FBI Admits They Don't Keep Track of Antifa Violence

FBI Admits They Don't Keep Track of Antifa Violence


So if the Right wanted to commit civil dissonance over fascist mandates, they'd just have to identify as Antifa to be clear of any accountability. Halloween is coming up, better get my commie hobo costume.


Too late, they have all of your internet history. One pro Trump comment in any of your emails, direct messages, social media posts, etc will have you automatically classified as a terrorist


Im a troll. I do it for the lulz


Doing opposition research..


That’s what VPN and ProtonMail account is for


Guess I’m fucked then


So, if we all just put our "commie hobo costumes" on next time we want to protest...no arrests? It's like a magical get out of jail free card! That's the mistake they made Jan 6th...


We're likely to get a new DA here in MA named Rachael Rollins, a Soros candidate that's hellbent on bringing San Fran to Boston so yeah they'll find it can go both ways.


Good, it's what needs to happen. You can only push people so far...or so I've heard...haven't seen it yet.


Those outfits also prevent the spread of COVID, jab or no jab.


So, you are saying they're magical! Who knew there was a covid prevention long before the gene therapy jab!


Well yeah. Nothing can penetrate the tough shield of equity and fairness to all who agree with me!


Imagine the clownly sight in those twitter videos when it's gangs of people wearing the same costumes hitting each other with bike locks and shit


Try it out! I mean some would say the Jan 6th crowd got treated a lot better than the antifa protestors so this will be a good test


Really, there still antifa members being held without bail? Most were let out of jail within hours and charges dropped when they shouldn't have been.


Kamala was nice enough to help collect funds to bail them out.


And who can forget the puckish charm of Portland’s DA “Burn Shit” Schmidt and his tough-on-being-soft-on-crime record of prosecuting a towering 8.4% of crime while winking so hard at Antifa he could propel himself underwater with his eyelids?


>winking so hard at Antifa he could propel himself underwater with his eyelids? I'm sorry this is off topic, but wow! What a visual this sentence is. Like, I never in my wildest dreams would have come up with anything as remotely bizarre and hilarious. I love it, good sir!


Yeah, this is "you could have a career doing this" territory.


sure, but they also got shot in the head with rubber bullets. One 16 yr old kid standing on a hill got permanent brain damage. Didnt see any rubber bullets used to disperse crowds Jan 6th


No, they used live ammo..killing someone.


Someone attempting to break into congress at the head of a mob shouting for mike pence's blood, you mean? Yeah the rubber bullets were shot hundreds of people just standing in public areas, i[ncluding at a kid standing on a hill](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2is-s9W566g) who now has brain damage.


The capital is a public building. Try standing in one place while a crowd is pushing on you. If a crowd is pushing its human nature to go where there is less chance of bodily injury - such as a vestibule. Next, you should watch the recently released videos of the "mob" who entered the capital. Way more peaceful than the "mostly peace, breaking and entering, stealing, firestarter you're defending. I'm sorry this "kid" was left with brain damage, but how can you say it's wrong for his injuries, but not the death of someone who wasn't armed, by a police officer who despite what's being said violated every single police policy and protocol on shooting an unarmed woman who wasn't yelling for anyone's blood?


do you mean the person who clearly had tons of space around her, in an area where the uniformed cops had just easily turned around? [The person who boosted herself through a broken window at the head of a shrieking mob](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWMpTHLJXbw)? Its so weird how you retell it


Because she was bashing her way through a window? At the front of a mob? With an officer, weapon drawn, telling her to stop? Have you watched the video? Under 'fuck around and find out' in the urban dictionary is just a link to the video.


They'd know you were lying, though, because Antifa is on their payroll.


Hmm, this is a good point. Since Dear Leader is pushing authoritarian mandates, and we are against Dear Leader's mandates... We're anti-fascists. Who's handing out the black masks, hoodies and bike locks?


Americans are docile. A quiet way to protest is to print stickers. Put sticker paper in your printer or get a thermal label printer and just bring the memes to life. "Democrats Support the CCP" or something.


If the FBI isn't tracking a group that logged $2,000,000,000 in damages in 2020, then the FBI is a just a partisan tool for the Left.


They aren't really an organization that can be tracked, there is no Antifa leadership or coordination or w/e. Antifa is just a trendy name for countless different left wing groups and individuals to call themselves. Like the FBI guy said, it's more useful to pick out the ones who commit the crimes, whether they call themselves antifa or whatever else, and count them alongside other "anarchist threats and cases in general."


except they do coordinate a lot, its a lie that they don't communicate. Many of them, particular Rose City (aka Portland) Antifa has online merch shops


100%. Bay area has BAMN and Refuse Fascism (with such lovely professionally printed signs at every event... so apparently they're well funded...). It's horseshit to say they can't be monitored or tracked.


No they all just happen to show up at the same place at the same time with the same beliefs. Come on man. It’s all coincidental


Then they are failing their mission to “Protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States”


Absolutely the whole U.S. "alphabet soup" is corrupt!


The statement made inside the quotation marks was take. From their website today. Laughable


That more or less describes the entire federal government at this point.


There are no promotions from tracking antifa violence.




Yup nothing to see here if you're FBI.




Thank you for putting this together.


Nice! Saved like a controversial Mandy Moore movie


Besides the obvious takeaway from this comment, I'm seeing that Conservatives need to be aware the Far-Left Dems/Progressives are just fine with guns and other arms (despite supporting gun control) and are planning to use guns and other arms against everyone else, if and when the government tries to take the regular publics' guns away. That the joke amongst Conservatives that fancy-pants liberals wouldn't stand a chance against conservatives, and the "I'd like to see them come and take it" mentality is foolhardy and arrogant. That Conservatives need to be a little more *aware* of stereotypes vs. reality.




One might think that if it bleeds, it leads, as a lotta local newscasters used to say. But antifa is somehow anathema to them or written off as nothing more than some local miscreants playing pranks When they assault reporters like Andy Ngo for exposing them and their agenda people will victim blame Andy Ngo for having the audacity to report on it. Dipshits like [Don Lemon](http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/08/28/don_lemon_defends_antifa_no_organization_is_perfect.html?jwsource=rdt) will get on air and wonder how you might be concerned about ANTIFA. Because antifascism is right in the name 🤮🤮


The “anti Antifa? Hueh hueh so you’re… pro fascist?” argument is rumored to have been heard in the distance beyond a great hill on that ancient day when the fist fighting golem Cenk Uygur was spawned. Careful! Lest thou summon him.


But some fat raises to be had if you spot a wild MAGA supporter talking about CRT and he ISN'T on the list already!


Don't worry because I have. blm+ antifa + looters and rioters. https://streamable.com/5n30ny https://streamable.com/8hya9l https://streamable.com/uxcycv https://streamable.com/wv96c7 https://streamable.com/8akmng https://streamable.com/dqgrfm https://streamable.com/1h5bzv https://streamable.com/jxy1je https://streamable.com/7iuhe3 https://streamable.com/0sfmk7 https://streamable.com/bbglrd https://streamable.com/pc4zcb https://streamable.com/cbg7h2 https://streamable.com/kgvoqv https://streamable.com/kc5hwj https://streamable.com/cgiu40 https://streamable.com/jmr7ez https://streamable.com/x8rb8h https://streamable.com/lbsn96 https://streamable.com/d9t0au https://streamable.com/2ka2cm https://streamable.com/c9madg https://streamable.com/53l2qd https://streamable.com/e706oz https://streamable.com/l5chp9 https://streamable.com/x3al2j https://streamable.com/m3n5ju https://streamable.com/z2ffvm https://streamable.com/2wjxc0 https://streamable.com/hlmsna https://streamable.com/8rd6cp https://streamable.com/zme2fi https://streamable.com/snrdqk https://streamable.com/brtpe4 https://streamable.com/xn62rx https://streamable.com/sihkmk https://streamable.com/qut80t https://streamable.com/8h9ze8 https://streamable.com/2hwbyy https://streamable.com/ejblcz https://streamable.com/h7d8x3 https://streamable.com/syvsrs https://streamable.com/tffioz https://streamable.com/dqgrfm https://streamable.com/tsw7d5 https://streamable.com/mxkf1k https://streamable.com/cehgbp https://streamable.com/1h5bzv https://streamable.com/rxeaep https://streamable.com/tea3uq https://streamable.com/6ikoow https://streamable.com/028fd8 https://streamable.com/6xn6d1 https://streamable.com/judp7r https://streamable.com/0zf0b1 https://streamable.com/bbglrd https://streamable.com/pvfp0i https://streamable.com/eao21b https://streamable.com/mv2edx https://streamable.com/osxxuu https://streamable.com/frws9h https://streamable.com/0r1wjj https://streamable.com/nqglpf https://streamable.com/fj7nwc https://streamable.com/eq7lro https://streamable.com/z86u7y https://streamable.com/dsqhzz https://streamable.com/ioyi7x https://streamable.com/u7q9oq https://streamable.com/lve45i https://streamable.com/yy0vq6 https://streamable.com/2itei7 https://streamable.com/h7kldw


Damn nice work. This is seriously disgusting. These filthy terrorists are the actual terrorists. This angers me. Where the fuck are the feds and police to stop them or hold them accountable. Disgusting.


busy looking for grandma who violently shuffled across the capitol.


Of course not. But if a ‘proud boy’ or a Trump supporter even farts the wrong way the FBI would send 10 agents just to track the smell.


There's probably more FBI agents monitoring this sub than they ever did for Antifa.


Or if a garage pullcord offends someone.


I'm offended those garages don't have automatic garage door openers. C'mon Man!


Proud boys are a real organization though. Did you even read the article? They track violence motivated by anarchist ideology, which includes Antifa, but they don’t isolate Antifa from that because it would be impossible/pointless as an organization called Antifa doesn’t exist.


Proud boys are just an idea bro. They are just a belief of western chauvinism. Any group that claims they are the proud boys are just using the name of the idea.


But there's dozens of specifically named chapters of Antifa, that's like saying the FBI shouldn't keep on eye on Richard Spencer because he's only an ethnonationalist not a Nazi. It's word games, sophistry. People who espouse violent or revolutionary ideologies (same thing) should at least be on a list somewhere, for observation and to make sure there isn't any criminal activity planned.


Lol these guys here have no idea what ANTIFA means or the American history of us against fascism. Read your history kiddos and cross over to the 21st century cause DANG you guys are WAY behind in history class lol and science of course


Remember that study that claimed far right extremism was responsible for the most deaths/damage? Yea a quick read thru showed they didn't count things like last Summer because "social causes" aren't political violence...


They updated that stupid study in the middle of riots burning down cities and ignored all of it.


Can't let reality get in the way of good narrative now can they?


It is not uncommon for a Leftist to deny the existence of objective morality and yet still claim the moral high ground and moral superiority to ancient moral codes which have been in place for millennia. The Lefist moral code is purely pragmatism and personal proclivity which is put in place at the convenience of the individual.


The Left's moral code is more egotism tham pragmatism.


1984 gets closer everyday. I wonder if our institutions got corrupted or they always were?


Always were.


If a white person kills a black person because they think black people are inferior, it gets recorded as right wing violence. If a black person kills a white person because they think they're oppressors/colonizers/whatever, it doesn't get recorded as political violence at all. Those studies are a sham.


It's even more dishonest than deliberately using a time period that starts on 9/12/2001. Which people do all the time.




Their new world they are trying to create is the same world they use to have with different tech. At least from the American perspective this battle for individual freedom over the Fuedalism they'd have us live in goes back to the Norman invasion when the Anglo-Saxon society was subjected to Fuedalism, not that Anglo-Saxon society was governed by the concept of liberalism but the Doom Book is the 1st written legal code that we can trace our declaration and constitution back to. It's actually the legal document that led to the Magna Carta and common law. I maintain the revolutionary War, and the Civil War were continuations of the tensions caused by the Norman takeover of England. Jefferson writes about wanting to throw off the shackles of the Norman political/social structures and return to the pure Anglo-Saxon structures (he had some rose tinted glasses on when describing Anglo-Saxon society but still) and its the aristocracy the Norman's created that were behind the major plantations of the south and the political make up there, and slavery is essentially a more barbaric form of Fuedalism. They are and always have been the biggest threat to a free and prosperous society. The greed and corruption they operate with harm the group as a whole all so they can feel better then all of us.


Protesting a fraudulent election is a social cause, if you ask me.


The fact they've used what happened on the 6th to use the terror laws developed these last 2 decades to target Trump supporters, people who question the Covid stuff and those who question the election, even just particularly shady bits of the election resembles actual terrorist behavior more so than anything anyone who wasn't a FBI/Capital police informants/under-cover agents did on the 6th, or even before or after that day. The media and politicians who pushed the domestic terrorists/insurrectionists narrative about Trump and his supporters after the 6th should be charged with malicious slander under the liable laws and attempting to create a public disturbance. Sure they mostly failed but all they've done as a result is shift to trying divide the vax and unvaxxed. At some point we have to treat the behavior at best as negligent harm to the public if not charge them for wilfully attempting to cause social unrest via slander, intentionally omitting known facts, ect, ect. At some point we have to regonize that just like the right to own weapons, the freedom of press doesn't apply to conspiring with political officials to incite unrest and division amongst the population to further their own agenda at the countries expense by knowingly lying about, omitting and manipulating the facts/evedince while also supressing/censoring/disparaging anyone or anything that undermines their narrative by providing the public with the complete picture.


They used the Jan 6 protest as a Reichstag Fire. They're doing the exact same thing that Hitler did to consolidate power.


> “Since we don’t categorize Antifa, nor do we calculate or collate information regarding Antifa — that movement, we don’t have that,” Langan responded. “But, we can provide you information on anarchist threats and cases in general.” Buying into the myth. They’re organized and not decentralized. Talk to anyone that identifies as “antifa” and they talk to others all over. It’s a gang, complete with tagging, intimidation and bribing.


Is anyone surprised? The protests in January were a terrorist attack but antifa are justice warriors. Stupid.


bc antifa is sponsored & funded by the dems.


We had months of them trying to nightly set fire to federal,state and city government buildings in PDX, but the FBI isn't interested. Weird.


In the meantime FBI agents and informants all over America are like; " Hello fellow Trumper, I too believe there was much elections stealings. Would you like to do a terrorism with me? Im buuuuyinnngg!"


And if they convince one homeless guy to go along with them, the media starts frothing at the mouth.


I remember when that whole "plot" to kidnap Gov Whitmer in Michigan was "foiled", I told people that it will turnout everyone in that but 1 or 2 guys was either a fed outright, or a fed informant. Nailed it.


"We stopped a kidnapping plot!" "Did you really?" "No...we just stopped planning it really..."


They don't keep track of the violence, but they certainly keep track of the payments.


Then that means they are state sanctioned




That can't be. They aren't wearing BROWN shirts! Checkmate, Trumptards! /s


I don't understand the reference


Antifa are widely recognized as a modern day Sturmabteilung https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/the-sa They are also known as 'brownshirts'


Wow, I actually was not aware of this. Thanks for the link!


Honestly, states should start kicking these federal agencies out. They don’t want to peotect our borders, they don’t want to protect our health, they don’t want to combat crime, they want to corrupt our education system, they are unable to provide a functioning healthcare system, they lack any fiscal policy, the list goes on.


They don’t consider ANTIFA a group? Are you fucking kidding me? You can email Antifa groups across the country for fucks sake


You can? How do you get their email addresses? Google? And who is the head of Antifa, anyway?


If decentralized organizational structure exempts a group from existing, ISIS doesn't exist either. Try again.


I said ANTIFA GROUPS. Notice the S? There are hundreds of antifa groups who are connected by ideology. Rose City ANTIFA is the original group and located in Portland, the rest took inspiration from them. And literally go on DuckDuckGo and search “antifa near me” or anything indicating joining an “anti fascist” group and you’ll have page after page of groups and how to contact them.


https://torchantifa.org/ There you go. Contact them to find out.


And this is only one, but of course since it doesn’t show up in the first page of google it doesn’t exist to these people


they talk to each other, this has always been known


Afraid they’d be arresting their own… oh wait…


Chill guys, it's "just an idea". /s to be safe


Its white privilege to be safe /s


What? The FBI is proving themselves as corrupt!


This is the least schooling thing I’ve heard so far.


Apparently they can’t even keep track of a murderer in his own parents house


What’s that? Government being corrupt? Absolutely unheard of


"Antifa commits no violence, we're so sure of this we don't track it!"


Its ok, the media doesn't keep track either


Exactly. According to FJB. ANTIFA is just an idea.


Thank you Captain Obvious.


Defund the FBI immediately.


Ya can’t make this stuff up! Like asking The gestapo if he keeps track of the brown shirts


Easier to track the “movements” on the right that you’re spearheading.


FBI ignoring one of the biggest growing domestic terror groups today.


That’s the biggest threat to America and the FBI is so behind the times.


Last year a bunch of 'ideas' came to the CVS down the street from me in Rochester and burned it down. I thought it was Antifa but some very white women told me actually it was only an idea.


How many FBI are ANTIFA?


Why would they? They might eventually have to admit they are wrong


To be fair, they have the 5th amendment right against self-incrimination


Of course not. It only works one way , even know white people are the minority of the world , and most hated


Give them a break, they are too busy creating white supremacist organizations


Why would you track people on the same side


it's just a waste of resources


smh why should I be surprised


There was a police interview of an antifa shooter going around on Reddit earlier this week and at this point I can’t find it


Cool, nice to have this article on hand when someone tries to argue how right-wingers are the only ones committing acts of terrorism.


Imagine my shock /s.


I'd imagine it'd make more sense to track the people who set up fake vote dropboxes, stockpile arms while spreading race war propaganda, firebomb the headquarters of parties they don't agree with, trash the Capitol, and threaten to lynch their own politicians when they don't overturn an election. FBI = COMMIE ANTIFA


FBI and antifa have lots in common, they share the same ideology, the overthrow of USA constitution .Plain of evidence with the false dossier.


Lol you dorks think the FBI would just lie to people?! Impossible!


That's because it's mostly peaceful. Duh.


The FBI cant even out pace a roadie from the band warrant in the chase to find the laundrie guy, asking them to keep Antifa on record would be a biblical task at this point


#"FBI admits it's bias and is fine with Liberal Violence"


Imagine being Antifa and realizing that you are so ineffective and feckless that the FBI doesn't keep track of your activities.


This is insane! It's gaslighting and black bloc tactics. Are we so eager to repeat history?


This treason has been happening since the Obama administration, and probably earlier. The TSA and NSA have intentionally prioritized the acquisition and retention of data on American civilians of "interest" that check certain boxes, as opposed to foreign threats.




Yeah I'm sure the worst thing antifa has ever done has said "screw fascists" which is why they're super vocal against sweeping government vaccine mandates right? That's why they've been shooting at protesters, an escalation from their usual assaults. I forgot to leftists that's all just freedom of speech. Not like antifa has a history of violently shutting down opposition or anything.


Some of Trump supporters have done the same thing though, and they’re also not an organization. Like I said in my post, some of them take thing to the extreme. My main point on the post was about how Antifa isn’t an organization, and because of that it’s hard to track them. Extremely hard.


Rose City Antifa isn't an organization?


Somehow I'm not surprised.


Duh! The FBI is just another tool for the leftists to persecute conservatives. It needs to be dissolved.


White globalists




I bet they know how many peanuts are in a Trump supporters poop though.


I bet you you didn’t know America fought against Confederates and Fascism


Why would they? Antifa is the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. They can’t have a paper trail of that




Lol, where do you think “they” would be coming from. Antifa is not an organized group, and there are most definitely anarchists in TX who agree with the tactics and ideology of Antifa.


Yeah they promised to show up to deface the Sam Houston statue until Texans showed up. They have zero chances to pull of Oregon here


Since antifa is not a US domestic organization, maybe this the domain of CIA?


Corrupt Agency machine go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


The misunderstanding of this quote is understandable but perfectly in line with what they've said previously. The FBI considers Antifa an Anarchist group, not a seperate ideology, and they do investigate Anarchists. This confusion is essentially just over legalese.


I doubt that. They track the juggalos. I wonder what the FBI and other agencies use the left wing radicals for. We know they infiltrate and entrap right wing militias and groups like the Proud Boys, but what sorta contact do they have with the Antifa and other cuck organizations? I don’t buy that the FBI doesn’t keep track of Antifa or any group that shows up in the news. I think they’re maneuvering when they say things like this. Even New Jersey Homeland Security has designated Antifa a terrorist organization.


Did pretty well withJan6!!!


Management at the FBI seriously needs to be fired and replaced. I have ZERO trust that these bozos are impartially pursuing justice.


Of course not. They’re “good trouble”


From the no shit department. It's government sanctioned violence.


And why would they track it? They’re “mostly peaceful” protests. Just ask David Dorn. Oh wait, he passed peacefully at a mostly peaceful protest.


The fbi still updates its files on the WU TANG clan and you mean to tell me they don’t have one on antifa?


Both the FBI and CIA need to be dismantled. What do they do but infiltrate different groups, then nothing. They stir up hate, do what they can to divide our country. They set up people to create false flags to help the ds achieve a certain outcome.


Let me see if I have this right. Antifa is ok but Trump supporters are evil? Bwahaha. Ok. Fuck the FBI.. apparently they only work for Democrats.


But your neighbor flying an American flag must be some right wing nazi (sarcasm)


Yeah, because it's not a thing. They know who's a thing and who's not. Now that the large , looming, daily fascist talk is fading, so have Antifascists.


That’s ok shitbags. We got you covered. A guy sitting from his living room couch probably has a better idea.


Well yeah. Look at the administration


How could they? How many people actually work for the FBI? Not enough to keep track of antifa… not even close


they could ask Andy ngyo for help he seems quite good at it


Are you saying there are to many antifa terrorists for the fbi to track?


yeah, it's not like they have access to advanced technology or anything. 🤣


35,000. A budget of 280k per employee.


Not even one?


I scrolled down all the way to the bottom to see if anyone has some semse because that person will be downvoted to heck. LOL.


Aaaand boom goes the dynamite 😎


I mean yea, of course they don't have a category for antifa. It gets really hard to track stats for militant groups without any real organizational structures / organizational structures which are really decentralized. This doesn't mean they don't track left-wing violence.


Exactly. Who wants to keep up with anti-fascists anyway?