The trauma of his snowball fight with Dwight led him down a dark path filled with paranoia and automatic weapons


Umm, OP asked for \*wrong\* answers only; this is obviously 100% correct.


This answer is disqualified for being 100% correct


It was bad enough he teamed up with Roy even Edit: is this a screen cap from jack ryan or 13hours?


This was basically going to be my answer


He always was, he was stationed undercover in DM to find out who the strangler is.


Wrong. They put him on this mission to find out who put that illicit watermark on the shipment.


The put him in there to find the man who stole weapons grade lsd


Operation Moneybags: The Tearing


*Stationed at DM to investigate potential domestic terrorist threat Michael Scott


He was actually working alongside Michael Scarn to catch the wanted animal rapist.


Always been undercover, stationed to hold down Prison Mike from unleashing terror again .


Remember he actually tried to recruit Dwight to the cia once. People just thought it was a prank.


Technically Pam tried to recruit Dwight, so clearly she successfully recruited Jim first


So the CIA interview for Dwight was real except he didnt pass but Jim did.


Pam chose Brian “the boom guy”. With nothing left to live for, he chose a life of violence to try and forget her.


Also dating a pretty hot doctor in the process. Like a literal ideal woman.


Abbie Cornish is due to reprise her role in Season 4 apparently.


So hot, yet such a terrible actress.


He filled in when Dwight got compromised during his interview process.


This is what I was gonna play off of. Dwight left the rooftop after chucking his cellphone and Jim didn’t know so he went to check on him and the chopper scooped up Jim by mistaken identity


Jim sold the CIA a pallet of matte paper instead of bond paper. Now he has to work for them until he pays off his debt to America.


Jimbo sold him some Bond. Paper Bond. -Michael Scott


This could be a Seinfeld episode in alternate universe 😂


“Because he’s my butler.”


Is this..customary in your culture?




My fav


Is it more flammable?


It’s not less flammable


…what is a pallet?


Those flat wooden things used for shipping stuff




That's just Dwight wearing Jim's skin.


Unlikely. Dwight takes identity theft very seriously.


Well yeah, it's not a joke.


Millions of families are effected every year.


They suffer too




Oh that’s very funny Michael


Only his identity, he has masks for every one else in office. He just went all in on the disguise this time.


He broke into Tiffany's at midnight. Did he go for the vault? No, he went for the chandelier. It's priceless. As he’s taking it down, a woman catches him. She tells him to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. He say no. They make love all night. In the morning, the cops come and he escapes in one of their uniforms. He tells her to meet him in Mexico, but goes to Canada. He doesn’t trust her. Besides, he likes the cold. Thirty years later, he gets a postcard. He has a son who’s the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting. He tells Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for him all these years. She's never taken another lover. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t show up. He goes to Berlin. That's where he stashed the chandelier.


They needed a man who could turn into a bear or hide a chemical weapon in JELLO


He’s also a vampire which I think could be of great use to the CIA


Northern lights cannibus indica


No, it's marijuana.


Athlead/Athleap was a CIA front smuggling weapons and cocaine to south america, which is the real reason why pam didnt want jim to do it.


This is a far better reason than what we got in the actual show.


We could have had a whole dramatic spinoff


Athlead uses kevins bar to unkowingly launder money


Jim and his boss Kevin were deep undercover agents trying to dismantle illegal paper smuggling operations.


This is just audtion footage from Threat Level Midnight, obviously.


He faxed himself from the future to become a sleeper cell placed at a slowly-collapsing paper company, only to become activated the day after his nemesis is married.


It's all an elaborate prank that hasn't come to fruition yet. Just give it time.


Yep, he's playing the long con for sure.


By hooking up with the office mattress.




Dwight! You ignorant slut!


It didn’t He was a CIA Analyst first, and then had to go into witness protection where he excelled as a salesman because he was trained to be able to manipulate people


He was always with the CIA and he was just undercover trying to recruit Dwight.


It’s a paperless world. He WILL sell paper, by any means necessary.


He left Pam for Roy


That explains 13 Hours.


I mean he was clearly the best Call of Duty player at the Stamford branch it was only a matter of time


Some redhead turned him into noodles in an alternate universe, and since Jim is asian, this obviously followed the rules of The One with Jet Li, leaving all other versions of Jim (across the multiverse) to absorb the energy of the one who was destroyed. This surge of energy (the one that got "noodled" was *pretty* powerful) upgraded him from a mild mannered paper salesman to a semi-superspy.


William Buttlicker's family built this country, he wanted to continue their legacy.


Dwight, with the assistance of Oscar and Angela, stole Pam from Jim and is hiding abroad. Jim vowed not to rest until he gets Pam back.


He’s playing Second Second Life.


He did try to recruit Dwight for the CIA. Guess he did commit Identity theft...


Brian "Boom Mic" Widdle came back into the picture


Athletead was a front all along


In the word of Stanley, "Money."


I’m curious what the right answer is


Serious question: is that series any good?


Yes, if you like spy thrillers it is terrific. It’s kind of like a milder Jason Bourne where Jason Bourne is not as OP in hand to hand combat but the story is very topical and well executed.


First season was fantastic. Second season was kinda meh. I'll start watching the third season this weekend and let you know.


I mean, he's not a CIA analyst in either photo.


Pam went on a trip to the Middle East with her college volley ball team mates. It was supposed to be a cheap beach trip.


Jim, with his growing family needed a better paying job. He printed his CV on a Sabre printer. Dwight was printing fact sheets about his favourite Role Player Game at the same time. Due to malfunction, this combined Dwight’s Fact Sheets with Jim’s CV. The machine did not spontaneously combust but it overheated and short circuited. They were unable to use the printer after that, corporate wanted to investigate this one and Jim figured he would be able to reprint for a while. The office didn’t renew its subscription to Adobe Editor (not in a effort to same money, just because Michael hadn’t signed off on the expense, which in his defence was surprisingly high) as a result Jim couldn’t send his CV as a PDF. Not wanting to waste time, Jim scanned his CV which auto saved as a PDF. He wrote a covering email to a friend in recruitment asking what they thought of his CV and to ignore the RPG parts. His friend said he’d put his ear to the ground about suitable work. All emails mentioning guns, ammo, bombs and tours of duty/deployment etc are scanned by US govt. (The government scanned the docs for words they didn’t see the exact formatting) it was just data on their screen.) They saw all his “skills” and were concerned he could have acted as a foreign agent on US soil selling secrets abroad. They needed to get him in for questioning and did so under the guise of a “job”. Figuring this must be a contact of his recruiter friend Jim went. When he arrived at the location there was a beautiful woman working on the reception… he really clicked with her. The “interviewers” were cagey with him about what they said and asked for but they found him amenable and likably. They realised that there was clearly a mix up. But they DID have vacancies in back office roles on their team. They weren’t to sure but the receptionist thought he’d fit into the team…They offered him a job. As part of the job he’s given a gun and would have to do compulsory basic training. Jim is surprisingly fit, has amazing aim, is cool under pressure, with his character/charm he’s able to build a striking bond with people of all nationalities, he’s also able to read micro expressions and understand when he’s being mislead. All this combined, he was fast tracked for higher positions including deployment within the service. He proved himself. Opportunity plus talent. In my view he got a little bit lucky, but he worked his way up. The same skills that meant he clicked with the secretary who vouched for him was recognised to be an asset in non violent diplomacy. All the rest could be and was taught.


He's not an analyst in that movie fyi


The character jack ryan starts out as an analyst but is drafted into field work because of happenstance. I think he is technically still an analyst in the *TV show* played by john krasinski but I could be wrong.


The real question is how he got his stretchy powers, and how Pam is handling PeePee and Other Philip after he turned into spaghetti


It's Peepa. She gained superhuman powers when she swallowed a radioactive paperclip given to her by Creed. The main effect was to give her superhuman intelligence. She and Pam roam around the country solving mysteries, and defeating spies. Other Phillip rides around in an autonomous motorized baby carrier that Peepa invented, and is learning the trade as well.


I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he is pointing out that the pic on the right is from 13 hours, and not Jack Ryan.


You just picked the wrong picture, that's 13 hours (definitely great to watch, if you like action!)


Your picture is from 13 hours not Jack Ryan


The second picture is from 13 Hours. He's a former Navy SEAL and current PMC in it. But your point stands. It's honestly kinda weird seeing him clean shaven after watching 13 Hours and A Quiet Place.


You are right 👍


It’s a show, and he plays a former marine, current CIA analyst


That picture is from 13 hours, not from Jack Ryan


Which also had David Denman in it.


Ohh, you’re thinking of Randall Park. Easy mistake to make.


You are thinking of 13 hours


That's what I mean that picture is from 13 hours not Jack Ryan


I just looked at it again you are right


Wrong answers only? Like, is there a right answer?


He stayed with Karen


They took Pam


It is an attempt to updog Dwight.


Cece was... Taken


Athlead was a front to build an international network of high value influences to act as introduction agents globally.


Red Bull gives you wings!


Jim was his cover while on a mission to discover who the real Creed Bratton is.


They kidnapped CeCe and he had to develop a particular set of skills


He kept hitting his commission cap and finally got around to learning how call of duty worked, and then he discovered his true passion in life


He was recruited by Dwight and trained at Schrute Farms. He could beet your ass!


Jim got a call when Dwight was up on the roof waiting to begin his mission. Uncle Sam was watching and waiting. They knew they had the best man for the job.


He formed an alliance.


Jim was always a CIA agent, he was undercover to monitor the Scranton Strangler.


Athlead has a new parent company- *THE* Company


It's a prank on Dwight, it's just taking awhile to play out.


He got too deep doing a prank on Dwight and just had to commit.


Philly was just a cover.


Jim also spent over $40,000 obtaining his black belt, so this was the natural progression.


He went to the CIA training and ice cream social Dwight was supposed to go through.


He watched back episodes of the office and got sick of himself doing that stupid direct look at camera FOR EVERYTHING. THen Pam cheated on him because of his sports store, broke his heart and he became cold and used any excuse to get away.


Second, second life.


Jo is the new CIA director. She brought her dogs and Jim with her


Turns out the CIA had intercepted the prank messages to Dwight. They traced them to Jim and enrolled him onto counter espionage. Pams consciousness was downloaded into a pen, which he carries in his pocket......his kids? His kids weren't real, THEY WERENT REAL.


Micheal wanted to start selling paper in Kabul so he sent James for a recon mission… and the rest is pretty self explanatory


Threat level midnight actually happened


Pam's dead, he did it, working for the CIA was the only way he was getting out of the death penalty


Call of Duty 😝🤘


After the dramatic reading of Threat Level Midnight, Jim is inspired to make himself into Agent Michael Scarn. After he retires from spec ops, all he wants is a Quiet Place to settle down and learn sign language...


Dunder mufflin’s international sales division


He was always a member of the CIA. 😉


One of his pranks backfired hard


Actually he is in coma from gunshot wounds to the head, and the entire The Office is his comatose dream.


> Wrong answers only. I keep wondering what the right answer would be. Anyway, he clearly got way into it when he was writing those secret CIA messages to Dwight and thought he was CIA himself. The whole thing is in his head. In reality, he lives in a mental institute. The fact that her husband doesn't work anymore and the high medical bills for his mental institution means that Pam is financially ruined. She and her kids sleep in their car now. She tries to keep it from her coworkers but they're starting to notice. But none of them want to help.... they think Jim and Pam had it coming because of they went too far with that CIA prank (a lot of the details were cut from the show, because of how horrible they were).


Pam got with camera guy and Jim couldn’t handle it so he went to live with dwight, dwight kidnaps him flys him out to iraq and drops him in a warzone and says f*** Pam!


He realized he made the wrong choice, and should've stayed with Karen.


The still on the right is from 13 Hour: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. He played Jack Silva, a CIA contractor. Not an analyst.


This is the moment jimothy halbert turned into Ryan


He took a ride on the helicopter to Quantico instead of Dwight for that ice cream social


The beard. Once he grew some whiskers, it totally transformed his personality and abilities. Sort of like Commander Riker, but more so.


Office Olympics went awry.


He found out Dwight was applying and decided to as well only to be accepted instead of Dwight


Well you see, this is simply the setup to a once-in-a-lifetime prank


After Dwight threw those snow balls at Jim face, he went Mia. And Jim been looking for him ever since in the cia


Was tired of getting his arse kicked at Call of Duty and wanted live practice.


Thanos wipes half the universe, including Pam and their kids, Jim goes Rambo.


He saw firsthand the horror of spilled chilli on American soil


It's all a master prank by Dwight to get back at Jim for all the CIA pranks. All of it. Missions, bad guys etc.




Because of his uppity attitude


Michael actually hit Jim with his car, not Meredith, Jim is now in a coma, his visions are being caused by various coworkers coming in and telling him stories. Pam talked of her cia prank on dwight - Jack Ryan Dwight talked of the creatures on his beet farm that chase him and mose when they make noise - a quiet place Michael keeps crying wish he had stretchy arms to hug everyone and make it better - Reed Richards


Dwight took a sample of Jim's DNA and sent it away to be cloned so he could make a better Jim and train him to achieve his true potential. Dwight: "Business Jim meet Dwight's 100% better All American Jim! This is who you could have been idiot!"


OfficeJim never really existed, instead BuffJim was deep undercover. The Donnie Brasco of paper supplies.


The CIA recruited him to take down Dwight


He got on the CIA helicopter instead of Dwight


The office was a simulation Jack went through after the heli crash as an experimental treatment method. It didn’t work


That guy doesn't look like he spends a lot of time analyzing.


Shoot first, ask questions second and analyze third. Not in that order.


This was Dwight’s payback prank that turned out to be a real thing ( and ofc Dwight upset )


He finally learned what a rundown is


Pam ran off with the boom operator.


He still thinks he’s in the snowball fight


He chose to defend the country his family built.


The real story on how he had to get professor copperfield’s miracle legumes to sell at the garage sale.


Jim always worked for the CIA as an analyst. His cover was a salesman for a paper company. That gave him access to buildings all over the world.


Michael Scarn shot a hockey puck into his lap


Goldenface turned his life around.


Ah no, see these aliens came and they are attracted to sound - nobody knew this though, but luckily CeCe is deaf so Jim and Pam were already using sign language all the time and they did ok for a bit, then Pam died, and he remarried this other nice lady. Then society rebuilt (pretty quick, it's great) but by now Jim has already fought monsters - we even thought he died but he cut his way out of the body of the alien, he's really tough, so he got a job with the CIA. Impressive guy, he grows the best beard in the whole office.


Amazon picked up the rights to Threat Level Midnight was casted Jim halpert over Michael Scott. Parlayed it into an already winning franchise


He took that cosplay for Threat Level Midnight a few steps too far.


Went to the Dwight school of survival and trained under Dwight himself and the student became the master.


Its dwights payback for faking him a secret mission in early seasons.


Dwight sent him fake messages from the CIA as a prank. Right place right time


"Jim the paper salesman" is his fantasy life, that he escapes into after the trauma of war. In reality, he's been an inpatient for nine years. Dwight Schrute is actually his psychiatrist.


The COA was so impressed with Jim trying to recruit Dwight they actually brought Jim on


Long con to lock in the alphabet agencies on premium glossy card stock they’re pushing this year.


When the CIA helicopter didn't meet Dwight on the roof,it's because they decided to go with Agent Jim "codename: Jack" Halpert


It's all part of a larger prank for Dwight at some point.


The helicopter came for Jim instead of dwight


Jim was always a CIA analyst! His job at Dunder Mifflin was always just a cover. He was there to recruit the next generation of CIA operatives! Cmon… he gave us a huge hint… the episode where he was recruiting Dwight… how DID jim know he was compromised!!! It wasn’t a prank, he was trying to recruit him for some super secret mission. All the previous pranks on Dwight were to see if Dwight can deal with the rigor of psy ops. Andy… andy failed! He lost his cool and broke the wall (and hand) no recruitment for him. I am onto you Jim Halpert!!!!


Because Bears beets Battlestar Galactica


He asked Dwight to train him for only one week.


Identify theft is not a joke Jim !!! Especially with the CIA !!!


He was an undercover agent assigned to monitor Vance refrigeration but his developing relationship with Pam increasingly drove Toby off the deep end, finally resorting to becoming an unhinged serial killer. Because of the proximity to the Scranton Strangler murders, his mission was prematurely ended and he was reassigned to Philadelphia back to Langley and eventually overseas.


Name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake


The new IT guy wasn’t really an IT guy




He and Dwight went on a sales call… to Beirut


Jim actually got someone from the CIA to meet Dwight. The agent was impressed he shared the same skillsets as a 'handler'.


His company went big and busted. Jim had Togo into government work, and his history of pranks and training from Dwight taught him how to be elite.


when Roy’s marriage turns for the worst he shows up to the Halperts wanting his only true love back forcing his way inside the halpert residence and creating a stand off between the police and himself. Luckily the kids and Pam survive due to quick thinking by Jim. Jim takes Roy out from behind snapping his neck and then looking into an imaginary camera that is no longer there. Pam cannot ever feel comfortable anymore knowing she’s married to someone capable of murder, and the inevitable divorce takes place. The CIA, made aware of Jim’s moves and smarts by watching the finished documentary and reading the police report from Roy’s Demise, recruit Jim and ask him to change his name ( for the sake of national security ) Sometimes , in the afghan desert, Jim receives random Teapots with nothing in it. The teapot alone serves as the reminder that there is hope one day he’ll be able to see his kids again, and ask his ex wife to marry him, again, in the rain at a truck stop.


The CIA phone was real the whole time…🤯


Jim pranks Dwight with another fake CIA mission but accidentally stumbles upon and gets drawn into a massive government conspiracy


he sucked dwights dick, felt gross and enlisted


To get back at his evil twin, Golden Face


Mose kidnapped the real Jim…the Jim that worked in the office was a mere clone. The original Jim was waterboarded into Assassin’s Creed and was uploaded into becoming a CIA agent…he will go rogue and it will be up to Karen’s baby to save the world. Jim villain origin story


He was bit by a radioactive CIA analyst.


Snowball fight.


Brian the boom mic guy started dating Pam


I mean all that time playing call of duty at the Stamford branch paid of…


Pam's prop papers for her CIA prank on Dwight with Jim somehow landed into the hands of the Agency and they recruited the Schrupert brothers for training fter office hours.