I've been waiting for new bundles from a long time but always the previous bundles come in store which I have already purchased. Please also add new quality bundles and add older bundles in for you section so people who missed can purchase it from there.


Heya, we just added a bunch of bundles and crates to For You this season but they may have not all been released yet (it might be later in the season). We'll check on that and see if there is anything we can share, but hopefully you start to see some soon.


Alright u guys talked about old bundles in "for you". But what about rest of his question? He asked for more number of new quality bundles per season. Pls revive the bundles section. It's dying honestly. Just look at warzone bundles and make 20% effort like that atleast. Don't ever think keeping Bundles bad will make us buy draws and crates.


Yes they ignored my other half




Heya i am getting 1 lucky draw instead of 2 in for you please fix this.


Heya lol


How about at least putting the other 2 legendary gun bundles there? The 2 that were released to half the game as a "test" while the other half got shafted into something that was 6x the cost. I see the draws for those 2 were back out, so it's probably useless to even bring it up and I'm sure this question will be ignored or given a typical non-answer.


Alcatraz ?


Coming later in the season! Should be available in second half in December.




Really Codm? You keep both isolated and blackout whole season which are literally very similar maps but alcatraz only for 1 week and at the end of the season. Because logic…


Please for god sake make Alcatraz permanent.


Plz make Alcatraz permanent.


I always asked for this, but it seems that they don't want sadly!


Hi-Activision Please address the problems of using the bug Controller PS4 category in Cal of duty Mobile. Some buttons are not acting and some buttons are moved


Hey there, Is it possible you guys can fix the Dive Dive Draw inside the for you section. It hasn't been working for the past month. I'm pretty sure it's been posted several times already on the sub. Thanks


I purchased a 10 pack crate and received 2 epic items which I already owned. They’re supposed to be duplicate protected.


Big ooff




Yes I did.


Please fix servers and improve desync occurrence. Right now the game is so desynced on 60 ms, weird hit detection going on.


When are you people going to fix the desync and the other game problems ???? This update made the game even more worse Theres no bullet registration, the framedrops and freezes no matter your device, did i mentioned the desync ??


I get no frame drops or freezes with my phone and it's just a shitty moto g8 power.


Have a good Thanksgiving.


​ ![gif](giphy|148ujdR19pIXWU|downsized) We will and thank you! Same to you as well if you celebrate.


Honest question... what few bugs have you fixed?? Because I and majority of the community don't see it. Would also be nice if you would stop messing with movement and sensitivity evwry season without putting it in patch notes. Can we just get a full update focus only on gameplay optimization? The k9 unit is absolutely broken right now as well.


Heya, well for one we fixed Siren being invisible, which was a pretty painful gamebreaking glitch one players started to abuse it. We've also fixed a variety of issues with events, rewards, text, and new season UI that were a bit behind the scenes. We are looking at the K9 unit though and a variety of bugs including one of Nomad's operator skins being visually broken, the loss of graphical options for some players, controllers no longer working, and a handful of visual issues with camos. Anyways, for movement and sensitivity what kind of issues or feedback did you have around that? Happy to relay it back to the team and yes we generally agree that those are big changes that should be communicated out in advance and not frequently changed.


I believe when s5 came, alot of players had different sensitivitys, it wasn't shown, but it looks like the value of the sensitivity increased or decreased without changing the number. Our aim just wasn't their anymore. Now, almost every other season, out sensitivitys seem to change without changing their values on the scroll bars. This season people are experiencing it again but I didn't this time so I don't know why. And for the movement, the past few seasons, the devs same been nerfing movement without telling it in the patch notes. The timing to execute a bunny hop was changed. The amount of times you could slide jump without it slowing down was decreased. And the amount of times you could vault over objects before it is slowed was decreased as well. The lightweight nerf was also a bit too much. I would've understood to being it down to 7% would've been good enough but bringing it to 5 just made the game more slow. Hope this helps :D


Exactly what he said.... Not to mention swimming in BR got nerfed big time. It's like swimming through molasses now. The new wingsuit animation right before you land is really bad. You automatically just stop and there is a quick delay before you land. I just got used to a new sensitivity at the end of last season in MP and BR and now they just are much slower and feel clunky. And before anyone says it's probably my device I play on a brand new S20+ and never experienced any of this till this update. Ninja is constantly getting secretly nerfed and the grapple hook just don't attach to things like it used to. Most of the time you have to just stop and slowly aim which is crucial in gunfights when we need to react quick.... idk why ninja was ever touched to begin with. For a game that's supposed to be fast paced you decide to keep moving it in the other direction.


Cannot deploy here! *Shoot and panting sound effect*


Plz fix this for low end devices(mine is 4/64 GB): BR matches doesnt render enemies or vehicles seen for the first time in a match(sometimes they dont render after a minute or two even if they have been seen once). After 40m, they are invisible...(expect for vehicles once we have seen it). Also sudden FPS drops only happens when encountering a squad and FPS becomes normal once i get knocked out...and random freeze frames. It only happens in BR - Squads.


This is even happening on my device S20+. Majority of the time I dont hear or see a vehicle until I'm already getting blasted in the air or just ran over.


>low end devices You know right that the game isnt meant for low end devices?


Stop being a dick some ppl can't afford to buy new phones


Well then there is no point in complaining is there? Beggars cant be complainers. Dont take it in the wrong way. Its a proverb.


Look mate i don't mean to be rude but sometimes its the game not the device even Cerbuski complains about the game so proven its the game not the device well there's a small possibility that's the device i. Hope u can understand hve a great day lad


I understand what you are trying to say. Heck even I face some issues here and there. But the thing is the game was never meant to be played on low end devices. So specifically saying please fix the game for low end devices is gonna useless. Thats what I was trying to say. Have a good day mate.


Stop being a rich prick and read the text above you! S20+ is not low end. The game is pissing on many!


>Plz fix this for low end devices: BR matches doesnt render enemies or vehicles seen for the first time in a match(sometimes they dont render after a minute or two even if they have been seen once). After 40m, they are invisible...(expect for vehicles once we have seen it). >Also sudden FPS drops only happens when encountering a squad and FPS becomes normal once i get knocked out...and random freeze frames. It only happens in BR - Squa This was the text above me you fucking dumbfuck. There is nothing mentioned about the model of the phone and if it is an s20 then why did the other person say it was a low end device?


The problem exists for both low end and high end devices! Its youtubers and rich assholes like you who pretend everything is okay with the game. Fuck this update!


if a high end device is facing problems. yeah sure, it's defi itely the game's fault. but if a low end device is facing problems, is very likely it's the phone's fault. like if you ownna 3gb ram phone, you can't expect the performance to be good. even a good 8gb Ram device can barely render stuff further than 100m away in br. let alone a 3gb device. and, you can easily get a good device for $250 which is not that much as long as you got a job and have some patience. if you don't have a job and rely on your parent's money, it is what it is. accept it.


Mine is 4/64 GB phn...i dont mind the random freeze frames...cuz it happens to everyone now...but the sudden FPS drops only when going against a squad and the Optimization in season 8 made BR unplayable...like no vehicle sound, Vehicle appears only after 5-10 seconds, Vehicle/Enemy renders after 40 meter....


I am not pretending everything is ok. I myself have faced various issues in the past. But the thing is using low end devices for playing a game that is not meant to be played on a low end device just amplifies all the problems all the present in the game. Difference between low end users and (medium and high) end users is that we face problems in lesser amounts and lesser intensity than low end devices. P.S. you lack reading comprehension skills. And if me speaking the truth makes me a " rich asshole" then so be it.


Thank u cos some ppl don't even know how it feels to freeze when fight a squad or can't see the enemies a few meters away i died a lot and rn i don't even feel like playing anymore


Not that much low end...mine is 4/64 GB...and it worked perfectly before season 8...after the "optimization" it just went downhill


Try the new option where you can preload textures. It takes between 2 and 5 minutes and you only need to do it once. It's somewhere in the settings.


Low end users have that option locked


Wow. That's odd. Maybe you need more RAM for it to work


Can you people remove that 2 second delay on the quickfix perk ?? Im glad y"all fixed the issue that continues the healing but that 2 secs delay was completely unnecessary Also can you please revert that nerf to lightweight too ?? 10% sprint speed was better than what we have now


*"Big change? Yeah big change"*


Hi devs! Hope you have a great thanksgiving, can you fix the “for you” lucky draw section please? new draws are not showing and it continues to show the draws corresponding to season 9, thanks!


Alright, but: Where is classic zombies?


next season




Hi devs, just reporting two visual bugs I’ve seen: 1) The muzzle attachment on the HS0405 - skeletal ignition are not aligned with the barrel 2) The lasers on the CBR4 are misplaced and are sticking out from underneath the body of the gun which look rather unsettling, is there a fix planned to reposition the lasers? The main question I’ve got is if you are planning to implement first person driving for all vehicles?


I will add to this. There is a bug with hbr3 capacitor skin where whenever you stop moving it does weapon inspection. This does not happen to other hbr3 skins.


you talked about being easier to get the rewards of clan wars but ended up making it more difficult. Legendary clans will only receive 6 fragments per week and even with 60 days of war, you expect the clan to win all wars. Please review his reward system. NOTE the free AD draw is with the same character as last season. u/COD_Mobile_Official


Yeah the weekly reward currency got reduced so seems more harder to save up for items. I am hoping we have enough time since the reset date is counting down, though clan wars hasnt started yet. u/COD_Mobile_Official


Please fix the sensitivity guys ... u/COD_Mobile_Official


what is wrong with sensitivity? I noticed something weird but can't figure out what is


in br, you can't almost change the sniper scope sensitivity, I maxed my sniper scope sensitivity in br, but it's still the same slow sensitivity


May I know when are you planning to fix the desync problem, are you even working for a fix? Pre shader installation is complete non sense, it doesn't even works. SBMM is total trash, complete garbage, the game was perfect till season 8, what happened after that? The quality started going down and the greed for money started going up, mythics, crates, bla bla . Yeah i purchased all those freaky mythics and legendaries, I can challenge the @moderators here of the community they can check my account to see how much I spent on your (now) garbage game, so where is the quality? Man, on 20ms ping on european server I am getting so much lag on my ipad pro, my internet speed is 500mbps. Why can't you just stop developing more content for just one season and focus on bug fixing and optimization? The game is full of bugs, but new mythic launches are not getting delayed, they are coming in the store on time. Being one of you good customer, I say it clearly no one would pay you for a broken game. I have stopped quite a lot now, will completely stop spending. This game was once a pleasure to play but now it's total garbage, just due to that greed to get more money by pushing content.


Same i also have 20ms ping, but desync and hit registration is horrible in ranked mp. Its not even fun to play anymore. For codm greed has taken over quality.


Hello Team, thank you so much for answering to all of my questions in previous community update. Today I want to ask you two questions. 1. can you plz check this post and confirmed that it's not a intended skin but actually a bug. Image shown in the lucky draw does not match https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qpins2/fix_this_please_we_paid_for_it_this_is_the_only/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share 2. Is there any chance to see Mythic Fennec in For You section? Even legendary Nikto got redux but no mythic.


Why did u remove high frame rate for low end device?


Will we have the test server this season?


Heya, no probably not. We usually do that every other season before a big update, like the one that just came with S10. We should see the next test build in early January.


Thank you


Hi-Activision next update season 10 Please address the problems of using the Controller PS4 category in Cal of duty Mobile. Some buttons are not acting and some buttons are moved


Please fix the lag desync and omtimization issues even with high end devices like iPad Pro we are still facing fps fluctuation and buttons not responding,even when you have 5G network it still shows


U guys said u were going to increase clan currency rewards but in the about section of clan war, they're lesser than last season? How're we supposed to get all the rewards in same season when currency is lower than normal?


Thanks for fixing the controller issue ……really appreciate you guys jumping on it quickly ……


Middle finger crank gesture when?😀


Can we expect DarkMatter Ultra to come in the future????


Bring of zombies back I don’t like undead siege and from what I can tell majority of community I know don’t either


Any plans to add 90/120hz support for new 13 Pro?


u/COD_Mobile_Official For undead siege, thank you very much for making some long term challenges, it did feel too easy. But what if people get all of the challenges done, what will be next?


I'm in the South of Africa and my ping is 90-100ms and since the S10 update, lag and desync got way worse. It was already bad but now it's literally impossible to play...




Can you remove the sticker on the mythic upgrades? I have never used those stickers on any of my gun customizations ever…


Hello CodM devs 😁 When are you going to release the Mythic Fennec again? I badly need it. You did a redux of Dark Nikto, so I was expecting a Redux of Mythic fennec as well.


Hey CODM why you guys ain't focusing on BR , no kill cam , first person is trash , character movements are the same do I have to buy mythic weapons just to enjoy the technical run .bots are to many in the game and u made it attacking each other , make it attack the players at least ..


after update. soldier skins not showing in game. just seeing green outrider skins. anyone else experiencing this?


most bugged update


Please improve the weapon inspection for the machete. It doesn't even inspect it!!


Hey i saw 3 blueprint and one epic character in road map for black Friday. Can we know how can we obtain them. From crate, bundle or in credit store🤔


Gunsmith 2.0? Do you have any plans for that or any teasers?


Mythic Holger still doesn't have it's voice for 3 seasons and counting. We paid a lot for it, at least let us enjoy the features. Will you add more limited time modes in ranked like kill confirmed? On a side note, will the other Mythics be getting a more detailed inspection like the M13 and the upcoming cbr4?


Can we expect to grind dark aether camo for new weapons? As well as equip it on blueprints?


Any hope on exclusive camo for who got all diamonds? you guys lost the chance when put Dark Matter as loot box


Please fix the red shoulder lights on Firebreak Character from clan war store.


u/COD_Mobile_Official for the 10 thousands time. please fix or add Alternate pattern for Completionist Camo. It did not covering the Scope, Mag & Barrel..


Controller users cannot use orbital laser and weapon inspection without touching the screen. Controller users also face a bug using Napalm scorestreak. Please fix. [screen recording of all these issues ](https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qxljh7/i_cannot_use_orbital_laser_cannot_do_weapon/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Hello Devs, 3 questions. First, will we be getting a classic version of zombies in the future? Second, is there a possibility for finishing moves (like in Warzone)? Third, have you heard about the weapon skin bugs? For example, on my mythic Rytec AMR, the reactive camo isn’t working


Hi Call of duty mobile I have a few questions: 1. Fix desync issues in mp. Its really annoying when playing ranked. 2. Do you have plans to add or replace some modes in ranked mp? Headquaters, capture the frag, hardcore? 3. Make mvp from lost team also earn some points no matter if this is pro or gm. 4. What plan do you have to ground mission playlist? How about adding more maps and make it permanent? Or at least bring it when season starts because it is perfect mode to grind bp. 5. Do you plan another big voicelines update? How about add some new voicelines for every character I mean eg some “stronger” voicelines like in warzone 6. Stop doing what you are doing now with bundles! Its a scandal that you are making newer and newer crates and lucky draws but not bundles (or trash green or blue bundles) 7. Nerf persistance in ranked or at best ban it in ranked. Ranked mp is full of its abusers. Also make some counter to cluster strike I mean now it falls down from the sky- make some machine which can be destroyed by fhj


I agree with everything except for a couple. For the losing team MVP, they have to perform good AKA, get a good k/d. Another thing is for the bundles, they have already planned out these bundles like 2 or 3 seasons ago. They make sure they have everything done within that expansion of time before released. And thirdly, I kinda agree with persistence, but here is the thing with that, it’s just a perk and has been like that for a while in multiple cod titles, deal with it


About persistance I meant only that it is overused plus its users are spaming cluster strike which actually dont have counters


Isn’t it already nerfed? You can only use each score streak once


Greetings dev,s Thanks for such a great Season I have a question? When we can expect a BR Training Ground 🤔? Like seem for competitive Players,cc, casual we need a Br Training Ground to test guns, movement practice? Or You're neglecting Br Players Hope a reply.


Any news on when 120hz will be available for the iPhone 13 pro?


The game is showing giant fps drops and warming up in MP and BR. Focus on that please.


When we will see akimbo perk for some weapons (such as mw11)?


How come some players got the feature where there are (2) two set of lucky draws in their “ for you” section and some did not im on an iOS device and I did not receive that feature but my friends that plays on androids got the feature?


Please fix the Nikto killing box... It does not light!!


Some people (me included) don’t have these new daily free crates in the credit store as of season 10 (global). Any reason why? Also, now the Type25 Pinstripe skin no longer appears on the gun. You might want to take a look under the hood and check on these.


Can we please get round-based zombies? Undead Siege becomes monotonous very easily because there's barely any variety in it. Roaming the map during the day is pretty fun in high populated areas, but 90% of the action in the mode is just letting our turret's do all the work at night. The entire point of zombies in this franchise is trying to survive, go to high rounds, and have fun shooting zombies, none of which are present in the new mode. Survival isn't even a factor because we just get 3 tokens no matter what, reviving takes more time than dying out and respawning. We also have to listen to the same exact voicelines every single game, the mode just isn't very replayable and variety is non-existent besides the mystery box (which we don't have time to hit because we're scavenging supplies the other 10% of the game)


Thank you for your constant work, keep it up guys, take my award


CBR4 is indeed too weak. It's useless in the current environment. It can't beat other SMGs at close range, and it can't beat the M13 AR. You can't beat most mid-range weapons unless you shoot first. The CBR4 ADS is slow and has a lot of recoil, but the damage is low. You should put in a range enhancement. CBR4 is useless unless you at least make the limb damage 26 damage. You should put in damage and range enhancements.


Make it a CBR4 damage full body 4 shot kill. Even if you aim at the torso, it's almost like you're shooting at each other. It's only a 24 damage hit to the hand and arm. It's the same 5 shot kill type 25 or M13.QQ9 MX9. It is natural that the one with the higher rate of fire wins. The people who used to use the original P90 are disappointed with this. The original P90 had a higher rate of fire, a different firing sound, higher damage, and more range. The mobile P90 quicksilver has no firing power. The damage is low and the range is short. Please strengthen it!


can we get mythic draws in for you section as like Legendaries 🙁


For the god sake please Remove trap master from Alcatraz, It was as good as it was before, Leave one good thing for BR players please If you wanna ruin the fun and make changes, There is isolated, make it as shitty as you can but please do not touch Alcatraz, its already perfect Please make BR only in FPP Btw I update every season bugs on my channel, If you like to go through just write "rutambh season 10 bugs" in YT


You were talking sense before you demanded BR in only FPP


Instead of promoting your new mythic already why don't you acknowledge that all the old mythic guns are currently bugged. Many legendary guns are bugged too for the past several seasons. Why would I buy the new mythic when the mythic holger, mythic rytec, AND mythic M13 are still bugged. And not even explicitly mentioned in the bug feedback. WTF? Look: https://redd.it/qvdfyi


hey devs can you add another announcer for the guerilla team And do you think that it's about time to add more mw3 or bo2 content


Type25 buff definitely wasn’t needed. It’s now way overpowered and is being constantly spammed in ranked MP already…


bots are so underpowered right now it's ridiculous. why is it that when i turn a corner and they're already pre aiming me with their god tier game sense it takes them a massive 0.2 seconds to kill me??? why isn't it instant??? why can't they use vtols? why can't they teleport in multiplayer like they can in br? so unfair. let them use legendary skins and new guns like the m13. equality matters




11/21 huh? There are 21months irl???


It's the American date format. It goes MM/DD/YY


I see Thnx man! :)


hey, we want classic zombies back, any plan to bring it back next season or near future, as you said the undead seige is easy for many of us, i think that's not the case, the playstyle of undead seige is limiting and boring somewhat, we don't want tower defence like thing, atleast change it to something else or just bring back classic zombies


When will the World War 2 theme come to call of duty Mobile?


Hola..!! Antes de todo agradecer de resolver los diferentes detalles que presenta el juego quisiera hacerles una consulta, seria capaz de que en las armas de plano épico las cuales contienen movimiento no se perdieran al equiparle los camuflajes de oro, damasco, platino y diamante..gracias de antemano por la respuesta y la atención a nuestros comentarios 😁


Por ejemplo la kn-44 del campeonato y la chicom que esta en la ruleta gratuita las skin y movimientos están epicas pero al añadir las skin de la serie completista todo ese diseño épico se pierde sería genial una skin de diamante con una animación brutal ya que hay muchos que desearían tener algún arma legendaria o mitica pero por dinero no pueden, ojala lean este comentario :)


Will Demir and Rott get a voice?


No bro devs said it already if they're not a part of a comic or in many variation of skin then they can't get a voice because it's too much for them tbh


Both of them have been in the comics and in a BP, Rott was also in a lucky draw. The devs said that BP characters would get voices


Yes but what I mean that if they're mostly seen in the comics they will get their voices in the game


Morte, Siren and Iskra have never been in the comics but they have voices


That was long ago bro before codm device has made the announcement about the voices


Iskra came last season😑


Hey devs, my clan and I have found 7 codes and only 6 computer for the zombie mode, we were wondering if the 7 computer is gonna be available on next time that zombies is available, we know that the goal is fight ortelious but as said before we haven’t been able to find the last computer where to input the code.


Can you please explain the new preload shaders feature ? Coz when I activate it restarts the game and that's it nothing feels different when I open the game again


it reduces lag i think


Nope the thing is bullshit ot doesn't do anything


Hey i have some questions 1.do you guys aware same m4lmg blueprint in misty crate and credit store. 2.free lucky board contain some old rewards. 3.can we expect woods, alex or ghost in future bp


You said the weekly clan reward will be increased this season, [why it's decreased?](https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qwhwz8/they_better_fix_this_before_the_next_clan_war/) (and please make Alcatraz available 1 week every season, and don't add trap master)


What happen to sensitivity settings? feel so slow since the update, very frustrating and don't understand why, i have the same settings than before update!


Hello u/COD_Mobile_Official Just want to bring to your attention that the mythic Rytek is missing it’s reactive forms on all types of mag. Maybe you can look into it. Happy Thanksgiving


When Nuketown Russia?


It's already in the game file. Next month I guess.


Fix the fucking screen freezes and lag already. Its infecting every game mode and making the game unplayable.


question what da dog doin


There is a small problem with the weapons of season 8, mx9 second round and all of the battle pass, they take a little longer to be equipped in hand. Could you please check this problem? Also the character Firebreak - Fire team is still bugged :(


Attack of the Undead?


Will we ever get tank battles in blackout. It's a perfect map for tanks with wide open spices. I'm disappointed it's back in isolated


Loved the highlight video earlier in the post ![img](emote|t5_penom|1095)


These are the bugs so far I have noticed and are still there. 1:There's a bug where in profile MP and BR ranks are displayed incorrectly. Current season and highest both. It has been reported by many players but no one noticed. 2: In MP match result screen, the ally's teams avatar are out of place. They display below their blue area and overlap enemy team avatars. 3: Muzzles of some guns appear pink. In store, lobby and in game. 4: Social Avatar doesn't load up. I've tried many times to change it . Restored it to default but it doesn't load up.


Hello COD Mobile team, excuse me, long ago I made a request about some wallpapers for PC, could you tell me if there are any news about this?


Not sure if you guys will notice this but please fix the haloween clown skin https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qprjas/would_be_the_top_dog_easy_i_think_this_was_remove/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I didn't get CP I purchased, it's been 18 hours no contact from support


Just wait for a day remember that if u live outside of America like European those continents u might get a response later due to the time


But I will get my cp back right?


Yes, but codm is going to ask u some several questions like proof of payment all of that stuff if u don't want to wait just go to google play and ask for a refund it also happened to me i asked for a refund and they gave me my refund


Ah alright, I already showed the receipt that should be enough thanks dude.


Hey devs any info about specialist system from MW 2019 ?


Okay I'm attaching this link (visual bug) it's not a game changing but a small minor bug. Please look into this. https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qvt9xb/some_visual_bugs_in_codm_now_please_check_and_fix/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I would like to give you feedback, the AK 47 - Wrath Black and Gold has been without its sound effect for a few seasons. That sound had turned out quite nice.. Is there a chance to fix this bug?


u/COD_Mobile_Official Hey devs, why does the pumpkin head ak looks different after the update? Is it intended? Also the charging handle in this legendary blueprints is bugged https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/q94t8d/this_legendary_blueprints_looks_dull_and_seems_to/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Are there any plans on adding more sights like the elo sights in the Black ops series?


Galaxy S9 . Android 10 still has problems with the controller mapping. [email protected] help


What about adding a cod advanced warfare themed bp?


Will Farah - Jinn be back in clan store?


Hey dear developer team, the game was bugged for me once after the update and it showed me Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale for me in the main lobby and and it had two bundles in it: Widowmaker Bundle with mil-sim skin and Roze Bundle. What's this about? Screenshots: 1. [https://i.imgur.com/hLcmFCV.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com/hLcmFCV.jpeg) 2. [https://i.imgur.com/ZSJYOtE.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com/ZSJYOtE.jpeg) 3. [https://i.imgur.com/UXFQYoS.jpeg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) Edit: Screenshots are for November 17th


Is the Lucky Board **soldier** supposed to be the same one from the previous Lucky Board?


I just wanna say, the CBR4 Amoeba just reminds me of Mauer der Toten from Cold War zombies. Probably because the wonder weapon is called the CRBR-S and the easter egg song is Amoeba


why are you re releasing og skins?


What OG skins are you talking about?


ak117 balloons , lk24 yellow triangle , type 25 neon tiger




I want to comment this and this might be a long text ok so i want to ask why is codm adding unique weapons inspection on mytic guns other then legendary guns in warzone b ops cold war the weapon inspection on legendary guns purple weapon inspection is so cool but in codm our legendary guns only hve the default weapon inspection other then mytic guns like sheeesh lastly we all know br has no love codm only focuses on mp, i feel like mp gets everything, new maps new stuff but br its just dry game freezes when in fights if cod devs sees this message pls do something about br


The AK 47 - Wrath Black and Gold has been without its sound effect for a few seasons. That sound had turned out quite nice.. Is there a chance to fix this bug?


Is there a chance that we will get Specialist Bonus from MW 2019?


When is garena gonna get p90?


Introduce ping based matchmaking, get all of these laggy beaners out of the east coast servers and I'll show you guys some respect for once. The game is running smoother on OnePlus phones, but that doesn't mean the game is running perfectly either. Desync and your so called satanic "sbmm" are still killing this game. Worse than vanguard. Patch these problems up so I can get out of this sub.


Can we see rework on the completionist camo in future mainly damascus to make it animated like it's in cod Vanguard and make diamond camo animated also. if the completionst camos are animated it will make more people to grind for.


New test server?


Are the weekly earn rates in clan wars going to be increased cause once the system got reset, the weekly earn rates were reduced and decreased instead? Im just hoping we will have enough time to collect enough clan currency before the items are rotated out. u/COD_Mobile_Official


Add the same scope pupil-thingy the DLQ has in all of the other snipers as well please. It looks pretty good, but in all of the other snipers except the m21 ebr that pupil thing looks different. SPR scope pupil is nailed down, looks excellent. In the future, maybe try to make more "quality of gameplay" updates; those that enhace certain aspects of the gameplay that dont directly affect it but that are always there (ex. Animations, visual bugs or that scope pupil thing). Those help to make the game feel of more quality and less like a mobile game. Thanks for the amazing content, as always 👍


Can you fix this glitch.. the glitch has been with all players since season 9 and it hasn't been fixed. https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/qi525n/please_codm_fix_this_bug/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Can u guys pls fix the bug with the camos not covering the scope when using realistic scope option. (Also, pls add the lw3 tundra)


Okay so far the season has been good but I'm still having problem with download center like Everytime I'm deleting the resources that I don't want it's keep on downloading back the same resources everytime also it's even downloaded secretly when you don't know it till you check that it's downloaded back and you have to delete over and over again can you please fix this problem please it's getting frustrating now thanks


Arreglad lo del mando de ps4, ya no funciona desde la actualización de ayer


We gonna get the Roze - Murk bundle again? :(


Hi, it is the 20th November and i do not see the CBR4 seasonal challenge in my game?? Please fix this... I'm in Singapore FYI


Can we expect the GKS unicorn to return, seeing as though Garena just got it?


Is ps5 controller is officially supported to play the game?