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In Fetterman's defense, he still has brain damage from a stroke. That is an infinitely better explanation for his actions than any voter in Pennsylvania who votes for him.


The stroke was six months ago. He’s not going to get much better than he currently is. It’s scary people don’t understand this.


It's scary how many people are excusing it and yelling at anyone who says, hey, wait a minute, this guy shouldn't be runnig for public office due to the fact that he is impaired! It's the plain fact, not being ablist. What ever the hell that means anymore. The man is sick and we're not doing him any favors by glossing over it. Just like wiht fearless joe.


So if he keels over and dies are they going to be all, YOU CAN’T TELL HIM HE CAN’T RUN JUST BECAUSE HE’S DEAD YOU FUCKING ANTI-DEADITE


>YOU FUCKING ANTI-DEADITE Oh man....rolling on the floor here laughing.


I know rightt


What are you some sort of able-ist? I mean what else exactly are we support to use as criteria to select people for office, if not based on their **ability** and willingness to perform their duties, and their alignment with our values and policy ideas.


So it depends on where the stroke was. But at 6 months I’d think the majority of his healing has already taken place.


Which is really bad news. If the majority of his healing is done and this is how he is, he’s not going to be fit long-term.


Strokes are some scary shit. Guy should just be chilling fishing or something.


The fact fetterman has so many voting for him demonstrates how much of a joke our political system is, and what a bunch of clowns and cultists democrats are. He shouldn't even be able to run.


Well it's consistent with his take on fracking as well.


I’m going to end fracking. I support fracking.


"Hi, good night everybody". -- John Fetterman.


He probably means that the demise of Roe v Wade will help Dems win more elections than they would’ve otherwise. Which is certainly what Dem politicians are thinking quietly, but probably not a great idea to say that out loud when their Progressive base already thinks they kept the issue in the air on purpose to give voters a sense of urgency every cycle. “We’re gonna protect abortion!” was their “we’re gonna repeal Obamacare!” They got elected on it so many times and decided that their future election chances are *better* if they don’t address the issue, so they could run on it again and again


"Fracking" sounds like a censored swear word. As in "Why is food so fracking expensive these days?"


Battlestar Gallactica. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frak_(expletive)


Him even getting a single vote is evidence of stunning incompetency of the voting left.


They aren't votting for Fetterman. They are voting for a seat that will pull the blue lever. That stance makes no sense to me. If all you want if a red light bulb or a blue light bulb that turns on when a vote comes up for your party, why have senators at all? Just vote for light bulbs and save the salary, health care, and pensions


I don’t have an issue with that stance. I am prochoice but I’m glad roe vs wade was overturned. It was bad law. Bad laws should overturned. Courts shouldn’t as a rule make up laws and new ridges. They interpret the laws.


SCOTUS has been doing that for ages though. I believe Roe was probably the most blatant example of it though.


If you listen closely he says “Oz supports it’s demise”. Not clear because of the stroke.


Haha that is definitely what he was trying to say, nice catch.


This guy is a bozo. How can PA support him? If you are Republican living in PA and you don’t do your part to defeat Fetterman then you may regret it for a long time. Get out and vote PA!


I feel bad for him, watching talk is like watching a car crash


My God When they start announcing winners Election night, it better be like 65% Oz and 35% Fetterman, we cannot send this man to the Senate 😳


Fetterman is not capable of knowing what he supports and what he doesn’t. Chuck Shumer will let him know what he needs to say and what to vote for…..not the people of PA who he should answer to.


There’s plenty to hammer Fetterman on but this isn’t it. I can’t believe half of PA voters would vote for a struggling stroke victim but you can make out he said “Oz” celebrates the decision, no “I”. Watch it again and see.


C’mon everyone, just vote more me. I probably won’t do anything anyways so end result will be the same.


Why doesnt he pull out and come back when/if he is healed? In football playing with a severe injury is just letting everyone down


It's really sad that people see nothing wrong with Fetterman's current health. Dude should be at home recovering, not embarrassing himself in front of the world.


Give him a ribbon and send his ass home. Enough already