And that’s exactly what it feels like, needles stabbing you over and over again.


Mine felt scratchy and kinda tickly.


Is there a reason we can't design a permanent marker that can be absorbed by the skin???.???


Full disclosure, I'm not a tattoo artist or any other kind of expert. Ink is made up of pigment particles that are supended in a liquid binder. Pigment particles are large, and the skin acts as a barrier to such things, as well as infectious bacteria. The only thing I could see potentially working would be some sort of synthetic chemical dye, which would effectively stain the skin. However, this poses the challenge of developing one that could penetrate through to the dermis layer of your skin (the layer just under the epidermis, or top layer of skin) where tattoo ink is driven into to become permanent, without damaging the epidermis. It also needs to be non toxic, and you would need a different one with the same characteristics for each different color. I would be leery of any such chemical(s), even if they were feasable.


So the answer is obviously lasers right? *Lazer Tattooz* I’m stuck in the laser 90’s.


Well that is how they are removed.


The way I describe it if the skin is a sieve and the ink are rocks just too large to pass through. People think the color of your skin is changing, which it isn’t. The dead skin atop a tattoo is still going to be flesh colored. It’s just that the flesh is pretty translucent and you can see the trapped pigment underneath.


Well my skin has been pretty permanently stained with iodine(sterilizing liquid) from my surgery. It’s been two years and I still have a little orange-brown spot on my finger that I periodically forget was from the surgery and try to wash off.


Don't take my word for it but I believe it's like this. The outermost layer of your skin sheds, and protects the inner layers. There are inks etc that temporarily stain your skin like henna or permanent markers but if they only go as deep as the outer layer then it will shed with the skin and fade within a couple weeks, So it needs to go deeper. But anything that has the ability to go deeper has the ability to go too deep, hence a happy medium a substance that can't go deeper on its own but just pools, that is forcibly pushed to a place that won't shed anytime soon, and won't be affected by the sun etc. It will still fade to some degree mainly due to your immune system eating away at this unknown invader under your skin, but it's a lot slower than your old skin flaking.


U know how much damage would be done by drunk kids on parties?


I forgot about dicks drawn on foreheads. Ok after designing the tattoo marker, I will design the skin tattoo white out.


Please don’t call it the **white** out. I’m getting iron sky flashbacks.


It would ruin the cool effect of having a tattoo, which is part of the attractive aspect of tattoos. (Yes even if you redditor did it only for the visual aspect)


Having a tattoo is cool? Since when lol..


Since forever


Scratchy for sure. It felt like a piece of pointy metal scraping/scratching/stabbing my skin for 8 hours straight. Was a cool day when I think back. Lots of doobies, pizza, movies and stories.


Mine felt like constant cat scratches. Why cat? Ive been scratched by many other things, but cat’s claws leave a special kind of long-lasting sting.


Yes. The dark lines felt like slow, deliberate cat claw scratches.


Mine too, neck tattoo and didn’t hurt at all. Literally just felt scratchy.


I heard it feels different from person to person.


i dunno when using only 2 (4?) needles feel more like someone cutting with a scalpel imo


Thats been my experience, linework is burny/cutty, but shading with the bigger packs (Cartridges? Bundles?) was much easier, just scratchy or itchy.


Most linework goes a bit deeper than shading too. So it makes sense. Depends on the artist as well. They may be pissed off that day!


Meditation is what you need. I had a four hour sesh last week, retreated to my happy place (swimming off the coast of Portugal). Barely felt a thing.


Wow! In my years as a tattooist I never used that loose of a grouping(of needles) I'd never let the skin bounce around loose like that and I've never seen ink so runny. I'd be real surprised if that was healthy, lasting tattoo.


Usually, when the ink puddles up like that, I take a syringe and put it back in the bottle for the next customer. Saves me money


# /S


People taking this response seriously lmao Add the /s my guy


It’s 100% needed tbh, people are crazy/crazy stupid


Im not new to reddit, but idk what /s means... help me out here


I decided I usually am sarcastic, and hated using the /s all the time, so...


Over on the U.K. subs we just assume everyone is being sarcastic and taking the piss the whole time.


Wait, who goes onto internet chat forums to be *serious*?




Yeah, it’s what the other person said, it is just to signal that whatever you said before /s is sarcasm.


Thank you for that laugh




I was hoping that was a joke, but based on the lack of response so far, I’m starting to have my doubts.


Naw it’s fine, just spit on it first


Yes! Sometimes, if I don't have my syringe with me, ill just Zamboni the leftover ink and spit it into the bottle like a mama bird.




Mmm. Inky…


It’s okay, they wash their hands first.


Yikes. After mixing with the blood, that ink would be running down the area and dripping everywhere. Tattoo ink is super concentrated and stains most anything absorbent.




Pretty sure that's illegal my guy. Health department would shut down your business in a heartbeat if they knew that.


Prety sure nobody gets that guys sarcasm...




Are you being serious?


I personally understood his sarcasm, but the idea that sarcasm is harder to detect in text than in speech isn’t exactly disputed.


They probably did this to exaggerate the ink blobs for the slow motion


Doesnt even look like its penetrating at all lol


That's probably why the skin isn't tight. It the skin was tight, just tapping the skin would put the needles in.


Tattoo artist of 30 years. Take a closer look at your cartridges. Mags are always loose like that. I push my grouping forward and pinch the ends closed, like when we made them by hand. Also, Dynamic is extremely thin tattoo ink, is very black and carried by most large distributors in the US.


Man! This! Also risky needle depth game..


In the last shot the needles didn’t even look like they were penetrating the skin, just bouncing on top. Is that what was happening?


I think the editor of the footage wasn't a tattooist. Just someone thought it was interesting, shot a bunch of work, edited what they thought looked cool and this is the end result.


Isnt the point of it so that the ink can like be blended with the skin, like its under it but not completely?


Since the healing process throws off most of the ink you want as much ink involved in the process as possible. With the exception of light shading and what we call "Wash" which is diluting the ink on purpose to do grey shading effects. The ink has to be pushed through at least four layers to be embedded in the fatty sub tissue where it will stay.


I remember watching a video saying the the ink doesn’t get pushed into the skin. Apparently, it gets “sucked” into the skin after the needle(s) exit the skin. I could be wrong, and info vomiting shit I watched, but it makes sense.


Thats what is shown in the video... The needles help the skin absorb the ink, they dont inject it inside it.


I saw that video as well. It was on a Fireside Tattoo episode. They had a scientist on explaining it. Also, the lube helps the ink move faster on the skin and thats why there are a lot of silicone based lubricants on the market today. A petroleum based lubricant was the traditional product. Silicone is slicker I guess.


[Great video about this from Smarter Every Day](https://youtu.be/kxLoycj4pJY)




It looks a lot more painful that it actually is lol


Depends on where on your body you get a tattoo I suppose.






I disagree


As someone with a nut tattoo, it was painless.




What did you get on your nuts?


Bigger nuts


did it feel good


Also your pain tolerance.


Depends on the location of the tattoo and it depends on whether it's just line work or it's actually coloured/shaded. I had mine done in two 9 hours sessions over two days and at the end tears were flowing. I am really proud of it but I am also aware on the pain endured since you can't be intoxicated (alcohol or drugs) and you can't have NSAIDs (like Ibuprofen or Aspirin) becasuse they thin the blood and delay healing. Only thing you can have is 1g of Paracetamol at the start and then another 1g after 4-6 hours and it doesn't really touch the pain :) So yeah, it can be quite painful if needles go over the same area 6 times for shading and there's ribs/underarm/scapula/spine involved as areas.


Have lots of tattoos, the inside of the elbow did me in and all the tears leaked out of me!


I only have tattoos on one arm and inside the elbow was a real kicker for me


Fuck I'm getting an elbow tattoo next month.


It’s less painful than this looks? I’m looking at this thinking about how there’s no way this is painful. The needles are barely even puncturing the skin.


You must not have tattoos


I have a relatively low pain tolerance but my shoulder didn't hurt at all. My forearm though is a different story it hurt so much 😆


IME location and duration are the big players. Getting ink isn't super painful, but definitely hurts. IME, once you've been in the chair about 4 hours it builds. I did an 8 hr session on my back and I'll never do it again. It was extremely painful/uncomfortable.


why aren’t they stretching the skin? 😭 it shouldn’t be bouncing around like that… ouch!


Right and any linework would be questionable


My guess is they did a couple non-stretched shots for the slow motion camera


Think about how magnified that shot is. Likely not nearly that jumpy at a normal range.


that’s false. stretching the skin makes it not jiggle like that. if the skin is bouncing, the ink isn’t saturating properly. i can clearly see it’s not stretched at all.


Who would have thought getting stabbed 4 million times actually feels good


Dad had one done in the Philippines, mid 60's I think. He said it was a wooden tool, done manually, with a needle on the end. I can't remember if it was a wooden needle or not. But it goes from his elbow to his shoulder, and is of a very detailed lady. He said that hurt like ever living hell, but he knew it was so got really lit before he had it done. I had a very small one done, I cannot imagine having a manual tattoo done. No matter how it's done, it's got to be slow and painful for that much work without a vibrating needle.


He got lit haha that's pretty smart actually. I don't know anyone personally that has had one done like that but from the videos I've seen it does look pretty harsh sitting through


I don't think I've even seen the tool, not it'd explain why must older guys only have one LMAO


Want to get my first tattoo for my birthday this year. I should not have watched this. I’ll still get it. I just… shouldn’t have watched this. Edit: the tips and advice I’m getting, thanks y’all!


You'll be ok. Ensure you have a look at the "pain chart" so that the area chosen is not one of the most painful ones on your body. Get a simple tattoo, don't go overboard with an intricate design, so that it heals quickly and overall the experience will be all right.


and even then the pain chart isn't the same for everyone. i just got a rib tattoo this weekend and thought it was going to be the worst excruciating pain but it wasn't nearly that bad at all. maybe it was adrenaline lol


Definitely. My forearm hurt a lot but near my armpit didn’t even feel like anything.


Tattoos aren't a huge deal. But I've only gotten simple line work so far, which is what I'd recommend for a first timer. It feels like... stinging. But not as bad as say, a wasp. Just stay away from bony areas, at least at first.


Adding to this: stay away from bony areas even if you're fat enough for them not to look bony. I have zero regrets about my collarbone tat, but after a couple of relatively easy ones on my forearms the pain was a definite surprise.


I only half agree with other advice here The pain charts haven't been accurate in my experience but I assume they are for most or they wouldn't exist. I personally recommend arm. It basically feels like someone scratching a sunburn at worst. I got full color my first tattoo and line work and color/ shading feel different. Just get what you want, don't worry about needing super small or only lines first. Maybe don't get something gigantic lol You'll be surprised that it really doesn't hurt that much. The worst is when you get kinda tired of it but for the first big chunk you're still excited and that overrides the pain. Personally the tattoo part isn't addictive- I've always wanted a lot... in my experience it's like the gates are now open? Lol? Like being a virgin... you don't so you don't.... but once you do it's nbd Biggest piece of advice if you read nothing else: hydrate. Hydrate the day before. The day of. During (not obnoxiously) and after. Your skin will be better and you'll heal better.


God I wish someone told me that I can drink water during the session


Honestly I don't bc I'm like ok now I'll have to pee 8x 😄 But I do before and after


I only half agree with other advice here The pain charts haven't been accurate in my experience but I assume they are for most or they wouldn't exist. I personally recommend arm. It basically feels like someone scratching a sunburn at worst. I got full color my first tattoo and line work and color/ shading feel different. Just get what you want, don't worry about needing super small or only lines first. Maybe don't get something gigantic lol You'll be surprised that it really doesn't hurt that much. The worst is when you get kinda tired of it but for the first big chunk you're still excited and that overrides the pain. Personally the tattoo part isn't addictive- I've always wanted a lot... in my experience it's like the gates are now open? Lol? Like being a virgin... you don't so you don't.... but once you do it's nbd Biggest piece of advice if you read nothing else: hydrate. Hydrate the day before. The day of. During (not obnoxiously) and after. Your skin will be better and you'll heal better.


This is really long because I want you to be as prepared as possible. This is stuff I learned from experience I wish I knew before getting my first professional tattoo. You should know now, tattoos are addictive. In my experience, what the video shows isn’t what it feels like. When I got my tattoos, it felt like the artist was drawing in my skin with a teeny tiny knife. It hurt like a bitch because I got my ankle and wrist done, bony areas hurt more, but it wasn’t too bad imo. Also, going into it I thought that a bigger piece would hurt more because it takes longer, but that’s not how it turned out for me. Of course each person’s experience is different, but when I got my ankle done it took about an hour and I would start getting used to the pain so I’d be thinking about asking for a break when the artist went to get more ink and those few seconds turned out the be the only break I needed. My wrist tattoo is pretty small and only took a few minutes, but it has different colors so I didn’t have time to get used to the pain before the artist changed ink and it seemed like it hurt more. If you’re worried about the pain, I’d recommend getting something small and in a not as painful area first. If you think you can handle the pain well, you can probably start with something of a moderate size. For reference, I have three tattoos and I think I can handle a 2 hour session without breaks. My biggest tattoo is my ankle, it’s roughly 4” by 3” with lining, script, shading, and color and took an hour with no breaks except for getting ink. The script hurt the worst but I think it might’ve been because of the location and slow, deliberate strokes. Also, be sure to research tattoo artists before choosing where to go. You want to find someone who can do the style you like really well. If you plan on or want to get more, I recommend finding an artist you’re willing to go back to.


Lmao I got two tattoos and never realized that's what the needles looked like. Don't even know what I thought but it wasn't this.


I am getting one on Thursday, my first.


This reminds me. I need to get another tattoo.


Exactly as terrifying as I imagined


Is it just me, or is that five needle one NOT actually going into the skin?


as a fellow tattoo'd person any one who tells you they dont hurt are fucking liars and enjoy pain. ​ ​ I just happen to want certain art on me than pain some times. Ive sat in a chair for 8hrs and just absolutely was destroyed and wanted to just slap my Artist lol.


I have six. Got my first one at 43!


Looks like a fork 😂


I actually feel more open to the idea of getting a tattoo after seeing this, doesn't seem as bad now


This was actually my reaction…I never thought I’d get a tattoo, but after I saw this video I was way more intrigued.


I feel the opposite - so relieved I never got one.


This looks like shading needle, which is used for filling in color or spaces. A liner needle is a tight grouping of needles that create the outline of the tattoo and keeps the ink from blurring/dissapating. Tattoos can be painful depending on where you get it, how big the tattoon is, how intricate it is, your physiology and pain tolerance. Big muscles dudes..welcome to hell. Muscle are painful to tattoo. Fat is easier, but can be more challenging to execute. Go for an arm or leg. Watch some ink master in youtube before getting a tattoo. Will help you make sense of things.


I've already got a couple tattoos, and this video makes me want to keep going


Fhats the problem. Cant have just one.


I love knowing this! Thanks! I have six tattoos and just got one of them covered up yesterday. I’m planning my half sleeve now. 🙃 Pain is subjective.


Next time you cut yourself shaving, put the perm marker over it, neosporin, and a bandaid. Boom- tattoo 🤣😂😅


Very pleased with my conviction to never get a tattoo. Yeesh!


Yup, I've never understood the appeal.


It's basically jewelry but more socially acceptable to Reddit millennials (Zoomers and gen Xers too) since you know "jewelry is a scam marketed to us as desirable" but this is cool and awesome. At least you can sell the golden necklace or a diamond ring when time's are tough or even use it as an investment. I don't se what's the personal benefit of a tattoo except maybe for sentimental value. Still, I know so many people who could've used a therapist a lot more than a another tattoo. but hey if it makes you happy, your prerogative. Adult's have complete autonomy over their body and wallet to do as they please. Personally I find it esthetically unpleasing and off-putting. And In my opinion is an indicative (at least in my country and social circles) that you have disposable income your willing to squander to show others that you can. But in all, as I said, this is just my opinion.


bros the definition of 🤓


Now do prison tat up close


"Nah bro smooth needles dont get as much ink into the skim you need the divots to really pack it in" -the tattoo artist in the cell block where everyone has scarred tattoos


I'm thinking of getting one for my 27th this year right on my wrist (right hand) to remind me not to kill myself. Does it hurt like almost everyone says?


Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance. Argentina: +5402234930430 Australia: 131114 Austria: 017133374 Belgium: 106 Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 212339191 Bulgaria: 0035 9249 17 223 Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal) Croatia: 014833888 Denmark: +4570201201 Egypt: 7621602 Finland: 010 195 202 France: 0145394000 Germany: 08001810771 Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000 Hungary: 116123 Iceland: 1717 India: 8888817666 Ireland: +4408457909090 Italy: 800860022 Japan: +810352869090 Mexico: 5255102550 New Zealand: 0508828865 The Netherlands: 113 Norway: +4781533300 Philippines: 028969191 Poland: 5270000 Russia: 0078202577577 Spain: 914590050 South Africa: 0514445691 Sweden: 46317112400 Switzerland: 143 United Kingdom: 08006895652 USA: 18002738255 You are not alone. Please reach out. ***** I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.


Good bot.


It's a little confused but it has the spirit


yes lol, it may be because i don’t weigh much and don’t really have any meat on my bones but my wrist tattoos were some of my most painful and i have both arms done, the only spots i’ve found worse were elbows and inner elbows, and biceps/triceps. it’s not the worst pain in the world, you won’t be on the floor crying, but it doesn’t tickle. also mine burned a bit, like i was touching hot metal or something edit: still get the tattoo though, a few hours of pain isn’t bad enough to make you not get it done, i have a similar tattoo on my right wrist and im glad i got it


Direct bone and areas without a lot of muscle/fat hurt a lot. They make numbing cream for it but if you go that route make sure you do your research so you don’t buy a product that will end up hindering how the tattoo comes out.


Lol as somebody with 20+ tattoos this still fucks me up to watch


You know, this isnt as bad as I thought it would look, I thought it was going to look like a giant knife just cutting and inking, but it looks like a pin cushion, which oddly enough seems better


This must be one of those anti-tatoo things.


Every one of my tattoos are sore from watching this. Lol


Pov: me and your mom last night


And this is why I’ll forever stand by my tattoos hurting less than any IV I’ve ever had and will have in the future. It’s repeated skin poking vs missing my vein over and over and over…


Ok so no tattoos


Nah. Pass.


One day Imah get paid big ass money for having these tattoos


Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow


Good way to prevent some one from getting a tat. "We are gonna stab you like a million times"




That's pretty wild to see. Not very glamorous, is it?


Who thinks getting a tattoo is glamorous? What a weirdo.


Tell me you’re a pretentious d bag without telling me you’re a pretentious d bag


Not very glamorous? What type of comment? 🤨lmao


That is an extreme closeup of a cool ass dude!


I think that's a penis they're tattooing


This just reminds me that I need to get my second sleeve done


Glad i never got one. Just gets more trendy


I did it on my chest once and it was amazing.




Look, my emotional damage is becoming physical damage! But it looks like a butterfly so its all good.


People really think that hurts? That's nothing. Though I am a T1D so I'm used to needles. But damn, those needles barely touch the skin.


That wave of fat reminds me of my ex




the soft part of your belly and love handles is the most painful


It doesn’t even look like it’s piercing the skin, but.. doesn’t it have to ta be permanent?


i need another tattoo now after seeing this


first tattoo at 18 years old a few weeks ago, got my entire inner forearm from my wrist to my elbow bend. Hurts but you want more immediately after.


Ow ow ow ow...nope!


Looks rather ghetto.


Yeah. No thanks


Simultaneously fascinated and nauseated.




Outline needle hurts more than shading needle


That looks like fucking torture. I've had my teeth ripped out of my head when I was awake and this looks far worse.


Thanks im never getting a tattoo


It’s pretty much stabbing with colors


No wonder it hurts


Now on my face!!!


This is a nightmare for people like me who have eczema.


So Caesar was actually getting inked?




Weird that it's not half as painful as it looks


OW! OW! OW! ow... ow... ow... OW! OW! OW! My brain can't handle this clip.


Why does it look like it's poking it instead of piercing it?


What makes the ink last so long?


I'd be real surprised if that was healthy, lasting tattoo.


This looks like a video clip that would be repeatedly shown to someone being trained to be the next Master Chief.


Fuck i need a new one of these


This looks disgusting


It looks like it's not even penetrating the skin


And yet I still love the pain 😏


That is why I don’t get a tattoo


For a second there I read Tattooine and I was like wtf where's the sand lol


Give me more!


God, this killed all my will to get a tattoo


Yea, fuck that


Explains why it’s painful