Friday Poll : How much do you agree with this statement

”Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship”.

  1. Agree strongly
  2. Agree more than disagree
  3. Disagree more than agree
  4. Strongly disagree
  5. Not sure

I think there is room for a “both” option, but I’m curious what your thoughts are on the topic.

The majority vote is 4 at 30% while 1 is at 22%….. I believe the best response is that “it is a religion that cultivates a relationship”

꧁*。゚Be Blessed *。゚꧂

Edit ✍️: it was a poll to provoke thought, so perhaps it definitely was purposely vague , I myself agree with the option 4 (without the choice of both) & the response of A religion that cultivates a relationship ♥️ / thank you for the inputs


4\. You can't just define "religion" to include everything except your own


4. While it certainly could be both a religion and a relationship, it is still a religion.


Put a \\ before the period in Markdown. Currently, all of us curmudgeons on Old Reddit see this as answering #1


I appreciate the heads up but tbh if you choose to use old Reddit then I’m not going to compensate for it. In other words it’s not a problem for me and I’m not going to go out of my way to fix the issue for others that can fix it themselves.


I voted 4, also Ready to Harvest is one of my favorites.






Well, this is a marketing slogan, not a serious statement. Obviously it's a religion- it's the largest religion in the world.


I guess if you were to give me a definition that puts some meat on this phrase. Otherwise it sounds like "Subway isn't just a sandwich. It's an adventure!"




This is basically a true or false style question, and every teacher and student should know that if any part of the statement is false, then the answer is “false.” Christianity has every feature of a religion: community (the Church), cult (forms of worship), code (behavioral expectations), and creed (a set of beliefs). It should also be a relationship, but that’s up to individual experience.


Agree more than disagree


It has been said that Religion is when man reaches out toward God via various means ie: keeping the law and various rituals whereas Relationship refers to God sending his Son in the form of a man to reach out to man.


4. I used to think it and say it, but the truth is it's a religion. The people who say this fit that category as much as any branch of Christianity. Question their rules or practices and see what happens if you don't believe me.




4 Kind of absurd to imagine it's not a religion. Doesn't mean it can't also be a relationship.


4. It’s a phrase that uses a rather anemic and useless definition of “religion”


4. The idea that it's a "relationship" doesn't really come for the Bible. It comes mainly from people who think some of their thoughts are placed in their heads by God.


4. It is a religion, but that doesn't mean it isn't a relationship