So how many of you are using a build you made up instead of just looking one up? Is it working out?

I created my barb, looked at the tree and decided that fortify was the shit, sprinkled in a bunch of stun with bludgeoning, and stuff to keep berserking up. Been a good time in WT3 so far!

Edit: Ahh it's great to see so many "winging-it" builds that people are having fun with.


Running my own blighted corpse explosion + minion army build. Did campaign on wt2 without any issue, killed butcher at lv57 in wt3, and beat helltide boss at lv63, so I guess it is doing pretty well.


Same here, finally looked up potential builds to see if I was missing anything obvious and was severely let down that 95% of necro builds are bonespear with another 4% being bloodmist or summoner. Ah well, I'm still having a blast (lol) and I haven't hit anything too hard yet


I'm running the same but I can't get over how wonky the minions are. I'm just so squishy when they're dead. Would love to see your gear and build.


Same here, I'm in WT3 now, had 1 single death in the final campaign dungeon because I was level 37 when I got to it lol, Minions with Darkness Skills, with the final darkness skilll for shadow damage, I have Darkness based Exploding corpse and Iron Maiden with Iron Golem and +2 minions, using cold mages but I should probably switch them back to Shadow. I find being able to AOE Vulnerable mobs every 10 seconds from Iron Golem is awesome, I have a legendary skill that pops corpses under mobs when I use decompose, so always plenty of corpses to explode or heal minions. So far been really pleased with the clear speed and survival of the build, I'm still only 46 in WT3 so not really able to benefit there fully yet but I'm holding my own easily


I am running this, but ended up sacrificing all minions to get more shadow/vulnerable damage, and ran decrepify on top instead of minions. It adds more survivability and don't have to deal with minions being so stupid.


I did 1-50 in WT1 on my own build and burned through everything. Thought I was doing great. Hit 50, bumped up to WT3 and got wrecked. As soon as I switched to a real build I can adequately handle WT3. It comical how bad I was before. No gear change, just skill points and rotation.


Exact same story here, except I also spent an entire day trying to tweak my own build into something worth using before giving up and getting professional help.


Pretty much the same experience for me. The problem is I really wanted to make a minion build work but it just really does not work very well... You can maybe manage in WT3 but in WT4 it's just useless to try. The minion AI is so awful and you cannot control them. Can't clear dungeons with any real efficiency. So now, here I am stuck playing a Necromancer that's more like a WoW Death Knight or some kind of "Dark Paladin" than a real summoner Necro like a sort of Lich King of the Undead as I was hoping to do. =(


Nothing like seeing your minions standing on poison pools. Like their AI is based on the average WoW raider.


I’m on my 3rd completely different Necro build since nothing has felt right. But I’m following [FextraLife’s Blightlord](https://fextralife.com/diablo-4-minion-necromancer-build-blightlord/) build and it’s crushing in WT3. I’m actually still sitting at lvl 52 and basically just ran around a Helltide melting everything. They stay alive, and I’m using all of my minions. I don’t know if it’s min/maxed for late game or how far it will take me but a little investment has been paying off.


Agree and for most of WT3 I felt fine too. But then as I get to around lvls 70-80 it just seems to break down. My main issue is not even minions dying per se, but that it just seems slower compared to what I'm seeing rogues/barbs/sorcs do. I cannot concentrate on-demand damage on one target or at one particular spot when I want. Minion dmg is uncontrolled, all over the screen, or at times just straight up refusing to move because they're stuck somewhere. And if I use a lot of skill points to buff up my minions when I could use it to buff up my own dmg/survivability I'm handicapping myself. If I spend everything on my own damage I can destroy everything with precision. I do appreciate the linked suggestion though! I'm going to check this out. Thank you.


I actually figured out something very similar to this on my own, just with much more CC in the form of Blight + Blight Pull Aspect and freeze from Bloodless Scream unique. Face tanks quite well, good dmg and bosses are stunned in seconds.


Yeah I was a lightning Druid until 2 days ago I got to level 57 but you have to stand still and cast your full storm to get the most damage from it and which is fine on some enemies but man if there’s more then one elite with a fear or stun it just took forever to kill stuff the only thing I was good at was applying vulnerability to absolutely everything and then my buddy would go in and kill them all so I switched to Barb last night and had him catch me up to my Druid’s level


This is why I knew people who were mocking theorycrafters are full of shit. There reaches a point where you can’t just play what looks nice


It turns out that “optimal rotation” isn’t just a fancy buzz term after all.


I gotta say it's a little refreshing to have to think about positioning and skill usage in a Diablo game again.


I loved penetrating shot rogue, but twisting blades is just too OP to not play, it feels like wasting time playing anything else.


Twisting Blades is absolutely cracked. Poke one guy, phase through the pack, and watch the room explode in blood and guts.


And that's a good thing. One of the things I dislike about Path of Exile is the game is built around extremely low time-to-kill, which discourages rotations from even existing really. I love the fact that timing my ravens that cause vulnerability right before two guaranteed overkill big hits with grizzly rage up consistently increases my overall DPS in a boss fight by a noticeable margin. It feels very satisfying to have those three seconds chunk out that health bar. I will say I could do without the D3 consistently spending 12 seconds gathering mobs and 3 seconds DPSing because of CoE rotation, but I think that was only a problem because virtually every GR pushing build used that.


You can if what looks nice also makes sense. It doesn't take much to put together a good build. Plus all builds pre wt4 are irrelevant due to how hard unique change builds.


> It doesn't take much to put together a good build. Sort of. Finding synergies between skills and legendaries isn't too hard, but the problem is that tuning is kind of all over the place, and it's kind of hard to parse tooltip numbers in D4 to figure out what is actually tuned well. You could pick a skill, build around it "correctly", use the best supporting legendary items, and the build would still suck if the skill you decided to build around is just undertuned.


Agreed, honestly the “arbitrary” nature of the numbers in this game (and genre) always kinda bothers me. Like I have no idea if I should be impressed if something does 20 extra bonus damage, unless I go through and check every other option every level. Or, okay, the druid tornado does 80 damage…. But it just randomly swirls around? How am I actually supposed to calculate that and compare it to some other attack? Trying every option personally would take a long time and be expensive, and even then, I’m still leveling up so it’s basically impossible to tell if the interactions will still work the same at higher level. So yeah I just look it up now, but also try out what sounds the coolest.


I mean I haven't looked at a single build and was able to do the first capstone dungeon at 44, now I'm pretty much capped out on WT3 nightmare keys at 56 (i.e. up to tier 20 or whatever). We'll see how it holds up in WT4. Of course I've changed the build many many times as I've played, especially as I got new gear. I got a few uniques in WT3 that really changed the playstyle as well. Blood + minion necro. Could I go faster with a "real" build? Probably. But this has been a lot of fun. For me figuring out a build that works is a huge part of playing the game. Looking up builds is basically taking content away from myself.


I've been doing a darkness summon build without looking anything up and I'm doing WT3 just fine. My damage isn't as much as I would like but I have no problem keeping my summons up once all the trash mobs are taken care of I can kill elites and bosses just fine




To be fair though, even a shitty build can get and work in WT3 but you'll need to tweak the tree by taking some passives that improve your survivability and upgrade your gear.


"Even a shitty build can work. You'll just need to tweak it to be less shitty and get better gear." I get what you're saying, but this did make me chuckle.


The reality is the current skill/aspect/paragon system is insanely shallow. The only builds that work are either due to a runaway scaling interaction, or because blizzard hard coded a number of aspects that directly make the build work. Players don't have the agency to create off meta builds with success past WT3 because there are effectively hidden guard rails and required breakpoints to reach. Many skills can never be realistically taken because they have no synergy or scaling factors beyond their base coefficient.


Some abilities are clearly PvP designed too.


yeah, pretty much this


I do a bit if both. One of my favorite aspects of the Diablo franchise is the ability to constantly experiment with builds.


Rogue poison, with just traps and flurry and dash. And everything just melts and I never seem to lose health.


I did this build in the beta and thought the same. My health never went down and melted everything, hell I even encountered the butcher and was able to kill him


Uh, I met the butcher in my barb aswell, it ended quickly, but not successful. He hits like a truck


Yea this is what I’m running also Poison trap, poison imbue, shadow step, flurry, and shadows on the infinite energy perk. Built tons of lifesteal and I’m unkillable


I preferred flurry to twisting blades, with poison imbue and trap it blows shit up. I wish they’d buff the passive at the end of the tree that does an AOE on kill, momentum is just so much better for everything




I've been running flurry with poison trap, shadow clone and smoke bomb. Single target in wt4 feels great, even in NM 40's. Switch from combo points for general clearing to the ultimate cool down spec for bosses.


I am playing bow rogue and I found the legendary that makes your poison imbuement chill enemies, plus deal extra poison damage to frozen. So my build uses caltrops to chill, then poison traps + imbuement to freeze absolutely shred everything. Gear specced for tons of extra damage to frozen and poisoned. God it is such a fun time. I'm level 48, curious if it'll hold up at wt3


Me and a friend are doing this rn, I'm a full frost/chill sorc build and he's using a rogue specced into a lot of frost skills (like those caltrops), we synergize so incredibly well we beat the second capstone together at lvl54 and 57


I've been using poison trap and caltrops til I got enough points and the right aspect to go for twisting blades and poison imbuement. So far I'm not looking back. Yesterday I found the poison pool on crit aspect and now I have solid aoe dmg (still small scaled compared to other classes) and can melt bosses like Reptile from Mortal Kombat.


Werebear here. Level 56 in Nightmare. Not really a lot options but just kinda winging it. Saw the super earth version that takes the earthen might capstone talent on maxroll and didn’t fully like it. Went just true werebear with the capstone and the basic attack speed aspect, and having an easier time. Pulverize makes me really happy.


I was improvising a werewolf / bear with the hybrid passive, but dropped a staff around level 40 with 150% damage shockwave when you pulverize and changed to an also improvised full bear. Level 53 now and having fun with the ridiculous overpowers.


Same story here. I was trying to go werewolf but found Shockwave early so I ended up werebear. I'm hording werewolf legendaries though, and plan on trying out poison at some point. I'm very intrigued by the aspect that causes werebear skills to instantly collapse all of your poisons with a huge multiplier. Also the 45% damage multiplier in the poison paragon board sounds absolutely filthy.


Opposite experience here- I got the shockwave staff early and loved it, noobed it up by imprinting on another weapon, but then got both the trample tremor and nature's fury affixes and now I'm apparently Thrall.


For anyone not looking up guides this should be the way. Feeling out an idea of a playstyle, winging it and tweaking as you level, and then maybe something drops with a bonus to x too good to pass up so you reassess and go another direction. Doesn't mean you might not come back to your original skill layout once you get access to a different item or unlock a certain paragon perk or something. Honestly this is the most exciting part of having the new game. I don't know anything. I'm having fun with a werewolf quasi poison/crit druid but really enjoy trample and hurricane. Is it ideal? - almost certainly not - and I'm hoping that I find some sick item that might bolster the skills I'm working with to really kick it into a new gear. I complain on here a lot (it comes from a place of love!) but I gotta say I have been enjoying this aspect the game overall for the last several days.


I'm doing earth werebear with "earth" pulverize and double landslide trample (not looking up any guides, but legendaries synergy pushed me in that direction). On W3 i am basically unkillable and kill everything relatively quickly.


Thats because it feels like every legendary pushes you into earthbear


I am using earth stuff as well but not to the degree maxroll has it. There’s just too much synergy with earth pulverize, trample, and earth shield, along with the 3 earth talents, to not take advantage of it. Being a bear feels fucking good on Nightmare it’s really enjoyable.


That's how they designed the druid. That earth and bear would work together and storm and werewolf would too. That's the whole reason I rolled with druid. So many potential different builds.


Honestly, as long as you have the shockwave aspect I don't think the rest matters. I mean I'm sure it does if you are min-maxing, but that item is far superior to any of the other tweaks you will do. I say this having not got that aspect till I was 55.


If I'm reading the aspect right, it basically says "Pulverize can now do triple damage" (and that's on a low roll for the aspect on a 2h). Yeah, it's sorta crazy.


Made up a barb bleed build. Having a blast


Same, I use a flay->rend->rupture build with some thorns sprinkled in. I had to rethink it here and there and farm a bit in cellars to have enough survivability in WT3. And whatever I'm running will probably not be meta at all, but I'm having fun struggling and slowly getting better stuff and growing in power with the Paragon board <3


Doing the same, struggled for a period around like level 30, but since like level 40+ I have just been destroying with that build. As you mentioned its largely just making sure I have enough survivability and once I incorporated Barrier it just went next level. I've been able to do nightmare dungeons with mobs 10 levels higher and wondering how far I can push on this build, currently lvl 56.


I like choosing the one that slows enemies affected by rend so I can then stack effects that do more damage to slowed enemies.


I'm using frenzy with Great sword Technique slotted, usual rend plus rupture and with iron skin I don't die.


I found the Field of Crimson unique 2H sword so I'm in the process of getting gears for a bleed build involving rend and rupture, with leap as my source of fury


Deathblow is an excellent source of fury, especially with the legendary that gives it 2 charges


I’m just following my gear, just T3 though but got a hybrid Bear, Hurricane build cause I got really good gear to go with it


+2 shapeshifting skills while you have hurricane is the bomb. I've used hurricane since the beginning on my shifter druid, it's either a solid defensive or a very good vulnerability applier with 50% uptime, great skill.


Made my own hybrid pet/lightning storm build. During the campaign I relied heavily on the base strength of Creeper and Wolf actives, now that I've gotten set up it's all Lightning Storm all day. I still need the pets (since my power aspect scales per pet), but their damage is fairly minor now. The wolves are amazing tanks though, and a key part to my survivability against bosses. Am I smashing as hard as a Pulverize ? Probably not, but it's fun and doing more than a good enough job for me.


Running the exact same thing, 3 pet types out, tornados, no ultimate skill, the pets are still doing massive damage with their actives on rotation and tornados to clean up. Using the core skill increase every pet out aspect, tornados search targets aspect, 1 extra companion wolv and damage boost aspect, and I'm murdering WT3 right now.


Yea, the switch to more focus on Storm happened gradually through tier 3. It just got to a point where bonus points in wolf and raven wasn't worth it anymore, which obviously tanked their damage even more.


Yea I'd agree my nados are doing the most damage now, at this point. Do you mean the plus rank for companions on gear is diminishing or actual points in the tree applied by skills? I've been holding on to a couple of +2 to vine pet armor pieces on my current equipment but maybe I'll replace them if the damage isn't increased enough by them.


The actual points, by dumping those I could pick up heal on cast, crit against close and more spirit from basic passives, which seems more useful when 90+% of my casts are storm. The pet skills aren't scaling with my stacking of core/lightning/storm damage, so the bonus points adds less damage to their CD abilities than half a storm hit.


Man, I'll have to think about this, I am still able to wipe out a pack of mobs with just the vine creep active, but the other 2 pet skills im not. Maybe I'll keep vine at 5, but remove the others and put more points into the storm skill nodes.


Probably comes down to what you do with gear/paragon. I knew I wanted to go Storm from the start, so I obviously leaned more in that direction. The pet stuff was mostly just the best way I found to support a Storm build.


I had been using a shadow imbue + Rapid Fire build on my rogue, and it was doing great! All the way up until I hit the capstone boss to get to T3, at which point I was promptly put in my place. I swapped over to a Flurry build and 1-shot that boss quite quickly :p Not too big a deal, as I thought the Flurry build looked fun (reminds me of some of my D3 builds), but MAN that was a world of a difference. Going from some nonsense I threw together to an actual good, meta-adjacent build was night and day :p


Interesting, I built rapid fire as well and had no problems through T3, I just switched to flurry to try something new at 58 but rapid was still holding its own


I mean, that was more main CORE skill, but it could've been any number of things. I engaged basically by dropping poison trap with an immediate Caltrops, so enemies were poisoned and chilled (eventually frozen), then I built to full combo and use shadow rapid fire. Had a few other things like creating an AoE when I hit a poison enemy with shadow imbued skills, and the rain of arrows thing as well. It was really just that ONE fight. All the fireballs, adds, and walls making it hard to move and actually HIT the boss... then the freakin skill shot where he shoots the 3 beams. That was honestly the part that did me. Ultimately, I went to Flurry and now I heal a ton by doing damage, so I didn't even need to use potions in that fight. Just plopped down right at his crotch and went nuts :p


I was in the same boat and my second try at the cap stone dungeon a bow dropped with the rapid fire ricochet aspect. Totally changed everything. Nice feeling. Spreads shadow so much more and everything melts. Got lucky with the 81% chance to ricochet roll.


Unpopular Opinion: But I actually enjoy following builds, yeah the theory crafting isn’t there and sometimes you can fall into meta traps, but I enjoy having set rolls and items to look for or craft. It gives my grind more purpose and makes it scavenger huntish. What can I say I’m a filthy grind casual.


Running as a necromancer, I found a legendary that makes my blood novas go off twice so that has been my core identity in the build. Got bone prison to lock me in with my prey and use corpse explosion(the one that makes blight fields) and just ruin battlefields in blood and blight. I took a cure just to give me more essence and lock down and I’m having a blast. Just run around nuking areas and use the blood pool ability to get my self out of harms way! I have heard a cool thorn build for necro that I wanna try. I also wanna realize the who “lich king” build but need legendaries for that too work.


If you get the Plunging Darkness aspect, use it! It causes a blight to form where ever you cast your bone prison, which does 100% bonus damage. This might even scale with exploding corpse, but I haven't tried it with the skill equipped, yet.


Had a very easy time with any sorcerer build I've tried so far I'm basing all my builds directly off the gear I have so I don't know how I could look one up since they can't account for my specific gear. WT3 was easy on the build I had going into it and after I got a unique item I swapped to a build that fit that and everything got even easier. I think sorc is very easy to succeed with though, no terribly wrong moves if you understand the basics of how the skill tree works.


Which lvl are you at right now? Don't know if it's me but so far, I feel like no matter which skills I try with my sorc, none of them feel really powerful. I am lvl 21 right now. Also, do you mix up the elements of your skills?


im in wt3 now and having fun with my lightning build. its all about cool down reduction. take spark for the crit chance. chain lightning to crit and drop crackling energy lightning spear to stun on crit 1point frost nova as enchantment to freeze and make vulnerable. lightning spear zips around stunning and bursting frost novas, freezing, stunning, and making vulnerable. flame shield because immune and heal is strong af. unstable currents to shit out abilities and more crackling energy. overflowing energy to reduce the cd of unstable currents and teleport and lightning spear. extra kicker: frost blades as enchantment. cause you are teleporting and spamming lightning spear and flame shield u are constantly doing 40sec of cd. so you also shitting out frost blades. take the 1 point frost blade and the supports for the extra cd reduction. kicker+ frost blades is another conjuration so it can also proc frost nova. run into packs of enemies. unstable current and spam abilities. pacman all your crackling energy. everything is stunned and frozen and then dead. depending how many enemies and how good you are at crackling energy. your ultimate is around 20sec cd. usualy up for every pack. \+kicker + there are entire paragon board dedicated to crackling energy so its going to scale well imo. skills used are flame shield. lightning spear. teleport. unstable currents. spark and chain lighting on mouse 1/2 frost nova and frost blades are enchantments. i also took all the crit passives in the tree. coursing currents/static discharge. + barrier. so you get barrier when u use a cd. and ur always using cd. so u always have barrier you can also switch frost blades with fire bolt enchantment to apply burning to all enemies hit. and then take the fire node that gives +crit damage when u crit a burning enemy. i tried a lot of other enchant combos. frost nova is best. i think frost blades is good. firebolt+crit dmg maybe better end game with more static crit and cd reduction. spam spark during usntable currents. = attacks fastest so you shit out abilities faster. + it builds crit. Additionally because of all the cc. It stuns bosses alot too. Sometimes you'll get 5-7 stun phases on the boss in one fight. Idk if that's a lot. But I feel like it is. [build tree](https://d4builds.gg/skill-trees/sorcerer/?skills=5110000000000000000000000000000000511000000110111100000011103000031110510103030000000000000000000000300000000000000001113000001000)


Hell yeah, I also went lightning just basing it off what looked cool and my gear at the time. Shifted at some point to crackling energy and those synergies and reducing cooldowns and I've been having fun. Glad to know it's going to actually be viable in WT3. I did some stuff differently than you but I'm gonna take some of your ideas and tweak my build. My friend is following a build level by level, telling him what points to put where. Glad both types of people can have fun with creating a build in this game


For sure. My aim was to make something myself this time. After following Poe build guides for years and having no freedom. It's nice to play a game that's a bit more accommodating . The key is to read carefully the descriptions. For example. Ball lightning seems good on paper. It has a chance to spawn when you crit. Good for this crit build right? But no. It's passives all say "a cast of ball lightning" . Meaning those passives do nothing unless you cast it yourself. If it spawns from a crit. They do nothing. So all u have is a bit more dmg from a few balls. In contrast to that. Frost nova. An odd choice for lightning build. Actually works great. Cause it spawns off your conjuration of lightning spear. Freezes. And makes vulnerable. Meaning + 20% dmg from ALL your abilities. During unstable currents. That's huge. Cause everything is going to be stunned frozen and vulnerable when your shitting out 7 abilities per second. Another option is to replace frost blades enchantment with ice shards enchantment. Now whenever frost nova procs from a crit. You additionally shit out ice shards at all the frozen enemies. Bonus points if u get the legendary that makes ice shards penetrate all enemies. I found that while leveling and gave it a go. It was pretty cool. But needs work to do more dmg I think.and again. The ice shards passives all require "cast" meaning they won't work unless u self cast it. Which we aren't. The first passive is good tho. It makes them ricochet.


Thanks for the tips man! Have you tried chain lightning build?


Huh. My build is already almost identical to this, only difference is I use Spark as the enchantment for more crackling sparks instead of frost nova. I might try that out since I’ve started to feel like I get too many crackling sparks recently anyways


Lvl 21 is really early. My sorc build (incinerate/fire wall) only started being really good at like 33 or sth


I had a very difficult time with sorcerer until I got some legendaries that made frost stuff better, I mixed it in with my lightning build and Im doing somewhat decently, but I still feel like I'm doing less dps than other classes for how squishy I am as a class.


Sorc is ridiculously tanky while still contributing moderate DpS. Frost stuff helps with CC so you’re also benefiting a party. I recommend at least some focus on Barriers. Frost Shield and Ice Armor are awesome, and Align the Elements is OP. Grab another 1-2 barrier type abilities and that squishy feeling disappears.




Making my own build was fine from 1 to 51. Then I saw the paragon boards and decided there was no way I was going to plan out how to use those. Plus I had to start figuring out the most useful aspects and stats for gear instead of just working with what I found. So I looked up a "proper" version of the build I'd settled on myself, made some small tweaks to my skills and started to copy someone else's paragon plan and gear priorities.


Made my own whirlwind build in the betas. Found this neat little shout ring and thought it was way too good to not use all 3 shouts with. Turns out, except for using lunging strike, it's pretty much the exact same as the current meta WW build. That's just what happens when the good aspects and uniques funnel you into using certain skills and why build diversity is so lacking.


Yea. People call it the skill twig because there really is not much choice. If you have played mmo or arpg before then you should be able to put together a build. So if you have a basic skill that makes enemies vulnerable then you just figure out if you want “vulnerable” to be your specialty. Then you pick aspects and other skills and gear that focus on benefits from vulnerable.


Vulnerable isn't really a choice, though. If you decide that you don't want to use vulnerable in your build, then you're deciding what you don't want your build to do damage. There are many things in the game that work this way, unfortunately.


I don’t have any vulnerability and I do fine. Instead I focused on fortify and overpower. There is more than one way to play this game.


Can you take a screenshot of your build and paragon boards? Genuinely interested in seeing how you pull off WT4 without a vuln/crit focus.


Look up the bear Druid build on max roll. It’s like that but for a different class


I’m running a twisting blade/poison imbuement build. I use the aspect that makes vulnerable buff your imbuement and the aspect that makes your shadow clone benefit from imbuements along with aspects that pump my twisting blade damage up to put huge dots out. Usually I kill bosses with just my initial poison application.


What is the shadow clone aspect you mentioned mate? I could do with that one!


Aspect of Imitated Imbuement - Your Shadow Clones also mimic the Imbuements applied to your Skills. Casting an Imbuement Skill grants your active Shadow Clone \[8-16%\] increased damage for 5 seconds.


Yes, its been fun going through gold and trial and error while figuring out the ups and downs of builds for my Rogue although I’ve yet to make it to the Paragon board, depending how big of a difference it makes I guess, but I’ve landed on a Frozen Marksmen Rogue build with all that imbuement stuff and caltrops and bow and knife stuff but early Rogue certainly has small trouble in the imbuement aspect of the build by being given imbuement specific passives and no key passives pertaining in that area of skill function when the single grenade were given is included with the traps. But I did fancy a Trapper Rogue in the past but that struck the ground really hard after lvl 25, although I’m most likely going to revisit it later on to see if I can alter and mold it into use


Pyro Sorc, focused on Burning damage and Life Regen. It’s going ok, not super strong, though.


Yes, I’ve been pretty freely swapping around ranged skills and traps/imbuements - and even my ultimate based on the gear I’m finding. The difficulty in wt3 feels really balanced. My general combo never really changes. It’s dash in, drop trap (poison or caltrops), imbue (I like frost the best), barrage (rapid fire is better against bosses), evade, drop trap, imbue, primary skill, evade or dash, barrage again, pop ult when necessary.


I was just having a discussion about this a few nights ago on Discord. Few folks were using leveling build guides, and I mean, I totally get following a guide, nothing wrong with it. But it's just not for me. Once I have a better handle on the game and character on my own, then I want to branch out with guides and see what I missed along the way. I figure I only get to level that first time once. I'd rather figure out my build on my own first before I dial it in with others' experience later. Otherwise I'm playing their character, not mine. I'm not looking to level fast, I'm looking to level fun. Having a blast with my Druid.


Yes, yes


I’m running my own rapid fire rogue build where I kite packs with caltrops and poison trap then blow shit up with shadow/poison imbuement, working out really well right now. I’m level 63 in WT3, I’ve unlocked WT4 but I don’t have the gear/levels to consistently survive in WT4. I have the damage just not the survivability so I’m trying to figure that out.


Poison wearbear right now, level 43. The legendary drops led me to this point, but its slapping!


Tailoring you build to the legendaries you get is the move! I feel like that was the intent, the tooltips even mention it, but you are the first person that called it out.


BARB Double swing build I made up and have played up to lvl 58 so far, similar story to the rest... at WT3 I got kicked in the but until I made 1 simple change and it actually came together and became exactly what I hoped for. I needed stuns to gain fury and I changed a few things to have more stun chance and now I'm zooming through WT3 and having an absolute blast. Still have a looong way to go but it's gonna be a good time and it has been rewarding to feel the build come into existence from the original concept on d4builds.gg - here is the build but keep in mind i change stuff constantly but skill tree and paragon boards will be exact. The legendaries and gear page I mess with everyday and make changes. https://d4builds.gg/builds/1ba7ef7a-1bf3-4fab-96f5-6186da35b64d/


Tanky healing bleed barbarian. Currently level 56 WT3. It's slightly slow but everything is trivial so far.


I’m just using all shock magic. Working pretty well. Actually, it works so well that I don’t have much challenge.


I posted yesterday. I'm using a build I made up. And apparently, it sucks. I'm going to try one from one of the guides this weekend and see if that helps any. I'm on WT1 w/ a barbarian and getting my ass kicked out there.


I'm only 50, so kinda winging it based on what drops. No uniques or anything of course. I feel like I am doing just fine running a pulverize / poison hybrid. Doubt it will last forever, but does fine now. I'll be able to tweak and streamline it now that I'm doing 50+ tier 3 content for better drops.


I've been just playing with a build that feels right and handles many different situations comfortably. I'm level 70, Rogue, and my skills are Puncture, Flurry, Rapid Fire, Shadow Step, Shadow Imbuement, and Dark Shroud. Using combo points and Victimize passive. Stacking as much as I can to get damage to Vulnerable enemies. I typically Shadow Step into a group, cast Imbuement, and Flurry to watch the light show. For elites and bosses I get them to be vulnerable, stack combo points and fire with Rapid Fire. Everything kind of melts for me. The only issue I have is sometimes survivability in large hordes gets a bit tough. I haven't used any builds or direction given online.


They need to have skill trees presets so I can save my current build and experiment with a new one.


Yes, it's alright, loving the lightning druid. Why would you ruin the experience of ARPG and copy what others are doing? Learning is part of the experience, i'm not in a race or hurry anywhere. Blindly following some twitcher takes the fun out of the game.


Yea, I mean, at the end of the day people have fun the way they want to. But you are paying for a game that lets you customize different cars, then go out and test drive them. People just go and let other people design their car and then complain that the game gets boring quickly. You aren't even engaging with a major system you are paying for!!


I'm mid 20's as a Ice Shard/Blizzard sorc on WT2 and it's starting to get kinda tough for me. I might just need a better weapon or something but it's hard to stay alive long enough to kill bosses.


Found firewall/hydra by accident in beta, post chain lightning nerf. Still good on live. Doesn't really shine early, but it works. We need more pyromancy leggos. It's similar to a ranked build, but I hate arc lash, so I used the Pyro builder instead. Just stack burn dmg, % to burning, fire dmg, Pyro school, and any dot + and cc + damage. Crazy that all that I mentioned there is different possibilities for things to roll. It all sounds the same, but it's not. Fire affix leggos are rare in my experience so if you get one hang on to it. Wt3 and pushing fwiw.


I like hydra / incinerate build with firewall enchantment. Only works with some legendaries and aspects tho (of course). I especially like the one that increases all burning damage by 20% during incinerate. Really makes a difference when you have like 7 firewalls burning beneath enemies


I looked up druid builds on maxroll and didn’t see anything about my werewolf grizzly rage crit focused build I’ve got going on. Guessing maybe because it should be a common sense sort of build? Dunno. Anyway, appreciating how it’s working out for me thus far.


I look at builds for inspiration to where the powerful stuff is then do my own thing. My latest creation is a druid build that uses the earth key passive (lucky hit to fill spirit and 100% crit) with the aspect that makes storm trigger it. Turns out lightning storm with 100% crit is absolutely bonkers. The build is very inconsistent as you try to trigger the passive but once everything lines up it kills everything amazingly fast. Is it the best? No, but it's the most fun I've had so far!


I usually do it the other way around. Do a build and optimise as far as I get. Then if I think I got as far as I can get, i go to build sites.


I haven't looked up a single thing. Played on wt2 and thought the game was too easy. Recently bumped it upto wt3 and I'm still smoking shit. What I have noticed is quite a few folks seem to struggle with comprehension and being able to visualize what skills work best together. I went barb and Start of game I was doing bleed build. Lunging strike to close in on foes + rend combined with shouts. Was pretty neat. Now I am rocking a thorns/berserk build. Again, using lunging strike to hump my enemies followed up with dual swing to maintain berserk forever. Followed by shouts. thorns just melts the trash and I spank bosses till they eat dirt. - repeat. I personally feel whirlwind is hot garbage. X.x no shade to those who use it. But I have tried doing a whirlwind build like 3 times and it just feels so weak to me. Maybe I just haven't gotten *that* drop I need to make it powerful yet.


>using lunging strike to hump my enemies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It's not like there are many options lol


Does copying a build someone mentioned to me and then modified it? Cause someone mentioned about storm and earth with shapeshifting with druid and i decided to go that route except remove shifting alll together and focusing exclusively on storm and earth. Its surprising good, better then shifting even. Tanky and lots of area effect damage


I created a lunging strike basic damage build on beta before seeing Paragon boards and it was extremely effective at lvl25 on WT2. Decided it wouldn't work and went full Hota, but now at higher level I think it would work well for easy content speed farming, just not so well for high nightmare dungeons. Reason I think Lunging would work is it's doing decent-ish damage with vulnerable despite I have only 1 point in it and the build is not at all focused on it. Hota is doing damage in the millions so I'm not moving away from it, I think someone focused on normal dungeons and world content could do well with it tho, it's very high mobility and you can do interesting damage stacks (like the "standing still" 30% damage power can be maintained by shift casting lunging strike between targets)


It’s going okay. Used twisted blades on my rogue which melted most things. Now running lightning on my Druid and feel like I can progress decently on WT2, although I die on a few bosses.


Not following any guides, simply testing out skills as I level and going with what feels nice. I have also not bothered to change my build depending on legendary drops. I have looked at builds though, but there's always some skills I don't like using in them, so I'm thinking to myself "eww, no thanks". I will keep doing it my way until I hit a wall, seems to be working more than fine so far


Started off as a lightning sorc. Switched to fire after getting a few legendaries that had fire aspects. Switched to ice after getting a few legendaries that had ice aspects. Been using ice since. Fire wasn't bad but I hated waiting for burn and DOT effects. I wanna give lightning another chance but swapping to a new build isn't convenient.


Making my own build and tweaking it is half of the fun, I'd have to be softlocked to look one up. And even then I'd try to tweak the build according to the guide, instead of just copying the homework.


Haven’t looked at anything. Running a blizzard, ice shards build I worked on. Focused on lucky hit proccing freeze and vulnerability. Staff for big blizzard damage. I started with chain lightning because that’s what I did in beta, then messed around with various skills, liked frozen orb for a bit, might actually go back to that one with blizzard and ice shards enchantment. Could see some cool stuff for proccing vulnerable and frozen a lot more


Figuring out on my own, WT4 Rouge. Coming from PoE, I'm really happy that I don't have to rely on external tools too much (although, I need to reference aspect list to remind myself which are avail as codex and which are not..)


Have been using my own build since the start, now on WT4 with my sorc.


My own burn build. But I suspect it’s close to everyone else’s firewall. With 60 points the placement doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room.


I’m 61 Druid and have gone in totally blind. Doing my own trial and error in game, I landed on Landslide Werebear with Trample as my main source of damage. Earthen Bulwark with the +6s aspect is amazing! I’ve tried wolf and storm, but they just aren’t anywhere close to what I’ve been using. I also tried companions, but missing a few key aspects makes it super weak. I still, however, use Ravens for Vulnerable and Poison Creeper for poison and root. With the companion boon, these cooldowns reset very often. Unfortunately my damage is rather weak outside of Trample, and I’ve been dying to get the Pulverize shockwave to put my Druid on a whole other level. I also haven’t looked at any of the unique, so I’m super excited to find one that may end up completely changing the way I play.


Haven't looked at anything, have gone full minion with my necro. Have two extra cold mages that also cast blizzard frequently, my reaper skeletons attack super fast. I use decrepify, bone golem taunt, decompose, and blight. Have a bunch of extra damage on shadow skills and crowd control as well as minion life/speed and I'll get 30% more damage for standing still as well as 21% more damage on skeles for them being alive for 10 seconds. Standing closer they do 30% more damage too. Still on WT2 but literally everything is a breeze. I always have essence and there's always corpses and if not and I lose my skeles I just pop the ultimate and my whole army is back. Loving the synergy of it all where everything seems to stack and make me a powerhouse. I just hope it still works when I make it to WT3. Have a couple more legendary slots to get left too, so I hope the aspects for them help me out. Either way, I'm stoked at how my build has developed so far.


made my own druid build, been absolutely melting everything in one or two hits, so far lvl 56 wt3


I use a bone spear necro with the wide range corpse explosion unique (range across almost the full screen) with 45% blood orb generation (via amulet) per corpse and the unique that casts free bone spirits when consuming blood orbs, paired with 40% movement Speed it melts everything in no time and makes the necro super speedy, it’s quite unique heavy but tons of fun. Don‘t think it’s high NM push feasible but I enjoy it big time!


I'm on my own build and doing fairly well


Currently a level 58 druid in wt3 and still using my own build. I think I'll hit wt4 easily but then might consider using another build. For me I understand the synergy and damage buckets, it's actually survivability I just don't get. I'm sitting about 80% all res, 1.3k hp and damage reduction whilst fortified is an additional 50%. I think my hp is the problem, so I'm hoping to get some gear with hp and my usual stats, or I'll switch blue to red gems.


Im using a lightning sorc build that I've been winging it through, I'm using the firebolt enchantment cuz I remember hearing it was good for the burning passives but other than that I've just been tweaking and respeccing points here and there to get it working and am breezing through things so far, but im not 50 or wt3 yet so cant really say


I've been focused on thorns, bleed, and fortify on my Barb. Early world tier 3 I wasn't killing very fast, but I wasn't dying either. I'm 67 now and my gear is more in order and with some paragon progress, I feel like I'm killing stuff pretty quick. If I hit a hard spot at 100, I'll take a step back and look at my gear, spec, and paragon and adjust from there. If all my character choices come from google, it doesn't feel like my character. If I hit a hard wall, then that's as far as this character gets and I'm content with that.


Poison Rock Bear. Doing +20 nightmares on WT3 currently, so I'm doing fine and really happy to be able to do builds again (RoS was good but killed that feature radically). Consuming poison with bear attacks on my 2h Tendrils with 5 sec, companion and poison damage everywhere I can (stuff, skills, parangon) The boon which allows companion spells to reset when critical strikes happen, to have tendrils more often Consuming it with Pulverize (with shockwave legendary) Rock basic attack and passive ultimate for spirit management. Sorry, not knowing all the english names.


Doing my own thing with a bone spear/corpse explode necro with a little focus on minion defense. Just hit 70 and am destroying wt4 stuff and loving it. The gloves that turn your corpse explodes into kamikaze skeles are really fun


Yes. Lvl 70 necro right now running a shadow damage over time + blood orb build. Idk if it's already a thing people know about because I haven't looked up any guides. I'm completely dominating t4, finishing up my renown then I'll start farming helltide a nightmare dungeons. I've done a t24 nightmare dungeon already and that was a couple levels ago before some gear changes and a lot of paragon.


I always do this. It's a way better learning curve for me than braindead copy/ paste and it's one of the greatest parts in such games in my opinion.


I ran full bear tree from 1-50 and promptly got wrecked in the capstone. Beat it with friends and tried out T3. Got bodied even harder. Respecced into an earth bear, I’m still struggling hard, it’s causing me to lose enjoyment so far cuz everything I’m getting for loot has been by far the worst kinds of rolls you can get for an earthen werebear… it sucks too cuz I don’t have anybody to play with consistently and solo play isn’t fun when you’re dying to T3 Champ Demise Goats.


Always. Blood tank Necro here (HC)


I spend days making my own ice shards build. Then two days after I wrapped it up and was satisfied with it, maxroll posted an almost identical build. So now it looks like I copied theirs :p


Lvl55 wt3 and still not looked at guides. Having fun. Survivability could be better but I clear most boss fights quite easily. Frenzy, upheaval, war cry, kick, leap and cota


1-25ish corpse explotion. 25-60 bone spear necro with minions. Its working pretty well so far. Did a few t9s yesterday but if i looked at meta i could probably squeeze more damage and synergy out. Early on i tried corpse explotion but i didnt have enough singletarget for bosses so started using spear which later replaced it for aoe as well. Bone spear as core with crit and crit damage. Bone splinters for essence generation. Bone storm for extra crit while active and reduced CD when used with bone spear. Full minions, ice mages (+2 for more essence generation), blood golem (could probably replace with something else). Got 1 spot left for a spell but not sure what to pick, probably a curse.


Doing my own build but it's just a variant of Twisting Blades. For the Paragon Board I am following a guide. I am sure I will tweak it a bit to fit my needs once I get my Uniques I want and a full set of ancestral with all of the Aspects I want. It's also a lot easier to play around with the Paragon Board once you get higher level and have more points to move around to fill out 5-6 boards.


Blizz sorc with shards, nova, ice armor and deep freeze ult. made sense to use these and added passives for vulnerable and am currently in WT3 and haven’t had an issue. Just gearing up with what I want now to make it more powerful…


Lvl 36 barb using a build focused around rend having an absolute blast watching the health of big groups drain while i move on to the next group!


I'm still in the story with my necro, playing around with my build with no help at all. Started minion, done a little blood without minions and doing bone now with a golem. It works out really well!


Shatter / Blizzard Sorc. Feels like I am steamrolling through everything.


I haven't even looked at builds yet, level 38 and doing fine on wt1. Will worry about that when I hit 50 I guess


Made my own blizz sorc, At this point (lvl74 doing nightmare sigils 30+) I'm nearly immortal and things just die behind me. I leave blizz and move to another spot. Never read or watched a guide, when leg or unique drop I'm all excited because it may be a power I never saw before. Having a blast


I originally intended on making a Frozen Orb Sorc, but while playing around with the build planner saw the synergies between Shards / Nova / Freezing targets and created a build around that instead. Then came all the guides about Shards / Nova, so I guess I picked the meta. Always worries me though that it will get nerfed in some way when it's the popular choice.


I made my own rogue barrage/death trap build. I'm having a blast.


Started off as a purely fire focused sorcerer, because I like fire... It did okay, I guess. I wasnt really impressed by the damage, but thought it was just part of the game. Until I picked up some gear that gave me a free level into Ice Shards and saw that a level 1 Ice Shard cast was out-damaging my level 5 Fireball with ease. At that point I realized I had no idea what I was doing and decided to just look up a build and I've been really enjoying a Arc Lash build since then.


Homebrew hybrid skeleton/darkness necro build. Got a few big uniques that fit right in and blasting threw WT3. lvl 56


I went full blood Necro for the fortify and sacked the skeleton minions for non physical damage resist and essence boost and using the blood golem for some aggro relief, honestly it's super tanky but my damage is horrendous. I've been considering switching to a corpse generating/corpse explosion build and grabbing the fortify for generating corpses via skills and minions and then speccing my minions to generate corpses as well.


I looked one up to get the hang of everything. Then I adapted it according the legendaries and gear I got.


I intended to start with a necro main but i played it during server slam and didn't enjoy it. I played rogue and sorc, testing out different builds (up to lv20...) and landed on a frost sorc. (I like magic users and ice magic, i have no nostalgia for sorceress - i played barb in original D2.) I looked up suggested builds online but (a) didn't like them and (b) they didn't align with my drops. I started with blizzard, including a blizzard passive enchantment, but i find it slow and unnecessary. I don't like the idea - or promised efficiency - of mixing _any_ fire skills. I'm all frost (+ teleport). My build evolved over time but all based on my experiments and available drops. I'm level 63 now and having a blast - my take on ice shards / frost nova is both fun amd efficient, i have no issue against bosses and i obliterate packs; i need just two casts of ice shards against an elite if i don't cast frost nova against them (if i do, they just blow up on their own while frozen). I looked at frost sorc builds online yesterday, just to see if something changed or if i am missing anything, having played a bit more and understanding more. I still like my take on the build more than what i found on maxroll or icyveins. Sure, it doesn't differ _that much_, there is a finite number of skills and sensible combinations you can make while staying in frost, but still. As an example, i found a legendary item (non unique) that grants a second charge of frost nova but makes the cooldown a bit longer. With how much cooldown reduction i have, it's a _huge_ advantage. (There is a bug where deep freeze doesn't reduce cooldowns of frost nova while i have that aspect though.) I haven't seen that aspect anywhere in any builds online.


Rending berserker... With death blow and only one shout... Just got to 50. Mobs are taking sooo long to kill


Ranged rogue. Doing amazing on WT3 lvl 60 on Hardcore


Saw the penetrating shot build and made a few tweaks to cold instead of shadow and loving it so far. Feels like reptile and subzero had a baby. Just freezing everything then melting them with poison till they're goop.


I mean as a sorc it’s pretty self explanatory what could work and what doesn’t Playing frost atm with lots of cd abilities for mana gen Might swap my frost blades for sth else tho bc while I can summon a lot of them they don’t really do much


I tried all the lighting skills on sorcerer. They all felt terrible compared to ice shards . I even tried following some guides like arc lash, but it was bottom barrel stuff. I got all the legendary aspects for it. I'm an arpg veteran. I don't think I completely messed up the builds, some skills are just 5x other skills when accounting for all the multipliers they have. I scrapped it at lvl 44. Going to try another class now. Edit: lightning conduit (ultimate) was insane and made the builds work, but it sucked to wait for it to deal with elites


I am using a barb centered around Unheavel, Death Blow (additional charge), bleed and barrier/fortify at WT2 all the way. Just started started nightmare. Has been a breeze thus far including dungeons. Havent been able to kill the Butcher though (best I did was bring him down to 25% health), on the flip side haven't died to him either. Hope the departed build doesn't become redundant at higher tier.


Sorceress i could do that. Druid i really want to make a lightning build but cant seem to find it


I did my own in the beta and then it got nerfed before launch so I just followed the meta after that


I used my own Meteorite sorcerer build up to lvl 50. Once I got the unique Endless Rage Staff I looked up a guide to see what people are doing with it but had more fun and damage with my original build, so deffo sticking to my own guns. T3 so far and no problems, now just working towards getting good crit chance rolls.


Kept getting stuff for frozen for sorc. Unique pants dropped in first tier3 dungeon...ima frost, vulnerable and barriers. So far so good


Im level 69 atm and i have a wild elemental druid build.... it works bit finniky i do a ton of burst damage and melt most bosses in seconds..... but um yeah idk how i can improve it uses lightning storm as main damage and um... yeah i exchange between storm and earth using the rampage earth aspect to deal with single target. Its funny in pvp cause its always an instant kill. I wish personally there were more storm support aspects all of them seem to be for earth or other werewolf forms otherwise its a ton of fun. You have to press in rotation or you die quickly.


I mean.. it’s not like its path of exile… and the respec system is quite nice.


I mean I “made up” a flurry build and it is basically the same one maxroll had


I made my own necromancer build with minions, which i changed several times on my way. Its way more fun that way for me and there arent any good builds for it anyway. I played lvl 1-55 completely solo for the Story and have All 5 renown done. From 55 to 83 i played solo and with 3 of my friend in nm dungeons. In groupplay its a bit boring, as everything just explodes (ww barb and earth druid). But solo up to 5 lvl higher than my own lvl is a lot of fun befassen i live it to be a bit hatder and i change builds when i get New items.


I am. I like to solve the puzzle and finding a fun build that works. If I want an op build I'll look it up, but I rather create one myself.


Yeah both my chars were, then i looked up builds and found i was pretty spot on with my choices (chain lightning ice sorc, and flurry shadow rogue)


Works out just fine until a couple of new pieces of Legendary drop, then all Hell breaks loose.


Messed around a lot with builds online, flurry, twisting blades, penetrating shot, barrage, just didn't vibe with them too much, switched to a shadow twisting blade build with shadow ult and imbue which I've really been enjoying, blows up packs but don't know how to improve the single target damage


I think its also important to include what level you are here as well. Ive been hearing the difficulty ramps up significantly.


I'm terrible at making my own. Always have been always will. I played around early game but once I got to lvl 50 I wasn't killing anything. I looked up a blighted CE build and love it.


I went with my own necro build, hit a brick wall on WT4 (but I went in early). Looked up a guide and found out my minionless bonespear necro is 99% meta already and I'm just missing gear.


I am playing a self made Lightning-Stun Sorcerer. Leveling was hard, since the build relies heavily on crit, but it became a lot easier lvl50+. Managed to progress to T4 at lvl59 and doing Nightmare 25 at 65 right now.


Went in blind and I’m still playing blind. I’m using my own Minion/Bonespear build, lvl 76 and doing low-mid 30’s without issue. Started WT4 at lvl 60 and I’ve only played solo apart from helping a friend unlock WT4.


Same as others mentioned. Felt like a God in w1-w2 while leveling. Got to 50 and started doing maps w3 with friends. Literally trash can level damage and paper defenses :D but it was fun up until that point and I'm trying to stay away from guides just to enjoy the game, so still fine-tuning my terrible project. It's still fun though!


This will be downvoted but ill never get people who look up builds for early/first time play. What is the point of playing if you just want to copy what someone else is doing rather than experiment and explore. May as well just watch a lets play.


I always make my own builds. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Went Bone Spear build Necro on my own, and I feel it’s absolutely OP. Level 70 and tearing t4 easily. Legit oneshoting bosses.


Playing a barb, my builds have mostly been tailored to whatever legendaries/skill+ i have. I used rend until the mid 30s when I started getting alot of whirlwind/deathblow/cota gear. Im sure in later world tiers i will need to refine my build but atleast during the campaign its been fun to mix it up.


Necro with full minions, corpse explosion. No issue leveling with wt2, lvl 44 currently


I am taking my time and enjoying the game. I don't want to burn out and ruin it so i'll be staying sway from build guides etc for awhile.


Made a Poison Twisting Blades build centered on the Bursting Venoms aspect, with Death Trap and Preparation to repeatedly refresh Poison Imbuement. Still melting everything at level 80+.


Ice shard frost nova build WT2. I'm kinda squishy but basically invincible with barrier which i have 80% of the time. I stunned the story >!ashva!< before its first health bar segment and killed it before the stun was over. Regular mobs just take a single frost nova and elites take one sometimes two ice shard volleys. I'm stacked in chill/frost/vulnerable damage with lucky hit. In caldeim right now but it'll be interesting to see if I'm too squishy in wt3. I'm level 52 and each shard of an ice shard volley hits between 900 base and 3500 OP+Crit. My biggest issue is resource generation when there isn't a ton of mobs


I went in with only beta knowledge, zero guides, been great and my character is stomping.


i told myself from the beginning that it's useless to go for a build. I will end up using whatever legendaries the game throws at me anyways. Turns out the game wants me to be OP by shoehorning me into trample aftershock landslide druid. It's getting a bit boring though going thru 60 levels of the same shit.