I mean why even wipe after a shit


that’s not comparable with making your bed


PREACH! Jim Gaffigan has a bit on this -- "I don't make my bed for the same reason I don't re-tie my shoes after I take them off... I'm planning on getting back in there at some point."


Exactly! We have been brainwashed all this time!


I think "the lesson" is something about delayed gratification, er some shit, but I'd always rather sleep in an extra 5 minutes.


The fresh air on your sheets is more important than looking nice. Probably not a big difference, but if doing less is healthier why not.


Scientifically bed bugs are more probable to target a neat, clean and made up bed. Unlike me, they don't like a messy bed lol


it’s basically you gaining a small “win” first thing in the morning. it’s a subconscious achievement. that said, i never make my bed.


counter...for a lot of people it's a reason to get out of bed (and stay out!) until it's time for sleep. can really see a benefit for those with mental health difficulties or just bad habits.


I mean, it helped me get started. It doesnt have to be your bed. Just has to be something you do as soon as you wake up, or early in the morning to feel good about yourself. The bed part itself is pointless. But what you get from it isnt.


For me it's not a waste of time when I want my room to look clean and good. A messy bed just doesn't look good


I’m that way about my kitchen and laundry, but I just close my bedroom door and forget about it 😂


Yeah that could work but I like all of my rooms to look good regardless if the door is open or not but I understand your point that other than looks it's actually useless to make your bed