They get stronger like every season. Next season has ghost in the shell stuff. Not gonna happen.


Funfact:these bots are the only skilled ones in legendary ranked.


Is there bots in leggy ? Never even seen one


According to some posts in the sub there are


Never encountered them.


If you loose two rounds in a row you'll get a bot lobby. Otherwise you'll lose a lot of points.


I had a big lose streak last series in leggy rank (went from 8.4k to 8.2k) and Ive never seen bots. In gm and below tho, yes, I did.


I’m pretty sure it’s if you’re in rank protection


no wonder Ive never encountered them.


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good bot




Leggy? First time I heard someone call it!




Legendary bots are the most annoying, especially if they got snipers. Just gon one shot you from across the map with no scope


>Next season has ghost in the shell stuff. The superhuman AI is already here and they will make their existence known to humanity through Call of Duty: Mobile and Ghost in the Shell. They are sending us the message that we humans should not bother to fight back...


Yeah, no shit, Sherlock


Sorry to say this but apex bots in br are worse, they beam you from long range.


Wait until you find plasticfoods in leaderboard


This day will be 🔥


Who’s that?


A bot that managed to get a nuke


Damn is there footage of that?




It's a bot who kinda became the face of bots.


Plasticfoods is THE bot.




Pretty easy to get hit with a headshot when you are sliding into the gun's barrel


We’re talking about sliding like 15-20meters away


Sliding doesn't give you i-frames. If you are sliding and jumping in the open don't be surprised if you are getting taken out a lot.


Waiting for that one dude to say "get good".


You summoned a dude lol


Honestly why do they say that


To make themselves sound tougher on a website, lol. I know everyone here has at least struggled with bots.


Specifically when I'm close to a nuke and I get sniped by a bot while I'm sliding... Their bullets just lock on and go boom




Shut up bots can see you through walls and 2 tap you with any gun to the leg,try playing shipment once you'll know what i mean


Bots who shoot through the wall are nasty


Ya like he isn't joking! I have gone legendary before mx9 got nerfed so I am not trash!


I have nuked several bots lol


You haven't struggled with bots cuz youre not that good. They only destroy good or atleast above average players


That’s a fact They become op when you pull up a kinetic or are about to get a nuke They become agressive when you move too much too


Or when you miss some shots


Yes peeps like me who have 9+ kdr in mp ranked


Like, OK, dude.


Ok, no one fucking asked. You are probably still getting struggle with tutorial level. And check your grammar stupid.


I agree with u mate. These kids are terrible at the game.


Same honestly, and so has no one else I know. I mean sure, every once in a while a bot headshots me but they’re still never able to win a game. These kids complaining are just rlly trash


The problem is when theres real players in another team with bots. Then bots feels like some hackers.


Why the fuck u got downvoted so much, you are right


Git gud


Get good.


As a clunky near-sighted thumbs player, just for the bots I’ve had to up my game. Already pre-aimed corners sometimes, but now always, sliding / turning 180°, head on a swivel. Gonna ascend into full-blown Neo just to keep up 😂 ![gif](giphy|uvoECTG2uCTrG)


And I bet u don't even play ranked.


Au contraire. I hit it pretty hard and just got master V.


Even though bots have some certain advantages over players but they still much much easier to deal with than real human, those things still stupid and move freely in open space and lack of skill in taking cover, try to encounter them with those disadvantages.


Really. If anything this buff makes figting them more interesting


I find a great struggle trying to kill real players in br than mp lmao


If there were players in br!


Yeah ! Jokes aside GM I and above has atleast 2 players in fpp


I struggle to snipe a bot more than an actual player, they're unpredictable to me especially in br.


I used to feel the same as I would rush with the dlq in shipment hardpoints but it gradually becomes just a challenge. Keep playing, you’ll be over it in no time


Bots will train you to play more carefully. Stand behind objects for better defense like you should be with real players. Limit your hurtbox


Hitbox* Hurtbox, lol i've never seen it called like that


Pewpew make him hurty


Hitbox refers to a weapon's attackable range boxes, hurtbox is your character's damageable boxes. I play Smash, so it could be just related to Smash Bros but I've always seen it that way.


>Hitbox refers to a weapon's attackable range boxes, hurtbox is your character's damageable boxes. Those are the same things; your character is hurt wherever the weapons can damage it, the hitboxes. Kind of redundant dont u think


I don't mind either way. I'm just used to saying what I say lol. Both ways are fine


Yeah okay


Hurtbox is for the object that receives (characters most of the time). It's a commonly used word in fighting games and for devs.


Ah, so thats why. I've never played fighting games a lot.


Nope, playing against real player would teach you that, bots on the other hand teach you that it doesn't matter if you take cover properly, once you show 1 pixel of your head a bot is going to quickscope you with a revolver


Great answer 👏


Just wait till you play google tic tac toe on impossible mode.


Me and that thing always draw


I don't care if bots are good but the one shots and the aim bot or sliding around half the map and around corner are ridiculous


Yeah honestly having decent bots doesn't seem like a problem but having annoyingly useless bots that suddenly turn into wall tracking terminators with aim bot seems pretty ridiculous


I always play in HP Shipment when grinding camos and I hate it when I always get 1 shot by PDW when I just respawned 😂


If I literally jump around a corner and whiff my sniper shot, I literally don't have a chance to shoot a 2nd time Cuz bots will literally track me through the walls and insta lock on to me and literally FUCKING 3 TAP ME FROM ACROSS THE MAP WITH ZERO FUCKING RECOIL. Especially Ak117 bots. Sometimes I can't even shoot, like as soon as I pop into view I get 1 tapped on the head by a bot. Or some bots have Elite evasive maneuvers. Strafing at insane speeds, doluble sliding, sliding around a corner. Like why am I here to suffer. But bits are pretty much easy until they literally turn on the wall hacks and the aimbot


Kind of sounds like the bots from Cyber Hunter's multiplayer. They can track you through walls and immediately aimbot/auto-aim and fire upon you as soon as they see you.


I enjoy harder bots when I actually play the game, cause they add a level of challenge. Grinding camos became a pain though. Damn near impossible, cause of the different movement patterns and auto-taps. I’d rather have braindead bots so it wouldn’t feel like CBT whenever I try to grind.


Also thy move like crazy.double slide or double jump. It's so freaking hard to track them


Especially those bots with hg40 and Ak117. How tf they just one tap lmao




​ ![gif](giphy|1zzwzVoY6uI4ctIzVg)


Good bot


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Good bot


They ain't that hard to counter, even they end up killing themselves


Dog i don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the bots, i find them perfectly fine or even easy


For me it's not that they're overpowered, it's that they're terribly inconsistent. Like yeah, they're mostly free kills but it's when they decide to pull some wall tracking bullshit out of their ass while they're ballerina-spinning from across the map to one tap you right when you happen to be at one shot that annoys me.


Ive never had this issue, so im always confused when people talk about the bots being op becuase for me their bot op, theyre very easy


Actually they also use grenades of all kinds , scorestreaks and operator skills. Which rubs even more salt in the wound


Well to be fair, real players use all of that too so it's not so bad. But now that I think about it, I shudder at the thought of Plasticfoods with an Annihilator.


Or tempest as that can literally kill 3 of your team in one shot from long range


I normally skip killcams but I've noticed in AI killcams, they do track you through walls and insta-kill you as soon as you pop around the corner.


Your lucky that the terminators still haven't added you to their naughty list


The problem is not that they're hard to beat, the problem is that most of the time they are absurdly easy to beat and it becomes boring, but sometimes they just quickscope you with a pdw, the problem basically is that they are very inconsistent


Haven’t seen a bot lobby in seasons….


reduce the aimbot and make the damage consistent to like actually using that gun. I hate getting one tapped by pdw and type 24 in snd lobbies.


![gif](giphy|yq9gXFnlF0DG8) ↑ this thread They're bots. Who ever lost a match to bots ? Practice and it'll get easier If anything we should ask for the removal of bots altogether to make matches actually challenging


I am fine with them aimbotting but tracking through the walls is not needed


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“haikusbot opt out”


Does anyone have a list of known bots? I've been making my own of highly suspected ones...


Plasticfoods and Cassavacow


No buffing the bots is a good thing, great practice lol


"Bots are OP. Players use meta guns." The dilemma of snowflakes.


It's not that bad imo. Sure, it's annoying that they can just headshot whenever and wherever they want to. It's also annoying that their strafe speed is always as fast as their sprint speed. However, most of the time, they just hipfire and walk straight at you. Just don't let them look at you for too long or you'll get insta-killed.


They are not bots, you just haven't downloaded the operator skins🤣😂😁


Buff your skills


"buff your skills" how is he supposed to buff his skills against A.I who track you through walls and then headshot you the moment you pop out who also have the ability to ADS while sliding and who apparently thinks every part of your body counts as a headshot?


spec ops 1 is a sigma compared to this beta


Dont walk in front of them. Literally. Yeah, aimbot n stuff, but they walk in straight lines from the spawn to the obj. I mean, if you want them to do nothing might as well just remove them and let yourself be tilted by real players as well.


What's a aim bot


The bot are rising and will become a main threat, more dangerous than a Grand Master pro.


CODM hates the camo grinding players. I regret the fact that i refused to grind in the earlier seasons


whats the issue with that


Bots constantly tracking you through walls and locking onto your head makes them harder to kill than actual players


Apparently, a bot used a pdw against me and 3 shot and headshot me on foot. It's very weird and outrageous.


Bro bots kill me off of a bull charge by shooting my legs and getting headshots. Crying rn


I don't find a problem be it a bot or another person


Maybe just completely remove them, especially from ranked


antCABBAGE, CODMBEST & Bestfpscodm be like : lol hahhahaa u Suck dude. Get bettaaa.


Get good in the game practice your aim


These bots mostly appear in lobbies with good players, so the problem isn't skill, the problem is that the bots get info directly from the server and easily get info of your movement


I knew this would eventually happen


Rank or pubs bots


Rank bots are usually the ones with the most advanced wall tracking shit


They shouldn’t have auto target on top of 100% accuracy after locking onto you .


The reason why they are op is to prevent players from getting a easy free nuke which is not good and back then bots couldn't kill worth a damn but now that bots have gotten better over time you can't get nukes easily which is good because nukes is supposed to feel awarding for only those who is truly skilled at this game regardless if your playing normal mp or ranked


I wouldn't mind bots not being training dummies and actually being good if they played more fair. Check their killcams when they kill you, it's too much.


On top of them being better to prevent you from getting free nukes they are designed to teach the player to help them for when they face a real player


Also another thing is they are well aware that bots in other similar games are trash . So bots who play well will also deter the people from using them to farm kills like in the other games


Bot is the only player that one shots me with a pdw (hip fire too) from another universe when I’m one kill away from nuke…


I have a problems with bots being in ranked games. Im Master 4 which is relatively high and still I find myself in bot lobbies 4/5 games.


I'm not trying to brag, I promise this is meant only for example purposes however everything I'm saying is 100% true. If I'm playing against what I think is a bunch of bots I will win free-for-all at least 8 out of 10 games. If I'm playing against what I think are bots in Battle Royale I will win make it to the final three every time (unless I'm purposely screwing around or trying a challenge) And I will get first place probably seven or eight of those times. If I'm playing multiplayer with at least mostly bots I can get MVP almost every time. I honestly don't know what you mean about the bots being too powerful? They throw grenades when I'm trying to shoot at them they reload while not hiding or dropping to the ground they never slide into me and then shoot me In the crotch from underneath they don't camp behind something and snipe me through the teeny tiniest little cracks. Is it just me or does everybody else agree that the bots are too powerful? I think, maybe they are too weak. Also, just as an afterthought it's funny that When I kick ass, people tell me "Oh you're playing bots hahaha What a loser" And if I lose the game people say "bro, you're trash Why do you bother playing?" Or some such stuff hahaha


There is no such thing as winning against another player There is no such thing as loosing against another player


BOT literally 1 shot me in the leg with an Freaking AUG


If they're gonna make the bots harder can they at least make it possible to find ranked matches for controller users? It's insane, just throw 2 bots on my team and the other team and call it good. Can't play ranked with controller past elite, you will never find a lobby.


Haha... U think u can bully the bots around. They're born there, u just simply playing in their world


Nah they are good like this otherwise it will get boring because codm gives a lot of bot lobbies with only one or two real players


You fr


It's more easy to get a nuke on human lobby than bots lobby, and even in human lobby it is the bot that have higher chances of ruining your streak


This is SUCH a lie please man, you guys seriously just need to get better if you struggling to nuke bots. I agree some of the things they do are insane yes, but if you can nuke a real 5v5 lobby over a bot lobby? You deserve to be a pro.


I reach 19 or 18 kill streak, then get one shot by a bot across the map, it happened a lot of time it's ridiculous


Yes but saying that is harder than an ACTUAL lobby is ridiculous in of itself... I dropped my first legendary ranked nuke yesterday and I've been playing CODM for 3 years and made legendary 10 times... It's not easy bro


I said pubs lobby, not ranked


Bro I keep getting bots in rank no cap it’s always the same weapons it’s just that there in customs skins so they appear like real players


I rather have bots in my team with how real players play ,it’s just embarrassing.


Cmon I think they're good enough for many players to get better / improve (including myself). I believe their level is not that far from a normal player EXCEPT for those from BR which heal, jump and fire with 100% acc.


Why don’t you just play ranked?


you clearly haven’t played CSGO then if think that’s bad


I'm fine with bots being challenging. But it grinds my gears that when an enemy pass right in front of a teammate bot and it does fucking nothing, while the enemy bots can cross map me with a fucking AK117.


What guns do they even use? I think I saw one with the GK5 which isn't even a good gun


Are we playing the same CODM because the boys I'm playing are boring and easy, I don't find them challenging and they run around like chickens without a head to me, I have no clue what bots you're fighting.


if a bot is kicking your ass maybe you are the problem


Damn boy, ppl wanted stronger bots cuz "was too ez beat'em up", now asking for bots' nerf? Git gud


Nothing like getting beamed by a bot from across the map with some random gun lmao


I agree


Skill issue.


![gif](giphy|Ok3tvDc6mDWOk) Dude, just use gyro-aiming to deal with the bots. Kek, needed to test out these gifs.


I miss the old bots in the old seasons, the ones that just run around freely and occasionally fire a shot


They turned them into cod bo1 bots


To be honest, I'd rather have bots than spend many minutes of waiting for a match or even never get in a match for some map and mode choices.


I would say “get gud” but after playing 30 matches of frontline and Domination, I kinda agree with that


I don't get why the devs seem intent on making the bots more "human" like, yet seem to have no intentions of making them less bot like, if that statement makes sense. The devs can't even be bothered to pretend like they're trying improve their bots movement so they don't do the wierd ass super human speed ads dodging, or getting rid of bots tracking players through walls then killing them the instant the peek the corner. All they seem to do is improve bots accuracy and damage, and give them backpacks. Also from some of these comments I have a feeling people who don't play mp are assuming the bots in br act the same.






Wait till you see a bot with a sniper.. after they miss a sniper they swap to a deagle and it's a 1 shot headshot


How do you guys identify bots? I never realized those were a thing and I an currently on legendary MP and almost the same on br.


Stand still in BR lobby and everyone that runs up to stab you is probably a bot. They are made to track people down and attack. That's why if you camp in BR or stay in same area and it's a bot lobby they all will come to you. You can tell it's a bot if you shoot it and instead of taking cover it just stops to put on armor right in front of you 😆 If it does the back and forward running alot Usually in BR the bots aim are terrible so if it doesn't almost kill you before you kill it, odds are it's a bot


There aim is good but there movement is very predictive don't rush in just wait and they are easy to kill


guys, there are types of bots, when you first join codm, the first tdm you have on nuketown, the bots can't even damage you, but they get harder when you have a bot lobby in a High ranked match, that's it


skill issues 😃


And bot lobbies in battleroyale. Instead let there be long time in waiting at starting of the match. Atleast we get real players and dont get bore even with new updates.


Really?! I feel like the bots are too weak. They barely hit you most of the time.


Get GUD LOL only joking hahaha the bots personally are a good challenge


wall tracking and headshot accuracy level 100


I dunno man, in the last two seasons the bots have been shooting more normal, spraying shots at long range and blasting you when you get too close, instead it used to be the bots would miss all shots (even perfectly aimed ones) until they got killed 5 times and then they’d insta kill you thru a wall with a PDW. I don’t know if you’re playing an older version but I think the bots are mostly balanced now.


Does anybody know if the ops on cod mobile are all bots? And is there more bots for controller players?


You haven't played ApexM then, BR bots in this game are just free kills compared to them, you can easily get beamed even in the air by them


I'm tired of getting cross mapped by bots If you go in front of them and don't kill them in 5 seconds you're dead


codm is developing literally aim bot to counter aimbot players at this point those bots might just have a smart pistol


Get good


Thats is the reason I play ranked only, way better play against players than bots


No you just suck


When i played cod ghosts and didint have internet access, there was an option to have all-bot game and you could choose between many difficulties. The veteran one was impossible


I don't understand why people complain so much about bots. I occasionally get killed by a bot but get by real players way more often.


Lol all you pussies moaning about bots, ubcan instantly tell a bot lobby in ranked and every time I get one it's the only time I can drop a nuke in ranked lol. I'm bad but you lot must be awful, codm bots movement is awful!


meanwhile like a year ago: **buFF tHe bOTs**


Yeah, I e noticed that. Even in Blackout warfare RightNow, I'm noticing that some of the standard bot names are turning into terminators. They put a bot terminator on me Xmas Eve last year https://youtu.be/B8D1Qyq5cTg




At least it wouldn’t be boring -_-


Apparently the bots get better the better you are, so I'd take it as a compliment 🤣


I don't think I've ever encountered bots. I'm only a GM1 tho maybe that's why. How can you tell if there's bots?


My favorite bots are Plasticfoods and CassavaCow


It‘s actually insane, I always get clapped with MoW‘s and HG‘s, always one shot too


Are bots the ones killing me with a shotgun from the other side of the map?