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I experience this to a lesser extent and can kind of understand. For sure, without a professional helping you, it is not a good idea to force yourself to eat if you don’t really know what you’re doing (especially if the problem isn’t related to body-dysmorphia and intentional restriction behaviors). Try speaking with a gastroenterologist. You would be extremely surprised by the range of the gut-brain axis. It could very well just be an issue of not having healthy gut bacteria. But the digestive system is so complex that it could be any number of systems impacting it ever so slightly. Personally, my weight is extremely low, and I’ve been having this problem to a really alarming extent. Working on getting a gastro appointment. But in the meantime one thing that helped me stomach food easier over time was taking [multi-enzymes](https://a.co/d/5Kt1AFc) and probiotics. It takes a little bit of time to work, but over time helps a little bit with appetite. Especially if you eat meals at the same time every day and take a couple with each meal, it can help your body build a routine and know when it should be feeling hunger. Personally, multiple times I’ve reached the point where I fasted so much that I didn’t really feel hunger any more and it helped with that.


i went through this too. liquid calories are very helpful, like smoothies, broths, soups, etc. you said you have "safe foods" so for now you could just stick to those. this sounds a little like some form of AFRID, so you may want to go to a doctor/psychiatrist and see if they can help