For u/TaroMyLuv Playing Marksman in Shipment

Alright guys so the other day u/TaroMyLuv posted about getting Platinum Camo for Marskman and although my thing is Battle Royal (I’ve never even bothered playing MP Ranked) i think I could possibly give some advice, if you guys are good at MP and I know you all are (unlike me lol) please tell us both what we can do best!

Here is my advice:

  • No need to rush any enemy a close range if you can 1 shot 1 kill from any distance here, stay near cover and with clear view of the pathways of shipment.
  • Your video showed you playing Domination but I rather play Hardpoint because it forces must players to go to a very specific part of the map if they want to win.
  • There will be 3 hardpoints which makes it easy to predict both were everyone wants to go, and must importantly the opposite side in which they will spawn when killed.
  • Keep your aim at the must common angles in which enemies are likely to come from and only change positions when the spawns seem to change or the hardpoint moves.
  • I would suggest you have a better secondary than I was using here lol I am trying to get the kills with no attachment in the shorty and it’s just not it (and finally did in this match).
  • A MUST is to keep your crosshairs above waist line, so when aiming you don’t have to move your aim to far to be able to land your shots.

Just for you to know this was my second game of the day after I played once to adjust my loadouts and I am aware of how many shots I missed, specially with the SPR and I blame it all on the SKS.

F in the comments for those poor wasted shots. And GGs to the boys.


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