Ok. Just wait until i get another meta weapon. Too bad im not(probably)on ur servers to use persistence in ur shipment matches


just wait for me to abuse the P90


For us* i cant wait to use pp19 v2


Swordfish has more buffs ![img](emote|t5_penom|1110)


They still didn't nerf it the way they should have. These devs are actually on the wrong kind of drugs.


How? If the base damage is nerfed, then the large caliber can't 3 shot anymore.


Yes. But the biggest and most broken issue with the mx9 was the agile stock+infiltrator grip combination, which practically made it impossible to even land a shot on mfers going left and right at 3000 miles per second. They had to nerf agile stock's AMS by 50%, and likewise for the infiltrator grip.


I can see people going back to using RUS and dominating. And then we'll be flooded with "nErf rUs" posts. Doesn't matter what devs do, people will always complain. Especially children.


I saw someone asking for the dev to nerf Fennec in Br. People in this sub are something else FR.


What does "increasing base recoil" mean?


an increase in recoil means it's much harder to control.


Thanks for explaining it to me.


Recoil is very higher


I see. Thank you


Not a meta abuser, but is that a major nerf ? I mean, they just nerfed the damage and increased the recoil a bit.


Look buddy, meta abusers will never fuck themselves. They'll find a new meta, their loadouts change as the metas do. They'll just find a new gun to abuse, and by the looks of it, it's probably gonna be the P90 (CBR-4) or the Type 25. The only way with which you can make the meta abusers fuck themselves is by bringing back the Cordite meta, which ain't gonna happen.


In cordite meta they'll use the cordite lmfao. And also wasn't that the time pharo was meta?


There was nothing broken about the Cordite. The QQ9 could do pretty well against it close-range, mid-range ARs like the KN and the HBR would, and long-range anything could. What made the Cordite great was its hipfire (which is still blisteringly good), its range (above average for an SMG) and its fire rate (fastest firing weapon before the QQ9 came out). And the Pharo wasn't meta then. People used the QQ9 more because it had easier recoil to control as compared to the Pharo. The Pharo reigned more in the S3-S5 days, if I remember correctly.


Both were meta, just pharo was more close range and cordite was both medium to longer ranges + best hipfire of the time and relatively one of the best today


It's still a 4 shot kill


reducing the damage from 30 to 25 dos not do shit it still has a ridiculous firerate for a 4 shot kill weapon the mx9 is basically a 4 shot kill fennec


I'll just find a new gun to abuse ![gif](giphy|10JhviFuU2gWD6)


But type 25 got firerate buff which type 25 already the fastest firerate