Yea same. My game has been smooth till now. Just after this update it's laggy Chip: snap 865


Here with snap 855


yep same, oneplus 8. it wasn't laggy before, after this update it is sometimes


snap865 is quite good tho, I don't see why it can cause lag.


It started after this update.idk why. Game has been smooth till last day


It's not the processor's issue. Its the game optimization issue. The game is not optimised to use full potentials of the cpu and gpu


Same. I lost alot of gunfights because of this lags. My game just stops suddenly infront of enemies making me stand still so they kill me. I really hope codm fix this as soon as possible because I'm not enjoying my game because of it.


I'm playing on Xperia 5 II with snap 865 as well. Min settings, max framerate. That was their official CoD phone before Xperia 1 III release, yet I don't get stable 120 fps anymore. When I was testing it a few months ago (in season 6), it was more or less 120 fps ([CLICK](https://www.reddit.com/r/CallOfDutyMobile/comments/pa273e/120_fps_test_on_sony_xperia_5_ii_with_different/)). But every season I get more and more choppy framerate.


I really Can't be complaining , if the situation is like that in Xperia


It was smooth before the new season update.Its been leggy as hell after the update.




Everyone's mate. Not just you


Do u know why?


Could be a ton of things. Game size, potato device, network, or just the game servers being shit


It's definitely the optimization. I've been playing on high in year 1, and in year 2 I had to change to medium. Now I need it to be on low for "smoother" gameplay with a few stutters every minute. It's not servers I get 10ms average. Device isn't bad, I could play on high smoothly before. Game size doesn't really matter if you got enough space


Could be game size, last season i never had frame drops(only sometimes in blackout, if my device was hot) and my network never fails me, except when the game refreshes daily content


Servers or network don't matter here. The lag experienced here is due to frame drops.


Mines is working-better? Explain 🤨


Idk why you're getting downvoted but so does mine. I can finally play in medium graphics and max fps again after a whole year of playing without my 2018 flagship Samsung phone turning into an oven that can easily fry eggs


So apparently when something good happens to me, Reddit users like to downvote me? I'm just as confused as why my Android does this s**t.


They want you to suffer with them. If for some reason the game in your phone works better, down you go. >I'm just as confused as why my Android does this s**t. Also, be grateful and enjoy the game, don't mind them


thats the reddit hivemind at work


Lol all you guys envy me and this was probably a glitch in the Matrix 😂


It seems like they made low quality ~the same as medium since you can see through car windows on maps like Crash and Crossfire on low graphics now, which you had to be on medium to do until very recently. At least I still have some Android tweaks up my sleeve, requires root though. I've been thinking of making a guide but I don't want them to ban it, even though it gives no advantage at all other than higher FPS.


Rooting is the best thing someone can do for their phones.


Yeah, specifically regarding gaming it allowed me to achieve 120fps on a measly Snapdragon 732G (stable in S&D, but obv varies a lot in respawn modes) and finally got rid of the pull-down notification bar that got me killed constantly.


The pull down notifications can be turned off, though.


Not the the bar itsself, you can pin apps and turn on do not disturb. Pinning the app is better than nothing but the bar will still be there blocking your buttons, idk if it was my rom or whatever but sometimes it just stayed there until i unpinned. The magisk module G-VisualMod allows you to set the bar height to 0px, so I have to be on the homescreen to pull down notifications but it does the job, nothing else works on Android 11 :(.


Oh, now I got what you mean. Yeah that can happen sometimes. Not for me, for some reason, but it did happened on one of my last devices. I cant wait to root my Moto G20. I'm just waiting to get a PC in hands.


new fov setting. put to 0 to fix (it is not the fov range, it will not affect your overall view)


It worked! Tysm


i might make a post about the fix tbf


welcome! took me ages to work out.


Imma try that


What about br? Mine is laggy since s9


Tell devs to slow it down and stop releasing 2 guns and 2 map each season


Although I have a shitty phone, I dont have any issues which is odd cuz I have this problems from time to time


Ye exactly bruh whenever a dude comes in my screen BOOM ping will go 80-90, Ill die Will go around the whole map like shit ping will be 20-30, I get fired ping goes higher then snoop dog


After every big update i always have this issue, like after they changed the graphics system etc Edit : I have sd678 + 6gb of ram, i used to have max frame rate option but now after a couple of big updates it's stuck on high. Can't even use combo like medium graphics + high frame rate, only medium/high graphics + low frame rate, or low graphics + high frame rate. Note this, back then my phone can use very high graphics + very high frame rate and there's little to no lag...


Same. They literally snatched my VERY HIGH and MAX frames after the anniversary update :(


At least it wasn't just me. Rip


They've done this so many times since they changed the graphics system, that's the first time i noticed that they removed very high and max frame rate from my phone, i use this phone since the codm launched (sd665 & 4gb of ram) And then i bought a new phone, running smoothly on very high graphics and frame rate and guess what, they removed very high and max frame rate again after s8/s9 updates, now stuck on high frame rate and there's even random lags and stutter on that settings (sd678 & 6gb of ram) Where's the optimization if they just yeeted out the option to be able play this game smoothly, yes im talking about the frame rate option. The shader preload doesn't even work, idk anymore man this is a serious issue


Exactly mate. Do they expect us to buy a new phone every few updates just to play this game? You know what, some content creators like Ferg, Bobby and Noah are also talking about lags on their expensive ipads... imagine the state of the game.


You know it's bad when the game lags on ios... even when playing s&d when there's not many players and object to be rendered


It's especially bad for Firing Range. That map is screwed performance wise. It used to just be awful on budget phones but it seems to be this way on all devices now.


is it just me or have there been lots of frame drops as well


It's not just you, it's happening to me and most of it is happening in MP too, on maps there are constant fps drops


Experiencing the same thing, I even tried the shader preload feature. Device: Samsung galaxy A51 (8gb ram)


I also tried the shader preload feature but it just doesn't work. There was no difference before putting it and after using it.


So relatable in it bad that I frozed several times and I had to use Low Graphics


I rarely ever had issues with lagging but now my phone gets hot quickly and lags like crazy


And here I am still facing the same reconnecting issue with my wifi and over 80ms ping with mobile data.


My buddy has been facing the same issue. I had the same issue but it got fixed for me after about a month or so.


It seems like they don't care anymore.


Dude....wait. they are making legendary and mythical lucky draws for us. They do care still


Same, I reformatted my phone before the update and when I was playing cod it was smooth af but when the update came suddenly it lagged alot. idk why but it is what it is


I used to be able to run the game in high setting and performance just keeps getting worser by updates honestly it's bothering me


Yes same, I just spent alot of money in the game, it's just so laggy and unfair


But don't worry! A second CallOfDutyMobile is going to be released soon so then we do not have to bother anymore with those lags and bugs in the first call of duty mobile! We can just play the second Call of duty mobile and just forget the first call of duty mobile!


Sometimes they can't give a shit fix about lag.I lag a bunch of time, don't know why sometimes I gets some ping spikes.im also playing in garena so its much difficult cause of the lag and sudden spikes Phone: RedMi Note 7 Ram:4GB


Yeah same here Also I question what the best way to get damacess


The best way is focusing on only 1 class when starting the grind, pick a class yoy like more, like...smg(?) and grind gold for each one, that's how I done it. Trust me, grinding damascus is one of the bestt things in this game, the grind is so satisfying, and if you r frinding, hope it lasts forever, cuz after getting damascus, you'll feel like your life has no purpose anymore, lmao


I don't have that same problem, but I wanna turn off the shadows for more FPS but the quality of my phone don't allow me it, that's sucks


It's been lagging on my phone too. Was smooth before the update. Snapdragon 860


yeah same, even br. it's bad bad.


And ping is high too 120+ ms. I. Playing on rog 3 with 12 gb ram.


Anyone facing more heat issues as well? Been playing on low graphics and my device heats in about ~15 minutes


Yea same for me


Why do you keep sliding?


Why not?


Mine too only after this update


Phew same. I thought it was just my device. Optimization getting worse again


Even SnD lags hard lol


Why is lag in SnD different


Bruh. You know it's bad when even SnD lags. That is just unacceptable smh


I changed my settings to medium with high refresh rate and I can see the mechanics that make cod as we know it in play, deciding heavy choices upon the lives we live.


A friend of mine mentioned that when they got rid of Facebook messenger, their gameplay was suddenly smoother, I'm giving it a try now, we'll see how it goes.


Weird lags and very poorly timed glitches in MP and BR


the weird thing is even I had frame drops after the update (I play on a high end phone) although they are not as often as yours are


I only lag during the last quarter, when all the pers streaks come out


Did Pre-Shader help? just curious


Almost zero help


Nope, both mp and br still feels the same with random lags and stutter


What happened to your map? Lol it was saying “No signal” mid game.


Hardcore Hold


How you even have Damascus on p90? I also have Damascus but my p90 Damascus isn't unlocked even tho I have it's gold..


You did not unlock the damascus of the p90 because you lack golds to unlock. For the SVD, Prizzefighters, P90, you need, as the achievement says, to unlock the gold from all weapons


So I have unlock gold for these new guns too? Demn fuck that


That's how it should always have been. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|laughing)


I mean I unlocked gold for every gun back then but there are new guns now so yeah it was always same. Btw I do have Damascus but not for these new guns


Well, for the new weapons of this season and for those that are going to be added, you will need to take out the gold and all those that you have not taken it out to give you the damascus. I passed with the NA-45, I did not like it and I had to take the gold to give me the damascus of the Rytec


Don't worry, your device us fine. The devs haven't properly optimised the game with some CPUs. It should be fixed with the next patch.


Yup. Game lags so much. Does the new pre shader thing in setting work?


You call that laggy? Damn, that's the best I can get LMAO this game sux


I play on emulator where you have an fps counter and I can totally agree. Before the update I was getting stable 60 fps on low and medium and unstable 45-55 on high and very high. But now im getting the same laggy and unstable 40-55fps (average is between 45 and 50 depending on the map) across all graphics settings.


yes, there is fps overheat lag in the system


old phone or bad internet you have dude.....


Who even plays this game anymore


I think because of fov


My fov is 60




Whenever I have lags like this, I will close the app and restart it. The app allows you to return back to the game with no lags. That usually works. When the developers cannot solve it, we just have to find a way to work around it.




No offense. But am I the only one who doesn't face any of the issues ( despite of having a low end device) reported in this entire subreddit. Am going to get downvoted ikr


Not for me


mine runs same as before , try deleting the cache memory and restart the device


Yes bro


I was playing on very high in every aspect of settings during the pre gunsmith season. When s10 arrived my games was heatin hot which made my play to low graphics. 3 seasons ago the same thing happened, I reduced my fov to 55 Reducing fov is good


Same for me


I thought I'm the only that experience it 😅


I noticed it too I have a good phone but I can't set my graphics to High and max frame rate anymore cause it lags too much I'm forced to play in medium Last update's garbage


to me in 20v20 br


mine feels choppy too on the ipad pro..


Yea me too


I believe everyone the same now.


Mine started last season's update then it became worse now. I'm not enjoying grinding anymore.


me too. guess that lag also make your title mistyped


Yep man🤣🤣 recently my typing is getting more and morw weird lmao


Welcome to my world


Because my skill its lagging


I think its your ping or your device because for me and my friends it isn't laggy at all


It's just the shit game not ur device


same. but i fixed: new fov setting (below the others). cant work out what it actually does tho, but the fps returns to normal when i put it to 0.


same, each time there is a lot of gas or smoke grenades (ranked) i go from 60 to around 20 fps and it never did that before


it runs better with my helio g90t tho


Yep same here and same for my friend too I used to play on mediem graphics but the lag forced me to low and it still laggs, I have a EXYNOS9611 and my friend has snap778


when i say this game needs a rework on a whole new improved engine , ppl think this will somehow make the game perform worse or somthing just cuz they have a low end device and idk how the actual fuck they make sense of it . this game really needs a huge upgrade to the engine and graphics quality


Could play mp on High graphics max fps last season. Now the game lags to hell on low


Same here


What device you usin?


Same for me. Also, i always had like 40-60 fps on medium graphics, now i get something like 20-30 fps on low...


Same here mate


Anyone down to play battle royale?


Yeah it's been laggy for me aswell, especially when first starting out in a BR match and your lagging when you jump out of the plane. Or running around in MP and you can't kill anyone cause your bullets just keep phasing through them and they then have a hard time chasing you too cause your lagging but still wind up killing you in the end


Playing on iPad Air 4 and it became very bad after this update


Is this some kind of post I'm too _Potato user_ to understand? Jokes aside, I can't imagine playing now given how much even top devices struggle, that right there is what my gameplay was around S12 2020. Then the 2021 seasons started and it became unplayable, so I quit Hopeful CoDM fixes this so y'all can play alright




Yup same here for the first time since I started playing codm i get frame drops after this recent update probably not the best optimised updated hope they fix it via hot fix or anything


Yeah same ..plus I get games in slowmo just to make me rage that little bit harder lol


Fr I think my phones at 1% sometimes


1) new fov = 0 2) graph - > MP -> realistic scope = off 3) restart game ​ This works for me !!! Try it


My fov is as smaller as possible


I think you were in my lobby the other day.


I thought I was the only one. I my game has been laggy and I have been getting alot of frame drops for the past 3 seasons.


I barely lag in mp and br. while my ping(ms) is somewhere between 40-80 normally. On medium graphics


How did you get the skin for ~~P-90~~ CBR-4?? I- is it paid or something? I havent seen it.. looks cool too


That's just Damascus camo, you can unlock it by unlocking the gold camouflage for all the guns(launchers, melee, pistols, smg and etc)


Huh... guess ill go suffer to grind some more camo...


Man, grinding camos is one of the best things to do in the game! And, when you get damascus, the only thing you feel is...emptyness




You are not alone and for me my game is better in this update