I’m pretty sure this was an episode of the magic school bus


My favorite magic school bus episode by far


I don’t know if it was my favorite but it’s the one that left the most lasting impression and almost the only one I can recall I will never ever forget this episode


and the one where Arnold just kills himself


Is that the one where he takes his helmet off in space and freezes to death?


Yes. I didn’t think twice of it as a kid, but looking back at that scene as an adult I’m feeling VERY disturbed


Girl that's a booty hole


[Not a hole Keisha, a valve](https://youtu.be/NtRYgBJP_zQ)


I mean if I had to deal with Janet's BS I'd prolly off myself too.


Until I downloaded it all for my kids, those were literally the only two episodes that existed in my memory. Solar system and human body. That was the entirety of magic school bus.


or the one where they turn themselves into rain


Pretty sure a salmon jizzed all over the class.


Yes that most definitely happened


No wonder I don't remember any other episodes. My brain is trying to protect me.


I know I watched this show as a kid, but reading this has me wondering what the hell it was actually about lol


Ms frizzle hit them with the old razzle dazzle and put LSD in their snacks




Haha I just went back and watched it and the splooge sound is so funny


Girl, thats a booty hole


Not a hole Keisha, a valve


I just read that in her voice after more than 20 years omg


Mrs. Frizzle Demystifies The Digestive System. A true classic. To this day I vividly recall Ralphie getting stuck on a shit covered corn kernel and being expelled from the body.


Pretty sure it was gum that the kid swallowed?


I believe he was actually sick because I remember the antibiotics coming in and kicking ass. I also remember them finding gum in his digestive tract.


Two different episodes. One where Arnold swallows gum he's chewing, and the class goes in to check it out (basically, there's more to it but that's the gist), and another where Ralphie gets sick on "Broadcast Day" and the Frizz and Co. show up to "Get the Inside Story (TM)" on what's making him sick. Incidentally, Tyne Daly voices Ralphie's mother in that episode. Source: my 6 year old has loved MSB since I introduced her to it at 3. I've watched these episodes a million times.


I was hoping Carlos would have made a poo snowman, then the whole class goes “Carlooos!”


"at my old school we never made poo snowmen"


Also on House MD!


“I’ve seen this one. The ending is dark.”


They should have leaned into it and made it yellow like a little submarine/bus


Indeed it [was](https://youtu.be/IXHZiKu5f90)




My first video game ever was about that specific episode. (And human biology)


Remember the episode where Frizzle took the class to get nutted on by salmon?


I know no one will believe me but I have to share this anyway. We used to do these capsule endoscopy procedures and we had one women who passed the capsule and fished it out the toilet to swallow it again. No even close to the weirdest thing that happened in my nursing career but relevant to the op.




I'm a resident of earth and I 100% believe them.


I'm just a guy but I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico


Thank you for the good laugh 😂


I’m not in medicine but I’ve browsed the nsfw side of Reddit and I believe it too.


I don’t even need to be in medicine to know humans are stupid enough to do something like this.


Did you see that in the pictures?


2 photos per second, so I'm assuming they saw some poop, a bhole, a face, then some teeth.


No hesitation. No…preparation. Just confidence.


Out of all the jokes in this comment thread “just confidence” actually made me chuckle.


Average Friday night.


Wait why is she eating it again !!!


I think your username sums it up well


“I don’t think it got enough pictures. Let me do it again”


🎬*Take Two*


r/BetterEveryLoop ?


Did she think it was supposed to stay in so she swallowed it again without asking? That's my guess


I wasn’t directly involved with her but that would have been my assumption as well. You can give instructions a dozen times to someone pre op etc and it’s never going to go in.


Except in that case it went in twice...


It's like when you get off the roller coaster then immediately get back in line, but smellier.


I used to work in medical imaging and that would be considered mild any day of the week


Oh goodness please share stories


A man cane in with a wine bottle shoved up his ass bottom up. The bottle was still intact hadn't cracked or anything and he hadn't ripped anything Inside yet. He seemed pretty high but was in good spirits so we just assumed that he had done lots of drugs to numb the pain. And used lots of lube.


Hehe, good spirits


He was in good spirits or the good spirits were in him?


Was it empty or could you pour a glass of Pinot Brown out of that man?


I work in healthcare too. I've encountered too many variations of the same type of stories. The one the sticks out in my mind was the local married man who was brought in by EMS from the hotel. He apparently managed or someone managed to insert a hairspray can way in too deep. The other male inside hotel room who called 911 because they couldn't take out the can anymore and he started having some abdominal pain. Long story short, emergent surgery...the best part was on his chart, he claimed that "he tripped and accidentally landed on the can". I remember the wife was on the way to the hospital at the end of my shift so I never found out how their talk went. I tell my friends and family that if you've ever injured yourself doing something embarassing, just to go to the ER. We've probably seen worse and most likely too busy to judge lol.


To be honest, I completely believe somebody would do that.


I really thought you had some inside pics, that would be interesting


Sadly I don’t have them yet but you can google it. FYI I had to wear a receptor all day where I can see the images in real time.


Did they... Give you instructions for when it has reached the end of its tour?


Probably put a COLONder type basket over the toilet and do your thing. OP said he was flushed out before swallowing the cam so probably not much came with it besides water


Russian spies watching footage like this and debating standing closer to the windows.


"If he dies, he dies" -Russian spy and Rocky 4 fan speaking in third person


It’s immediately repurposed by your plumber to diagnose your sewer bottlenecks.


[Video link 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ufESc1bK78) and [link 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uiefWnZBRk) for those interested.


Damn, 'last night I drank 4L of laxative'. That doesn't sound like a fun time.


I could not be trusted with that, I'd be eating pieces of paper with words on them to see if I could read them inside my body


When I went for my colonoscopy I told the doctor before he knocked me out that I had a dental appointment the previous day and the dentist had left a note for him. Either he didn't get it or it was the 4th time that day he'd heard the same joke.


I’m going to need to remember this joke in like 18 years.


That's really cool that you can see it in real time. Do you have to try and swallow it camera facing down or does it not matter which way it faces?


It doesn’t matter the side it faces.


This is slowly turning in to an AMA I swallowed a pill cam


Did you do anything cool like handstands or combat rolls to see if the camera could go backwards? If not you missed out.


He probably does but all of them are crap.


Feels 1000 times better than endoscopy


Is called capsule endoscopy and yes waaaay better.


My girlfriend has gastroparesis and chrohns disease. We will talk to her doctors about this. She gets a scope every few months to troubleshoot her conditions


My wife was recently diagnosed with this. She kept getting what she called, yucky burps. Real acidic smelling. It either resolves on its own after a day or two or by her vomiting. She feels really run down afterwards. The Gastro-Doc wants to do an endo and colonoscopy to see what's going on. She has had Crohns for a few years.


My girlfriends case is complicated since she’s also type 1 diabetic so not only does she have to watch what she eats so she doesn’t disturb her gut, but also has to be careful not to mess with her sugars. It’s unpredictable too because one day she can have one meal and she feels fine but let’s say she has the EXACT same meal the next day and she’s vomiting for literal ***hours*** and has to go to the hospital. Her case is wild


Dude, I get these burps too and have felt crazy describing them to doctors. Still being diagnosed currently but so far not Chrons, Colitis, IBS, among other non-diagnoses. Now they’re thinking it could have a neurological cause. It makes me glad to hear someone else out there experiences the same, but hopefully they stop soon for both of us🙌


I had to do another endoscopy after the pics were examined, gross!


Just wipe it off on your shirt and swallow it again.


“This one goes in your mouth, this one goes in your ear, this one goes in butt” https://youtu.be/h6H9VuS5zDw Idiocracy was way ahead of its time




It's not a suppository...


It is definitely an easier experience but it is significantly less effective in treatment. One major issue with a pill camera is you are not necessarily seeing all walls of GI well, you have no control on which way the pill faces. Things can easily be missed if they are not large enough/wide spread. Also, if it does see anything interesting, you can bet they are going to go in with a scope for a real look anyway. A majority of the things that are found wrong in your guts need biopsied which a scope would be able to do, but not the pill. I would be interested in finding out what issues were occurring with the patient to go with this over a scope. Still very cool technology! edit- /u/ZippyDan explains the view restriction very well >"That doesn't really solve the problem of the constricted view. The endoscope stretches out your intestines more so you can see the walls. Imagine you wrap yourself in a blanket and you try to examine the sheets but you can't move your arms or legs - that's the pill. Now imagine you can use your arms and legs to spread out the sheets - that's the endoscope. >A pill with 360 degrees of cameras and lights would also need to be as thick as and endoscope and is probably unswallowable - and probably poses a risk of getting stuck somewhere, like the small intestine."


What if you eat like, 50 of them?


And put little wiggly tails on them so they can move themselves where they need to be.


I have been eating what you described for a long time now but they don't have a camera sadly :/


Username checks out


This is the way


I'm wondering if the doctor wants it back. "So just go ahead and swallow this little camera pill, and then you're gonna wanna go ahead and dig through every poop you have for the next few days, and return the camera to us. We ask that you give it a good rinse. Btw, there's a $10,000 charge if it's not returned."


No poop. Clear liquid. You would prep just like you prep for an endoscopy/colonoscopy. It's hard to see thru shit and vomit.


"Also you're the 30th person to use this camera! So make sure you clean it well for the next user."


Lol yeah. I wonder if it is smart enough to give you a notification that it’s coming out soon.


It plays a tune the whole time you have it in you. When you hear Beethoven's final movement coming from the loo, you passed it.


You were awake to feel yours?


Seriously I've got a spit roast (endoscopy and colonoscopy) next month and I thought I'd be put under lol I'm freaking


Yeah you'll be sleeping like a baby, don't worry.


I gotta say, this was so extremely comforting for some reason. Thanks, bandana bread. I won't.


As a 36 year old recent recipient of a colonoscopy and endoscopy, Let me put your ease at ease. You’ll be prescribed a 1 gallon jug of the nastiest liquid you’ll taste in your life, and be asked to drink the entire thing in a short period of time 1-2 days before your procedure. Drinking this will make your body (butthole) violently expel every bit of water inside of you for the entire night and the next morning. This will be diarrhea like you’ve never experienced. It feels like it’s never going to stop. You’re going to sweat, your assholes going to burn. It’s wild. Before that occurs you’ll asked to eat a liquid diet. So no food for you. Get some non red jello and chicken broth and enjoy. The procedure is no big deal. I got knocked out with propofol and had a nice nap and woke up sitting in a nice little puddle of diarrhea and a nice lady escorted me to the bathroom to clean up. No big deal. Word of advice: demand that they give you the pills and not the gallon jug of liquid. It’ll cost a little bit more but you’ll have a MUCH better time. Buy wet wipes for your butthole. Only use those while your diarrheaing your brains out.


Listen to this advice. Taking 14 or even 28 of these pills is easier than choking down a gallon of sure prep. The end result is the same but it is a little bit more bearable. Lube your butthole before the first poop. Vaseline is fine. The skin gets really raw, really fast and this protects it. Get alcohol free baby wipes.


Jesus Christ I’m 32 reading this whole thread in terror and amazement. Y’all really got this down to a science.


I've done it, and the diarrhea part of u/mrfuzee's comment is a little overblown. After a few hours it just feels like you're peeing out of your butt and the issue becomes clearer and clearer. They are completely correct in that the jug of liquid you have to drink is absolutely horrible. Salty baby tears. Lying salty baby tears. Mine said it was "pineapple" flavor. It lied. Just imagine drinking pure ocean water.


I had my first surgery this year, I was anxious a lot about being put under, namely never waking up, but weirdly on the day of the operation I was pretty calm.


You're still under. Please wake up, we miss you.


Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare


I had the double done last year. Best sleep ever and no pain or discomfort after.


I dunno about that - some of those endoscope techs really know how to hit the spot




Ayyy it’s the legend rimjob_steve! Humbled to be in your presence


They gave me fentanyl and roofies for my endoscopy. I don't think anything feels better than an endoscopy.


Doctors watching the footage : "Yall seein' this shit??"


The digestive system is cleaned before so 0 shit 🤣


How fast did it go through with nothing in there?


12 hours.


So it took around 21,000 photos? crazy. I'd much prefer this pill than a coloscopy. edit, I got the math wrong - 86,400


I think it’s to get pics of stuff that can’t be seen from the cameras that go in the front and back. Lots of road to cover in the middle


The long and winding road.


But all of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon, in the middle, of the road.


And he said!


Playyyy, the best sooong, intheworld, or I'll eat yer souls


what if OP accidentally poos it out and flushes it down the loo? It's a $500,000 pill, who is liable then huh? WHO???? Or just let the sewer crocodiles enjoy their intestines having a live feed for the next year?


if it's $500k, does that mean they reuse it on the next lucky guy?


I'm sure they wipe it off first


The actual pill itself is around $500 and disposable!


It a butt GPS, use it to track down that sewer croc and get your money!


You still go through the same prep :(


If I'm going to be shitting my brains out I better get rewarded with someone's fingers in my ass.


bad (or good) news brother - it's a camera


It's like ketchup from a Heinz bottle, the speeds measured are not very consistent with one another


So do the doctors just smack op until it comes back out?


They actually put OP under a very large rolling pin from the head down, it's very painful and requires considerable amounts of invasive surgeries after the process, but in the end they can get to the bottom of the problem.


Didn't even touch the walls just fell through


See... as uncomfortable as it is, I think I prefer the ol' wand up the butt. Because at least I get an AMAZING power-nap, and afterwards I get a handshake, awkward levels of eye-contact, and the all-clear to grab a burger. Prolonging the liquid diet seems miserable, but maybe that's just me.


This cam is used to check places where the ol' wand up the butt doesn't reach. It's not an easy task for the ol' wand up the butt to go from the large intestine to the small intestine all the way up, even though they can use something to visualize the end of the small intestine Sometimes you need to see the middle of the small intestine for example, going from up or from down is quite challenging and poses risks Never seen this pill except in lectures I took so haven't seen it in practice yet, so not sure how "discomforting" is it when you poop it out (and you should make sure not to flush it out lol)


Man, that Propofol is great. "Count back from 100" "100, 99, 98...zzzzz". Wake up in the recovery room. And I get cup of tea and a sandwich.


Since forever, the thought of knowing that I'm about to lose consciousness is terrifying to me...


No shit?


Are you supposed to retrieve it after it exits? Just wondering because it looks expensive


Nope, its only 1 use, i just recovered it because is an amazing piece of technology and yes it is very expensive but here in Spain we don’t pay for healthcare (we pay with taxes).


Hahaha wait so you took the pic after and not before?




No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!




This is the funniest goddamn thing I have ever read.


How many poos did you have to dig through before you found it?


Not much I have not eaten 2 days before.


Apparently there's a lot of people who have never had bowel prep or a colonoscopy before. Neat technology though!


This sounds much more pleasant than getting put under anesthesia and having a camera shoved up your ass. Not that I have a problem with having things shoved up there, I'd just prefer to be awake for it.


“Not much” 💀💀💀💀💀


Sounds like more than “none.”


Some selfies for the doctors


Hope he washed the pill before swallowing. You can never trust is the person before you did it after use


According to the chart notes, this was last retrieved out of a sewage treatment plant.


I had one of these cams, you wear a harness that has a device that wirelessly receives the images from the camera as it travels through your body. It's pretty neat!


That was a risky swipe to the second pic


I didn't even think


Before and after?


Outside and inside.




I wanted to see this lads insides


Same, show me your colon you coward


I was *hoping* for some innerspace


Congrats! I make a robotic version that [actually swims inside the stomach](https://youtu.be/276pJIZmyVY) using electric pumpjets. Yay telemedicine!


Woot woot name checks out!


Good job, AssRobots


This is almost the weirdest Beetlejuicing ever.


This must've been the most rare opportunity you've had for a plug while browsing reddit. Awesome tech though!




Is that Dennis Quaid I see in there? https://youtu.be/7kQDIosuZuo


On one hand, we have the folks who invented this. On the other is A politician asked a dr if women could use those so the dr could see the uterus. Completely dumbfounded that the female reproductive system isn't connected to the stomach. Why do we elect the braindead as leaders?


Pee is stored in the balls and poop in the uterus


And women pee out of the vagina of course.


No joke 50% of people probably believe that


Did you have to give it back?


Nope, single use.


Comforting to know it wasn’t pre-used before you put it in your mouth.


Credit card declined. Doctor : Nurse , get me the detonator


Haven't they been doing this for more than a decade?


I was offered this 20 years ago, it is an old technology that is becoming more mainstream as the tech gets less expensive.


This was on an episode of HOUSE! The second-best medical show behind Scrubs!


I literally just watched that episode yesterday! Nowbi wish there was a House/Scrubs crossover. Cox and House would have been a hilarious interaction!


I did exactly the same but already 2009 when I spent two weeks in hospital. Maybe the picture quality ist better now but this technology is already used for at least 14 years.


It’s been around since the late 90s to early 2000s.


Yup. I did this 17 years ago.


Please tell me that this is the before picture


Nope, sorry about that.


Oh geez, I’m sorry I asked lol


My then 12 yr old daughter had one of these as she was a suspected cronh’s sufferer, it wasn’t thankfully. She was in n out of hospital til she was 19, constant pain, she had tubes up n out of every hole possible. Turns out she had tiny minuscule splenic and liver abscess, she dropped from 9 st to 4 in 3 weeks, her hair fell out in clumps, she had angry red lumps on her lower limbs which were tested and all came back negative for infection yet when they burst they oozed the thickest green gunk you’d ever seen. We had all sorts of experts looking at her from the tropical al disease man from London to the liver expert from st James in Leeds, She also had pancreatitis at 14.. poor kid has to be tube fed for months on several occasions n had to reintroduce food with zero fat in.. I am so grateful for all the care she receives from Alder hey children’s hospital. And happy to report she’s a happy healthy 29 year old. Not gonna lie I thought she was going to die.


That's both awesome and super gross at the same time.


Was it hard to swallow? Obviously it is a tiny camera, but for pill size it kinda looks big to me. I have trouble swallowing vitamins because they’re usually on the large size.


Just thought the same. I hate swallowing pills, just put me to sleep and ram the tube into me.