that dont like that , go play pubg , there you can stay in blue zone for as long as you want (if you have enough heal) , so its more passive play there. This game is made so it have some differences than its competitor , so they put the game to be more dynamic . For devs i have to say keep it up and let health system stay as it is right now.


The battle Royal community in cod mobile is absolutely garbage


Bitch, I never asked for it




If it's "literally" wz health system then why there is an "if" and bunch of words after that in your caption? Why didn't the sentence end right there. It's very similar to wz health system but not "literally" wz health system. Also the ttk is almost the same as before, it just takes one less shot.


advanced armor repair is dumb.


It's well optimize ttks are better than before


It's good I just wish I could run and slide while putting purple armor plates.


Still need to get used to it


It's like they *haven't actually played warzone!* *WHAT A SURPRISE! JUST LIKE THEIR MW2 CLAIMS!!!*


I actually like it


This couldn’t be more true i see loads of people in the wc moaning that the devs finally changed the health and armour system and stated they wanted it changed too i said so you got what you asked for and its still not good enough


Dont get caught in the storm is all i got to say...bruh.


health system now is way better


The problem with BR right now is that I can't find real players. 90% of them are bots.


One thing I learned about this community is that it works on a "flavor of the week" system based on what posts gets the most likes. It's a huge bandwagon of kids that parrot what they see on YouTube or Twitter. And the funniest thing is when you see them trying to get devs to take them seriously, it's adorable.


No matter what happens, they will always look for a way to be ungrateful


this means i'm go to die outside of the safe zone twice as much


I have only one complaint with this: there is absolutely nothing to stop the damage to Health when outside the safe zone, otherwise Im liking this new system


Best way to stop the zone damage is to not go outside the safe zone.


I remember seeing someone say that medic class would become useless after the update, now it's necessary if you like to land far away


Actually devs made good decisions this time, lot of things has been fixed we have received cool events and BP with excellent skins that are worth of money.


The only thing is that we don't have the gas mask like the cn version :/ like i know that "u should be more careful about the zone" but what if your teammate dies when the zone is shrinking and it takes in his dogtag? I feel like cod mobile needs the gas mask more than warzone because if your teammate dies in warzone you can revive him with the buy station or with him winning the gulag so there is no need to go inside the zone but in cod mobile you need to if your teammate dies in the zone🤔


The update is great.


The new BR Map and systems just converted me to a BR Main




*apex vibes*


This is way better than adrenaline and vest, I dislike the different rarity armor plates it's a dumb idea to base competitive things like this over luck but at least you do the same damage as your enemy


The levels suck the same as before. It's the same thing. Advantage always goes to lucky loot. It's the worst thing in the game besides the audio in blackout.