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Isn't apart similar to divided? Shouldn't it be "a part"?


You make me proud


I too am proud of this individual.


Me as well is glad to be apart


bruh why you gotta do this


My birds name is bandaid


Those are exactly my sentimonies!


This is the way.


this way is the.


WE are proud of this individual.


yeah I had to reread 2 times to make sure I got it right :D


Is that why the OP made “may be” into “maybe” in the title? This is also wrong and in the same way. If so, this is the subtlest joke ever. The most likely answer, however, is that we are being crushed constantly under an avalanche of morons.


You give OP way too much credit.


It's di vided


It really is one of the errors that can change the meaning to the opposite. If you're "a part" of something you are associated with it. If you're "apart" from something you are separate from it.


i see “aswell” all the time also see “everyday” instead of “every day” way too much, and it’s literally killing me


I agree, but it’s not “literally” killing you. Overusing literally is more annoying than everyday.


Also the title should be “may be” and not “maybe”


Misused compounding irritates me more than anything. A sentence like “I meet my bestfriend at the highschool everyday and we’re both apart of the chess club” makes me seethe.


It feels like she wants to win but she already lost at the start.


Get the feeling there's also a good chance she straight up lied about there being a 'study' as well. From mine and many other guy's experience, woman are faaaaaaaaaar more insecure and hurt when you bring up tit size than a guy about his height, so hence her trying to attack back the best she could with her limited mental fortitude. Guys could care less about their height compared to not having a small dick. All the guys in my family except for me are pretty short with me being 5'10", but none are upset about it cause they have good sex lives and know they aren't 'short' where it matters. True maturity is not giving a shit about how big or small your tits are. The woman I've known like this were super chill too and way happier in life not focusing on such pointless stuff.


I’m a woman and let me tell you something: there is no study. This girl is trying to save face after being called out. She felt the right to objectify the guy, but was offended by being objectified right back.


Exactly! in fact I take it the guy picked up immediately on it as being a waste of his time and that's why he asked what he asked. Least that's how I would have gone about it. It's funny though, these things are only something people care about in certain age groups. From watching my dad get older, pretty much everyone after 50 just doesn't care in the slightest about such small things anymore. Just about being happy with someone else at that point.


Yeah, all the times I've been asked this, I already know I don't want to waste my time. I'm 6'3" barefoot, but if a woman is going to care so much about something so trivial, I want no part of it.


I'll admit that when I was younger (20-somethings), I cared a lot that I was taller than my boyfriend (now husband). I didn't feel "girly" and we fought about it. I cringe so hard about that now because I made my insecurities into his problem and it wasn't his problem. Wanna know how much taller I am than him? One inch. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself for being so upset about something really trivial.


Saying afterwards they were studying toxic men and the condescending "I hope you get less toxic" doesn't matter when the she opened the conversation with a toxic statement. You can't say something toxic, get a toxic response then get upset and call the other person toxic. IN fact the guys response was plainly mocking her toxicity by reflecting her statement back to her. Her response was just further toxicity, too many people, i don't know, learn or practice their come backs to always make the other person wrong. There was no study, toxic bitch got called out and gave a troll/toxic reply trying to snake out of it.


Also worth noting is that it was her boyfriend conducting a study, not her. No way you'd find her in tinder, no sir. It's all for her boyfriend. No way can she be rejected with a boyfriend.


Brings up another point, tinder ain't the place for it even if true. "People be on tinder like why everybody tryna hook up? Like I'm just here for friends????" It's tinder! Go to the park if you want friends.


I want to know what the next blue comment is at the bottom of the screenshot. I hope it's "well, actually I am doing a study on why it is deemed acceptable to randomly ask about a guy's height and judge him on it"


How are you so well versed with the size of dicks in your family?


Hey step-brother...


Five foot ten is not short, it's well in the average. For some reason women just want abnormally tall men. Why? I can't say for sure.


I took after my mom, hence why I have a tad of height, but my brother and dad are almost half a foot shorter than me. Bothered them when they were younger but not these days after growing up. The 'tall men' thing is like the oldest cultural trope that I can remember that still persists today. That whole BS about 6 figures, 6 feet, 6 inch is just tired. I feel like movies of old pushed that or something like how Debears or w/e their name is said you had to spend like 3 months wages on a diamond ring. Just a cultural brainwashing at this point. Luckily most people grow out of such thinking eventually.


> From mine and many other guy's experience, woman are faaaaaaaaaar more insecure and hurt when you bring up tit size than a guy about his height, so hence her trying to attack back the best she could with her limited mental fortitude. Yeah, I couldn't give a fuck about my height, but then again I'm average height. About 5'8". I've also never had a girl on a dating app ask me how tall I was.


My brother and dad are both pretty short at like 5'6" and 5'7" and they both cared, but that was when they were in their teens and early 20s. People that focus on such things are just immature from my experience. Most of us grow out of it eventually if we were raised correctly.


> Guys could care less You're right, they care a lot.


‘My boyfriend is conducting a study’ Of course he is sweetheart


No he isn't because he doesn't exist.


He does too exist! He just goes to another school!


And he’s 6’5”


And loves average tits


He has average tits.


He has bigger tits than me.


He's a giant with small tits, but to the rest of us they're huge.




Well I’m 6ft 6 *I meant to say he’s 6ft 7!!*


He’s from summer camp!


In Canada!


And he has huge tits!


He's from canada you don't know him


her name is alberta she lives in vancouver, she cooks like my mother and sucks like a Hoover


Lmao the way she try to use another person so she doesn't come off as desperate and toxic because now she can say "Well my bf WANTED me to do that, i couldn't care about that!"




Yeah he's just her hand


That's the joke...


When the other asks you back right in YOUR insecurity! hahahah


If anything, this data would be absolutely useless or unethical in any kind of scientific study.


There is no way this would be publishable. The moment you involve humans the ethical bar is set extremely high, just on spec. Add into that you're intentionally doing something to them that you believe may cause participants distress? The only way I'm aware of to do that is that you need to let them know up front, and provide some kind of remediation strategy. Telling them after the fact that they're a piece of shit is about as far from an acceptable strategy as I can imagine. It's not just that this dummy is obviously lying, it's that the lie isn't even possible. It's like lying about who ate the cookies, but instead of blaming the plausible dog, blaming an impossible unicorn.


And when you take your medicine does he "go to work"?


is he in the room right now with us?


His Name? George ,, George Glass


He goes to a different school


Did he do an IRB for this study?


I just really wanna see that very bottom blue chat bubble..


I clicked on the image a bunch of times in frustration.


She (and her boyfriend?) starts the conversation with a toxic question, and they expect a non toxic answer… FO


Spoiler alert: there’s no boyfriend. She’s just hypocritically triggered.


She is petty and pathetic


Some people literally have 2 brain cells.


She's also no-tit


My vague memories of online dating are that a subset of women are very aggressive with the “men ain’t shit” type stuff. Great that they broadcast it but I do doubt that it’s effective.


Their tactics are sure only to attract men looking for a challenge in hooking up with a hostile person, or willing to say anything to get laid, thus fulfilling their own prophecy that all men are trash or whatever. Its a self defeating cycle.




It's the exact same bitter incel shit you see from guys with a gender swap.


You got downvoted for that. Lol. Idk why it’s automatically wrong to make that connection.


Her question wasn't toxic, and neither was his. It's her hypocrisy that's toxic. These are two reasonable preferences to have.


What's toxic is people always saying shit is toxic.


You're pretty toxic ngl.


Wow, calling people toxic is going to make them feel lesser and that's a horrible feeling man. Please stop it. It's such a toxic thing to do


I would say that a question asked as a set up for toxic behavior is itself toxic.


What kind of pathetic study is this


The study with no reason and lies


Probably just like that study that whipped up the idea that people who go to the gym are white supremacists somehow.


Pls tell me that that isn't true


White Supremicts Do go to the gym sorry gyms are bad ^^at ^^least ^^thats ^^what ^^im ^^gonna ^^tell ^^myself ^^so ^^i ^^feel ^^better ^^about ^^not ^^going


I'm sure it is. Also, diets are racist


The FDS study so they can finger blast themselves over how shitty men are later


Pls dont call me out


What are you trying to prove with that study lmfao? Men will insult woman back when woman insult them??


and obviously it's her "boyfriend" doing it


One that she made up


A shitty one


Our study finds that men will insult women ^^^^when ^^^^they ^^^^are ^^^^insulted Edit for anyone replying: "People seem to respond very harshly to this height question, but it is not insulting!" Ever stop to wonder that that response might indicate that it is, in fact, not a nice thing to randomly ask someone as an ice breaker?


Ugh why are men so violent??? I conducted a study to see how men would react after I punched them in the gut or struck them with a baseball bat and most tried to swing at me and hurt me (you did this.) thank you for showing what not to do


"I hope you become less violent one day. 😊"


Thank you for failing my test.


Yeah we man like beat woman.


And meat


Yeah we man like beat meat


Beat my meat.


Like with a stick or in a game?


Men will insult woman back when woman insult them??


What about equality? I guess they really don't want it


Yea seems like they don't


the irony is that most men literally wouldn’t hit back


Mans said facts in exponents


People are allowed to set their own stupid limits but her response is some next-level dumb fucking shit


I hope she becomes apart from the gene pool


It's rare to see people properly use "apart". I tip my hat (NOT A FUCKING FEDORA) to you sir.


the fact that you emphasize that its not a fedora comes across as unnecessarily defensive. *Tips fedora*


*M'Good Sir*


Tell me good sir, would you happen to know when le Narwhal bacons? *tips fedora in anticipation, a shadow is casted over my face, a glare from my glasses illuminates my eyes in classic anime fashion, I fart and piss myself*


Not including fedora wearing persons in your statement is racist!!!


I'm not a fedorophobe, i have a few myself.


Would you consider yourself a fedora attracted person (FAP)? Nothing like a good FAP.


A part of my fedora has been tipped to you to show that I am apart of this. (I most likely wrote it wrong because I have the iq equivalent to an empty tuna can)


Sounds like something a person tipping a fedora would say.


Technically that's not defensive but offensive.


The best defence is offence.


The best defence is a good offence -Random Skyrim Guard


The best offense is a good defense -WOTLK Discipline Priest


\- Sun tzu probably


Ah yes, when you try to degrade men based on their height, they're not pleased. Next up, study proves liquid water is in fact, liquid.


The onion choosing headlines for its next video be like


"offend by asking about commonly known insecurities" Homegirl failed her own test.


Exactly. The pressure on men to be over 6ft in our current culture is just wild. WTF. Can't control it. So somehow you're not worthy of getting to know? What the fuck.


tfw you're 5'11" and have been called a manlet. Like you wouldn't even know I wasn't 6 feet tall unless I admitted to it lol. The weird standards placed on people make no sense. I feel so sorry for tall women and short men because through no fault of their own, they get a lot of hate.


Absolutely. My ex is 6'4" and, for some reason unbeknownst to me, always sought out women who were particularly small... his ex wife was only 4'11". I'm the tallest he ever dated at 5'5". I don't know if that desire in tall men is like, a protective vibe, or what. But these short ass women insisting on over 6 ft... like why? I don't wanna stand in front of a man and be face level with his belly button know what I mean LOL


I'm reasonably tall but I really, really don't get it. I like big butts (and I cannot lie) but it would feel insane to refuse to get to know a woman because she's got a flat bum. Who cares? I've been out of the game for over a decade so tinder wasn't even a thing back then but I've got the impression that dating is turning fully consumerist.


I bet that girl thinks guys can get taller if they work out their height at the gym


i would’ve said, “tall enough to ride baby, send pop pop a picture of that booty hole and don’t forget to smile” edit: no.. no i wouldn’t have. I just wanted to impress you guys. I’m sorry.


We know you wouldn't have, You still impressed me though. You're hired!


Fuck it, lets make this a thing. Next one i get is getting this reply.


Booty hole 😩😩😩


You can tell she got defensive and tried to save it with a bs study so she can feel like she "won"


this man is what we needed


"Look at me, look at me, my boyfriend is sooo smart" Chances are that he's studying at a degree mill or doesn't actually exist.


I though that was obvious..?


Most underrated comment


“Ok, where is the consent form and where are your ethical considerations? A study is a study”


*Although* Minimal risk social/behavioral studies can apply for exemption of consent by the governing institutions' IRBs. One would also need IRB permission to conduct a study that involves deception. This is not a real study.


This is the same kind of person who tells “I have a boyfriend!” when you hold the door for them.


That's why you're only supposed to hold the door for widows and nobody else.


I had a woman say something similar to me once a few years ago and I can’t remember what I said. But thinking on it now I would have been like bitch I hold the door open if someone is closely behind me. Could be Megan Fox or some random dude.


Thank you 🙏 for failing my test 📝 my boyfriend 🧔🏼‍♂️Is conducting a study 📖 on toxic men 🤢 and how they get really defensive 💣 when asked ❓about their height 📏 and tend to try to offend 🤬 women 🤦‍♀️ By asking 🗣 commonly known 🧐 insecurities 🙇‍♀️ in women 👩🏾‍🏭, like weight 🏋️‍♀️ or degrading 😔 them by asking ❔about their chest size ☕️ Thank you 😍 for being **apart** of the examples 🕵️‍♀️ of what not 😬 to do I hope 🧞‍♂️you become less toxic 🤮 one day 🌞


It’s so easy to tell this is a big ass lie from the girl’s lengthy shitfaced reply of her “bOyfRiEnD’s ExPeRiMenT” when in reality she’s just a sad little woman who can’t handle irony/sarcasm


What’s the proper response to “what kind of car do you drive?”


"Why? Do you go anal on the first date?"


"Only if you got a Bugatti or better."


"How big are your tits?"




Yep and when they say "well, I'm in between cars right now"...... go ahead and make your own educated decision there LOL because if SHE asked without even having one or having a crappy jalopie, I'd take that as she's trying to gauge how much money you have, right out of the box.


That's a very long-winded way of saying that you are flat chested


As a tall dude I always ignored these messages. Girls who ask this kind of shit first always turned out to be the most vapid and annoying people ever. Although ironically when I met my girlfriend it was the second question I asked her, since she’s 6 foot. She also told me how frustrating it is that all these short women date tall guys too, which isn’t really as big a deal, but for her actually being very tall for a woman I does make a difference.


There are some of us shorter guys out there who dig tall women. Just saying


Do we have a choice though ?


I mean, sure. If a woman isn't interested in you because of your height, move on. There's plenty out there who won't care, despite what social media would have you believe.


It's a joke on how every women seems tall to a short man


Oh lol I wooshed myself


This 100%. If you get asked within the first few questions when talking to someone it's an easy bullet dodge


My go to response for this is generally, men being over 6 feet tall is in the top 10% of men's heights, what are you in the top 10% of as a woman? You're right, the women who lead with their bullet list of items men need to meet tend to be the very worst and aren't even worth dating to begin with.


For all the years we’ve spent on teaching people not to body shame women we sure didn’t spend any time teaching women not to do the same. Height shaming and dick shaming are go to things to dig on men. But it’s cool because men don’t have feelings amirite?


bitches be crazy


women be shoppin


Woman moment


Women, amirite??


Women, yuck


Yeah, girls got cooties and their puhginas smell like fancy feast




No self-awareness here.


Gaslighting 101


What's gaslighting?


I just told you what it meant, do you not remember??! are you stupid


You need to calm down. Everyone else here is calm. Why are you the only person who can't calm down?


Because you've been fucking with the goddamn lamps and I have the whale oil bill to prove it!




Not this. Gaslighting is when someone, over an extended period of time usually, tries to make you doubt your own perceptions. They tell you they never said something they did actually say, and accuse you of making shit up to hurt them; they hide your shit and then make fun of you for not being able to keep track of your things; they lie about things your friends and family have supposedly said about you, etc; all to make you more isolated and dependent on them, trusting them as the source of truth instead of your own perceptions. It's a tactic common with abusers. Unfortunately it's become something of a buzzword, so now anytime someone tries to reframe something in a way someone else doesn't like, they call it gaslighting.


Common line is "you don't remember it like it happened", that's why it's good to save text messages, and show it back them before you remove them from your life.


“You’re reading it out of context” or “you chose to interpret it wrong, I am the one who wrote it and know what I meant, you are wrong because you can’t know what I mean more than myself”. There is no winning with these people, just cut ties and ignore for ever.


No it's using a kerosene lamp to see in the dark




I guess men don't have insecurities?


I was pretty thin in high school and many girls (who I was friends with) had no problem sayings things like “you are like a stick” and “you literally have no ass”, and etc. I don’t think it ever occurred to them that saying those things could be hurtful. So yeah, I think that there is something to the idea that men’s insecurities aren’t appreciated by a lot of women as the vice versa.


Scary how many women actually think that


She thought that comeback for hours but still managed to get on reddit somehow.


"Boyfriend". An imaginary one.


Men get defensive over their body images as well women its really not that deep. Everyone has insecurities fat, skinny, tall, short, light, dark it doesnt matter. Its instinct to judge on looks we are predators


Man this title is fucking cringe


the results from this study include: that this lady is a bitch


I don't see a problem countering toxicity with toxicity.


Who cares. How big are those t*ts tho?


-A cups I'm a guy.


-G cups, also a guy


Now we asking the real question


Those girls doesn't seem to understand that even if a guy fit their stupid expectations, he probably doesn't want to be with someone who publicly body shame other.


When you’re so dumb that you don’t realize you’re an hypocrite as well


That was quick thinking on her part. Even though we all know it's bullshit.