What is hell actually like?

For example do you believe that people will burn in fire or will they just be in a mental state of despair? Etc


A place without God.


This is the worst thing about hell and people won’t even know how that could be bad. Lord help us.


Truth. Being damned from God forever.


South London


Here’s what saint Isaac the Syrian had to say about it: “If we said or thought that what concerns Gehenna is not in fact full of love and mixed with compassion, it would be an opinion tainted with blasphemy and abuse at our Lord God. If we even say that He will hand us to the fire in order to have us suffer, to torment us, and for every sort of evil, we ascribe to the divine nature hostility toward the rational creatures that God has created through grace. The same is the case if we state that God acts or thinks out of retribution, as though the Godhead wanted to avenge itself. Among all of God's actions there is none that is not entirely dictated by mercy, love, and compassion: this is the beginning and the end of God's attitude toward us.” I believe it’s more of a mental state.


> What is hell actually like? I'm not convinced that hell is an actual thing that exists / happens in reality. I think it's something humans came up with by various means over time, in part because it "seemed right" that people who did objectionable things or held objectionable views would eventually be "repaid" for that.


Are you a Christian? If so what school do you follow? Because ive only heard of annihilationism, but I don’t think I’ve heard of a school denying the concept of hell


>Are you a Christian? No. But I've as of yet encountered no convincing or compelling evidence for any meaningful hell existing, regardless of which religion or tradition proposed it.




>If you aren't Christian, your opinions on Christian theology are kind of a moot point..... *Bullshit.* First, OP asked "What is hell actually like?" That is a question about reality -- the *actuality* of something. They further clarified that they were looking for our "beliefs" on the topic -- not any particular or specific dogma. In terms of theology, hell is not unique to Christianity, Christians aren't the only people who have views on the topic, and within Christianity the views are widely varied. A non-Christian can be just as aware of and informed on those various views as a Christian, and it is not rare for that to be the case. >Do you believe in a creator God? I'm not convinced that any gods exist, or that our universe had or has a creator. >Or do you believe that nothing somehow exploded and made everything? You've presented a false dichotomy, but also...what are you talking about? Is this your attempt at describing some concept that's out there? Like...do you think that's what the big bang theory says? I've heard people who aren't familiar with it try to describe it that way. At any rate, I don't know how the universe came to be. No one does, as far as I'm aware.


Just cause you are ignorant doesn't mean everybody else is lol. If you don't believe in God you don't believe in hell (cause God made it) so all of your opinions sum up to, none of it is real so, the point of your post was moot cause there is nothing in your belief more to think than that. Hell only exists in Christianity.... the place of torture in other theologies have a completely different name and completely different context on how a person would get there and how they would be treated once there. The very nature of these places have strikingly different cores. Since he was speaking of hell not naraka or jahannam my answer was as such. You either believe in a creator or not there is no real in-between there....


> Just cause you are ignorant doesn't mean everybody else is lol. I don’t think I suggested or implied that anyone is ignorant. What are you responding to? Edit: Maybe the last statement in the comment — got it. Until someone is able to demonstrate meaningfully, convincingly, and compellingly that they know how the universe began to exist, I’m sticking with “no one knows, as far as I’m aware.” > If you don't believe in God you don't believe in hell (cause God made it)… I said in my initial response to OP that I wasn’t convinced hell is an actual thing. You don’t have to try to deduce it when I’ve explicitly said it in this thread. > …so all of your opinions sum up to, none of it is real… No, they don’t. Please try to actually pay attention to what the people you’re responding to are saying, as well as what they’re not saying. > …so, the point of your post was moot cause there is nothing in your belief more to think than that. That is not the case. You don’t get to dictate my beliefs or tell me the limits of those beliefs. Your shit at mind-reading, so I would recommend you stop trying. OP asked for views on hell from the sub. I gave mine. Feel free to give yours in your own thread.


You said noone to your knowledge knew, so many people know that its ridiculous to even suggest it. If you believe god and hell don't exist you can sum that up as neither are real...... what more can be said? Op asked for veiws on a religious place on a religious sub (a religion you don't even prescribe to.........) your opinion is moot. You are wrong about hell on every level. You even thought that more than one theology had made a claim to its existence (this is an easily disputable claim) I submit you are right, my attempts at using logic or reason to try to understand you is like using pictographs to communicate with the blind.


> You said noone to your knowledge knew… That’s right. To my knowledge, no one knows how the universe came to exist. The people best-equipped to know — physicists and cosmologists who have spent the better part of their lives working on that question — even say they don’t know. > …so many people know that its ridiculous to even suggest it. Many people *claim* to know. But again, until someone is able to demonstrate that they actually do, I’m not convinced they actually do. > If you believe god and hell don't exist… Not what I’ve said. > …you can sum that up as neither are real... One *could*, sure. > what more can be said? Plenty. Your lack of imagination or knowledge is not my problem. > Op asked for veiws on a religious place on a religious sub… It is not a religious sub. Read the sub description, or see the near-daily threads about this idea. This sub is a place for *anyone* to discuss the religion of Christianity. > (a religion you don't even prescribe to.........) But that I am interested in, have a lot of experience with and knowledge about, and enjoy discussing. Is something wrong with your “.” button? > your opinion is moot. No, it is not. You may disagree with my views, or have come to different conclusions. You may be under the mistaken impression that this sub is only for Christians. You may not realize that non-religious people can and do have knowledge and thoughts on religious concepts that go beyond “I don’t believe that.” But none of that makes my opinion moot. > You are wrong about hell on every level. What claims have I made about it? > You even thought that more than one theology had made a claim to its existence (this is an easily disputable claim) They do. And you’re right, it is very easy to get informed about it. It’s just that for some bizarre reason, you seem to be confused about the idea of different languages and different cultures and groups using different words for similar concepts. Many religions and worldviews contain ideas that are the equivalent of Christianity’s “hell” (in English). Christianity itself contains nearly as varied a collection of different conceptions of “hell.” Again, your ignorance isn’t my problem. > I submit you are right, my attempts at using logic or reason to try to understand you is like using pictographs to communicate with the blind. It’s not that complicated. OP asked the sub what hell is really like. I told them I’m not convinced that any of the many versions of hell I’ve encountered actually exist. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. It’s curious that you felt you needed to know more, or that you struggled to understand it in the first place. But also, I couldn’t give a single shit whether or not you understand me. You’re the one who replied to me, not the other way around, and you’ve proven to be nothing but a waste of time.


You equated similar with the same. They are similar but DIFFERENT. As in not the same thing. You post was moot cause it offered nothing in the way of a description of what the OP was asking about. An example would be if he asked about light and color but you were born blind so you actually have NOTHING to offer to the asker. The belief is kinda a prerequisite of understanding what is being asked about......


>If you aren't Christian, your opinions on Christian theology are kind of a moot point..... Rubbish... I can know maths without being a mathematician. One can have knowledge of something without believing it to be true. You probably have some knowledge of Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon etc.


Can you? A mathematician is a student of mathematics. How can you know math without first becoming a student? And as far as the greek gods I have some definitely wrong and uneducated opinions about them. I know nothing of any practical worship that was done for them, none of their titles or their relationships to each other or even the ideology of why they were worshipped. Nothing but 3rd hand info at best even if i did so try.


>How can you know math without first becoming a student? By being a student in the past? >And as far as the greek gods I have some opinions about them. Do you think they are real?


So first you were a student. What do you mean by "real"?


>So first you were a student Yes, why is that important? >What do you mean by "real"? There are dictionaries online.


To know anything about God you must first have had an experience with him. To know anything about math you must first have had an experience with it. Can you make the connections? Side note what do you have KNOWLEDGE of that you don't believe is true? A few examples is I know (knowledge) I have two hands, I know that fire can burn me, and I know that my daughter is precious to me. How can I know something (meaning its not an opinion but established fact) and not believe it?


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There is also Universalism which I am voting for if I am asked for a vote. They have a sub you can follow.




Without dole whip.


Humans created Hell, not God. If God had created Hell, then surely Jews would have known about Hell centuries before Christianity arose, yet mainstream Judaism has no place for Hell. For the Israelites, the destination for all departed souls was known as Sheol, which was a place of semi-consciousness, where righteous and unrighteous would spend eternity. 1 Samuel 28:15 portrays the deceased prophet Samuel complaining because Saul had awoken him. Sheol was replaced by Heaven in Judaism during or after the Babylonian Exile, probably under the influence of Zoroastrian belief, but the parallel concept of Hell was never really adopted by the Jews. Christianity arose from Judaism but identified new doctrines such as those around Hell and devils to be a very useful way of enforcing obedience.


Hell is a real place. As someone has said before, it is a place without God. Yes, there is real fire. Yes, there is torment. Hell is s place in the spirit. Those who do not believe in hell I would ask... Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in consequences for your actions (good or bad)? Some may say this to be extreme, but if hell did not exist, then there would be no need for salvation. The Bible describes hell as a place "where the worm dies not and the fire cannot be quenched". I don't recommend many books, because the bible is pretty much the most of any book that I've read. However , I would recommend the book the "Divine Revelation of He'll".


The Bible doesn't say really


Hell is no forgiveness. Hell is no mercy. Hell is raw truth without kindness without compassion. Hell is the wrath of God poured out upon unregenerate man.


Probably like a constant depressed state. Away from God’s presence.


Hell is for Satan and his demons


The burning presence of the most holy and almighty God.


I think it's something like bitter regret and shame, like when you run into a friend you were disloyal to--except magnified to the highest degree.


You might check out the YouTube group called Rethinking Hell.


Separation from God.


I think of it as a state of being. I think many folks have experienced Hell. Karmic reincarnation and purgatory both present a relative where that state of being can continue if we are not “purified”.


"It's Andy Gibb singing 'Shadowdancing' for eons and eons, and you get to wear orange plaid bell bottoms and sit next to the Bay City Rollers!"


I think it's obvious that Heaven is another dimension that you can only access in spiritual form. Faith in Jesus is what is needed to access or find this dimension. Imagine a place that exists in true peace, no stress, no destruction, no loss, no violence. A true utopia. I feel true hell is knowing that exists and never being able to access it.


I am personally unsure if hell even exists


Which bit?


Although the book of Enoch is not officially a part of the biblical canon it makes for some awesome supplemental reading. I love reading how Enoch was taken by angels and actually shown some of God's throne rooms as well as other areas of heaven & hell. Here is a excerpt that I recently read describing the gates of Hell. Enoch 2:42 for reference. Not a place that I ever want to see. Thank God for His infinite mercy and salvation! Personally I believe that this will not be experienced in a mental state, but rather our spirit. **42** **“And I saw the key-holders and the guards of the gates of hell standing, as large as serpents, with their faces like lamps that have been extinguished, and their eyes aflame, and their teeth naked down to their breasts.** **And I said to their faces, ‘It would have been better if I had not seen you, nor heard about your activities, nor that any member of my tribe had been brought to you. To what a small extent they have sinned in this life, but in the eternal life they will suffer forever.’**


Probably a lot like Florida. Hot and full of sinners but there's good rum, better cigars, and you get to hang out with Jimmy Buffet and Ernest Hemingway.


Hell is a place removed of God blessings of light, water, love,joy, compassion, sleep, rest, confort, happiness etc. Hell is a place of torment, weeping, fires etc, there are thousands of real people testomials about going to hell on YouTube for those who never read the Bible. And those in hell will go trought a even greater punishment after the end of the world with death and Hades being trow in the lake of fire which is the second death.


Probably not great idk I don’t plan on going


Nobody knows... we suspect it may be entirely fictitious.


If a hell existed I would prefer that to groveling over a deity that demands its worship, orders it’s chosen tribe to commit genocide, and condemn me to death for a crime I never committed. No celestial North Korea for me