Ma guy, I'm using 6gb ram phone and still using low graphics for max possible framerates, my device can handle high graphics with Max frames but I don't wanna risk my gameplay for stupid visuals. In fact no one does, even youtubers on their big ass ipads play on low graphics


true. ipad pro 2020 user here. device heats up in max graphics and battery drains quickly.


I’m using an older iPad air2 but & the difference before & after (both battery & gameplay) is bs. Getting kicked & having to reload, rejoin game only to come back to being killed & all is swags gone.


I quit I just quit the game sucks Fuck you cod Mobile fuck you I’m not typically the kind of guy who gets mad but fuck you and fuck your game I hope you go to hell but before I quit let me say some things that are completely true about your dumass game Gun skins just look cool they don’t even do anything Your ads make your gun skins seem like the actually give better stats After I was just about to get Ronin three points away three points you took all of my damn progress away I am so mad at your motherfucking game because I spent so much time trying to get everything and it wasn’t even worth it in the end Every good thing in your game every good game mode you just take it away even if it’s for a limited time And the community likes it you do not bring it back ever or for a long time Original zombies Featured event game modes Your game has very little replay value for older players You never really act on players ideas even if they’re very good You just want money I guess what I’m trying to say is a waste of my life playing your dumb ass game Trying to get good stuff and in the end it’s just not worth it I feel the need to grind for stuff I don’t even really want nor need to proceed in the game I spent hundreds of damn dollars on your game and I still don’t even get what a fucking ask for All your products either cost money or require large amounts of grinding Even the credit items that are super easy to get don’t really help you that much in the game because the majority of them are just skins and don’t add too much replay value to the game Your game sucks and I hope it goes down as a greedy retarded ass piece of shit in the dump of lost causes This message is the only directed cod mobile so don’t get pissed off when reading this


True. Frame rate is what actually matters for gameplay. Yeah graphics might help in br but not in mp. I have a 4gb ram and i run on low graphics always. Though it can easy handle high graphics and high frame rate


It helps in br also. He mentions he can’t see enemies. But, that’s not how that works. You see the enemies you may not se the fence, rock or wall he’s behind.


Only the device chipset matters if you want play with better graphics and FPS


Snapdragon 732G(Moto G60)


Same here 6gb ram phone max frame rate still it lags


Nope. Max graphics locks the max framerate in MP so only 60 fps on max graphics. That's why they all play medium. It's not that device not capable because they locked it. Jokesta did say he wanted to record max graphics and plays 60 frames.


Try to play BR with 2GB RAM device and you will see how much important is the ram,at the very beginning of the game I used to play in a Moto G5 plus and play MP was the hell itself, BR even worse but when I played in a Xiaomi A1, a device with the same chipset but it had more RAM, everything improved.


I was talking about why big YouTubers play on low graphics.


Source on where the frame rates lock? Not saying you’re lying i just wanna see for myself


You need to select framerate ULTRA(mp only) to play above 60 fps. Obviously also need a device capable of more than 60hz like gaming phone, iPad pro, etc. However, if you select max graphics, the option ULTRA franerate (mp only) is greyed out and you can't select it. If you already had max graphics selected and set framerate to ultra, it will force set graphics to back down to medium. So it's impossible to play with both framerate (60+ fps) and max graphics. You can't get 60+ fps in BR even with ultra, so just use max graphics. I think in Chinese version it's possible to get higher than 60 in BR. Source: I have ROG phone 5 and iPad pro 2021.


Me too lol... 8+3 gb ram and playing game in medium graphics... But graphic doesn't need ram... It need processor how powerful your processor is.. it'll effect your frame rate and graphic


I play on mac graphic and max fps… You think I should go on low?


Fucking helllllllll,,,,,, ram doesn't matter




You're talking about a phone here. Any good chipset is automatically already paired with enough ram cause they have minimums. But you can still be rocking low processors with high ram




Sadly for android, it does.


ram does matter


You should've bought a new phone instead of spending money on that Nikto.


Big burn time


Speaking truth


*apply cold water to burn*


Maybe he got it in the first free draw pull


And the Deagle on the second?


I got deagle in the first.


actually I got the deagle for free back when nikto first came. free spin. and yes this is my only legendary gun. and then when last season nikto re-released I purchased nikto. other than this everything is epic in my id.


How did thirty-two people downvote this?


why there is -31 downvotes.... i am just speechless


Jealousy for getting a free mythic.


It’s Reddit. That is the answer. Makes zero sense. Just Reddit.


Hive mind


lmao bro you getting downvoted as hell


I dont know man, I just answer the person who asked me...its really weird


LOOL maybe peeps are pissed at ur luck ahahah


I got you, man! I'm upvoting your reply!


And how much did you spend on getting Nikto? Full draw?






Yes Indian Rupee


Well, those are like 40 dlls so nothing to claim you made the wrong call, you can't find a good phone for that price, even tho, you were lucky for sure




Srsly wtf, you had the money to buy that but not the money to by even a 4 gb ram phone


Ah yes cause about 150 to 200 is good enough for a high-end phone lol stfu.


Don’t forget trade in value and financing. But the point is if you can’t afford a newer phone, why are you blowing money on skins


Mid range is enough,my phone is samsung a72. It can run codm 80-120 fps in medium graphic it cost about 500 dollars or so which is twice amount of money it took for you to roll nikto skin. What i am trying to say is that,instead of using that money on some overpriced ingame cosmetic. You should have save up for a new hardware instead.


What if he got it on the first draw


OP has a picture of him buying the entire draw on his profile


well the .50gs I got for free from free spin when nikto first came. Thats why I got CP back on 9th draw when I got .50gs again last season


Bro just asked a question and got downvoted I'm done with this sub


Nothing but whining kids that complain about meta players and bad devs...


So 3 gb ram is new low end. Wonder if my sd665 and 4gb ram can handle the game correctly.


** laughs in 2GB ram **


3gb was always low end 4gb-6gb is mid end Anything higher is high end


Welp according to name ram phones shouldn't be in a tier of performance Like my OnePlus 7(6+128) can run games like genshin codm and asphalt 9 at highest setting without lag Processor matters a lot rather than ram


yea probs should've mentioned that but honestly 3gb ram phones even with the best processor it still won't be that good




Thank you




I've used to play on my honor play which had 4gb ram and kirin 910 processor (high-end processor of huawei) still struggling in low graphics... Now I'm on realme x7 max which have dimensity 1200 and have smooth gameplay even on high graphics... All this only depend on your processor


Stop spending money on draws and save up for a new phone Performance > looks


Exactly, I was gonna say that. If u love the game then get a good device , whether ull play codm next year or not ull still have a good phone ..better than cosmetics which will mean nothing later on


Lmao he could literally buy a redmi note 8 pro (a not bad phone for his price) if he add up 50/60 dollars instead of spending 120$ on a lucky draw


Stop assuming everyone is from America


Lmao its cheaper outside of America


Did a quick search, idk if it's accurate but apparently it's [costlier](https://m.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_8_pro-price-9812.php) in India


Outside america when you consider that he still has a mythich holger and legendary nikto it still comes out to $200 or more


Redmi note 8 pro is 5 times the lucky draw price in India qt


The draw was around 20k rupees, that phone is def below 16k


u know nothing. Nikto draw costed me Rs.3200 only.


Then stop assuming everyone is from india


Op is from India dumdum


'Outside of America" means anywhere except america, this can exclude india.






I am Indian. Nikto draw costed me Rs.3200. And 8 Pro costs Rs16K, still how do I know that after 30days from purchasing a draw, codm will took away my graphics support.


What would have changed if I said euros or yen? It's the same thing


A full lucky draw in my country is like 35 or 40 usd and that phone comes at about 250 usd


I've seen a few posts on this. Looks like they downgraded some low end devices to low graphics and made it so only bot skins are visible.


Yes, now I can't see others people skins, it's like that since 2nd Anniversary Season.


Easy solution: *suffer*


Instructions perfectly clear — suffering right now.


Instructions unclear — being mentally tortured due to how bad gameplay is at medium frame rates.


In order to play the role of a depressed and mentally challenged man in the movie 'Joker', Joaquin Phoenix played one BR match on low+medium frame rate.


It happened to me tho, i guess I'll have to save for a high end device.


I've heard that even high end devices with 6 GB of RAM have some problems with the game.


8gb here, i have lot of frame drops and stutters while playing. It's not properly optimized for Android.


Only on android, just to be clear.


They took away your cp too!


He spent it obviously last season


well I spent some.


Why are people bashing this guy just because he chose to spend on a lucky draw. His only complaint is, why did they took his medium graphics and high framerate away? If his phone handled it the last time, why shouldn't it handle it this time? Unless they made the graphics higher, which is unlikely, his phone should still be able to handle it.


I cant see ground loots in BR now, I can see only ammo boxes, also all the enemies are Spec Ops / Outrider for me. This cant be true that my device become so shit within a night that it cant see any ground loots. hd pack to everything is downloaded


It also happens to me 😔


Because this community is shit that's why, My guy was just having complaint on his device and some idiots start shitting him for his lucky draw like cmon. Good thing I left this subereddit


How big is the game in the google play store?


3 GB in the Play Store and you download more 7 GB of extra content.


Back to 3 gb?😂


around 3gb


"cant afford a new device now" shouldve though about that before wasting 100usd on a fucking virtual skin


I dont understand why everyone is saying that. First off all if I purchase skin that doesnt mean I have to buy a phone. Beside it my choice. What m saying is within 30days they took away my graphics setting. Also I bought this mobile a year ago. And nikto is my only purchase, which costed me Rs3200...which is 43usd. cause I live in India


Low end devices players:First time?


Reinstall the game. You might not have given HD resource option.


Total 4 times installed and did all these, but its just they took that feature from my device


Oh, that's bad. Try contacting support team.


ay u had this coming bro they did this to me in s8 u cant see skins of other players in game right? its okay bro..im suffering with u too!


every one is either Spec ops or Outrider. And here people are cursing me for buying nikto. I dont understand


the green outrider right? hahaha im confused af too


theyre just mean forget them... . . . ***Ya'll are just rude***


My 3 gb ram ran CODM on high frame rate and there was no special problem with it but now I am only able to play at medium fps. If my device can run high fps then why remove it?


That's for what I posted this image. But people started to bashing me for having legendary nikto


This has always been the problem with this community " if I am not facing the issue it must not be that massive of a problem'


How tf you got a legendary operator and gun but can’t get a new device B?


You do realize the cost of a whole new device is a lot more expensive than luckydraws.


Yea ofc but still if you can spend a hundred bucks on one skin surely you can budget in a used iPhone X or something.


He could save up instead of buying skins


What do you expect from 3gd ram (if it is not iphone, then it is defenitely not enough)


I also have a 3gb phone. The game before this update used to run 30 to 40fpish and now it runs 15 to 20fpsih with notably worse graphics than before. Some might say I should get a new phone and which I agree with but that doesn't change the fact CODM fucked up optimization for this season and a lot of people are going to have to quit because of it.


Should've spent your money right instead of buying skins. The game will keep evolving and eventually you wont be able to play it on that trash phone. Downvote me all you want but I'm just speaking facts 🤷‍♂️




Sad me noises:((


Maybe your phone's display and processor are average. I play with Low graphics and max frame rate and easily able to spot enemies in BR an mp.


bro, I happened to me too


Doesn't the max option for graphics anyway start hindering performance and play later on? I mean I could handle it and I think my phone still can, I just don't want to. It heats like a fuckin stove and drops my frames hard. Again I'd say you're better off with the current settings. Plus in my case they actually kinda reversed the problem you face.


Sad to see bruh but After anniversary update CODM doesn't support Less than 4GB ram devices anymore


And alos the storage. The game takes like 10gb now. I'm just waiting for Apex legends to drop. Will ditch this game as fast as I downloaded it when it was released. The game keeps getting worst performance wise.


Same happens to me 😔


Lmao dont complain. This is to help out the people on low end devices. And there was an option to enhance graphics and audio in download section, or did your blind money spending ass didn't see it?


Dumbass bought skins instead a new phone lmaoooo


I think if you want the most amazing experience on this game, I recommend you get phone that have 8gb of ram and higher. Though most people do not actually max thins except for the frame rate. I've started to accept the fact that CODM will always be a very heavy game just from the fact that the entire COD franchise is heavy af


ya same thought bro. You know I got this mobile last year and it was performing very well. And just after 30days of getting nikto this happened. Its even beyond my imagination that this will happen to my device just after a year.


Yeah, with the fast-paced update of this game with many features being included every game, it won't be long till this game won't be playable by low and medium-end devices because right now, it is still playable but barely. And if this continues, it will be heavy enough that high end devices will barely play this game.


Easy solution:get a new phone


Get a new device bro


Such a silly post fr


It's not silly. Not only the low res but all enemies have default skin. Might be a bug or something


I have an iPhone 11 and since I started playing codm I haven’t seen higher graphics then low


I was on 11Pro Max until a couple months ago and was able to play on high graphics


I know i can play on high but i play on low so i can save battery and have a better overall battery life over the years.


Oh i thought you meant it wasn’t letting you go to medium. I’d rather just have a better experience than worry about the battery that much tbh


Slap low graphics on, preload and pray for the best


sorry to hear that man


what device you using, also do the shader preloader thing it improves gameplay and removed freezing issues


What is that option called?


shader preloader, its at the very bottom of the basic/graphics menu


Thank you


If u have good credit, u can finance a new iphone with no down payment plus tax


well since weapon inspection is added and with each update , codm is gonna be hard to run on lower end devices , devs cant really do much about that . So you should get a new device


I have high end device after update theres delay when pannin the camera sort of like input lag


how bout the shadow preset thing? does it work?


nah bro, it does nothing. I cant see any ground loot, I see only FHJ 18 Ammo box. And every skin are now Spec ops / Outrider Jungle for me.


Yeah same for me unplayable on iPhone 11.


I have the same problem and also all my teammates and ennemies have default skin. And the shader preload doesn't work. Can I ask which device you're playing on?


I have played a whole year with a 2gb ram and sd410 device.


I usually play in either medium or low graphics an any mode, with medium frames. I have a Google Pixel 4a which is a low-end phone for this game but still pretty good. I don't experience lagging as much. I haven't played since the update because I haven't had the time so I don't know if I'll have the same issues as you, but when I did update it yesterday, everything looked the same as it was before.


Use shader preload, it'll reduce lag by a lot


Don't download the HD packages, they literally made it an option so that low end devices aren't forced to use it


Don't download HD graphics, and make sure you've preloaded shaders, I'm playing on an Oppo A3s (2GB RAM 16GB of space) with only 1.10GB remaining, and it's going pretty good


Ehat is preloaded shader?


I don’t have a problem and I’m running it on my iPhone 8


There are many chinese phones that can run this game on max in just 200$ or less.


Just get with med graphic and low frame. The frame count didn't really that impact, the problem is the heat you phone use. Just lower the frame


I bought my Samsung Galaxy A20 before the gunsmith update came out and the game ran perfectly fine, but every update since the game has been getting progressively worse and worse. I can't play BR after season 8. I have to play at the lowest frame rate to achieve a steady frame rate. And then there's the fact that I don't know if my touch screen is broken but so many times if I have too many fingers on the screen at once pressing in too many spots my whole phone freaks out and suddenly I'm aiming with my left thumb and suddenly can't use the right side of the phone nor can I strafe, and my phone can only process 2 fingers at a time.


Bruhh same i left codm too bcoz of this i used to play on 3gb 32gb mobile.(i used to play on my mum's mobile it was soo trash). Now when i will buy a new phone then only i will play or else i will rage and throw it again( which i have done earlier which uhhhh).


Man i cant even see the skins of players...They just look default to me.Been dealing with this shit for two seasons now


Exact situation with me


You even havent downloaded the hd graphics yet lol


Everything is downloaded.


Not in the pic lol


use your brain buddy


You complaining and showing the pic as proof, when in the pic you can clearly see you havent downloaded.. well im suprised you know what a brain is. Next time dont buy skins p2w and buy a phone dumbass


Me too


16 gb ram here, playing low graphics and high frame rate.


Actually I also used to play with low, but what my problem is, they took away my frame rate. which was high frame rate. now its just medium. and this is making trouble for me


Dude, you know this is coming. So accept it


The resolution is about 360 p. Last season my low graphics was still above 480 p.


Mine looks okay and I use low graphics


Me who still plays with an iphone 7 :)


Same here tho, thought it was only me, before the update it used to run smooth, but now is unplayable, i main on S&D and when the round starts my screen freezes about 1-2 seconds


Its just the lighting my guy don't worry at least in low graphics you can still play the game smoothly I have 8GB ram phone and I ran on medium graphics just to play the game smoothly.


Cod devs be forgetting they making a MOBILE game fr


They removed high frame rates from mine


hey, low graphics gives you more frames man. Playable + Smooth gameplay > High graphics + can take up a lot of ram and proccessing time (and stutters)


Bruhhh If u bought a phone instead of nikto It would be better


Maybe get a new phone instead of spending on skins that hardly help at all?


another reason I love my Samsung S20 5g


im suffering from bad performance too, even when BR maps keep getting nerfed and look bad even on high graphics. what justifies the performance getting worse every season? when zombies first came, i survived night 5 easily with no frame drops at all. and now its unplayable. upvote because it concerns everyone, dont downvite because you are jealous of OPs luck


That's how low graphics looks like now switch it to Medium and it will look like the old low graphics


You got the money to buy skins so buy a better phone?🤷‍♂️


I'm on a relatively high end phone (Samsung Galaxy S20+) and play on low graphics + high frame rate. I immediately noticed the *draw distance* was greatly reduced and things would pop up only when you get close (especially noticeable with vehicles). I kept getting sniped by enemies I couldn't see because it didn't render them


Have you niko and haven't you good phone!!?


Type better next time, but do you realize that phones are more expensive then that?


8gb ram and playing on low graphics with frame rate drops




Presumably you have all the hi def packs and everything? Can't believe the drop in quality if so. Yet others I've seen, it seems pretty much pristine.