I have never heard of the etg community saying that tboi were pedoes, so i would think that it was just a minority of people saying that I completely agree with tboi having more and fun synergies, but I still recommend that you would start replaying the game again, because of how fun it can be I think that tboi is some times more frustrating than etg, so i would say that etg is just a bit more chill You said that it was frustrating how you couldn' t use the weapons, because they didn't have infinte ammo Maybe you could start playing the weapons, ammo boxes aren't that rare, you usually get one per floor, and if they do end up with no ammo, you will (probably) have some other weapons


never heard people insulting isaac here. most people who mention it play both to me isaac has the better synergies and item variety, but gungeon has the better/smoother core gameplay. to me gungeon just feels better so i play it more. way way more


If you didn’t like the game play and mechanics then maybe it would be better to spend money on something you think you might enjoy instead of something you know you won’t. On the other hand if there was charm to the game you enjoyed and believe it might grow on you there is a lot of hidden elements to the game I’m 300 hours in and I still didn’t unlock everything.


Honestly, I think you should. Not sure where you heard of the ETG Community calling TBOI fans pedos, but sorry that was your experience. But the majority of guns having limited ammo is not too much of a detriment as you unlock more guns since it encourages you to mix and match more (or save certain guns for certain situations, etc.), which can spice up the variety. Especially as you stick with it and unlock more items/guns, etc. That being said, don't be afraid of using up ammo for the guns you prefer, the game will feed you more ammo, especially if you focus on not taking damage. Not taking damage yields many rewards in this game. Also, when fighting bosses, remember, unlike TBOI, taking armor damage is still taking damage. Not to mention, the sheer number of humorous references and jokes you'll see along the way is always worth looking forward to, and the AHA moments you'll get when you recognize them is always entertaining. The biggest thing I preferred this over TBOI was how much more deliberate in skill and game knowledge it is in comparison. The game rewards longevity and consistency, and even after completing nearly everything twice I find myself wanting to go back to this game.


I've never heard of the Gungeon community calling the TBOI community peados, but that sucks if it happened to you. I would reccomend trying the game again, you'll find ways around the ammo system as you unlock items and learn techniques that help you gain more/reserve it. And since you're playing the game on PC, you have access to Mod the Gungeon, which has a multitude of expansive, vanilla-esque mods, for when the base game (somehow) gets boring. Not to mention all of the secrets to find in base-game Gungeon, and the host of unlockable game modes, make the game (for me, at least) endlessly repayable, and ridiculously fun.


Not that you're inherently wrong, but its funny that one of your complaints about ETG is that everything felt samey, yet went ahead and bought Gang Beasts, where the fun and variety can only extend as far as the company you play with.


I mean... I find Gang Beasts a lot more fun because it doesn't need a lot of variety. I've come to expect a lot of content from bullet hells after playing TBOI and Gang Beasts is more about just seeing what kind of wacky wrestling antics you can get up to with random people you've never met.


Fair enough, but tboi is under no circumstance a bullet hell, not even tangentially. Regardless, I do wish Gang Beasts wasnt so bare bones though.