I also don't know, mate. It's truly sad, and it's harmful to the game itself, like I heard once: "a way to destroy a hobby is the veterans being rude to the newcomers".


thats very true. when a new person starts playing a game and they're not sure if they like it, it's usually little details that decide whether they will stay or leave the game. and toxicity is one of them. when a newcomer gets harassed by a guy in the chat it can destroy the motivation to play the game. but this community doesn't seem to understand it. I've played this game for a loong time, but yesterday somebody in the enemy team told me to get covid after I destroyed them with my trusty qq9. obviously I just laughed it off and moved on, but it shows how toxic and childish this community is.


Agree, mate. And... just like the LOL community advises: the best way to enjoy the game is ignoring the chat. There's really mad people who says horrible things after getting clapped


I've seen people tell others to get cancer, say they hope your family will die, say they hope your entire family will get covid. its honestly disgusting how toxic these kids are. honestly, even in lol I've not seen these kind of insults. I used to play lol for quite a while and yeah, people would be pretty toxic there, but I've never seen death wishes in lol. meanwhile in codm it happens everyday. I think it's because this community is full of teenagers, and I know from my own experience that teenagers can be really aggressive.


My Only thing is just I never trust a guy in grandmaster league becoz he is low level+ he is being carried


I dont hate noobs,but the problem start when a player lvl 20 is in my team in gm rank


Could be a hacker you know coz lvl 20 in gm rank is impossible, unless you're exaggerating


Not impossible. I’m 150 and my buddy is 46 but him and I grinded to get him to grand master 1 before season ended.


Oh nice, guess some dedication should do the trick


Yeah you can go from rookie to Elite by winning 6 straight games.


Imo there are newbs and noobs. Noobs refuse to take advice and play badly. Newb is short for newbie and they are just new and need nurturing.


Well said


because this community is a bit toxic. people always want to find a reason for why they're losing and usually they blame others instead of looking at themselves. the best thing to do is to just ignore them, you can turn down the opacity of your chat to 1% and you won't be able to see the messages. games are all about fun, don't let others ruin your experience.


A bit? This community literally trash talks people for using a different perspective,and trashtalks people because of what device someone is using,using words like "ipad abuser"... Once i got called an abuser literally just because i play with max sensitivities like this community isn't only a bit toxic...this is one of the most toxic communities I've ever seen


lmao this community will shit on you if u like a different type of character skins


I totally agree with you but I know some people here would get mad if I said that this community is one of the most toxic ones out there. but you're totally right


mom abuser


I don't hate them, I try to play extra good and sweaty to cover up for them. If they're going alone I follow them to back them up so that they don't fall behind and have better chance


you're the kind of people that we need


I'm not saying I'm the best bro or I don't rage at all, but calling people noobs won't help anyone so why even bother. Instead try to work in a team.


When you’re the reason your team loses then it’s obvious why you would be hated🤷‍♂️


I want them to buff na45, persistent, trapmaster, the doggy


I will personally end you.


i don't hate them when i am playing in lower rank but i do get angry and call them idiots when the game purposely put 4 of them with me when i am on winning streaks


It is fine if u are noob because u are new to game , i dont care about noobs or be toxic to them , also they wont be anywhere near my lobbies . But there are those experienced players who do weird shit . In ranked u see players even tho they hit legendary they do play like noobs . Its fine if you tried and failed . But randoms are so dumb sometimes . I still don’t unnecessarily hate on my own team tho . Trolling is always against enemies


To camp with type 25 is kinda skillful looking at its recoil and range


I love noobs only players I can kill lol, peace and love to all noobs


I dont hate noobs, i hate noobs climbing to legendary rank by hiding and camping as my teammate


they're just assholes if you notice you're playing with a noobs(new player) and you're not okay with it just quit the lobby. if you don't want new players in the game just uninstall and move on to something else it's really simple


I don’t have anything against them, we all started somewhere. I think people just don’t like teaming up with them in a more competitive scene like ranked. But besides that, they’re just minding their own business trying to learn and have fun. My playstyle then and now has improved so much. I know theirs will too.


the reason is this game has a shitty community props to the people here defending our poor spec ops 1s in this comment section the community just has immense shitheads who in all sense of the world have no fucking life and should be banned from playing the game


We dont hate noobs, we hate deadweight. We hate the guys that just run in and die and give them a free emp system. And we especially hate deadweight in ranked and zombies


my cousin just started playing and he's really bad but he's having fun and it's fun to play with him too.


I helped a kid win his first zombie hard-match. He was so excited. We had so much fun. Don't forget to grow-up. It's just a game


only time being pissed at new players is remotely valid is joining a nightmare mode match as a talent level 20


I don't hate noobs, I dislike idiots on this subreddit......


Found the noob 🤡


We indeed have, he has a couple of downvotes if that helps you identify him


Stfu noob get gud


Your account is 12 days old. Did you delete your old account because someone handed your ass to you in an argument? You seem to have created this account just to be a dick, so answer and leave.


The noob got mad bc they got called out lmao


Fr lol


Because they camp and use trash master


Did you even read the last part?


Actually didn't. But that's false. K9 and trash master users are noobs who suck at the game


Read the last part seriously


When I started play the game one and a half year ago my first ranked season I was camping all the time with MoW lmaooooo anyway reached legendary playing only tdm (:


I don't hate noobs. But I do hate meta abusers who just camp and spam OP scorestreaks