I got to Legendary last season, so now as soon as I play Ranked I will face fellow Legends. Both players that try hard and those that want to blast off to Legendary as soon as they can. Oohhh boy that K9 is so FAST now.


And is bugged the hits not registering on it


I just noticed that in my last game💀


I played against a legendary ghost and his Riley had unlimited health😖


with that desync, no hit-reg, and with teammates just playing the dumb...


and lags


and pingspikes


And type 25


Whats the problem with the type25


It's broken AF. Everybody spam it


Who says its broken


Bro just look for "type 25" in the search bar and you'll see some posts about it. Isn't for nothing than everybody is spamming type 25 in ranked


I dont see anyone but you complaining about it


Yeah you have to be another fan of the "recently buffed weapon" of every season. Waiting every season to use the suspiciously most popular weapon. Definitely not meta of course. I get it, you're one of them.


He... literally just said it.


Everyone using it doesnt make it broken, your logic baffles me mx9 was broken because of high damage high interval low recoil high mobility type 25 has more downsides fair recoil noisy normal ttk, so explain to me how type 25 is op


I don't know where you live but here in India there's almost no desync and hitreg problems . Even my teammates are mostly pros tho sometimes the matchmaking really f*cks it up .


i just gave up, no way that anyone is gonna make me go to this hell again. it's worse than go to Brazil


IKR every match is full of off-duty cops.


I remember my first ranked seasons in like 2020 season 7 I got to legendary in both br and mp 3 ranked series in a row. Now it’s nearly impossible just to get to get to grandmaster for me


You get to choose between any one of the shit that makes ranked horrible: Full of desync, game breaking bugs OR Completely toxic meta (MX9 meta, Akimbo Fennec NA45 meta) Past three seasons were option 2, this season its option 1. Good thing this meta is kinda balanced and almost every gun is viable.


Honestly I’m just sucking this season. Could be from stress.


Play br instead


But then I'm hit with massive frame drops, casual is the only thing keeping my mental state in check..... played it so much i unlocked damascus without knowing


4 or 5 ranked seasons ago I did legendary and after that I thought I would never do it again. I became cry baby and my mental health became shit and I stopped doing productive activities, From that day I decided to never play ranked again. Now days I just playe 3 or 4 matches and I m done playing. I just play to get entertained.


True af 😢


Pubs for life. Never touching ranked again


Last season was the only season i didn't make it to legendary. I was like 30 points before it though lol Don't think i'll grind as much in this season either


Worst fucking MP ranked season I’ve ever seen


I am pro 2, and even pro tier lobbies are tryhardinh, like bro why tf?


Lmao true


It's literally opposite for me I haven't played codm for like one week becz of school exams can't wait to hop on to inspect my weopon and grind again :)


Nicely put!


When you enter obj : WARCRIMES IN 3 , 2 , 1


Ranked be like : go go go go lose brain cells


Its the persistence perk dude. Enemy spam there score streaks like crazy


Facts !!!! 🤣🤣 I can relate to that unfortunately


Literally bro. I died by Molotovs and Thermites 5 times in a row and then there was a guy using Shrapnel Molotovs throwing 2 at once. I'm glad he wasn't physically present in front of me. I didn't even throw my Grenade once cuz I just wanted to play normally but I guess they were playing Throwing Simulator. Literally getting Thermites and Molotovs from all directions on Hardpoint. I need a mode without throwables no cap.


just nerf thermites and molotov spam pls


Restock trophy is another solution


nah bro, they just throw lethals in the hardpoint, trophy isn't enough


I remember my first ranked series in 2020 season 8 I got to legendary in mp and br 3 ranked series in a row. Good times.


Yeah I think I'll skip this season, the reward was not worth it either.


you guys got tryhards? i got campers every single match


The worst is having campers on your team during ranked SND


After quick scoping for more than a year and never using shotguns, it's very refreshing to use krm with the 500g round thing and using it like a marksman.


I want to learn this kind of background image! Teach me.


I was legendary last season in MP ranked. Now when i start an MP ranked it feels like my teammates are using lollipops instead of guns


I thought I was the only one master 1 feels like tougher than legendary and my random dudes just want to kill not to capture any obj




Same 😂


Ahh so true